Get in the Zone, The Battlezone - Coming October for PS VR and Oculus

The re-imagining of Atari's Battlezone is slated for Sony's PlayStation VR and Oculus release in October.

Indie UK studio Rebellion unveiled a new gameplay showcase for the launch of the PSVR for their new title Battlezone (also coming to Steam, and Oculus)The latest trailer shows both never before seen features in addition to the game's warm welcome. Taking its namesake from the old black and green wire-framed classic Atari Battlezone, the contemporary version of the game draws upon the eerie glow of a more Tron-esque aesthetic.

Set in the cockpit of the Cobra (which is stated as the most powerful vehicle ever built), mankind's last hero must save humanity in what is left of the neon wastelands of Earth. The landscapes are painted with vibrant environments and hordes of mechanized forces. Rebellion promises a limitless campaign, assuring the player there is a high level of replayability because dozens of environments, missions, and levels that are all hashed together in procedurally generated campaign maps -- no two playthroughs ever being the same.

Players can attack Battlezone every which way without ever having similar experiences. Unlockables such as tanks, weapons, and special equipment will also be available throughout the game to enrich each playthrough. Pre-orders are still available, but digital pre-orders will only be available in Europe. Battlezone is releasing October 13th 2016.

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Published Aug. 29th 2016

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