Will Hyrule Warriors Save the Wii U?

Should Nintendo expect a large influx of Wii U sales with all the great games coming out?

Nintendo announced its third straight operating loss when it announced its yearly fiscal earnings, which ended March 31. With the recent announcements from Tecmo Koei, will up coming collaborations and releases save the Wii U and bring a sigh of relief to those gamers loyal to their console?

No, probably not. Sorry guys!

The numbers don't lie. The Wii U is dwindling even with big name releases. Even after Nintendo, reduced its annual sales expectations by two-thirds in January. Nintendo only sold 2.72 million units, when it was hoping to sell only 2.8 million. Both of those numbers are nothing compared to the original 9 million units that the Wii U was supposed to sell. Selling 6.17 million units world-wide to date, it has already been surpassed by the PS4 and the Xbox One is not too far behind.

I'm all about the numbers and, even though Hyrule Warriors has been announced for summer and big names like Super Smash Brothers are being released, I do not think that will increase the number of unit sales. I think the steady decline of the console is just unavoidable at this point.

Nintendo reports that their third annual loss amounts to 46.4 billion Yen. That is $456 million dollars. That is nothing compared to what Nintendo has in their vaults, but the continuous loss of money makes it almost not worth it at this point. I would focus on the 3DS, since its numbers are still higher and closer to annual sale expectations. I honestly don't think they could make a come back at this point.

What do you think? Do you expect Hyrule Warriors and other Wii U releases to make a difference in the console's life expectancy?

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Published May. 8th 2014

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