Titanfall Coming to PS4... Never

Titanfall will not be coming to PS4!

It has just been confirmed that … wait for it… Titanfall, the new first person shooter from Respawn Entertainment will not be coming to PS4. Ever.

Joystiq reports that during a financial call with EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, the publisher revealed the devastating news.

"In the case of Titanfall, it's a brand new IP and its exclusive only for the life of the title on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and PC..."

This is a major blow to fans who have been eagerly waiting for the PS4 Titanfall announcement. It had been rumored that the game would only be exclusive to Microsoft platforms for a limited time before coming to Sony machines. However, both Respawn and EA have been saying that Titanfall is exclusive to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC since it was revealed at E3 last June.

My Take:

This could potentially be a game changer during this crazy time of holiday releases. Though Titanfall is not scheduled to come out until March 11th, 2014, this news could be enough to turn the tide around in Microsoft’s favor. We will have to wait and see how big of an impact this announcement will be, but if people are as excited about Titanfall as I am, then this could be a big deal.

Published Oct. 29th 2013
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Two things (all opinion of course):
    1) I always assumed Titanfall was going to be Microsoft only. I thought they made that relatively clear in their ads, etc. If a lot of other people were misled into thinking this would be anything other than an exclusive title, then this might be a game changer for them, but otherwise.... Also, I mean Titanfall looked cool, I guess. But it mostly just looked like the standard shooter with the addition of a bigger weapon (the mech). Not really a game changing property, and not something that would get me to buy an Xbox One.
    2) The PS4 is suffering from a lack of killer app atm, especially a console exclusive killer app. Watch Dogs was bringing a lot of buzz to the table, but it's been delayed til 2014, so that complicates things. Who knows?
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    Given the positive buzz around Titanfall, I'm sure there are other developers already working on similar ideas which will make it onto the PS4 and other platforms. I won't lose any sleep over it being platform exclusive and I certainly won't be manipulated into buying an XBox just because of it.

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