The Queen of the Amazon Returns for Killer Instinct Season 2

Old favorites return for this upcoming season of Killer Instinct.

That is right combo-breaker fans! Maya will be returning for Killer Instinct's upcoming second season. Maya was officially revealed at the year's EVO Event and is the second character to be confirmed for Season Two following the return of T.J Combo.

Killer Instinct was released as a downloadable game exclusively for Xbox One on November 22, 2013. The game is free to play, however, you only have access to one playable character. This character is rotated with others on a regular basis. There are several purchase options though which will give you access to more or all of the current and future downloadable characters.

According to developer Iron Galaxy Studios, Maya is being described as a "high risk, high reward" type of fighter. She comes with two ancient daggers named "Temperance" and "Vengeance" which form the backbone of her fighting. This is also where the high risk, high reward comes into play.

High risk

Maya's daggers are used in all of her punch-based normals. She can throw them independently and rapidly after each other, catching them as they rebound off of her opponent to continue her assault. However, if shecompletely whiffs with one of her throws, she will loose access to the blade and all its associated moves until she is able to retrieve it. This type of oversight will severely limit Maya's fighting options.

High reward

There are huge benefits from taking this sort of "continuous projectiles to the face" style of fighting. The trade off is that Maya's blades level up with each consecutive hit that you land with them. In doing so, they gain new properties as long as you do not miss a throw. According to Iron Galaxy, at their highest level you will be able to combine the daggers and throw them as one giant, homing, unblockable projectile. So if you find yourself fighting against Maya the helpful hint here would be to make her strike out with her daggers every once in a while.

EVO panel announcing Maya for season 2

Maya, along with T.J. Combo, will be seeing release sometime this fall when Season Two starts. Who else could be coming out this upcoming season? No one knows for sure (Cinder has been hinted at). But stay tuned on Gameskinny for more information as it becomes available. Until then, good fight, good night.

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Published Jul. 16th 2014

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