WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter Launches, Off to a Great Start

The WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter is live, and as of writing is already almost halfway to its funding goal!

When Privateer Press announced they would be launching a Kickstarter campaign to create a turn-based game based on their tabletop miniatures wargame, Warmachine, I was excited.  Now the Kickstarter for WARMACHINE: Tactics has actually launched, and I am ecstatic.  The game itself will be produced if they raise $550,000, and as of the writing of this sentence, they have raised over $242,000 in the less than the six hours this Kickstarter has been live.

Ultimately one of the main contributors to Kickstarter's success is the flexibility of letting players pay whatever they like, based upon which tiered benefits they want.  The tiers for WARMACHINE: Tactics range from the almost obligatory $1 backing thank you all the way up to the $5,000 option of getting ones own likeness illustrated on canvas in warcaster armor.  The $5,000 tier already has two of five backers, by the way, and the tier beneath it at $3,000 is full.

For the tabletop players, multiple tiers offer access to Kickstarter-exclusive sculpts of as-yet unreleased characters for Warmachine.  While the characters themselves will eventually see a full release, the sculpts used in the Kickstarter will have their molds destroyed before mass production begins, making their posing unique to backers.

It is always exciting to consider combining multiple hobbies or habits.  This is one of the rare occasions of it being done the right way.

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Published Jul. 11th 2013

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