XCOM: Enemy Within Game Details

The amazing expansion pack to XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

XCOM: Enemy Within is the expansion of the game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This expansion has many new abilities, upgrades and weapons to fight new alien threats. It also has new maps, new strategical and tactical gameplay and new multiplayer content.

New features

VG247 talked with Garth DeAngelis and he said,

"..not only can you now reverse engineer the specific weapons from the aliens but now you can take alien tech and actually embed it in your own body."

Becoming a Cyborg is another thing you can do in this great expansion pack.Cyborgs are in their own class called MEC Trooper and they can have cool things like a flamethrower on their suit and a grenade launcher.

They have redesigned existing abilities like Up Close and Personal. They changed it so that if you get with in four tiles of an enemy and shoot them, you get an extra turn right away. A new strategic resource called MELD has been added to the game. MELD will give players access to new research and upgrades. Gene Mode allows players to build the Genetics Lab to physically enhance your characters abilities like the eyes, brain, legs, skin and chest.

XCOM: Enemy Within will be released November 12th for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Published Sep. 18th 2013
  • The Examined Life (of Gaming)
    It'll be nice if they fix some of the persistent bugs that have plagued the multiplayer since it's release a year ago.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    I love the cyborg idea, I don't find that too often in games without it becoming violent. This is definitely going down on the maybe list, since it's got some sci-fi aspects!

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