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Ocean biomes in Minecraft have seen significant changes throughout the Update Aquatic era, with a number of new species, shipwrecks, coral reefs, and ocean ruins added for flair and exploration.

Since Mojang is preparing a brand-new content update for Minecraft, it's time to look back and find the best ocean seeds that the community has to offer.

Here, you will find a vast selection of the most incredible Minecraft seeds from this year, which will hopefully help you settle on the best survival islands with find fantastic treasure resting at the bottom of the ocean. 

Seed: 748928684431499

Coordinates: -250, -200
Biomes: Mushroom Island, Ocean, Ice Plains

In this seed, you will spawn on a mushroom island that stands very close to the icy mainland. Fortunately, there is a snow village on the shore with several very rare buildings.

If you travel to the east, at coordinates 1350, 600, you will find another village on a mild plains biome.

The rest of the ocean area has a lot of small survival islands, too.

Seed: 359828297144159

Coordinates: 200, 50
Biomes: Ocean

Here, you will spawn on a small island with an ocean monument nearby. It is surrounded by a coral reef. Go south to coordinates -400, 1350 for an island village that practically stands on water without any support.

Under the village, you will see a shipwreck with a buried treasure map, which will lead you to following coordinates -487, 1593 and the following loot:

  • 4x diamond
  • 2x gold ingot
  • 9x iron ingot

Seed: 397016988482553568

Coordinates: -50, 250
Biomes: Ocean

In this seed, you'll spawn on a tiny survival island. It has a turtle beach surrounded by at least a dozen shipwrecks of various tiers. Near the island, you will find an ocean monument and a top-tier shipwreck at coordinates 280, 200.

But the best ship is located at coordinates 350, -400. It has three chests, which contain:

  • 5x emerald
  • 5x gold ingot
  • 10x gold nugget
  • 6x iron nugget

Seed: -1030000345

Coordinates: 50, -150
Biomes: Ocean, Plains

This seed has an island village with blacksmith at spawn!

Surviving on an island is difficult as it is, but with access to a smithy and trees from the surrounding smaller islands, your game will turn into a real joyride.

Also, there is another island village at coordinates 400, 1050 but without the blacksmith. At coordinates -1200, -800, you will find an entrance into a stronghold.


Seed: 165322632898042

Coordinates: -250, 50
Biomes: Ocean, Extreme Hills

Here, you will spawn on a small island near a rock formation and a shipwreck at coordinates -20, -10. As usual, you will be rewarded with a ton of loot from three chests:

  • 10x emerald
  • 16x lapis lazuli
  • 4x gold ingot
  • 6x iron nugget
  • Enchanted Helmet Fire protection II

Then, travel to coordinates 121, -199, indicated in the treasure map. On the ship, you will find:

  • 2x gold ingot
  • 11x iron ingot

Seed: 474395258284874

Coordinates: -150, 200
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Here, you will spawn on a small island with a shipwreck. Go inside and open the chest that holds:

  • 9x emerald
  • 7x lapis lazuli
  • 5x iron ingot
  • 25x iron nugget

Then, go a bit to the north. At coordinates -300, -950, you will find another island, but this time with an entire village. The island is surrounded by icebergs with several white bears.


Seed: -5705905382322022005

Coordinates: -150, 200
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

This seed has a zombie village at spawn!

This unusual settlement generates nothing but cobwebs and zombies. But don't worry: as soon as they go out into the sunshine, they start to burn.

Fortunately, the island is located relatively close to the mainland, where you can get all the resources that you need.

For example, at coordinates -775, 150 and -750, -150, you will find two desert temples.

Seed: -494780090510235799

Coordinates: 100, 250
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

This seed has a shipwreck and ocean monument at spawn. Just a bit from where you spawn, you will find both of these structures at coordinates 35, 65.

The shipwreck has three chests with some excellent items inside, such as:

  • 10x lapis lazuli
  • 7x gold nugget
  • 7x iron ingot
  • 9x iron nugget
  • Enchanted Boots — Blast Protection II

Seed: -041909993391475

Coordinates: -50, 200
Biomes: Savanna, Desert, Ocean

Here, you will spawn on an ocean shore near a village. To the north, you will see two small islands surrounded by icebergs. One island has a savanna village at coordinates -250, -750, and the other one has a desert temple at coordinates -500, -400.

The temple is especially interesting. Here's what you will find inside:

  • 3x golden apple
  • 1x emerald
  • Enchanted Book Projectile Protection II

Seed: -6689780412042202881

Coordinates: 100, 250
Biomes: Ocean, Plains

In this seed, you will spawn on a tiny survival island with a village and a zombie dungeon, the latter of which is completely exposed on the surface. There is one chest with an Enchanted Book Feather Falling II inside.

There is also a top-tier shipwreck under the village with three more chests, containing:

  • 8x emerald
  • 8x lapis lazuli
  • 5x gold ingot
  • 8x iron nugget

Lastly, search for buried treasure under the village at coordinates 233, 25:

  • 3x emerald
  • 6x gold ingot
  • 7x iron ingot

Seed: -822066073248183252

Coordinates: 200, 250
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

In this seed, you will spawn on a survival island that is surrounded by icebergs. Between the two icebergs, you will see an ocean monument and a few shipwrecks lying around.

The monument contains a massive block of gold in its center, at coordinates 92, 42, 252, to be precise. If you manage to break it down, you will get over 80 gold ingots in your possession.

Seed: 062194277675646

Coordinates: -200, 200
Biomes: Ocean

Here is another island village located near an ocean monument at coordinates 850, -250. Every monument contains a massive block of gold that can only be reached with the help of the diamond pickaxe.

In this case, you will find the golden block at coordinates 767,42, -313. But beware of the guardians on your way there. If anything goes wrong, you can always get more gold from the shipwreck nearby.

Seed: 134092810853918513

Coordinates: -250, 100
Biomes: Ocean

In this seed, you will pawn on a tiny island with ocean ruins on the surface, as well as a shipwreck. The ruins are full of drowned mobs that try to save themselves by going into the water.

You can wait before they leave the ruins and check them out for a chest with an enchanted fishing rod inside.

The chest inside the ship holds the following loot:

  • 3x emerald
  • 17x iron ingot
  • 20x iron nugget

Seed: 921364884630847

Coordinates: -300, -250
Biomes: Plains, Ocean, Taiga

In this seed, you will spawn in a taiga biome. Travel east to coordinates 300, -200. There, you will find a tiny island surrounded by icebergs with a village on top of it.

There is a blacksmith with some obsidian in his chest. There is also a shipwreck nearby with a chest, containing:

  • 6x emerald
  • 7x gold nugget
  • 7x iron ingot
  • 14x iron nugget

Seed: 2047053153

Coordinates: 150, 150
Biomes: Ocean, Forest

Here, you will spawn on a survival island with lots of wood. The island is completely surrounded with icebergs, and there is an ocean monument inside the iceberg circle.

As always, the monument contains a massive chunk of gold hidden inside a well-guarded chamber at coordinates 232, 42, 257.


That's it for the best Ocean seeds in Minecraft for 2019. For more Minecraft 1.14 seeds, check out the list below:

Published Sep. 20th 2019


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