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Mutiny is a card game for up to 18 pirates, in which traitors confront mates in order to poison the captain and take over the ship!

Mutiny is a card game that can be played from 6 to 18 players, and centers on a pirate theme. In this game, traitors confront loyal shipmates in order to poison the captain and take over the ship. At every turn, the traitors will secretly poison someone's meal, and then the mates will do the same. Once meals are served, every pirates will get the chance to switch his meal with anyone else around the table, trying to bring the poisoned one to their enemies while keeping it away from their allies. Traitors claim victory and the ship if the captain is eliminated, while the mates and captain wins as soon as all the traitors are dead.

Game are quick and can usually be played in less than 20 minutes, but of course will take longer with more people.

The idea for Mutiny came while we were working on a challenge we received a year and a half ago. We were asked to imagine a game that would group many players together and that would create a feeling of uncertainty where no one would ever know who'd be eliminated next. At some point in the discussion, the idea of a pirate's feast popped out and we all got excited by the setting, because who doesn't like pirates?

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Published Mar. 10th 2014

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