New Detective Pikachu Movie Cards Revealed For Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon Company reveals three new cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which feature images from the upcoming Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, a live-action CGI movie staring Ryan Reynolds as the sleuthing Pokemon, is hitting theaters May 10. In honor of the movie that has many Pokemon fans pretty excited, The Pokemon Company has created a new line of movie-themed products for its long-running Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Included in the new product line are three different packs, or "Case Files," ranging in price from (approximately) $9.99 USD to $24.99 USD. Each contains promo cards, booster packs, and other goodies for Pokemon Trading Card Game fans to enjoy.

There's also a special Detective Pikachu Collector Chest containing seven Detective Pikachu booster packs, two regular Pokemon TCG booster packs, and other special items that will also retail for around $24.99 USD. All of these are set to release on April 5 in the US and Mach 29 elsewhere.

All told, there will be 26 new Pokemon TCG cards based on Detective Pikachu, each featuring the movie's CGI version of popular Pokemon. At the American International Toy Fair in New York, The Pokemon Company revealed three of these cards: one depicting Jigglypuff, another showing off Mr. Mime, and the final one giving a peek at Psyduck.

Fans interested in checking out the cards in person can do so by visiting The Pokemon Company International booth (#3049) at the American International Toy Fair — if you happen to be in the neighborhood, of course. For the rest of us, The Pokemon Company has provided the pictures of the three cards shown above.

With the reveal of these three cards, fans have now seen six cards from Detective Pikachu — the first were cards for Detective Pikachu, Charizard, and Greninja. As for this new batch, Jigglypuff is pretty cute, Psyduck is up there, and Mr. Mime is just terrifying — but in a funny way. 

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Published May. 18th 2020

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