Xbox One owners get an 8 hour battery pack upgrade from PDP

What would you pay if you could get 8 hours of battery life out of a 60-second charge?

At this year's CES 2016, PDP unveiled some new tech that claims to give the Xbox One controller 8 hours of solid gameplay from a 60-second charge. 

"We’ve developed a technology to charge your controller in a new way, it’s not using a battery pack," Christopher Dingle, director of product development at PDP, told Polygon. "In the past it has been about either your dry cell battery chemistries or your lithium ion or lithium polymers, but we’ve developed a new type of power pack."

With plenty of anticipation for the release of these new packs, we are only at the beginning of the waiting game as the release isn't schedule until somewhere near the end of 2016.

This has been an ongoing situation that truely warrants the term, "The Struggle is Real" when it comes to gaming controllers. Xbox owners are all too familar with buying the 30 pack of batteries from their local store, while PlayStation owners have to tether to their system like a newborn baby to the womb. 

I for one am really excited to see if the claims made by PDP can hold their weight. If they do, hopefully a PlayStation model will follow closely behind this one. Here's wishing!


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Published Jan. 12th 2016
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    That thing is a BEAST! Firstly, who plays for 8 hours straight... Secondly, IS THAT EVEN USABLE STILL?! Carpal tunnel syndrome, here I come!

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