My Summer Car Guide: The Most Fun Way to Find The Shop

Are you lost? Or just trying to find a fun route? Well look no further because this is where you need to go to find the shops in My Summer Car!

My Summer Car is one part Jalopy-like game and one part Build-A-Bear Car. This means that you will be getting around by driving to your destination. But do you need fuel? Or some snacks to eat while building your car? Maybe you need the fan belt?

Well there's only one stop for you, the local fuel station. But how how do you get to the shops? Don't worry, fellow traveler -- I have your back. Here's how to get to the shops. 

Note: Don't leave the road, until you know your way.

First, turn right away from your house.

And now the journey starts, you will be going down this dirt for a while. So strap in.

Slow down here, as there is a junction coming soon.

You need to turn right at this T-junction.

Head past this rock covering some of the road.

Keep driving.

Drive past this lovely looking farm.

Follow the road around right.

Turn right onto the main road.

Turn right after this grassy verge.

The shop, pub, and fuel station are on your left!

Make sure you put the right type fuel into your vehicle.

Your friendly shop keeper will tell you that you are "too poor" for your shopping if you try and buy too much.

If you want some proper food, wait till the pub opens and have some there -- or have a shot of vodka. (That counts, right?)

And now we go back!

Turn right away from the shop.

Turn left onto the main road. Watch for traffic!

Turn left up the hill. Watch out for any oncoming traffic.

Bare left onto the dirt road, direction Loppe.

And now we drive.

And drive... Oh look -- it's that barn we saw on the way there.

Keep driving...

Head left at this T-junction.

Unleash your inner Marcus Grönholm on these hills.

You might just be able to see your very own barn, indicating you are home.

Oh look your house.

And you made it home in one piece. Now you can relax, watch some TV, or eat all the food you just bought.

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How many times have you gotten lost before finding your way? Did this guide help you find your way or are you upside down in a field? Let me know in the comments below!

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Published Jun. 15th 2017

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