Online Co-op Added to Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain adds in online co-op and two new classes!

The action platformer/adventure game Risk of Rain - published by Chucklefish - is currently in beta, has recently announced its inclusion of online co-op, and it's available to use in the newest update.

Previously, only local co-op had been planned and implemented; but due to the large number of requests from fans to add online co-op, the Risk of Rain team has brought in Matthew Griffin - one of the men behind the game Wanderlust: Rebirth - to help add it to the game.

Also included in the most recent update are two new classes:

  • Acrid - a sort of monster/lizard type creature attached to a ball and chain, that uses melee attacks, and can poison enemies.
  • Huntress - a ranged archer equipped with a bow, a glaive, and cluster bomb arrows.

Hopefully you're as excited for Risk of Rain as I am, and the chance to play this beauty of a game with friends online makes it even more enticing. If you're interested in pre-purchasing and getting access to the beta, head on over to the Risk of Rain website.

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Published Jul. 31st 2013

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