Code Vein Ornate Key Location Guide

This Code Vein ornate key location guide will show you how to get the ornate key and where to use it.

Code Vein has many pathways that are locked when you first encounter them. Some require levers be pulled, others require keys to open. The Ornate Key opens one of those locked pathways. If you're wondering where it is and what it opens, this Code Vein ornate key location guide will tell you. 

Code Vein Ornate Key Location

The Ornate Key can be found in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. Specifically, it is found in the Inner Tower.

By now, you already know how confusing the Cathedral is, so just travel to the Inner Tower Mistle if it's already unlocked. 

Standing at the Mistle, put the circular dead end to your (diagonal) left. Follow the path in front of you (on the overall map, you will travel in a northeast direction). Cross over to the next room and climb the ladder.

Turn left at the top of the ladder and go through the doorway with the yellow lanterns. In that room, drop down. Turn and immediately and drop down again. 

Turn around and go through the door. Take the first right. Cross over the small bridge with the grey trees. Enter the next building and turn left. Go past the fallen soldier and descend the ladder. 

Go into the area ahead. Open the grey chest. 

Where to Use the Ornate Key

From the Inner Tower Mistle, follow the same path as above.

Climb the ladder. However, don't go through the door with the yellow lanterns. Instead, climb down the second ladder that's across from the first. 

After descending, go through the door ahead of you and hang right. Kill the enemy and descend the ladder to the immediate right. 

Follow the short path and enter the doorway to the right, just before the dead end. Go right and then immediately left, through the door with the green lanterns. 

Drop down by the ladder, then turn immediately around and drop down again. Turn around and go through the door on the left and across the short bridge. Go through the door ahead and turn right. 

There will be an opening on the right side; there will be several dead soldiers around it. Go through that, and you'll find the Ornate Key door ahead. 


That's all you need to know about how to find the Ornate Key and how to use the Ornate Key in Code Vein

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Published Oct. 4th 2019

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