Prey Guide: List of Missing Persons & Volunteers

There are nearly 300 total missing people that you have to find all throughout Prey, and this guide has locations for every one.

Prey is littered with with missing people of all types. And if you're interested in completing the game 100% then you'll need to find every last one of them.

You can get away with skipping around 10 missing persons and still manage to unlock the Missing Persons achievement, but a true completionist should seek out all of them. Be advised that using recycler grenades can be severely damaging when it comes this achievement, because recycled bodies will display as an empty, crossed-out name in the crew roster (meaning they're unable to be found, identified, and cataloged).

That said, here's a list of missing volunteers and persons that should make scavenging through Prey an easy task.

Missing Volunteers in Prey

There are 18 volunteers that you can find in Prey. Volunteers are different than regular missing persons or crew members, because they can only be found in the Volunteer Quarters of the Neuromod Division. The list below is in alphabetical order and gives the exact location of each volunteer.

Volunteer Number Location
  V-010255-01  Neuromod Division
  V-010655-37 (aka Luka Golubkin)  Crew Quarters
  V-011155-17  Talos I Exterior
  V-041255-00  Neuromod Division
  V-052255-01 (Volunteer F)  Psychotronics
  V-052255-02  Psychotronics
  V-060155-05  Talos I Exterior
  V-071855-21 (Zhao Sun)  Talos I Exterior
  V-080354-01  Psychotronics
  V-090655-13 (Aaron Ingram)  Psychotronics
  V-091755-03  Psychotronics
  V-091855-04  Psychotronics
  V-103155-06 (Jordan Yax)  Psychotronics
  V-110655-16  Neuromod Division
  V-110655-27 (Adrain Holland)  Talos I Exterior
  V-111754-03  Psychotronics
  V-122255-07  Psychotronics
  V-122854-12  Psychotronics


Missing Persons in Prey

Finding all 268 missing persons in Prey unlocks an achievement. All throughout Prey, you'll find deceased crew members and other personnel scattered throughout the Talos 1 Space Station. You need to find the corpses of all these unfortunate people in order to complete this achievement. There are a few of these missing persons that are still alive, too.

On the Security Station terminals, you can check the Crew tab to view which missing persons you've already found. You're also able to track each individual person's location. Below is a full list of every missing person in the game, sorted by the location that they can be found.

Neuromod Division Missing Persons

  Divya Naaz
  Frederick Steele
  Grete Mikkelsen
  Hadley Dalton
  Halden Graves
  Helen Croft
  Jiao-Long Heng
  John Haskins
  Joshua Vanstry
  Jovan Gravilovic
  Junior Bookman
  Natasha Nikova
  Patricia Varma
  Rich Ivers
  Robert Gage
  Tina Snow
  Veer Singh


Talos 1 Lobby Missing Persons

There are several missing persons in this area that are actually still alive, and will be noted as such in the table below.

To find Harley Grainger, Maxine Ford, Richard Coveney, and Steve Folson, initiate the Showing Initiative objective by becoming a psychopath before Dahl arrives in Life Support.

Alice Aiken
Anna Goldcrest
April McGuire
Beth Ino
Bianca Goodwin
Demetri Bowser
Elias Black
Garfield Langly
Harley Grainger
(Tracking Bracelet)
Hendrik DeVries
Jason Chang
Joel Weeks
Kelly Randolph
Laura McAvoy
Lucia Jimenez
Luther Glass
Martin Giroud
Maxine Ford
(Tracking Bracelet)
Mishca Lavarev
Nash Underwood
Octavia Figgs
Randolf Hutchinson
Richard Coveney
(Tracking Bracelet)
Steve Folson
(Tracking Bracelet)
Trevor J. Young
Yuri Kimura


Hardware Labs Missing Persons

Aime Schmidt
Clive Lawrence
Conrad Birchman
Franklin Goode
Gregory Kepner
Hope Ellis
Jorgen Thorstein
Lane Carpenter
Lorenzo Calvino
Miyu Okabe
Nickie Tannar
Peter Coleman
Randall Wood
Sean Larsen
Thaddeus York
Titus Kromwell


Talos 1 Exterior Missing Persons

Jessica Wiley, Riley Butler, and Tana Vale can only be found in the Cargo Bay after the explosion. To move to the Cargo Bay, bring Dayo Igwe there by completing the Dr. Igwe objective. After completing this objective, you may bring him to Talos 1 Lobby, Neuromod Division, and Shuttle Bay.

Dayo Igwe
Emmanuel Mendez
Grant Lockwood
Hunter Hale
Jessica Wiley
Jose Costa
Karisma Chouhan
Mariana Arias
Mike Devlin
Riley Butler
Tana Vale


Psychotronics Missing Persons

Allison Brady
Andrea Hudson
Annalise Gallegos
Cory Richard
Crispin Boyer
Demian Linn
Evan Avery
Hans Kelstrup
Helen Barker-Combs
Janos Jozsef
Kristine Lloyd
Mitsuo Takaji
Otta Lauda
Rory Manion
Ruby Stone
Sanjay Puri
Steven Mueller
Sylvain Bellamy


G.U.T.S. Missing Persons

Alika James
Anders Kline
Brittany LaValley
Edward Douglas
Eric Berger
Josh Dalton
Kimberly Bomo
Laurel Davis
Ramon Ridley


Aboretum Missing Persons

Although I've yet to find out which particular action triggers it, Alex Yu may otherwise be found on Talos 1 Bridge near the end of the game. Rani Chaudhary can also potentially be found in Cargo Bay or Life Support, depending on your actions after saving her from the Telepath in the Greenhouse.

Alejandro Mata
Alex Yu
(Tracking Bracelet)
Carin Buckley
Edna Burton
Elle Gold
Evelyn McCarthy
Gennady Mironov
Iris Stein
Jenny King
Jia Kyung-Ho
Julien Howard
Lawrence Baxter
Lily Morris
Lizzy Colton
Marc Sellers
Marietta Kyrkos
Mickey Pitt Sr.
Rani Chaudhary
Rodney S. Poole
Thomas Tucker
Zachary West


Crew Quarters Missing Persons

You need to initiate the Locate Crew Member objective for Nicole Hague to appear in the Crew Quarters. Will Mitchell is registered once you take the bracelet out of the container that it spawns in.

Abigail Foy
Argenteno Pero
Bernard Griffith
Brandi Pester
Bruce Cobb
Caleb Hawethorne
Carlos Popinga
Chloe Burgess
Chris Wade
Clarke Raffirty
Colette May-Shutlz
Daisy White
Dan Billingsly
Daniel London
Danielle Sho
(Tracking Bracelet)
David Branch
Don Davis
Elizabeth Bay
Emma Beatty
Eve Coolidge
Franz Klinger
Gary Snow
Guy Jameson
Harvey Clausen
Ike Stewart
Indigo Lake
Ivy Song
Jillian Quigg
Joseph McSorley
Kade Mason
Kevin Sabian
Keira Whitman
Lia Macy
Lisa Larson
Maliah Fowles
Mary Malinaro
Mathias Kohl
Mike Turner
Neil Warnes
Nicole Hague
Oliver Benoit
Patricia Wang
Phong Vu
Regina Sellers
Salman Kapoor
Thomas Lutz
Vincent Schubel
Will Mitchell
(Tracking Bracelet)


Deep Storage Missing Persons

Akande Benin
Andrew Grey
Heather Bentz
Jennifer Lee
Lyn Cloyer
Mary Page


Cargo Bay Missing Persons

Actions and decisions made in game can cause Sam Hertz, Kevin Hague, Alfred Rose, Austin Cool, and Tamiko Hayashi to relocate to Life Support.

Alfred Rose
Ash Lasair
Austin Cool
Christopher Smith
Darcy Maddox
Diane Washington
Ekaterina Mulsaev
Enoch Kouneva
Gerald Wildman
Gus Magill
Kevin Hague
Quinten Purvis
Sam Hertz
Sarah Elazar
Tamiko Hayashi


Life Support Missing Persons

Alan Bianchi
Alton Weber
Angela Diaz
Anong Lao
Ari Liudnarht
Augusto Vera
Carol Sikes
Cynthia Dringus
Emily Carter
Erica Teague
Hank Majors
Johnny Brungen
Kane Rosito
Kirk Remmer
(Tracking Bracelet)
Max Weigel-Goetz
Pablo Meyers
Penny Tennyson
Price Broadway
Raya Leiruat
Roger Meir
Tobias Frost
Umi Isaka


Power Plant Missing Persons

Mikhaila Ilyushin can be found in Talos I Lobby or Shuttle Bay later on in the game, based on certain actions and decisions you make.

Umi Isaka
Duncan Krassikoff
Guy Croal
Ian Rolston
Jean Faure
Lan Nguyen
Matthew Connolly
Miguel Lopez
Mikhaila Ilyushin
Nicholas Stillwater
Talia Brooks


Shuttle Bay Missing Persons

Emmanuella DeSilva and Frank Jones can be found in the Shuttle Bay by initiating Locate Crew Member from a Security Station.

Anastacia Uriegas
Blaine Cooly
David Simmonds
Donald "Skipper" Hail
Drew Springer
Eddie Voss
Emmanuella DeSilva
Frank Jones
Galel Seif
Leon Woods
Lloyd Thompson
Mary Stevens
Mia Bayer
Nils Kjaergaard
Rodrigo Diaz
Scott Parker
Todd Matsuyama
Tom "Buzz" Cooper


Talos 1 Bridge Missing Persons

Bill Nixon-Greene
Gordon Bitz
Izumi Minami
Jada Marks
Matt Cothron
Omar Bolivar
Perry Fullbright
Sadie Hall
Skye Braxton
Spencer Ogden
Stone Blanchard


That's the entire list! If you're interested in more Prey content, check out some of our other guides:

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