King of Fighters Station Vol. 1 unveils boss of KoFXIV and Story Mode details

King of Fighters Station Vol. 1 is a Q&A session with fellow KoFXIV developers talking about new story details and gameplay additions, including the new boss character, Antonov!

Yesterday, a new video for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive King of Fighters XIV released, revealing story details and gameplay updates for several characters. Titled "King of Fighters Station Vol. 1", the video is in a Q&A-type setting, where interviewers ask the game developers about changes to existing movesets, character designs, and more. The game is set to release in August 23rd this year for North America, and August 25th in Japan.

One notable reveal in the video was a clip of the game's "opening movie" showing a new character--the new antagonist for King of Fighters XIV, Antonov!


KOF XIV Producer Yasuyuki Oda provides a few words about the character as follows:

He's Antonov, the new host of the KOF Tournament...He's actually a pretty lovable character, but wait till the release of KOF XIV for more on him!

The interviewing team then proceeds to try out the KOF XIV E3 demo while the developers provide back story for 12 selected characters, including Yuri, King, Joe, and more. Afterwards the KOF Station has a friendly tournament between coworkers to show more of the 50-character cast.

Watch the full video here, with some parts subbed in English:

For more details on King of Fighters XIV, check out an article on Team Kim starring KOF members Kim, Luong, and Gang-il here on GameSkinny!

What are your thoughts on Antonov and the other newcomers to the King of Fighters series? Please leave a comment below!


Published Jun. 16th 2016

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