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The Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram event is back. This unique event takes players into the realm of the very first Diablo game, which is a massive labyrinth with a large number of unique monsters. This guide will provide you with tips on how to complete the Darkening of Tristram 2021 event.

The main challenge of this Diablo 3 event involves slaying all the monsters and bosses, but there are also a few extra challenges that will add several exclusive rewards to your stash if you decide to raise to them.

Darkening of Tristram 2021 Walkthrough

Teleport to Tristram

In order to enter the world of Trsitram, you need to go back to the very first Waypoint, which appears in Act I of Diablo 3.

Once you're there, follow these simple steps to enter Tristram:

  1. Take the Waypoint to the Old Ruins
  2. Turn left, and go down
  3. Enter the portal at Griswold's Fine Weapons

Enter the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is the main location of the Darkening of Tristram event. The entrance is located right above the portal.

It has 16 levels and each level, except the first one, has a number of unique monsters you must kill. Here is the complete breakdown for each level:

Floor 1
Floor 2
Shadowbite, The Butcher, Rotfeast the Hungry
Floor 3
Madeye the Dead, Brokenhead Bangshield
Floor 4
Gharbad the Weak, Snotspill, Blackash the Burning
Floor 5
Bloodskin Darkbow, Foulwing, Shadowcrow
Floor 6
Deathshade Fleshmaul, Bilefroth the Pit Master, Bloodgutter
Floor 7
Blighthorn Steelmace, Gorestone, Nightwing the Cold
Floor 8
Firewound the Grim, Zhar the Mad, Baron Sludge
Floor 9
Breakspine, Brokenstorm, Oozedrool
Floor 10
The Flayer, Goldblight of the Flame, Blackstorm
Floor 11
Bluehorn, Fangspeir
Floor 12
Viperflame, Viletouch, Lionskull the Bent
Floor 13
Warlord of Blood, Rustweaver, Witchmoon
Floor 14
Steelskull the Hunter, Graywar the Slayer, Stareye the Witch
Floor 15
The Vizier, Red Vex, Blackjade
Floor 16
Sir Gorash


There are 40 monsters in total that you need to kill. However, only one monster spawns on each floor. This means that you will have to try and run through the Labyrinth several times in order to collect all the monsters on the list.

Kill All Bosses

Besides the unique monsters, you also need to kill the four main bosses of the Labyrinth. Here are their locations:

  • The Butcher can be found on the 2nd floor at the very end.
  • The Skeleton King resides on the 3rd floor inside the Leoric's Tomb.
  • Arch-Bishop Lazarus can be seen at the Unholy Altar, which is a location between the 15th and the 16th floors.
  • The Dark Lord can be encountered at the very end of Labyrinth walkthrough.

Once you defeat The Dark Lord, you will be rewarded with the Butcher Pet and Red Soul Shard legendary gem.

Acquire Transmogrification Weapons

In addition to the main line of the Darkening of Tristram event, you can acquire extra items, such as two transmogrification weapons.

The first one is The Butcher's Cleaver, which drops from The Butcher boss, and the second one is Wirt's Leg, which can be acquired by following these steps:

  1. Enter the 9th floor of the Labyrinth
  2. Pick up a Rotten Mushroom from the ground
  3. Travel to Adria's Hut on the easternmost part of Tristram
  4. Use the mushroom and the cauldron to make Witch's Brew
  5. Go back to the Old Ruins portal
  6. Locate four corpses in four directions
  7. Click on them in the following order: South -> North -> West -> East

The final corpse will drop the blueprint for the Wirt's Leg, which can be crafted at Headrig's.

Acquire Royal Calf Pet

Besides the Butcher Pet, you can also acquire the Royal Calf pet, a cow that automatically collects loot.

Follow these steps to obtain the Royal Calf pet:

  1. Salvage Wirt's Leg
  2. Map of the Stars will appear in your inventory
  3. Go back to Adria's Hut
  4. Locate three dead cows to the east of the hut
  5. Click the cows in the following order: center -> left -> right
  6. Walk through the portal that will appear in front of you
  7. Follow the path until you reach the Wirt's Stash

The Wirt's Stash will contain the Royal calf pet and some gold for you as well.

Collect Cultist Pages

The final challenge of the Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram event involves collecting seven cultist pages, which are dropped by the cultists that spawn randomly in all five acts of the Tristram adventure mode in various locations.

Here are all the possible cultist locations in the Darkening of Tristram event:

Possible Locations
Act I
The Weeping Hollow
Festering Woods
Caverns of Araneae
Cathedral Level 1
Cathedral Level 2
Cathedral Level 4
Halls of Agony Level 1
Halls of Agony Level 2
Halls of Agony Level 3
Fields of Misery
Act II
Dahlgur Oasis
Desolate Sands
Keep Depths Level 1
Keep Depths Level 2
Keep Depths Level 3
Rakkis Crossing
Arreat Crater Level 1
Tower of the Damned Level 1
The Core of Arreat
Ruins of Sescheron
Act IV
Gardens of Hope Level 1
Gardens of Hope Level 2
Gardens of Hope Level 3
Silver Spire Level 1
Silver Spire Level 2
Act V
Westmarch Commons
Westmarch Heights
Paths of the Drowned
Greyhollow Island
Battlefields of Eternity


Once you collect all seven cultist pages you can consider the Darkening of Tristram event completed.

Diablo 3: Darkening of Tristram Rewards

If you've been able to complete all the challenges listed above, you should be rewarded with the following items:

  • Banner Sigil
  • Classic Demon Portrait Frame
  • Classic Angel Portrait Frame
  • Red Soul Shard legendary gem
  • Transmogrification weapons
  • Butcher Pet
  • Royal Calf Pet

That's all you need to know on how to complete the Darkening of Tristram 2021 event in Diablo 3. For more Diablo 3 tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

BlizzCon 2020 is Canceled, but Could Continue Another Way https://www.gameskinny.com/mbs3c/blizzcon-2020-is-canceled-but-could-continue-another-way https://www.gameskinny.com/mbs3c/blizzcon-2020-is-canceled-but-could-continue-another-way Tue, 26 May 2020 18:21:23 -0400 Josh Broadwell

In a move that probably doesn't surprise anyone, Blizzard announced today that BlizzCon 2020 is canceled. There's a possibility of an online event taking its place, but it's not likely to happen anytime soon.

The news comes from a post by BlizzCon Executive Producer Saralyn Smith, which PCGamer first spotted earlier today.

Smith said:

...we’ve had many discussions about what holding a convention could look like in light of all the health and safety considerations we’d want to make.

We’ve also talked about different paths we could take, and how each one could be complicated by fluctuations in national and local health guidelines in the months ahead. Ultimately, after considering our options, we’ve come to the very difficult decision to not have BlizzCon this year.

News of BlizzCon's cancellation is just one part of what's basically been the year of cancellations and delays, from E3 2020 and GDC 2020 being canceled to Minecraft Festival 2020's delay.

But just like Summer Game Fest was born from E3's cancellation, Blizzard is looking into alternative ways to host a convention. Smith mentioned:

We’re talking about how we might be able to channel the BlizzCon spirit and connect with you in some way online...

We’d want to do this as soon as we could, but given that this is new-ish territory and the different factors involved, it will most likely be sometime early next year.

It might not be a proper replacement for this year's convention, but at least it's something. You can check out the original story on PC Gamer and Smith's full post on Blizzard's website. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more video game event news as it develops.

Diablo 3 Public Test Realm Bringing New Class Sets https://www.gameskinny.com/xmkdy/diablo-3-public-test-realm-bringing-new-class-sets https://www.gameskinny.com/xmkdy/diablo-3-public-test-realm-bringing-new-class-sets Mon, 03 Feb 2020 15:05:03 -0500 Ty Arthur

The public test for Diablo 3 patch 2.6.8, which officially kicks off Season 20, will go live on February 6. 

During the PTR, players will see an increased Legendary drop rate and double Blood Shard drops, while crafting plans from Bounty Caches will be guaranteed to drop (unless all plans have been learned).

Aside from those boosts, Season 20's theme is the Season of the Forbidden Archives, and the goal is to vastly increase character power throughout the season. During the season, all slots in Kanai's Cube will be able to select Legendary powers from Weapon, Armor, or Jewelry.

Apart from the changes, the Diablo 3 2.6.8 patch tests new class skillsets for Barbarians, Witch Doctors, and Wizards. Here's what's going to change:


  • New Class Set: Horde of the Ninety Savages
    • 2-Piece Bonus: Double the effectiveness of all Shouts. Feared Enemies take double damage.
    • 4-Piece Bonus: Each stack of Frenzy reduces damage taken by 5%.
    • 6-Piece Bonus: Frenzy deals 1000% increased damage per stack.
  • Undisputed Champion: Frenzy gains the effect of every rune and deals 300-400% increased damage.
  • Bastion's Revered: Frenzy now stacks up to 10 times and hits an additional time per attack. Each additional hit will chain to enemies within 15 yards and damage is split between all enemies.

Witch Doctor

  • New Class Set: Mundunugu's Regalia
    • 2-Piece Bonus: Big Bad Voodoo now follows you and lasts twice as long.
    • 4-Piece Bonus: Gain 50% damage reduction for 30 seconds when you enter the Spirit Realm.
    • 6-Piece Bonus: Spirit Barrage deals increased damage equal to 50 times your Mana Regeneration per Second.
  • The Barber: Instead of dealing direct damage, your Spirit Barrage now accumulates on the target. When you stop casting, it explodes dealing 225-250% 400-500% of the accumulated damage to all enemies within 15 yards.
  • Gazing Demise: Spirit Barrage gains the Phantasm rune. Each active Phantasm lasts twice as long, increases the damage of Spirit Barrage by 40-50% 100-150%, and also increases the attack rate from Manitou spectres. Now always rolls with Critical Hit Chance instead of Life Per Second.


  • New Class Set: The Typhon's Veil
    • 2-Piece Bonus: Double the duration of Hydras and increase the number of heads on multi-headed Hydras by two.
    • 4-Piece Bonus: Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each Hydra head alive as long as there is one available. Each time you take damage, a Hydra heads dies.
    • 6-Piece Bonus: Hydras deal 1000% increased damage for each Hydra head alive.
  • Serpent's Sparker: You may have one extra Hydra active at a time and they deal 450-600% increased damage.
  • The Magistrate: Frost Hydra Your Hydras now periodically casts Frost Nova and deal 450-600% increased damage.
  • Etched Sigil: The bonus granted by this item now occurs 1 second after channeling has begun.
  • Deathwish: The bonus granted by this item now occurs 1 second after channeling has begun.

In other series news, Diablo 4 is currently in the works, although it's not coming anytime in the near future. The developers have stated its not even set to arrive "Blizzard soon."

Diablo 4 to Allow Skill Selection via Elective Mode https://www.gameskinny.com/ml1za/diablo-4-to-allow-skill-selection-via-elective-mode https://www.gameskinny.com/ml1za/diablo-4-to-allow-skill-selection-via-elective-mode Wed, 20 Nov 2019 14:16:56 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Were you worried Diablo 4 was going to lock skills to certain buttons or keys like Diablo 3 does by default? Well, worry no more, friend: Diablo 4 is confirmed to have Elective Mode, just as its predecessor does.

Diablo 3's Elective Mode disables the game's default binding of skills to set buttons, which allows players to set particular skills to certain buttons. Considering how the default system restricts build customization, Elective Mode is a must-have for ARPG players at large.

It's a bit of a surprise in itself that Blizzard are bringing back Diablo 3's restrictive skill system by default, which is sort of the antithesis of what people play ARPGs for: Flexibility, customization, and the ability to make dozens of enemies explode with the tap of a couple keys or buttons.

Unlike its predecessor, Diablo 4 will be launching with Elective Mode available. Yet one of a whole pile of improvements from the third game's release. Most excitingly, Blizzard promises the return of Diablo 2-style character customization in the fourth game.

Diablo 4 is still a long ways off from release, with no release window set just yet. Though, we do know that Blizzard plans to release the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Keep an eye here on GameSkinny for further updates and news on Diablo 4

Canceled WoW Successor Project Titan Dev Troubles Revealed at Gameslab https://www.gameskinny.com/8063f/canceled-wow-successor-project-titan-dev-troubles-revealed-at-gameslab https://www.gameskinny.com/8063f/canceled-wow-successor-project-titan-dev-troubles-revealed-at-gameslab Thu, 27 Jun 2019 15:37:07 -0400 Ashley Shankle

World of Warcraft players and Blizzard fans will likely remember the rumors of the failed Project Titan while it was still in development.

A bit of a legend among the World of Warcraft community, Blizzard was rumored to be working on the game as the successor to its flagship MMORPG since the 2000s. It was confirmed in 2014 the company had been working on Titan, but the project had been canceled.

Now in 2019, Co-founder and former President of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Morhaime shed some light on the failed endeavor.

Morhaime spoke at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona yesterday on Blizzard's efforts with the title, particularly on its trouble with direction during development.

We failed to control scope. It was very ambitious. It was a brand new universe, and it was going to be the next generation MMO that did all sorts of different things, it had different modes. We were sort of building two games in parallel, and it really struggled to come together.

The pitch was basically an evolution of a sort of Team Fortress-style game in a superhero universe. It was going to leverage some of our best technology from Titan and World of Warcraft. We were going to take some characters and worlds from the Titan universe design.

We thought we could make a really compelling game with much tighter scope control. And I think it was probably one of the best decisions that we made. We took something that wasn't going to ship for a very long time, might never have shipped, and turned it into an awesome game.

He further touched on the auction house in Diablo 3, which was removed after ultimately proving to be a hindrance to natural game progression.

People are going to do this anyway - why don't we provide them a safe and secure way to trade items? But the problem was that we didn't design the loot model with that in mind.

We designed it without an auction house initially, and when you have an auction house in a game that's dropping tonnes and tons of loot, it's way cheaper and easier to get second-hand items from the auction house.

Blizzard is known to toss about 50% of its in-production titles, a staggering but unsurprising percentage. The developer's last standalone release was Overwatch in 2016, and its last large release was last year's World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth

The developer will be launching World of Warcraft Classic to all WoW subscribers in late August.

Morhaime had many other nuggets of information about Blizzard's development process and history that are well worth the read for any fan. Even if Diablo fans are a little miffed at last year's Diablo Immortal reveal, there is surely more in the works from the famed developer.

Diablo 3 Guide: Top Demon Hunter Builds for Season 16 https://www.gameskinny.com/n1bmi/diablo-3-guide-top-demon-hunter-builds-for-season-16 https://www.gameskinny.com/n1bmi/diablo-3-guide-top-demon-hunter-builds-for-season-16 Tue, 05 Feb 2019 11:56:01 -0500 Serhii Patskan

The new Season 16 in Diablo 3 is now playing out in full force, and proves that the latest patch has really changed things for the better. We can see more and more classes delivering better results in solo play, which also inspired people to create new and more powerful builds for their characters.

Once Demon Hunter was completely thrown out of the competition, but the new season offers several amazing builds that will help this class get into the spotlight once again.

If you plan on using Demon Hunter in Season 16, and you are looking for a good build, then here you will find four top-tier builds that will surely make you a proud owner of this class.

N6M4 Build

Here's the fastest and most powerful build you can currently use in Season 16 as a Demon Hunter player.

The most significant feature of this build is the incredible speed of movement that will allow you to quickly deal with enemies and move forward on your path. But fast speed doesn't mean that your attacks will be weak. On the contrary, your critical hit chance will be at its highest.

The skills are primarily focused on AoE damage with a reduced cooldown. This means that you will be able to deal with huge numbers of enemies at once.

As for defensive abilities, the N6M4 build is universally protected from all types of damage, which is quite convenient, especially in cases when you move onto the undiscovered territories.

Active Skills
  • Cluster Arrow
  • Sentry
  • Vault
  • Companion
  • Evasive Fire
  • Rain of Vengeance
Passive Skills
  • Steady Aim
  • Cull the Weak
  • Custom Engineering
  • Single Out
Gear Items
  • Natalya's Sight
  • Marauder's Spines
  • The Traveler's Pledge
  • Natalya's Embrace
  • Wraps of Clarity
  • Marauders Gloves
  • Zoey's Secret
  • Marauder's Encasement
  • Natalya's Bloody Footprints
  • The Compass Rose
  • Natalya's Reflection
  • Natalya's Slayer
  • Bombardier's Rucksack
Legendary Gems
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Enforcer
  • Zei's Stone of Vengeance
Kanai's Cube
  • Manticore
  • Cindercoat
  • Convention of Elements

Impale Build

The Impale skill, which has become the basis of this build, strikes an enemy with a throwing knife for 750% of weapon damage. This means that we have another extremely powerful and fast build on our hands. It's not suprising, as fast builds have regularly popped up in the top-tier lists of Diablo 3 classes.

But there is one huge difference between the Impale and the N6M4 builds. Instead of the critical hit damage, Impale playstyle mainly focuses on cooldown and resource cost reduction.

Although this build doesn't focus on AoE damage as much as the previous one, you will have access to the Fan of Knives ability, which provides exactly that.

And when it comes to preserving life, you will have Shadow Power skill, which is capable of siphoning life out of your enemies. This neat trick will help you stay alive for a long time.

Active Skills
  • Impale
  • Vengeance
  • Vault
  • Companion
  • Fan of Knives
  • Shadow Power
Passive Skills
  • Cull the Weak
  • Numbing Traps
  • Ambush
  • Awareness
Gear Items
  • The Shadow's Mask
  • The Shadow's Burden
  • The Traveler's Pledge
  • Aquila Curiass
  • Strongarm Bracers
  • The Shadow's Grasp
  • The Witching Hour
  • The Shadow's Coil
  • The Shadow's Heels
  • The Compass Rose
  • Elusive Ring
  • Karlei's Point
  • Holy Point Shot
Legendary Gems
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Gogok of Swiftness
  • Pain Enhancer
Kanai's Cube
  • Dawn
  • Chain of Shadows
  • Convention of Elements

Marauder Build

  • Author of the build:  

The focal point of the Marauder build is to reduce the cooldown of the vengeance skill to such a degree that you can basically stay in the Vengeance form all the time.

Then, when you've achieved the optimal stat reroll, you can focus on critical hit damage, critical hit chance, and speed of attack. This is a really interesting build, if you're looking for something different yet effective.

Active Skills
  • Evasive Fire
  • Cluster Arrow
  • Vault
  • Sentry
  • Vengeance
  • Companion
Passive Skills
  • Awareness
  • Cull the Weak
  • Custom Engineering
  • Ballistics
Gear Items
  • Marauder's Visage
  • Marauder's Spines
  • Hellfire Amulet
  • Marauder's Carapace
  • Wraps of Clarity
  • Marauder's Gloves
  • Zoey's Secret
  • Marauder's Encasement
  • Marauder's Treads
  • Restraint
  • Focus
  • Manticore
  • Bombardier's Rucksack
Legendary Gems
  • Bane of the Stricken
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Zei's Stone of Vengeance
Kanai's Cube
  • Dawn
  • Hellcat Waistguard
  • Oculus Ring

Multishot Build

Multishot build is a well-established build in the Demon Hunter fan circles. This build combines the speed of the N6M4 build and the cooldown reduction tools of the Impale build.

Many players consider this to be the ultimate build for the Demon Hunter class, as it has the perfect balance of all the best skills, gear, and gems.

Active Skills
  • Vengeance
  • Multishot
  • Preparation
  • Companion
  • Vault
  • Evasive Fire
Passive Skills
  • Ambush
  • Cull the Weak
  • Thrill of the Hunt
  • Ballistics
Gear Items
  • Visage of Gunes
  • Unsanctified Shoulders
  • Hellfire Amulet
  • Cage of the Hellborn
  • Wraps of Clarity
  • Fiendish Grips
  • The Witching Hour
  • Unholy Plates
  • Hellwalkers
  • Focus
  • Restraint
  • Yang's Recurve
  • Dead Man's Legacy
Legendary Gems
  • Bane of the Powerful
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Zei's Stone of Vengeance
Kanai's Cube
  • Dawn
  • Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
  • Convention of Elements


Now you can start Season 16 in Diablo 3 in the best way possible using one of these four Demon Hunter builds, and don't forget to check back soon for more related guides here at GameSkinny!

New Game Releases: Week of October 28, 2018 https://www.gameskinny.com/7jodz/new-game-releases-week-of-october-28-2018 https://www.gameskinny.com/7jodz/new-game-releases-week-of-october-28-2018 Mon, 29 Oct 2018 09:39:35 -0400 William R. Parks

While Red Dead Redemption 2 may not be leaving many consoles any time soon, this week features a batch of exciting games for those that are looking for something different.

On Tuesday, October 30, Cyanide Studios brings Chaosium's 1981 table-top RPG to life with Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Assuming the role of a private investigator, this survival RPG will immerse players in a "terrifying world of conspiracies, cultists, and cosmic horrors" where they must uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious deaths.

Explore a world set within H.P. Lovecraft's classic mythology; Call of Cthulhu lets the player decide how they will investigate. 

Square Enix and Human Head Studios give The Quiet Man a voice on Thursday, November 1.

Coming to PC and PlayStation 4, this interactive movie asks players to navigate a world that they cannot hear. And, by navigate, I mean beat it into a bloody pulp as you brawl your way through The Quiet Man.

Running around three hours, a play-through may only be a short distraction, but, if The Quiet Man can match its developers' ambitions, it could be something great.

To round out the week, Diablo III: Eternal Collection finds its way to Switch on Friday, November 2.

Six years after its initial release, new players and seasoned vets alike can dungeon crawl in Nintendo's port of the action RPG sensation. And, even better, they can do so on the go.

This version will let fans play as The Legend of Zelda's Ganondorf, and, for those especially committed to Sanctuary, a Diablo-themed Switch bundle will be available at GameStop on release day.

Here's a list of what's coming out this week:

Tuesday, October 30
  • Call of Cthulhu (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Dream Daddy: Dadrector's Cut (PS4)
  • Gal Metal (Switch)
  • Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far (PS4)
  • LEGO Harry Potter Collection (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition (PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Switch)
Wednesday, October 31
  • Death Mark (PS4, Switch, Vita)
  • Orphan (PC)
Thursday, November 1
  • The Quiet Man (PC, PS4)
Friday, November 2
  • Diablo 3: Eternal Collection (Switch)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun (Switch)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session (PS4)
Nintendo Announces Switch Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Bundle https://www.gameskinny.com/dhsob/nintendo-announces-switch-diablo-3-eternal-collection-bundle https://www.gameskinny.com/dhsob/nintendo-announces-switch-diablo-3-eternal-collection-bundle Mon, 15 Oct 2018 15:02:03 -0400 William R. Parks

Nintendo of America has confirmed that a Diablo 3 Switch bundle will be available exclusively at GameStop beginning November 2. The bundle will retail for $359.99.

The Switch port of the popular RPG will include the base game as well as the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansions.

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection also comes with exclusive, Zelda-themed content for Switch owners:

  • A "transmogrification" that allows players to make any armor look like that of Link's main adversary, Ganondorf
  • Cometic wings to add to your character
  • A Cucco companion pet
  • A Triforce portrait frame

With Diablo 3: Eternal Collection for Switch, Blizzard's 2012 hack-and-slash will now be playable on two operating systems and five consoles.

Be sure to check out our other Diablo 3 content while you're here, including our review of the original game and a handful of useful guides -- perfect for when you pick this bundle up later this fall. 

Play World of Warcraft: Classic When You Buy The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket https://www.gameskinny.com/anw6j/play-world-of-warcraft-classic-when-you-buy-the-blizzcon-virtual-ticket https://www.gameskinny.com/anw6j/play-world-of-warcraft-classic-when-you-buy-the-blizzcon-virtual-ticket Fri, 28 Sep 2018 10:44:20 -0400 Zack Palm

Planning to check out BlizzCon from the comfort of your own home? Not only will you get the chance the watch the show from your house, but you'll get the chance to try out a demo getting shown on the show-floor: World of Warcraft Classic!

The World of Warcraft class demo stretches across two specific Horde and Alliance Classic zones. You'll have access to the demo up until November 8, with the purchase of your BlizzCon virtual ticket.

Want some build up to the event? Blizzard plans to upload a video series leading up to BlizzCon where they show off some phenomenal coplayers, the secret of the Blizzard Vault, and more yet to come. This series will likely get uploaded to their YouTube page, or follow them at @Blizzard_Ent to receive more updates.

Before BlizzCon official kicks off, Blizzard is making the 12th annual BlizzCon Goody Bag available in their store. The bag contains:

  • Diablo vinyl figure
  • World of Warcraft faction keychain
  • Hearthstone magnet set
  • Overwatch challenge coin
  • Heroes of the Storm Raven Lord crest magnet
  • StarCraft 20th Anniversary pin
  • BlizzCon hardcover book where the developers share about their amazing community.

If you grab your virtual ticket, you can save $10 off your Goody Bag purchase. These items remain in the store while supplies last.

The BlizzCon event kicks off on November 2. You can go to Blizzard's online store to reserve your seat now for $49.99. For die-hard fans, make sure to download the free BlizzCon 2018 mobile application for iOS or Android to receive announcements, video content, and access to the live streams that come from the event.

BlizzCon 2018 to Start Early With Special Virtual Ticket Content https://www.gameskinny.com/k9fel/blizzcon-2018-to-start-early-with-special-virtual-ticket-content https://www.gameskinny.com/k9fel/blizzcon-2018-to-start-early-with-special-virtual-ticket-content Thu, 13 Sep 2018 08:30:24 -0400 QuintLyn

While BlizzCon weekend is still over a month away with the main event kicking off November 2, Blizzard's already decided to get things rolling in the virtual arena. That's right, the Virtual Ticket is now available to purchase via the Battle.net site. The ticket costs $50 and includes access to almost two months worth of exclusive video content in addition to the main event. Blizzard even promises new content on a regular basis, although the company did not elaborate on what that content will be. 

To get things started, purchasers of the Virtual Ticket can already watch several premiere episodes of the original Blizzcon video series. Some episodes are available for free, but to have access to all of them, you'll need that Virtual Ticket (which is also included in a regular BlizzCon ticket purchase). In addition, ticket holders can have a voice in how some shows are put together by voting in BlizzCon Build-a-Panel polls. 

This year, Blizzard has added a third way for fans to partake of all the content as well. In addition to logging into BlizzCon.com or watching via the BlizzCon mobile app, fans can also watch directly via the Battle.net desktop app.

And, as always, there are the goodies -- digital and otherwise. Starting today, Virtual Ticket owners will receive the first of their special in-game items: a legendary skin for Sombra in Overwatch that gives her a Diablo III Demon Hunter feel. Virtual Ticket holders also get a special $10 discount when purchasing the 2018 Goody Bag -- seen here. 

If you're unable to make BlizzCon in California and want to get in on the action, this really is a great way to go. It's honestly how I do BlizzCon most of the time.

How to Get Map of the Stars in Diablo 3 https://www.gameskinny.com/du7no/how-to-get-map-of-the-stars-in-diablo-3 https://www.gameskinny.com/du7no/how-to-get-map-of-the-stars-in-diablo-3 Tue, 09 Jan 2018 11:35:44 -0500 Serhii Patskan

The annual Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3 is taking place at this very moment, giving you the chance to go through the Tristram questline from the original Diablo game.

There have been a few bugs during the start of the event this year with the Map of the Stars not showing, but it looks like Blizzard fixed all the issues with this quest, so you can now go and craft the item as intended. If you want to find a quick way to do it, then follow this step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Craft Wirt's Leg

Wirt's Leg is a craftable Legendary mace that can be salvaged to obtain the Map of the Stars. Here is the sequence of tasks you need to accomplish to be able to craft this mace:

  1. In the Labyrinth, you need to reach level 9, where you can collect Rotten Mushrooms.
  2. Then, return to Tristram and go down the road towards the cathedral; to the right, you will see an old hut.
  3. Inside the hut, activate Adria's Cauldron, which will produce Witch's Brew.
  4. After that, go to the entrance portal in the southern part of Tristram and search for Farnham's corpse, which will grant you Drunkard's Debt.
  5. In the same area, search for Ogden's corpse, which will grant you Garda's Letter.
  6. Then, search for Pepin's corpse to get Healer's Prescription.
  7. Lastly, search for Griswold's corpse, which will drop the crafting plan for Wirt's Leg.
  8. Go to Blacksmith and craft the mace using the plan, 10 Reusable Parts, and 1,000,000 Gold.

Step 2: Salvage Wirt's Leg

You can equip the newly crafted weapon and use it, but it's not very strong, so you won't be able to use it anyway. So, you will need to salvage it at the Blacksmith, which will give you the Map of the Stars in return.

With the help of this map, you will be able to find the Abandoned Farmstead -- a secret cow level, which contains Wirt's Stash and Royal Calf pet.


That is all for the Map of the Stars guide. Just follow these simple steps and soon you will be able to finish the Tristram event in Diablo 3 with tons of new rewards!

5 Game Series That Needed Crossplay Yesterday https://www.gameskinny.com/bp662/5-game-series-that-needed-crossplay-yesterday https://www.gameskinny.com/bp662/5-game-series-that-needed-crossplay-yesterday Tue, 17 Oct 2017 16:00:18 -0400 Josh Broadwell


The Diablo Franchise


Diablo III is an old game -- well, old by gaming standards -- but it still seems new, owing to the never-ending stream of expansions and updates Blizzard provides its player base. For any online multiplayer game, cross-platform play seems necessary, but for a franchise as popular and with such a distinguished pedigree as Diablo, you could say it's close to mandatory. Diablo III already provides a fun and challenging co-op experience -- and it's almost a given that future iterations (which we'll definitely get) will push the envelope of co-op play even further. 


As with all cross-platform games, however, there are important technical issues to consider, not least of which being the way different companies handle their servers. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible. Blizzard once said that adding Seasons to the console versions of the game would be entirely out of the question for the same reasons, yet here we are, with Seasons on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So that doesn't mean that future Diablo games -- and maybe even Diablo III -- might dabble in crossplay sometime in the future. 




From open world exploration games to traditional dungeon crawlers, sports, and everything in between, video games offer an enormous variety of experiences that are more than worth sharing with your friends. And cross-platform play would only help expand the fun on offer, bringing more people together playing the games they love, regardless of which console or platform they owned.


Do you think crossplay will ever cross into the mainstream? What games do you want to see employ crossplay features? Let us know in the comments below! 


The Lego Franchise (Lego Worlds)


On a completely different note is Lego Worlds. Minecraft might have stolen the title of first cross-platform sandbox game, but that doesn't mean there is no room for this one. Like Minecraft, this game lets you build anything you can imagine, only you're building it with Legos, which means you can indulge all your childhood Lego dreams that just weren't possible to realize with traditional block sets.


The recent addition of multiplayer to Lego Worlds allows gamers to explore each other's sandboxes and play and build together -- or wreak complete havoc on one another. Legos, in general, are meant to be shared and shown off, and with the game being on all major platforms -- Switch included -- cross-platform play would fit perfectly with the game's and franchise's mission of encouraging creative play.


Ultimately, Lego Worlds is a strong candidate to lead the charge for cross-platform play for both console and PC. 


The Elder Scrolls Franchise (The Elder Scrolls Online)


Why implement cross-platform play for The Elder Scrolls Online, a game that's already more than three years old? Because there were still an estimated 8.5 million players online as of February of this year. There's a good reason for that as well: since the game's release, Bethesda has included a number of necessary tune-ups to improve the overall experience.


One of the best was altering the level system so that zones level with you, actually giving players incentive to explore and take on quests. However, even better is the Morrowind expansion and its PvP element, alongside the almost-endless crafting possibilities for your home and character.


There's a lot to love about Elder Scrolls Online, and letting those 8.5 million players play together fits perfectly with the direction in which the developers are taking the game, giving an expanded purpose to the game's PvP battles and making exploration even more enjoyable than it already is. That, ultimately, should ensure players' enjoyment of it. 


If any MMO can make crossplay happen, it's ESO


The FIFA Franchise


This one should come as no surprise. The FIFA games are some of EA's best-selling, and FIFA 18 is one of the best the franchise has to offer. 


Multiplayer is, of course, a tremendous part of the franchise's appeal. It's available on every platform, yet to date, there's no cross-platform support.


Allowing owners of different systems to play together is the next logical step in the franchise's development -- not to mention a way of boosting its eSports presence. PS4 owners will finally be able to play with their Xbox One counterparts. And when the Nintendo Switch's online service launches in 2018, even more players will be chomping at the bit to take to the pitch and show their dominance. As a third party developer, EA has no concerns over encouraging consumers to purchase one particular system for their products, so in the end, everyone would win.


As a third party developer, EA has no concerns over encouraging consumers to purchase one particular system for their products, so in the end, everyone would win.


Perhaps FIFA will ultimately lead the charge forward. 


The Call of Duty Franchise


Aside the controversies over Call of Duty: WWII, there's still an immensely popular, long-running franchise here with quality multiplayer offerings, which is highlighted by the recent beta for the upcoming installment. The series' team-based FPS action draws in numerous players every time a new version is released, even more so with the series going back to its historical-ish roots.


One would think the opportunity for cross-platform support for the kind of multiplayer free-for-all the Call of Duty franchise is known for would be something developers would eagerly pursue. However, that's not really the case for most shooter games.


Many publishers and developers cite the inordinate advantage PC players have over console players when talking about crossplay for these titles, especially since those players have the at their disposals the precision of a mouse and keyboard and the fidelity of minutely adjusting settings and visuals to their advantage. So even though we'd love to see cross-platform CoD -- or even Overwatch -- unfortunately, that's probably just a dream right now.


But moving forward, the Call of Duty franchise is the perfect test case to accurately measure if crossplay across, at the very least, consoles is viable for the FPS genre. 


Video games are meant to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, and multiplayer is designed for exactly that. However, there's a bit of a problem that can, and sometimes does, put a wrench in that chain: the crossplay hobgoblin. Almost every AAA game that releases launches on all the major consoles -- but players can, for the most part, only play with those gamers that use the same system as they do. 


Some developers are starting to break that trend -- with Mojang being a notable recent example -- allowing anyone and everyone to play together. But other developers are playing sticks in the mud.  As the trend towards greater cross-platform support continues to grow, these are five of our top picks for games we want to see included in it.


As the trend toward greater cross-platform support continues to grow among player bases, here are five of our top picks for games and series we want to see interconnected in the crossplay-future. 

Diablo 3 Challenge Rifts: Explanation and Rewards https://www.gameskinny.com/f6wfm/diablo-3-challenge-rifts-explanation-and-rewards https://www.gameskinny.com/f6wfm/diablo-3-challenge-rifts-explanation-and-rewards Tue, 01 Aug 2017 12:01:53 -0400 Joseph Rowe

It's been a while since Reaper of Souls came out, and fans have been wanting more content for a while. With the new Rise of the Necromancer character pack, Diablo 3 added in a new feature called the Challenge Rift to quench our thirst for new content.

This rift is similar to the Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts -- you go into dungeons, kill tons of enemies until you fill your bar, then defeat the rift guardian. So how are these Challenge Rifts different? In this short guide, we'll break down what makes them unique and what rewards you can reap for completing them.

How Challenge Rifts Work in Diablo 3

In CRs, you are given another player's character to use instead of one of your own. This character comes with their own build already pre-chosen, so you have to work with what you've got. The challenge then comes from trying to beat the original player's time for the rift.

If you succeed, you get a treasure chest full of rewards. If you fail, you have to try again until you get it right.

Challenge Rift Rewards in Diablo 3

Upon completing the rift by the given time, you will be able to claim a cache that has the following:

  • 8x each act's legendary crafting materials (Khanduran Runes, Arreat War Tapestries, etc.)
  • 300 Blood Crystals
  • ~80-250 of Reusable Parts, Arcane Dust, and Veiled Crystals

 As of right now, challenge rifts can only be done once a week. Some players have complained about that as they don't feel the rewards are significant enough for a weekly event, so perhaps this will change in further updates to Rise of the Necromancer.

Every week, a new character is picked for the rift. If you've only ever really played one or two classes, this is a great way to get a feel for other classes and their respective end-game builds.


Have you completed a challenge rift yet? Which one was your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out the rest of our Diablo 3 guides for Rise of the Necromancer to get the most out of this season:

  • Diablo 3 Necromancer Build Guide
  • Diablo 3 Necromancer Power Leveling Guide
  • Complete List of Diablo 3 Pets and Their Locations
Best Diablo 3 Monk Builds for Season 11 https://www.gameskinny.com/56p0r/best-diablo-3-monk-builds-for-season-11 https://www.gameskinny.com/56p0r/best-diablo-3-monk-builds-for-season-11 Mon, 24 Jul 2017 10:12:40 -0400 Joseph Rowe

Looking to play a monk in Season 11? Want to know which builds will help you clear greater rifts the fastest but don't want to have to sort through a bunch of them? Look no further than our guide on the best Diablo 3 monk builds this season! 

The ranking of these builds is based on Rhykker's tier list for season 11. As balance changes are made and more is learned about the Necromancer, the builds might go up or down a few pegs on the tier list -- but ultimately, they'll be the best monk builds this season (in the opinion of one of the community's most respected players).

Raiment Duo-Gen Monk Build

The Raiment Duo-Gen build is the best monk build this season. It places in A-tier and comes in at the fifth best build for all classes this season, according to Rhykker. It is great for solo play and is up there for group DPS.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a fragile build -- so you will need to be mobile to avoid dying and immobile to get the bonuses from your neck/ring set. 

In order to complete this build, you will need the following:

  • Head: Mask of the Searing Sky with a Flawless Royal Amethyst
  • Shoulders: Mantle of the Upside-Down Sinners
  • Neck: The Traveler's Pledge with Bane of the Trapped
  • Torso: Heart of the Crashing Wave with Flawless Royal Diamond x3 
  • Waist: The Witching Hour
  • Hands: Fists of Thunder
  • Wrists: Spirit Guards
  • Legs: Scales of the Dancing Serpent with Flawless Royal Diamond x2
  • Feet: Eight-Demon Boots
  • Left Finger: The Compass Rose with Bane of the Stricken
  • Right Finger: Convention of Elements with Simplicity's Strength 
  • Main-Hand: Shenlong's Fist of Legend with Flawless Royal Emerald
  • Off-Hand: Shenlong's Fist of Legend with Flawless Royal Emerald

You will want the following items in your Kanai's Cube:

  • Flying Dragon
  • Depth Diggers
  • Unity

DKTheos of DiabloFan recommends the following Paragon priorities for Raiment Duo-Gen builds:

  • Dexterity>Max Spirit>Movement Speed>Vitality
  • Crit Hit Damage>Crit Hit Chance>Attack Speed>Cooldown Reduction
  • Resist All>Armor>Life Regen>Life
  • Area Damage>Life on Hit>Resource Cost Reduction>Gold Find

This is the monk build that Rhykker suggests for Raiment Duo-Gen, but if you don't have all the necessary pieces, DKTheos swaps out the shoulders with Lefebvre's Soliloquy, the amulet with a Hellfire Amulet, the waist with String of Ears or Goldwrap, and recommends both Unity and Stone of Jordan over Convention of Elements. 

Inna EP Monk Build

This is Rhykker's second highest ranking monk build for this season. He places it in the B-tier -- but it is ranked 6, so it's fairly close to the Raiment Duo-Gen monk build. It utilizes the Inna set and Exploding Palm with the Impending Doom rune. Inna's will give you some sweet buffs to both your Mystic Allies and your Mantras, allowing you to use all of them simultaneously. Your allies will be doubled because of the boots! So many allies! You'll have more allies than the current political administration.

In order to successfully pull this build off, you will have to equip:

  • Head: Inna's Radiance with Flawless Royal Diamond
  • Shoulders: Lefebvre's Soliloquy
  • Neck: The Traveler's Pledge with Bane of the Trapped
  • Torso: Inna's Vast Expanse with Flawless Royal Diamond x3
  • Waist: Inna's Favor
  • Hands: Inna's Hold
  • Wrists: Gungdo Gear
  • Legs: Inna's Temperance with Flawless Royal Diamond x2
  • Feet: The Crudest Boots
  • Left Finger: The Compass Rose with Pain Enhancer
  • Right Finger: Convention of Elements with Bane of the Stricken
  • Main-Hand: Inna's Reach with Flawless Royal Emerald

Your Kanai's Cube should be like this:

  • The Fist of Az'Turrasq
  • Bindings of the Lesser Gods 
  • Unity

YouTube's Quin69 recommends the following Paragon priorites for an Inna's EP build:

  • Movement Speed>Dexterity>Max Spirit>Vitality
  • Cooldown Reduction>Crit Hit Damage>Crit Hit Chance>Attack Speed
  • Resist All>Armor>Life>Life Regen
  • Area Damage*>Resource Cost Reduction>Life on Hit>Gold Find

Note: Some players, like Reddit's How2Post in this thread for a returning player on the Monk subreddit, recommend removing area damage Paragon points if you're playing support in a group.

Inna's is high in demand for group play in the top of the leaderboards in general -- and as of the writing of this monk build guide, one of the top 4-man team monk players on the leaderboards uses a similar Inna's build with a few variations. S/he uses Leoric's Crown instead of Inna's Radiance, a Hellfire Amulet, an Occulus Ring with Esoteric Alteration and an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac with Gem of the Efficacious Toxin, Illusory Boots, and dual wields the Slanderer and Little Rogue. 

LTK LoN Monk Build

This is one of the two Lashing Tail Kick monk builds in this guide and it is tied with its counterpart for 10 in D-tier on Rhykker's Diablo 3 tier list. Most players who use this build use it for soloing. It's a solid pushing build, so if you're looking to farm greater rifts without a group, this is a good option for you this season.

This monk build does some serious fire damage with Cindercoat and Magefist's bonuses matching LTK's Vulture Claw Kick rune. Not only that, but the LTK itself is amplified significantly by Scarbringer, Gyana Na Kashu, and Rivera Dancers. If you have ancient versions of these items, your ring set will give you 100% damage and give you a nice bit of damage reduction as well. 

To complete this bad boy of a build, you will need:

  • Head: Gyana Na Kashu with Flawless Royal Topaz
  • Shoulders: Lefebvre's Soliloquy
  • Neck: Hellfire Amulet with Bane of the Trapped
  • Torso: Cindercoat with Flawless Royal Diamond x3
  • Waist: The Witching Hour
  • Hands: Magefist
  • Wrists: Strongarm Bracers
  • Legs: Skelon's Deceit with Flawless Royal Diamond x2
  • Feet: Rivera Dancers
  • Left Finger: Litany of the Undaunted with Bane of the Stricken
  • Right Finger: The Wailing Host with Gogok of Swiftness
  • Main-Hand: Scarbringer with Flawless Royal Emerald
  • Off-Hand: Crystal Fist with Flawless Royal Emerald

Make your Kanai's Cube do that wild thing it does with these sons of guns:

  • Flying Dragon
  • The Laws of Seph
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

Your Paragon points should be arranged in this order for this monk build, as per IcyVeins' suggestions:

  • Movement Speed>Dexterity>Max Spirit>Vitality
  • Cooldown Reduction>Crit Hit Damage>Crit Hit Chance>Attack Speed
  • Resist All>Armor>Life>Life Regen
  • Resource Cost Reduction>Area Damage>Life on Hit>Gold Find

Sunwuko LTK

If the LoN LTK monk build wasn't your flavor, check out this variation. Rhykker places this in D-Tier, and it's tied with the LoN LTK and a few other builds for the tenth best this season.

You'll find some survivability in this monk build in the bonuses allotted by the Sunwuko set. Your Sweeping Wind will halve the damage you take while spawning decoys to take damage for you -- and on top of that, it synergizes wonderfully with your Scarbringer, Rivera Dancers, and Gyana Na Kashu to ensure that your LTKs do insane amounts of damage. You'll also keep your spirit up by utilizing your Blinding Flash with the effect of the Laws of Seph from your Cube.

This monk build requires:

  • Head: Gyana Na Kashu with Flawless Royal Diamond
  • Shoulders: Sunwuko's Balance
  • Neck: Sunwuko's Shines with Bane of the Trapped
  • Torso: Sunwuko's Soul with Flawless Royal Diamond x3
  • Waist: The Witching Hour
  • Hands: Sunwuko's Paws
  • Wrists: Spirit Guards
  • Legs: Sunwuko's Leggings with Flawless Royal Diamond x3
  • Feet: Rivera Dancers
  • Left Finger: Convention of Elements with Bane of the Stricken
  • Right Finger: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac with Gogok of Swiftness
  • Main-Hand: Scarbringer with Flawless Royal Emerald
  • Off-Hand: Crystal Fist with Flawless Royal Emerald

Set your Kanai's Cube up like so:

  • Flying Dragon
  • The Laws of Seph
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

For this monk build, your Paragon priorities are, according to DiabloFan's IveGottenSoLucky:

  • Movement Speed>Max Spirit>Dexterity>Vitality
  • Cooldown Reduction>Crit Hit Chance>Crit Hit Damage>Attack Speed
  • Resist All>Life>Armor>Life Regen
  • Area Damage>Resource Cost Reduction>Life on Hit>Gold Find

Inna/Uliana Monk Build

Lastly for this season, Rhykker places this monk build in his F-tier builds that don't have a numerical ranking. Like the builds in D-tier, it's still one of the best builds in the game -- but if you're looking for pure GR clearing potential, you will want to use Raiment's or the other Inna's build.

Rhykker recommends this mostly if you're a Seven Sided Strike fan or are still building up your full Inna's set for the build above. Seven Sided Strike is amplified by the 4-set bonus you get from the three Uliana's pieces, plus Ring of Royal Grandeur as well as Lion's Claw's additional seven strikes. Uliana's also gives you a nice extra Exploding Palm every third spirit gen attack. Your Exploding Palm will do even more damage thanks to the full 6-set bonuses you get from the 4-armor pieces and Two-Handed Inna's weapon plus Ring of Royal Grandeur. 

This monk build needs the following pieces:

  • Head: Inna's Radiance with Flawless Royal Diamond
  • Shoulders: Uliana's Strength
  • Neck: The Traveler's Pledge with Bane of the Trapped
  • Torso: Inna's Vast Expanse with Flawless Royal Diamond x3
  • Waist: Inna's Favor
  • Hands: Uliana's Fury
  • Wrists: Spirit Guards
  • Legs: Inna's Temperance with Flawless Royal Diamond x2
  • Feet: Uliana's Destiny
  • Left Finger: Convention of Elements with Esoteric Alteration
  • Right Finger: The Compass Rose with Bane of the Stricken
  • Main-Hand: Inna's Reach with Flawless Royal Emerald

Your Kanai's Cube should have the following items:

  • Lion's Claw
  • The Crudest Boots
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

According to DiabloFan poster IveGottenSoLucky, the stat priorities for a similar Inna's/Uliana's build are:

  • Movement Speed>Max Spirit>Vitality>Dexterity
  • Cooldown Reduction>Attack Speed>Crit Hit Chance>Crit Hit Damage
  • Resist All>Life>Armor>Life Regen
  • Resource Cost Reduction>Life on Hit>Gold Find>Area Damage


What build will you be running this season? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out the rest of our Diablo 3 guides for Rise of the Necromancer to get the most out of this season:

Diablo III’s Season of the Necromancer https://www.gameskinny.com/uaonw/diablo-iiis-season-of-the-necromancer https://www.gameskinny.com/uaonw/diablo-iiis-season-of-the-necromancer Sun, 23 Jul 2017 21:51:08 -0400 CaralineNelson

Every "season", Diablo III players are given the chance at a fresh start. They can level up a new hero in either Normal or Hardcore mode. Season 11 kicked off Thursday and it's the season of the Necromancer. For those who participated in Season 10, all your gold and blood shards have been transferred to your non-seasonal characters. Paragon is also transferred but not as a raw score. All unequipped items are transferred by in-game mail and needed to be claimed within thirty days of your next login. And artisan progress and recipes are transferred as well.

Meet the Necromancer. 

Since the release of Rise of the Necromancer content on June 27, many have had the opportunity to try out the new ranged class. They’ve also had the time to learn how to control their army, use a scythe, and make the most of the corpses. But for those who haven’t now's the perfect time to give the class a try. The purchasable content currently costs $14.99.

What else do players have to look forward to this season?

Pet collectors will be excited to meet the new Emerald Dragon! There's also the opportunity to get an exclusive transmogrification set by reaching level seventy (just like last season). Additionally, players will have the chance to unlock an additional Stash tab by completing a series of tasks at the Conqueror Tier. All progression will be tracked on the leaderboard.

Complete Chapters 2, 3, and 4 and get Haedrig’s Gifts.

The Barbarians will get the Wrath of the Wastes. The Crusaders will get Roland’s Legacy. The Demon Hunters will get Unhallowed Essence. The Monks will get the Raiment of a Thousand Storms. The Necromancers will get the Bones of Rathma. The Witch Doctors will get the Helltooth Harness. And the Wizards will get Tal Rasha’s Elements.

What else has Blizzard done?

The D3 developer also created a tie-in comic called The Chosen, showing the journey of a young recruited necromancer. Additionally, the team wrote an article called Deadly Roots: The Lore of the Necromancer, which further explains things like the life of Rathma and Mendeln the apprentice.


Are you excited for Season 11? Let me know down in the comments! And  if you're going to be playing as a Necromancer, be sure to check out our guides for Necromancer builds and Necromancer power-leveling in Diablo III.


The Complete List of Diablo 3 Pets and Their Locations https://www.gameskinny.com/u3dqq/the-complete-list-of-diablo-3-pets-and-their-locations https://www.gameskinny.com/u3dqq/the-complete-list-of-diablo-3-pets-and-their-locations Thu, 06 Jul 2017 10:09:50 -0400 Joseph Rowe

While not every class uses combat pets in Diablo 3, every class can use non-combat pets to their heart's content. Whether it's a mini-version of the Lord of Terror or a murloc-treasure goblin hybrid, there's a Diablo 3 pet out there waiting for you to adopt it.

The following is a complete list of all Diablo 3 pets as of the release of Rise of the Necromancer (with many pictures courtesy of the Diablo wiki) . There are a variety of ways to get pets -- like buying collector's editions of specific Blizzard games or killing certain rare mobs in-game. Some pets are only available for a certain amount of time, so it's important to stay on top of events and new game releases. As more pets come out, this list will be updated, so stay tuned!

Pets That Are Available via Special Purchase in Diablo 3

  • Acquired via Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Collector's/Deluxe Edition Purchase

Not to be confused with the Fox show that stars Zooey Deschanel's sister. This little pup can be purchased as part of the bundle of extras that comes with the Collector's/Deluxe editions of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls


Half-Formed Golem
  • Acquired via Rise of the Necromancer Purchase

This beautiful boy can be purchased along with the new class in the Rise of the Necromancer pack. Gaudy necromancer in mismatched armor not included.


  • Acquired via Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void Collector's/Deluxe Edition Purchase

Some alien probes are uncomfortable, but not this one. You can get this Protoss unit as a Diablo 3 pet by purchasing the collector's/deluxe editions of Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void


Pets Available Via Menagerist Goblin Drops in Diablo 3

The menagerist goblin is one of the rarest varieties of treasure goblin and its spawn rate is unaffected by difficulty. It's rare because it's a guaranteed, random, unowned non-combat pet for each member in the party. You don't have to worry about duplicates! This mob is definitely high priority if you want to finish your Diablo 3 pet collection. 


The perfect companion for a wizard, this flaming skull is likely an homage to Marvel's Ghost Rider. Rumor has it that if you idle long enough, Nicolas Cage's face briefly replaces Blaze's.



While he's far from man's best friend, this pup is still your little Buddy. He'd appreciate tagging along with a necromancer to get in on some of that bone action.


The Bumble

This yeti is always ready to play Buck Bumble. How do you think this Diablo 3 pet got its name?



If you're into depressing children's literature about arachnids, this is definitely the pet for you.


Friendly Gauntlet

Perfect for snapping its fingers along to the Addams Family theme with you. Or for holding your hand on long walks through the cemetery.


Galthrak the Unhinged

You know this guy is down to party when he's got unhinged as a title. Or maybe he just unhinges his jaw when devouring prey.


Grunkk is a miniature version of the Siegebreaker from Act III. Keep him away from your mini-buildings!


Haunting Hannah

Hannah is hauntingly beautiful. Or maybe just hauntingly haunting. 


Humbart Wessel

While not as good as Blaze at riding motorcycles, Humbart is the champion of goofy names. Just don't let Zayl (Act V) know you took him.


Lady Morthanlu

Everyone's favorite lady goat since that one lady goat from Undertale, she's the perfect Diablo 3 pet for the adventurer with a taste for petting zoo animals with attitude.



This non-combat pet is as cute as a mutton and also a human child. Whose child is this? Where are his parents?


Although this Diablo 3 pet has an air of horror and death around it, if you bond with it over the latest season of New Girl, it'll soon become your palfeasance. 

The Mimic

How come mimics only ever mimic treasure chests? Why not mimes? Mime-ics, anyone?


Ms. Madeleine

She may look like a character from a Korn album cover, but the flavor text describes her as "a happy go-lucky gal!"


Overseer Lady Josephine

The teddy bears in our world are happy and cuddly, but in Sanctuary, they're vengeful and hellbent. Still cuddly, though.


Queen of the Succubi


Now's your chance to adventure with demonic royalty. She may even introduce you to her friend Morrigan Aensland.


The Stomach

The stomach is a great Diablo 3 pet to have if you never finish your plate. The lung is a better choice, though, if your character has asthma.


That Which Must Not Be Named

There's no pet here. I don't know what you're talking about.



This legendary beast has eluded humans in the real world for too long. Now you can finally own one as a pet in Diablo 3. Part horse. Part horn. All fury.


Pets Acquired Via Other Drops in Diablo 3

Liv Moore

  • Acquired via Ravi Lilywhite Drop (Weeping Hollow, Act I)

Based off of a character from the TV show iZombie, this knife-wielding zombie can be found as a guaranteed drop from the incredibly rare mob Ravi Lilywhite, Passionate Player in the Weeping Hollow in Act I.


Pets That Are No Longer Available in Diablo 3

Seasonal Pets

These pets could be gained by completing Chapter 4 in the seasonal journey of their respective seasons. They were only available during their given season, and thus can't be picked up if that season has passed. 

Dream of Piers
  • Acquired via completing Season 7 Chapter 4

This quarter-horse, quarter-Diablo, half-horn hybrid was only available in Season 7. 


Frost Hound
  • Acquired via completing Season 4 Chapter 4

This chill Diablo 3 pet was the very first non-combat pet seasonal reward back in Season 4.


Old Growth
  • Acquired via completing Season 5 Chapter 4

Disappointingly not voiced by Vin Diesel, you were able to get this pseudo-ent back in Season 5.


  • Acquired via completing Season 9 Chapter 4

He's the best damned boxer who's also made of stone I've ever seen and he was available in Season 9.


Blizzcon Pets
Classic Diablo
  • Acquired via Blizzcon 2016 Attendance/Virtual Ticket

Blizzard brought back the classic Lord of Terror in travel size for Blizzcon 2016 attendees and virtual ticket holders.


  • Acquired via Blizzcon 2015 Attendance/Virtual Ticket

Blizzard keeps finding ways to make cosmetic pets out of murlocs, and I'm all for it. This pet was available to Blizzcon 2015 attendees and virtual ticket holders.


Event Pets
Royal Calf
  • Acquired via Wirt's Stash During Anniversary Event

To unlock this beautiful bovine, players had to craft Wirt's Leg, decipher a map, solve a puzzle involving cow carcasses, and raid Wirt's Stash during the anniversary event. 


The Butcher
  • Acquired via Level 1 Anniversary Event Dungeon Run

This meat is extra fresh and was only available during the anniversary event. Players had to enter the cathedral and run the dungeon starting off at level 1 to get this baby boy. 


That's all the Diablo 3 pets in the game so far. As more seasons, collector's editions, expansion packs, etc. come out, there will definitely be more. Do you have a favorite? Least favorite? Frustrated that you missed out on one? Did we forget to list one? Tell us in the comments!

And be sure to check out the rest of our Diablo 3 guides for more tips and tricks to keep you ahead of the game. 

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Review - Is It Worth the Price? https://www.gameskinny.com/ab7si/diablo-3-rise-of-the-necromancer-review-is-it-worth-the-price https://www.gameskinny.com/ab7si/diablo-3-rise-of-the-necromancer-review-is-it-worth-the-price Fri, 30 Jun 2017 15:02:54 -0400 Joseph Rowe

Diablo 3 fans have waited too damn long for something resembling an expansion, and we finally got it with Rise of the Necromancer. Blizzard successfully revives this gruesome class from Diablo 2 in a fresh and fun way that will delight most players. There are also two new free zones: the Shrouded Moors and the Temple of the First Born. There's even new free bounties to check out in the freshly added Realms of Fate!

New Zones and Bounties

I won't spend much time talking about the new zones, as they are just a free part of the patch itself -- but once again, the art team has outdone themselves. The Shrouded Moors are spooky as hell and the Temple of the First Born has some ghastly-yet-cool features (like its copious amounts of flowing blood).

If you're bored with the current zones, both of the new ones and the Realms of Fate will give you somewhere new to farming spots for loot. I was pleased with what Blizzard had to offer, because I'm a sucker for terrifying temples. But keep in mind that this content is by no means a new act and won't last as long as some might hope.

Challenge Rifts

One of the coolest features of the new patch is the weekly challenge rifts. You can use other players' builds and gears to try and beat their time in the rift that week and get some free loot. If you're the competitive type, you can also fight for the top rank on the leader boards. This seems to be fitting in with Blizzard's recent attempts to add weekly content into their games.


Here's the part everyone's been waiting for: the new class in Rise of the Necromancer. Whether you're into pet classes, bones, or just the whole necromancer aesthetic, you won't be disappointed with this skeleton raising son/daughter of a gun.

In terms of visuals, Blizzard found a way to take the classic design from Diablo II and build on it. The necromancer's armor is sufficiently bony, and both the male and the female version look great in their class sets. The skills all look impressive -- and whether it's a big zone of blood on the floor from one of your curses or literal exploding corpses, the gore shines without being too over the top.

Speaking of skills, the class plays amazingly. There is enough variation in spells to have quite a few fun and interesting builds. You can raise an army of skeletons to engage with your foes while you shoot bone spears at them from afar, or you can get up close and personal with your grim scythe and death nova.  

The Necromancer has quickly tied itself with the barbarian as my favorite class in D3. When the game originally launched, I didn't have as much fun playing the spell casters as I had hoped, but this character pack has fixed that for me. They're visually striking, fun to play, and I heard a rumor that if you yell "welcome to the bone zone" as you use your skills, you'll increase your damage by 0.1%. What's not to love?


The price for the Rise of the Necromancer pack would be a bit steep if it was just the class, but the pack also comes with wings, a half-formed golem non-combat pet, two new character slots, two new stash tabs, a pendant, portrait frame, banner, and sigil. With all this bonus content, $15 isn't too outrageous. However, you're out of luck if you just want the class without the other items. That being the case, it's understandable why a number of players have grumbled at the price tag.

What the hell is transmogrification?

Final Judgment

In my opinion, the Rise of the Necromancer pack is worth getting because the Necromancer is superb and the little pet is cute in the grossest of ways. If you're really excited to play the new class, I'd say it's worth it -- especially if you're a sucker for cosmetics like me.

If you don't think you'd play the class much and aren't interested in the character slots, pet, etc. then you can definitely pass on this since the rest of the content that comes with this patch is free.

If you end up buying Rise of the Necromancer, check out our leveling builds and power leveling guide for getting started and our build guide for when you've hit 70. 

Note: Blizzard provided a code for "Rise of the Necromancer" to the writer for the purpose of this review. 

Malthael Confirmed for Heroes of the Storm https://www.gameskinny.com/ysy0m/malthael-confirmed-for-heroes-of-the-storm https://www.gameskinny.com/ysy0m/malthael-confirmed-for-heroes-of-the-storm Sun, 04 Jun 2017 14:34:59 -0400 Michael Dellapi

Blizzard has officially announced that Malthael, the Aspect of Death will be the next playable hero in Heroes of the Storm.

Malthael is a melee assassin that behaves differently to many of the other assassins in the Heroes of the Storm roster. Instead of bursting down priority targets, the Aspect of Death looks to wither down his opponents over time. Malthael’s kit is based on his trait “Reaper’s Mark,” a debuff triggered by each of the hero’s basic attacks. Reaper’s Mark depletes a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health every second for four seconds, and it looks like it will be an excellent way for getting through tank characters with ease.

The bulk of Malthael’s survivability comes from his ability “Soul Rip,” dealing damage to all enemies afflicted by Malthael’s trait and healing the hero based on the number of targets hit. To close the gap with fleeing foes, Malthael can use his “Wraith Strike” to teleport through a marked enemy and reapply the debuff again. Finally, Malthael can mark large groups with his “Death Shroud,” a wave of deadly mist that affects everything in its path.

Malthael’s choices for Heroic Abilities “Tormented Souls” and “Last Rites” provide the hero with additional survivability or immense finishing power, respectively. “Tormented Souls” surrounds Malthael with a wave of souls that applies Reaper’s Mark to everyone hit while granting him additional armor. “Last Rites,” conversely, deals 50% of the target’s missing health in damage after a 2-second delay. What makes this ability particularly potent is that the cooldown is reduced each time a hero is killed by the ability, down to a possible 15-second cooldown.

With this information alone, it looks like refreshing Reaper’s Mark on your enemies will be an essential part of Malthael’s kit, ensuring that his sustained damage is distributed to all members of the enemy team. With the assassin’s combination of survivability and mobility, Malthael looks to be a formidable asset to any team composition.

To learn more about the Aspect of Death, you can look at the full hero announcement on the official Heroes of the Storm site.


5 Best Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Builds https://www.gameskinny.com/my1z8/5-best-diablo-3-demon-hunter-builds https://www.gameskinny.com/my1z8/5-best-diablo-3-demon-hunter-builds Thu, 11 May 2017 10:46:05 -0400 tofuslayer

The Demon Hunter is one of the most popular classes for Diablo 3, but you'll need a powerful build to maximize your potential. Whether you want to farm for gear or power through campaigns as the Demon Hunter, it's important to build your class according to your needs.

There are many builds and variations out there, so here at GameSkinny, we compiled a list of five of our favorite builds to meet all your needs.

1. Standard Support DH Build

This Demon Hunter build by wudijo is ideal for speed and pushing in group play. This particular construction doesn't have many required items, so you can really customize it to your specific play style.

  • Elemental Arrow: Ball Lightning
  • Multishot: Wind Chill
  • Marked for Death: Contagion
  • Sentry: Guardian Turret
  • Vault: Action Shot
  • Companion: Wolf Companion
Passive Skills:
  • Awareness
  • Tactical Advantage
  • Blood Vengeance
  • Numbing Traps
  • Helm: Pride's Fall (adequate)
  • Shoulders: Corruption (recommended)
  • Amulet: Hellfire Amulet (recommended)
  • Wrists: Nemesis Bracers (recommended)
  • Waist: Krelm's Bluff Belt (recommended)
  • Legs: Skelon's Deceit (recommended)
  • Feet: Illusory Boots (required)
  • Primary Weapon: Calamity (required)
  • Off-Hand: Meticulous Bolts (required)

2. GR80+ LoN Fan of Knives & Strafe (HC/SC viable) Build

This Demon Hunter build by Desolacer is ideal for solo play, but not gear farming. If you're looking for a tank-like build to dominate solo campaigns, I recommend trying a solid LoN build like this one.

  • Evasive Fire: Hardened
  • Strafe: Drifting Shadow
  • Vengeance: Seethe
  • Smoke Screen: Lingering Fog
  • Fan of Knives: Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Caltrops: Bait the Trap
Passive Skills:
  • Ambush
  • Awareness
  • Archery
  • Cull the Weak
  • Helm: Visage of Grunes (recommended)
  • Shoulders: Mantle of Channeling (recommended)
  • Amulet: Hellfire Amulet or Mara's Kaleidoscope (recommended)
  • Torso: Beckon Sail (recommended)
  • Wrists: Wraps of Clarity or Nemesis Bracers (recommended)
  • Waist: Thundergod's Vigor (recommended)
  • Legs: Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan (recommended)
  • Feet: Illusory Boots or Ice Climbers (recommended)
  • Rings: Litany of the Undaunted and The Wailing Host (required)
  • Primary Weapon: Fortress Ballista or Calamity (recommended)
Top 3 Legendary Gems (recommended for solo play):
  • Bane of the Stricken
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Taeguk

3. 2.4.3 UE Danetta's Grenades Fast and Furious Build

Just like the name implies, this Demon Hunter build by BigJohnasty does massive damage in a short amount of time. Check out the video below from the maker of this build.

  • Grenade: Grenade Cache
  • Companion: Wolf Companion
  • Vengeance: Dark Heart
  • Fan of Knives: Bladed Armor
  • Vault: Action Shot
  • Preparation: Invigoration
Passive Skills:
  • Awareness
  • Grenadier
  • Numbing Traps
  • Ambush
  • Helm: Accursed Visage (required)
  • Shoulders: Unsanctified Shoulders (required)
  • Amulet: Hellfire Amulet, Countess Julia's Cameo, or the Star of Azkaranth (recommended)
  • Torso: Cage of the Hellborn (required)
  • Wrists: Wraps of Clarity, Nemesis Bracers, or Warzechian Armguards (recommended)
  • Hands: Fiendish Grips (required)
  • Waist: Hellcat Waistguard or Hunter's Wrath (required)
  • Legs: Depth Diggers (required)
  • Feet: Hell Walkers (required)
  • Rings: Focus and Restraint (required)
  • Primary Weapon: Danetta's Revenge (required)
  • Off-Hand: Danetta's Spite (recommended)
Top 3 Legendary Gems (recommended for solo play):
  • Simplicity's Strength
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Bane of the Powerful 

4. Ultimate End-Game M6 Build 

This Demon Hunter build by Tunafish is extremely thorough and can be modified for group or solo play, and it is one of the most popular available for the DH. This build uses a full Marauder's set and can be altered to utilize all cold skills.

  • Evasive Fire: Focus
  • Cluster Arrow: Shooting Stars
  • Preparation: Punishment
  • Sentry: Polar Station
  • Vault: Tumble
  • Companion: Wolf Companion
Passive Skills:
  • Night Stalker
  • Ballistics
  • Custom Engineering
  • Awareness
  • Helm: Marauder's Visage (required)
  • Shoulders: Marauder's Spine (required)
  • Amulet: The Flavor of Time or Hunt of Vaxo (recommended)
  • Torso: Marauder's Carapace (required)
  • Wrists: Reaper's Wraps, Lacuni Prowlers, or Strongarm Bracers (recommended)
  • Hands: Marauder's Glove (required)
  • Waist: The Witching Hour (recommended)
  • Legs: Marauder's Encasement (required)
  • Feet: Marauder's Treads (required)
  • Rings: Focus and Restraint (recommended)
  • Primary Weapon: Arcane Barb or Kridershot (recommended)
  • Off-Hand: Bombardier's Rucksack (required)
Top 3 Legendary Gems (recommended for solo play):
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Enforcer
  • Bane of the Powerful

5. Advanced Natalya's 2.2 Build

This Demon Hunter build by Bonerfleximus is one of my personal favorites. You don't see a lot of builds focused on Rain of Vengeance, which is an insanely powerful skill. This construction is definitely not for beginners, but if you can get the timing with Strafe and Rain of Vengeance down, you can get the most out of RoV.

You can definitely play around with the recommended gear, but the entire point of this build is to have the full Natalya's set and Crashing Rain, so you really want to have all 6 items and the belt.


  • Rain of Vengeance: Stampede
  • Evasive Fire: Focus
  • Strafe: Rocket Storm
  • Companion: Wolf Companion
  • Preparation: Focused Mind
  • Smoke Screen: Displacement
Passive Skills:
  • Cull of the Weak
  • Ambush
  • Awareness
  • Steady Aim
  • Helm: Natalya's Sight (required)
  • Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Skeleton King (required)
  • Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope or Hellfire Amulet (recommended)
  • Torso: Natalya's Embrace (required)
  • Wrists: Strongarm Bracers (required)
  • Hands: Natalya's Touch (required)
  • Waist: Crashing Rain (required)
  • Legs: Natalya's Leggings (required)
  • Feet: Natalya's Bloody Footprints (required)
  • Rings: Focus and Restraint (required)
  • Primary Weapon: Natalya's Slayer (required, but you can use Calamity if you don't have Natalya's Slayer)
Top 3 Legendary Gems (recommended for solo play):
  • Bane of the Trapped
  • Zane's Stone of Vengeance
  • Taeguk


Be sure to check out the provided links for Paragon priorities and other specifics to each build! Between these five Demon Hunter builds, there's a lot to work with and build on. Maybe try one of these during a Conquest, after you read this guide on how to beat Boss Mode for Season 10.

Do you play any of these builds? Let us know about any variations you use in the comments below!

Diablo 3 Necromancer Build Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/rarcq/diablo-3-necromancer-build-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/rarcq/diablo-3-necromancer-build-guide Sun, 23 Apr 2017 15:40:40 -0400 tofuslayer

The Necromancer class for Diablo III is currently available for beta players, and so far, there are no specific items for the class. However, we do know what skills and runes the class has so far. Though these may change as we move closer to the official release of "Rise of the Necromancer," we can get a feel for what kind of builds we can use with this class when we get the full release. 

We can most likely base the D3 Necromancer loosely off popular D2 builds, and there are a lot of new things to factor into that equation. The Witch Doctor class essentially replaced the Necromancer class in the transition from D2 to D3, and Blizzard has worked to make the new Necromancer class distinctive from the WD and its D2 predecessor. With these new abilities, there are so many new possibilities for powerful builds that bear no resemblance to the original Necromancer.

Let's take a look. 

Necromancer Armor and Weapons

Obviously, it's the players choice whether they want a more skill-dependent build or a gear-dependent build. However, since we don't have any Necromancer specific items just yet, all we can do is speculate, and base projections off past weapons we saw for the D2 Necromancer. While the items will undoubtedly be different, they will definitely have gear that boosts the major skills for the new class.

Ideally, we'd have gear that adds to the skills and runes we center our builds around. However, another factor to consider is that many skills for the new Necromancer class, such as Blood Nova and Blood Spear, use health as a resource. Having a solid set of armor, as well as ranged weapons (such as wands or staffs), will help preserve your health.

Necromancer Skills and Runes

You can get the full list of skills and runes from the official Diablo III blog here.

The post has a disclaimer that the "numbers and functionality may still be subject to substantial change" once the class is out of beta, so we won't get too specific about DPS and other nit-picky details just yet.

And despite the possibility of "substantial change" in the future, we can start to get a general idea of what kinds of skills we want to use for our builds. These "builds" aren't exact builds, but more of a guide to give you ideas for what kind of skills you can center your builds around.

Pet-Focused Necromancer Build

One of the really cool things about this new class is the ability to summon pets and have them fight for you. So far, the general consensus is that Command Skeletons is a must-have skill.

Active Skills:

  • If you use Command Skeletons, you can reduce your Essence by 30% with the Commander of the Dead passive skill.
  • The Revive Corpse ability also allows you to reanimate corpses and have them fight for you.
  • There are a lot of runes available for Revive Corpse, but Purgatory allows you to reanimate corpses that you've already used.
  • Skeleton Mage allows you to raise a skeleton from the ground that deals 400% weapon damage for six seconds.
  • The Skeleton Archer Rune for Skeleton Mage allows you to increase your attack speed every time for five seconds your archer deals damage for up to 10 stacks.

Passive Skills:

  • You can also boost your skeletons with the Frailty Curse by proxy of the Scent of Blood Rune so that your enemies take 15% increased damage from your pets.
  • You can gain 10% of your Life on Hit every time a minion hits an enemy with Grisly Tribute.

These are just a few base skills to center your build around. You can add more passive or active skills depending on your preferences. 

Blood Nova-Focused Necromancer Build

One interesting feature of the Necromancer is the ability to use health as a resource cost. Blood Nova is a rune for the Death Nova skill, which costs 10% of your health and deals 450% weapon damage to enemies within 25 yards. While this is a powerful skill, equipping it forces you to more fiercely preserve and restore your health.

Active Skills:

  • If you use Command Golem with the Blood Golem Rune, the Golem dies to heal you and then returns to deal 450% weapon damage to nearby enemies.
  • Leech allows you to curse everything in your target area (including allies), healing you every time they lose health.
  • Corpse explosion creates more corpses around you, use in conjunction with Devour to allow you to consume them to increase your Essence.

Passive Skills:

  • Draw Life allows you to increase your health regeneration by 10% for every enemy within 20 yards.
  • Life from Death gives you a 20% chance of spawning a health globe for every corpse consumed.
Freezing-Focus Necromancer Build

This is a cool idea from this review of the Necromancer beta. The idea is to equip cold skills to keep enemies at a distance, which is ideal for the Necromancer, who is less of a melee fighter. Since there are a lot of cold runes to work with, there's a lot of creative freedom you can take with this idea.

 Active Skills:

  • Frost Spikes is a rune for Bone Spikes, which creates an icy patch that reduces movement speed by 60% for two seconds.
  • The Suppress Rune for Siphon Blood slows your down enemies by 75%.
  • With the Command Golem Skill, you can use the Ice Golem Rune, which will freeze enemies for three seconds, as well as increase your critical hit chance by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Use Corpse Explosion with the Dead Cold Rune to freeze any enemies in the radius of the explosion for two seconds.


These are just a few ideas for potential builds you could use. One of the better ways to use the Necromancer is to focus on ranged attacks, generally by using your summoned minions to create distance or slow your enemies down. Between these three loose guides for Necromancer builds, you have three templates you could potentially base future builds off of.

You can use one or any combination of the three, or even try to pull off a more melee type build if you're the ambitious type.

If you're planning on purchasing the "Rise of the Necromancer" expansion pack, what kind of builds are you planning? Let us know in the comments below!