Top Xbox One multiplayer games for 2016


Although there are hiccups here and there, you can pretty well always count on Blizzard to provide a very satisfying multiplayer experience.

From the stellar matchmaking of Starcraft 2 to the meticulously thought-out balance of cards on Hearthstone, Blizzard usually hits that right balance between challenge and fun to keep people playing.

That's no different with the much-hyped FPS / MOBA hybrid that is Overwatch (and don't forget about Gearbox's little brother entry Battleborn, which is already heavily discounted to try to thwart Overwatch's massive success).

Tons of character types to choose from, fast-paced shooter action, and a total lack of tolerance for cheaters make this one of the most entertaining multiplayer entries to try out in 2016 and beyond. Team Fortress 2 lovers in particular need to check this one out post-haste.

Published Jun. 6th 2016

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