10 PS4 games you need to play in 2016


Release Date: TBA 2016

Ni-Oh is an action role-playing game that we don't know a whole lot about. Amazingly, this game was actually first announced in 2004, by Koei Tecmo, and it was titled Oni. The game was then re-titled Ni-Oh and scheduled for a 2006 PS3 launch. It missed the launch date and wasn't heard from again until 2009, when it revealed to be still in development but no longer by Koei Tecmo, it was under the tutelage of Team Ninja.

Presumably, Team Ninja began development from scratch, because the game looks quite different than it did in 2006. The visuals in the two PS4 trailers thus far are incredible, and the protagonist looks a lot more like Geralt of Rivia, than he did in 2006. Despite the development hell that Ni-Oh endured, there is a lot of reasons to be excited. First and foremost, it's being made by Team Ninja, the people behind Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Toukiden, and Hyrule Warriors. Ni-Oh is perfect for Team Ninja.

The game follows a Samurai in 16th century Japan, during the Warring States period, and is loosely based on real-life people and events. The game will have a fascinating story because the blonde-haired protagonist, William, is based on real-life William Adams, who was the first ever Western Samurai.

And another reason to be excited is that this has been hailed as Team Ninja's "take on the Souls series." This is pretty evident when watching the trailers, in which combat is heavy, brutal, and fairly realistic. It will also feature big boss battles with characters of Japanese mythology. It's Dark Souls meets Ninja Gaiden, meets Onimusha....' nuff said.

Published Jan. 3rd 2016

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