Marshall Law Brings The Pain In Tekken 8's Latest Trailer

Bruce Lee would be proud of Marshall Law's glow-up in Tekken 8.

The Tao of Bruce Lee is strong with Tekken 8's latest trailer. Returning veteran Marshall Law has just received a gameplay trailer, and he's looking bulkier than ever. While not a lot has changed with regard to his moveset, Law is practically three times the size he was in Tekken 7.

As with previous gameplay trailers for Paul, Jin, and Kazuya, we don't get a full look at Law's moveset. But what's impressive here is his critical art. There is a multitude of Bruce Lee references littered throughout, including Law using the killing blow Lee gives to Bob Wall in Enter the Dragon. It's just fantastic that Lee's influence on popular culture can still be felt 50 years after his death.

Once again, it needs to be said that Tekken 8 looks very impressive from a visual perspective. The switch to Unreal Engine 5 seems to be paying dividends for the creative team, as it has the technology to exaggerate these larger-than-life characters. It really sells the intensity of their combat prowess even more so than the series' past.

Tekken 8 is planned for a 2024 release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. We still don't have any word on if it will contain rollback netcode or crossplay support. That will likely be a given, however. Stay tuned. 


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Published Mar. 14th 2023

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