Garen and Janna's New Looks

Forecast Janna is upon us, and Garen gets a facelift!

League of Legends lovers have been anticipating the arrival of the new Janna skin for some time, but they also got a pleasant surprise in the update. Garen decided that he needed to keep up with the times and got a makeover for himself. 

A 70% Chance of Dragons... 

The Forecast Janna skin came in at 1820 Riot Points, which is roughly $15. The Legendary Skin isn't like your typical skin. Akin to the Legendary Skin for Udyr, expect some grand changes, as quoted from the official Riot page on this announcement: 

  • A new character model, reminiscent of the alluringly professional attire you might see on your local nightly news
  • Climatically inclement spell effects, such as a radar map shield on Eye of the Storm, a cloud companion on Zephyr and more tumultuous Monsoons and Howling Gales
  • Broadcaster-inspired animations that look as good in the newsroom as they do on the Fields of Justice
  • New voiceover featuring well-practiced non-regional diction along with meteorological lingo and diverse weather forecasts
Stylish Might

While unexpected, Garen the Handsome decided to ditch the rugged scars in favor of some fresh armor. He got a new voiceover, a new look, and all of his animations got a good dusting off and polish! The Might of Demacia's refreshing look can certainly back his notable presence on the Fields of Justice. 

Garen's refreshing new look signals that more champions to come can expect fresh visual upgrades soon. Who will the Riot staff grace with a makeover next? 

Published Sep. 5th 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    I know a lot of friends that will be psyched about this. I'll have to pass this onward so they can check it out!

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