Subnautica gets a re-charge!

A brand new update for Subnautica which will put you right to sleep. In a good way.

More survival techniques are being added in Subnautica this week, this time in the form of sleeping and charging batteries.

The update will include a battery charger, a power cell charger, and a luxurious bed to rest your weary head (with a sweet animation to go with it). It's a much needed - and awaited - update that a lot if players have been looking forward to.

A lot of resources will be saved as a result, and traveling will get a bit faster now, but there a few other things being added to balance it out. For example, a brand new beast called the "Sea-Treader" will be stalking the ocean floor from now on. These strange creatures aren't aggressive and will drop basalt rocks or poop out manure for even more energy. 

For energy... Of course it is...

The update also includes new solar panels - which look rather spiffy - and a new 'gas-torpedo' which can wreak some havoc on the sea-life.

As of now there is still a lot that can be added to make Subnautica a great game, but Unknown Worlds Entertainment - the creators of Subnautica - are truly diving as deep as they can to give us just that.

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Published Jun. 5th 2016
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    I had no idea this game existed. Shut up and take my money!

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