Long time Capcom developer Hidetoshi Ishizawa leaves for SNK Playmore

20 year veteran developer, Hidetoshi Ishizawa leaves Capcom to work for rival SNK Playmore. SNK's future looks promosing

It was reported on April 1st that Hidetoshi Ishizawa has left Capcom to work for SNK Playmore. Prior to this departure, Ishizawa developed fighting games for Capcom since 1995. Some of the titles he's worked on include: Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Capcom vs. SNK 2. Within the last few years, he's worked on developing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as well.

Since January of this year, he's been with rival company SNK Playmore. 

So what does this means for the world of fighting games? Well there a few things to consider.

With King of Fighters XIV releasing in 2016 he more than likely took a position to provide his expertise to ensure its quality. If we look beyond this, SNK Playmore has expressed recently that they are interested in sequels for their franchises. Ishizawa's resume includes games that were well received, highly technical, and well designed. His new company more than likely wants him to oversee and impart his 20 years of expertise to create the best titles possible. With Ishizawa now part of SNK, the future certainly looks promising for SNK fighting game fans.


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Published Apr. 4th 2016

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