Gold Plated Next Gen Consoles Available for $13,700

"Rose Gold" plated systems available for the richest of video game fanatics.

If this generation of consoles is considered to be the “Cadillac” of home consoles, then these will be considered to be “Rolls Royce” of home consoles.

Be prepared to be set back a pretty penny, as the "world's first gold gaming consoles" have been announced by United Arab Emirates retailer Jumbo Electronic in the likes of “rose gold” plated PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones that were created by Italian jewelers Gatti’s Jewelry Lab.

If you happen to have $14,000 dollars in your pockets you can take one of these bad boys home to enjoy along with your Bentley, caviar, and swimming pool full of cash.

As reported earlier today by Emirates 247, the consoles will be front and center on display as the Games14 convention set to take place this weekend in the Middle East. The convention will start September 11th and is expected to last until September 13. Many industry giants will be on the premises including both Microsoft and Sony,

As you know, standard Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems sell for $399. That pales in comparison to the whopping $13,700 both the of the consoles will go for, not to mention the Xbox One doesn’t come with a gold plated Kinnect.

However, this isn’t the first time a gold-plated gaming console has hit the market. Last December specialty retailer Harrods revealed a $10,000 golden Xbox One.

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Published Sep. 11th 2014
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