Top 10 Worst Reviewed Games of 2015

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We looked at the best, now we've got to look at the worst.

And, well, they can't all be Fallout's and Witcher's can they? No, even though every year we get fantastic games that continually push the boundaries of technology, storytelling, world-building, and visuals. But some games manage to get almost every one of those criteria very, very wrong. Not every game needs to be innovative and ground-breaking, but some are downright retroactive, seemingly setting the industry back several years.

In the best case scenarios, we get to watch someone play these terrible games on YouTube and have a few laughs. Worst case scenarios are just atrocities that publishers should have had the foresight and morality to cancel, rather than release it upon unsuspecting gamers.

This list won't include games that were broken/unplayable, therefore ruling out games like Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, and Rugby World Cup 2015. It will consist of complete games, totally available to purchase and play as of writing.

None of these games are broken, they are all simply bad. And it's important to note and remember that, when writing/reading a list such as this, we are not, and should not, make blatant fun of the games - a lot of men and women worked hard on them for years. So while they might be absolutely awful in some cases, let us not forget those who made them and are more aware of the deep flaws than we are! You can, however, blame the publishers, who sent the games out to die, so feel free to call them out.

But anyway, let us take a look at the very worst 2015 had to offer.

Published Dec. 30th 2015
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    The publishers of Afro Samurai actually pulled the game from sale, digital and physical, and have offered refunds to all who purchased it.

    That's how terrible it was.
  • Samuel F
    Featured Contributor
    I hadn't heard of a single game on this list so I've done well to avoid these awfully rated games.
  • Si_W
    "Top 10 Worst Reviewed Games of 2015"

    I've seen worse reviews on this site than those above...

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