Free Game Streaming Service Rainway Gets Open Beta

The free video game streaming service Rainway just got an open beta. It claims to offer fast streaming in 1080p at 60FPS with a ton of compatibility and easy access.

Rainway, Inc has announced the open beta for their game streaming service “Rainway” is live now. Rainway can be downloaded for free, with no hidden costs or limits, from the official website.

What is Rainway?

According to their website, Rainway is a game streaming service that lets you stream games from your PC to any device with an internet connection; however, this is limited to streaming to browsers for this open beta. Rainway tries to offer max quality by allowing 1080p/60fps streaming with minimal latency and an easy setup, making this perfect for people who would like to play their PC games on the go. Rainway also includes a cloud-based screenshot service that the company hopes will make it easy to take, share, and access screenshots wherever you are. On their website, Rainway, Inc claims that the service is compatible with all hardware, making it very easy to get started. For more information on Rainway and how to get it, check out their blog.

Published Jan. 23rd 2018

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