The Second of Tarsier Studios' Little Nightmares Expansion Approaches: Prepare for the Spooks

As the release of the next DLC for Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw approaches, players should ready their minds for puzzles and their hearts for scares, even after the Halloween season.

For those in the Halloween spirit, ready for the spooks, shooks, and shakes, Little Nightmares serves as the best solution for players who want something scary, charming, and puzzling. With the approaching release of Tarsier Studios' next DLC, The Hideaway, players will have enough time to play the main game, collect the collectibles, break the breakables, and experience the first expansion of the Maw, The Depths, all before the November release. 

Little Nightmares, a two-hour game if you're bad, a 54 minute game if you're good, follows itty-bitty, little Six on her journey across the Maw, uncovering secrets on her perilous journey across five chapters as the player guides her through nerve-wracking puzzles and intense chase scenes. 

A few months after the release of the game in April 2017, the developers announced the launch of the new DLCs for the game, following a different character, The Kid, on his own puzzling journey across the Maw.

From an interview with game producer Stephen Halett, Halett admits that the reason the DLC is going to be released in a three part series is because it "would have taken [them] a long time to produce a new adventure...[they] decided to break it down in three chapters so that players can get on with a story as soon as possible." The first DLC, The Depths, was released in July, while the following two will be released in November and January, if all goes according to plan. 

While The Hideaway release is still a month away, with the spirit of Halloween thick in the air (or maybe that's the pumpkin spice), players can get a head-start on the hype for The Kid and his new adventure in the Maw. 

Little Nightmares costs $19.99 on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox One. The expansion pass is $9.99, or each individual game costs $3.99. 

And for those who can't wait until November or Janurary, there's a Little Nightmares comic book, or cute little paper dolls to play with while they contemplate what really is the secret of the Maw. 


Published Oct. 26th 2017

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