Prey Secret Weapons Guide: Finding the Stun Gun

Immediately at the beginning of this expansive game you can find a secret weapon to even the odds against mimics and robotic enemies!

After the free demo weekend gave us a taste of what to expect and got all the sci-fi horror fans properly salivating, the 2017 Prey reboot is now here to test your stealth, puzzle, and combat skills.

If you dominated at the multiple level routes available in Dishonored and its sequel, you'll be right at home here, with plenty of secret areas to discover in Prey if you use your head and think strategically.

One such secret occurs very close to the beginning of the game when Morgan Yu breaks out his (or her) fake Earth-bound life and starts exploring the space station while battling shadowy Mimics.

Finding The Prey Stun Gun

Right after you witness the big Mimic hiding behind the glass that you can't fight yet, Morgan will go through a hallway where the Gloo Cannon is lying near a dead scientist. Make sure to pick this handy tool up, because you'll need to use it -- but not for combat!

 Picking up the Gloo Cannon

The next room is a large circular chamber with various side rooms to explore and a glass case on one end containing your first neuro mod. You can either pick up the mod first or get the Stun Gun first, either way works, but you'll have less distractions if you take out the Mimics in this room and then grab the mod.

If you are having trouble with the half-dozen Mimics running around this room, you can climb up the top of the security kiosk using the knocked over server and snipe them with the Gloo Cannon, then run down and pound them to dust with the wrench.

Once the room is cleared, you need to reach the second floor that can be seen above. The only problem is that all routes are blocked, so you'll have to make your own -- and that's where the Gloo Cannon comes in.

Not only useful for freezing enemies, the Gloo Cannon creates permanent blocks of inorganic matter. A clever player might just use those blocks to craft a makeshift ladder...

You can easily create a path up in several different locations in this area, but I've found the easiest spot that uses the least Gloo ammo is on the right side of the room (across from the water monument in the middle) and just to the left of the door marked "Skill Recording Room."

Just fire off a series of Gloo shots to create a path that lets you jump up, turn to the left and run upwards, and then jump over the railing. There are several different ways to do this, with the image below showing how I pulled it off without using very much ammo. 

 Making Your Own Gloo Ladder

If you have trouble staying on your ladder, make sure to fire an extra shot or two beneath the existing blocks for structural integrity.

Now that you're on the previously inaccessible second floor, there's several items to pick up here, but the Stun Gun we're after is to your left near the corner.

Look for a dead security guard lying on the ground near the wall. The gun is actually in front of him and has to be picked up separately from searching his body.

Finding The Disruptor Stun Gun

Congratulations -- you've found the first major secret of the game and have a nifty new weapon in your arsenal. For the most part, the Stun Gun isn't very useful against Mimics, and you should instead use the Gloo Cannon and wrench combo instead.

Human enemies are incredibly susceptible however, and robotic devices can be completely deactivated with the Stun Gun, giving you another tactical option for exploring the depths of the space station.

What have you been using the Stun Gun against so far? Let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned for more coverage on every aspect of the secrets to be found across Prey!

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Published May. 5th 2017

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