10 PS4 games you need to play in 2016

No Man's Sky

Release Date: June 2016

If there's a single 2016 game with higher expectations, loftier ambitions, and the biggest chance of failure, it's No Man's Sky. Now I'm not being negative or a downer - I'm very excited for this - it's just that this game has insanely high expectations surrounding it.

Coming from a team of 12, 12, people at Hello Games, No Man's Sky is a procedurally-generated universe that you explore using your upgradable ship. There is an almost infinite amount of planets in the game, all of which can be visited and with no loading to boot! You will find alien planets, filled with bizarre creatures, rare resources, and exotic fauna and flora. Off of planets, you can trade resources for supplies, which help you venture further into the universe, or you can get yourself a badass ship and just bully others. This is a game all about options and potential.

The thing that worries me most about No Man's Sky is that it's being made by Hello Games, the team behind Joe Danger. Now I'm not knocking the team, or Joe Danger (best on Vita btw), but to go from a small game like that, to the biggest game ever, is a gargantuan task for 12 men and women. That being said, nothing they've shown so far has given me reason to worry, and the fact that Sony are so behind it make me think it really must be everything it claims it is.

And if that's the case we could be looking at one of the coolest games ever made and a universe that will be explored for years, maybe decades, to come.

Published Jan. 3rd 2016

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