Public Bathrooms: The Last Gaming Frontier?

Captive Media, a British company, have taken marketing to a new level with new urine-controlled video games being installed in bathroom urinals.

It seems that the console war will now be accepting another contender into the ring, but not one anyone would have expected. 

A British company named Captive Media has introduced a whole new marketing tool that will take single player gaming to new heights, a video game men can play in the bathroom. 

Using infra-red technology, Captive Media has expanded this age old idea into a fully functioning application, and the program even has multiple game titles. 

Men, I Hope Urine It To Win It

The game system has aforementioned titles, including a skiing game named On The Piste, and a True/False pub-quiz game called Clever Dick. 

In the first, players must aim to the left and right of the urinal to control their descent down the slopes, avoiding obstacles and performing various tricks. 

The latter requires men to aim left or right to answer questions, testing his general knowledge of pop culture. 

The system has also recently partnered with Captain Morgan to create a pirate themed game allowing players to control cannons with their "stream."

Post Your High Scores To Piss Off Your Friends

After business has been officially taken care of, players can access an affiliated website,, to access high scores and subsequently post them to the majority of social media sites. 

When the games are not in use, the game screen can be displaying anything from YouTube videos to third-party advertisements.

Captive Games Won't Settle For Number Two

Since it's release, these urinal games have seen a considerable surge in support, debuting in multiple countries around the world, including various bar restrooms in England. 

In a video released on Wireless Design Magazine, one man's testimonial was that this new technology "makes him feel more like a man."

Do you think this utilization of new technology is an innovative approach to advancements, or can our time be used for something more beneficial?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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Published Jun. 25th 2014

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