Bravely Default: Ranger Job Guide

Do you want to be the hunter instead of the hunted? Then, check out this Ranger Job guide.

Rangers are masters of archery. They can pinpoint several weaknesses to deal extra damage. Nobody is better at using a Bow.

Ranger abilities also provide decent support for other Jobs. If you love using Bows, and wearing wolf skin for some reason, this is the one to go for.

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This guide will cover everything about Ranger including:

  • Unlocking Ranger: How to unlock the job.
  • Equipment guide: What they use, and the optimal equips
  • Ability List: What level they get them.
  • Cross Job Tips: Which jobs fit well with Ranger.
  • Special Moves: Which are best suited for Ranger.
  • Combat Tips: Being most effective in battle.

Unlocking Ranger

You unlock Ranger in Chapter 2 by defeating Artemia. A quest for Dye from Florem City leads to Twisted Treetop. It is north of Florem City.

Equipment Guide - Which equipment is best for Ranger

Rangers have S aptitude for Daggers and Bows.


  • Brave Suit if you want to exploit multiple weaknesses at the start of battle.


  • Bows. No reason to use anything else.

Ability List - What each Ranger ability does

The Specialty for Ranger is Hawkeye.

  • Hawkeye - Raises accuracy by 100%.

Level 1

  • Targeting - Does 1.25 times the damage of a normal attack.

Level 2

  • Bug Slayer - Does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack to members of the bug family.

Level 3

  • Plant Slayer - Does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack to members of the plant family.

Level 4

  • Beast Slayer - Does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack to members of the beast family.

Level 5

  • Paralyze Immunity - Support ability that makes you immune to Paralysis.

Level 6

  • Aerial Slayer - Does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack to members of the aerial family.

Level 7

  • Aqautic Slayer - Does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack to members of the aqautic family.

Level 8

  • Bow Lore - Support ability that raises aptitude for Bows to S.

Level 9

  • Dragon Slayer - Does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack to members of the dragon family.

Level 10

  • Undead Slayer - Does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack to members of the undead family.

Level 11

  • Demon Slayer - Does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack to members of the demon family.

Level 12

  • Hawkeye - Support ability that lets you use the Ranger Specialty on other Jobs.

Level 13

  • Precision - Support ability that raises the damage of normal attacks.

Level 14

  • Multiburst - Fires 4 attacks at random targets. Costs an extra BP to use.

Cross Job Tips - Which Jobs go well with Ranger

  • Spell Fencer is great for Rangers because the effects of their Sword Magic works on Bows. It also stacks with their Slayer abilities so you can combine magic with a Slayer ability to do even more damage.
  • Freelancer is also good if you don't know what family an enemy is in. Use Examine so you can exploit the weakness.

Special Moves - Getting some extra power out of your weapons


  • Level 1 - Exploit enemy weakness 5 times with physical attacks.
    • Maximum Draw: Attack one. Raises Crit Rate for all allies.
  • Level 2 - Exploit enemy weakness 10 times with physical attacks.
    • Rapid Fire: Attack one with Fire damage. Raises Hit Count for all allies.
  • Level 3 - Exploit enemy weakness 15 times with physical attacks.
    • Angelic Pillar: Attack all with Light damage. Raises Magic Defense for all allies.

Combat Tips - Be the best Slayer you can

As a Ranger, always know what family an enemy is in. This allows you to exploit any weakness, except Human.

  • Use the correct Slayer ability for the enemy you are attacking.
  • Multiburst is great for multiple or single targets. When there is one target, all 4 hits will hit it.

That's it for the Ranger. If you have any questions, or alternative uses for them, let me know in the comments!

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Published Feb. 21st 2014
  • Ruan_7752
    I tried using pirate with a bow with bow lore, but the dmg isnt as good as a ranger's any reason why?
  • Hyaku_7889
    Some ninja abilities also would go well with the ranger. You can raise the number of attack with Ikkikasei then use the basic bow attack, and if you have precision you'll inflict even more damage. Frenetic Fighting is useful too, even though i don't know if it has to be triggered with Ikkikasei or not... or if Hawkeye + Frenetic Fighting make it possible to simply get 32 attacks without Ikkikasei. I've tried it also the other way round with a dual katana wield ninja, you can get up to 9999 per basic attack in critic, so if you attack 2 times, you can get up to around 40 000 damage with 3BP, Ikkikasei and the basic attack. What is really annoying is that multitask would totally be worth it with that kind of character, but precision already takes 2 slots, hawkeye one (on the ninja), and frenetic fighting two, which means you can't have multitask.
    After re-reading Ikkikasei's description, it's either Ikkikasei or Frenetic Fighting... it seems ?
  • Fazor3d
    I've been running with Tiz as Ranger since unlocking the class. Love the damage bows put out. I've found it useful to level the Swordmaster class just enough to get the multitask ability. Max brave + multitask unleashes a lot of damage.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Oh, Multitask would be nice.

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