Rumor: Starbound Possibly Heading to Sony Consoles After PC Release

Sony console owners may be getting a big ol' hunk of Starbound after it sees its PC release.

Interstellar all-in sandbox title Starbound may still be in development for the PC, but judging from a couple of tweets today by Chucklefish's Tiy, the team may be bringing the game to Sony consoles post its PC release.

Tiy took a stroll over to the PlayStation EU community forums last week and posed an interesting question: "Would you like to see Starbound on PS3 / PS4 / Vita?"

It is no surprise that the response was overwhelmingly positive. Four days and 13 pages of Sony fan support later, Tiy posted the following on Twitter:


With the short gap between the thread's creation and Tiy's mysterious tweet, Starbound may make its way to Sony consoles.

Don't be sad, PC gamers!

Now is not the time to grumble about "consoles ruining PC gaming yet again". The above is a small piece of good news amidst the developer's constant updates on how the game is coming along.

The good folks over at Chucklefish are still updating the official blog everyday with information on what they are hard at work on. For example:

  • Today - NPC behavior, monster portraits, sounds, and a bunch of other stuff.
  • Yesterday - Ore distribution, the tutorial quests, and a bunch more other stuff.
  • Repeat "X + other stuff" everyday for the past few weeks.

The transparency Chucklefish has shown ever since they began taking pre-orders is comforting to those who have been waiting for the game since its big announcement in 2012. Starbound is coming, and this new hubbub about the game heading to consoles doesn't mean it will be any less awesome once it finally goes into beta.

Published Jul. 30th 2013
  • Kyle_9786
    I wonder if chuckle fish will partner with a mobile gaming company to release thier game to mobile like terraria and minecraft did. Of course if they did they would do what 505 (terraria mobile) they would add most of the key elements and then slowly add elements to make it as close as possible to the PC version on mobile.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Contributor
    This is good news, now console gamers get to experience this.
    About your point, if the game was made for PC first, and ported, then the console limitations are nil, as they can push the PC version of the game as far as they want. Look at Skyrim, less buggy, better graphics, lowering loading times, everything was just better on PC (yes different bugs, but with console you can get around it). So consoles only limit the power of the PC, when the game is made for the consoles first. Which isn't always a bad thing, exclusives need to happen! And some games are better on console/with controller (racing games with pad, well steering wheel is better, and flight sim, well joystick is better, but both are better with pad than keyboard).
  • Qyzex
    Featured Contributor
    I want it so baaaaaad

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