FFXIV: E3 Reveals Rogue and Ninja Features and More

Big news from E3 2014! Rogue and Ninja revealed as part of FFXIV patch 2.4.

Many announcements were made today during the english Q&A sesion for Final Fantasy XIV. Some were expected, and one was a major bombshell. If you missed the Q&A, the high points of the session are detailed below.

"It's Like a Thief."

That's right, the bombshell, a new Class and Job announced. This Class and Job pair are not coming in the expansion as fans had predicted. Rogue and Ninja arrive with patch 2.4.

Weapon and Skill info:

Here is the breakdown of what Yoshida specified for Rogue and Ninja.


  • Dual Wield (works like Monk weapons as a single item not like Paladin's sword/shield set.)
  • Poison Skills
  • Stealth
  • Special Skills That Only Work While Stealthed


  • Dual Wield (works like Monk weapons as a single item not like Paladin's sword/shield set.)
  • Poison Skills
  • Ninjutsu
  • Hand Signs (Player controlled combinations that effect what the outcome will be. These can fail.)
  • Monster Specific Animations. (Some of the animations for Ninja differ based on the monster's you're fighting. A teaser was mentioned about Titan specifically in reference to one of the Ninja's attacks.
  • *It wasn't specified whether the Stealth and special Stealth Skills transfer to Ninja.*

When describing the Rogue the following quote is used, "It's like a Thief." Based on the descriptions of some of the skills it does indeed sound very Thief-like. There are poison attacks and a lot of mobility benefits, like reduced fall damage and a slightly faster move speed. The big reveal on the Rogue is the Stealth. Rogue will have Stealth and special actions that can only be performed in Stealth.

The Ninja Job sounds similar to what we had in Final Fantasy XI. This time it seems the Ninja is more of a DPS than a tank though. The Ninja focus was stated as using the correct poisons and hand signs for the correct situations.  Both the Ninja and the Rogue appear to have very flashy attacks that fit what you'd expect.

Yoshida has also stated that another Healer and Tank are in work for the expansion.

Shiva Promotional Poster:

This is the image used on the promotional poster.

A question was asked about why was Shiva used in the promotional poster for E3. Yoshida joked about Ramuh not being sexy enough for the poster, but then followed it up with some details about Shiva in FFXIV.

Shiva's storyline is very long and complicated, so the story starts in 2.3. While Shiva won't appear until 2.4, players will be able to learn about her in the 2.3 Patch.

Additional Points of Interest:

  • Possibility of 8-man dungeons: "We want to do all 3." Specifically meaning Solo, 4-Man and 8-Man dungeons.
  • Free Company Questing List projected for 2.4.
  • Fanfest Website coming soon with ticket purchases that could possibly include exclusive in-game items.

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Published Jun. 10th 2014

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