TSM Reginald Leaves Roster to Become Coach, Bjergsen Taking Over Mid

TSM Reginald will finally be retiring from the active lineup of the team, instead working as coach to handle the business side of things. Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg, formerly of EU team Ninjas in Pyjamas, will be taking over TSM's mid slot.

This is not a terrible surprise to anyone who has been watching Team Solomid for a while.  After League of Legends's second season, there was talk for a while about Andy "Reginald" Dinh (TSM Reginald) leaving the team to coach.  Reginald himself spoke openly of the possibility, but in the end remained with the team as their mid for the duration of Season 3.  When the World Championship was over this year, it was entirely reasonable to expect such talk to start up again.

This time Reginald really is retiring from his mid slot.

Reginald is one of only five players to have taken part in all three League of Legends World Championships and has definitely helped in building the team's reputation.  Bay Life fans will be pleased to know Reginald will be staying on as the coach of TSM, handling the business end of things for his team.  There will not be any time of uncertainty for the team, as TSM's mid slot is already filled.

Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg is Team Solomid's new midlaner.

Bjergsen spent most of Season 3 playing for Copenhagen Wolves, sticking with them when they became Ninjas in Pyjamas and showing his skills by scoring the European LCS's first pentakill with his Syndra.  He did not play for the early part of the season, as he was too young to compete under Riot's new age restrictions.  

He played 15 different champions over the course of the EU LCS Summer Split.  His team did not qualify for the World Championship despite his performance.  He is the second player to move from a European team to a North American one, after Edward left Team Curse to join Gambit Gaming.

Perhaps even more important to the upcoming roster change, Bjergsen has substituted for Reginald in the past for TSM.  He covered for the team in several online tournaments while Reginald was recovering from surgery, so he already has experience working with the team and clearly has had a chance to build a rapport with them.

As a longtime fan of TSM, I will be watching the early matches this team plays with its new midlaner very closely.

Published Nov. 5th 2013

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