DEEEER Simulator: How to Beat Future Self & Curse of the Deer

Future Self is a tough boss fight in DEEEER Simulator. Here's how to beat them and Curse of the Deer.

Future Self is hands-down the harder of the two bosses in DEEEER Simulator. Unlike the Doggo boss fight, this boss battle has three phases and more mechanics to deal with — there's even another foe to fight in Curse of the Deer. Knowing when to attack and when to defend is key to reaching the current end of the game and getting one of the two endings. 

This DEEEER Simulator guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to beat Future Self in all three phases, even if some of it is up to sheer luck and patience. 

How to Unlock Future Self in DEEEER Simulator

To unlock Future Self in DEEEER Simulator, you must first get to Level 2, The Future. Once there, amass weapons quickly and use the jetpack and boots to nab guns high up on the skyscrapers for maximum damage potential. The enemies in the future are much tougher to deal with.

As with Doggo, Future Self is behind three waves of police. Sheep gods must be shot in the head. Polar bear mechs can only be damaged by shooting the actual polar bears when they open up. And hippos carrying earwalker snipers must be shot in the mouth. 

Once you get through those three waves, a cinematic will play showing a portal opening at the police station. Enter the portal and ignore the warning message. All of your weapons will be stripped away, but there's no other choice. Going through time, you'll end up in a white room with your future self sitting on a throne. 

How to Beat Future Self: Phase One

Future self is essentially Neo from The Matrix. They can dodge all of your attacks unless they are attacking, and they can't received damage unless they're attacking.

The first phase of this boss fight is fairly straightforward. Future Self's main attack is a small AoE katana swirl. To avoid damage and get some hits in, jump inside the blue swirl that appears when they attack with the katana.

Pick up any katanas or swords the boss drops, and ignore guns for the most part. Katanas and swords cause the most reliable damage quickly. 

Future Self will also sometimes attack with dual pistols, as well as a stretchy-neck strike. The boss will kneel down to shoot their pistols and rear their head just before the stretchy strike. If you're close enough to Future Self before the head thrust, there's a chance it will miss you. 

The best tactic during this phase is bump and run. Attack Future Self from behind or the side as much as possible. Constantly dodge and jump around the arena to avoid bullets and head strikes. And stay inside the blue swirl of katana attacks to avoid damage and deal it. 

There is no way to heal during this boss encounter, so plan your movements carefully while staying on the move. 

Phase 2

Once you get Future Self to about half health, a new boss with a full health bar will spawn: Level 5 Curse of the Deer. A shade of Future Self, Curse of the Deer uses the same attacks, just with laser swords instead of katana.

The same rules apply here as in Phase 1. The best thing to do is focus on defeating one boss at a time, preferably Future Self since they are already low on health. 

Phase 3

Once you defeat Future Self and Curse of the Deer, you'll be transported back to the future for Phase 3 of the fight. Here you battle Future Self controlling Curse of the Deer in kaiju-style cage match with the help of Doggo and other police

You have your health bar in the top left corner of the screen, as does Future Self in the top right corner. Underneath the health bars are the attack bars, which fill with green as they charge up. When they fill, they turn yellow, and you can attack.

There is a light attack, strong attack, and barrier.

  • Light attacks are quick and cause 1 damage.
  • Strong attacks take time to wind up but cause 2 damage.
  • Barrier blocks light attacks, causing 1 damage, but breaks against strong attacks.

The best way to beat Future Self during Phase 3 is to wait for them to attack.

  • Use Barrier when they turn green; light attack when they turn red, and don't attack at all when they use Barrier.

Though Future Self and Curse of the Deer will be open for attack after they use Barrier, and your attack gauge will be full, attacking them before they attack again puts you at a disadvantage. It allows Future Self to attack first until you give up a free hit to reset the turns.

It's also worth noting that you can't cancel an attack or barrier activation. Future Self turns green for a light attack and red for a strong attack. 

Once you've defeated the Future Self, you'll be presented with two choices at the end, each with its own ending. 

And that's how to beat Future Self and Curse of the Deer in DEEEER Simulator. For more tips on this whacky game, check out our other DEEEER Sim guides here.

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Published Dec. 10th 2021

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