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Sometimes in an ARPG, a quest might not tell you everything you need to know in order to complete it. That's the case with a few quests in Piranha Bytes' ELEXHowever, this quick guide will specifically explain how to complete the "Hands Off" sidequest.

How to Activate the "Request for Help" Sidequest

The "Hands Off" sidequest is actually a sub-quest of the sidequest "Request for Help", in which a prisoner called Eli needs your assistance in escaping from his cell in The Holt before he is brainwashed by Suggestors. 

To activate the "Hands Off" sidequest, you'll first have to activate the "Request for Help" sidequest. To do this, go to the Chamber prison, where Eli is being held captive, and speak to him. Agree to help him escape and you'll receive the quest.

How to Activate the "Hands Off" Sidequest

Now that you've activated "Request for Help", you can activate "Hands Off". To do this, you'll need to speak to Balder, who can be found sitting at his desk --very close to where "Eli's Weapon" is found. "Eli's Weapon" is marked on your map as part of the "Request for Help" sidequest, so finding it shouldn't be too hard of a task.

Balder will warn you not to interfere with his duties as a Suggestor after you mention Eli, which then also grants you the "Hands Off" sub-quest.

How to Complete the "Hands Off" Sidequest

Now, all you have to do is wait. Seriously. Just go away and complete some other quests, returning periodically to check Eli's cell to see if Balder shows up.

Eventually, Balder will be in Eli's cell trying to brainwash him. After Balder finishes the Suggestion process, both the "Hands Off" and "Request for Help" quests will be completed.


And that's all there is to it! I hope this guide helped you out, but if I did miss something, let me know in the comments below! And if you need some more help with this super tough game, check out some more of our ELEX guides:

ELEX Guide: How to Solve the Nightly Business Puzzle https://www.gameskinny.com/grbdw/elex-guide-how-to-solve-the-nightly-business-puzzle https://www.gameskinny.com/grbdw/elex-guide-how-to-solve-the-nightly-business-puzzle Tue, 31 Oct 2017 12:32:11 -0400 Kieran Desmond

You'll often encounter quests in ELEX that require you to complete sub-quests in order to fully complete the main quest. Nightly Business is one such sub-quest and is part of the Subversive Elements quest in The Hort, the main base of the Clerics.

This guide will walk you through how to trigger the quest and complete each subsequent step contained within.

ELEX: Subversive Elements Quest

The leader of the Clerics, Judicator Reinhold, is the quest giver and can be located inside the Cathedral in The Holt in Ignadon. Simply speak to Reinhold until you see the dialogue option, "I am ready. Give me a task.". He will then ask you to investigate illegal Elex trade within The Holt.

After receiving the quest, go to the administration building and speak with Dietrich. He will give a warrant to search a Cleric camp and offer some insight into the suspects. This triggers The Supplier sub-quest.

ELEX: The Supplier Sub-Quest

This sub-quest tasks you with finding the supplier of the illegal Elex that is being sold in The Holt.

Head to the Castle Ruins of West Ignadon to the south-west of The Hort. At one of the entrances to the castle, you will find a guard named Gerd. Show Gerd the warrant you received from Dietrich and he will let you through.

Now you need to speak to Dirk and Karsten. You'll find Dirk within the main building in the ruins. Showing him the warrant will prompt him to give you the code to his safe (4979), which you can go ahead and search. The search proves fruitless, however, as you'll discover nothing suspicious.

Now speak to Karsten, who can be found walking around the castle. He will also reveal his safe's security code (8195) upon the presentation of the Dietrich's warrant. Karsten's safe can be found in the Cleric camp, and inside you'll find some Outlaw Clothing, proving that Karsten is the culprit supplying the Elex.

Speak to Karsten once again to accuse him of the crime. This conversation can play out in one of two ways -- you can cooperate with Karsten in the illegal trade of Elex or attempt to drive him away, which will result in a fight. However you choose to handle this, return to Dietrich afterwards to complete this sub-quest.

ELEX: Nightly Business Sub-Quest

For this step you'll need to speak with three guards in The Hort -- Pit Guard, Factory Guard, and Xander. They will each give you a surveillance report that they have compiled against the suspects of the illegal Elex trade operation. 

Note: If you asked Xander to let you into the The Hort in the first place, he will force you to return the favor by reporting the suspect, Siegfried, as the culprit. 

Now return to Reinhold to select which of the three suspects you believe is the Elex trader -- Hagen, Siegfried, or Oswald. By reading through the surveillance reports, it is clear that Oswald is the guilty party, as the guard assigned to him was unable to confirm Oswald's whereabouts at night. You can select any of the three suspects to complete the quest and receive 500XP, but choosing correctly will award you with 3000XP and 500 Elexit.

If you chose correctly, you will receive 400 Elexit after returning to speak with Reinhold later on. If you chose wrong however, Reinhold will become angry with you.

Note: If you owed Xander a favor and don't choose Siegfried, traders in The Holt will stop offering certain goods to the player.


That wraps up this guide for solving the Nightly Business puzzle and completing the Subversive Elements quest. Check out our ELEX Review and for more guides on this game, check out our ELEX Guides!

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ELEX Guide: How to Get Dried Meat https://www.gameskinny.com/yffyq/elex-guide-how-to-get-dried-meat https://www.gameskinny.com/yffyq/elex-guide-how-to-get-dried-meat Tue, 31 Oct 2017 11:32:58 -0400 Kieran Desmond

ELEX is full of delicious food that you can acquire by killing mutated beasts out in the wild or by rustling up a little something at a fire pit -- assuming you have the recipe and the ingredients of course. Some foods, however, cannot be found by hunting or crafting. Dried Meat falls into this category.

This means that in order to obtain dried meat, you'll have to either find the ones that are scattered throughout Magalan, or find a vendor who sells some. If you don't know where to look, it can be pretty frustrating early on in the game when you need six dried meats to complete The Missing Man sidequest. So without further ado, here's a guide on where you can find dried meat in ELEX.

ELEX: Scavenging for Dried Meat

A favorite pastime of all apocalypse survivors, scavenging is one of the only methods of obtaining dried meat. As a general rule, you should be looting every abandoned house or campsite you come across. The infinite inventory space means you can fill your boots without any encumbrance penalty, so go nuts!

Make sure to check areas that you think you'd find food, such as in kitchens or around a campfire. If you look in the right places you can find enough dried meat that you might not even need to buy some later on.

If you want to make your life a whole lot easier, head to the top of the windmill north of the Domed City. Here you'll find a pair of sunglasses that highlight any items you can pick up within a certain radius of your character. You'll never walk past any dried meat, or anything else that's useful, again.

ELEX: Vendors That Sell Dried Meat

Far and away, the most efficient method of obtaining dried meat is to find a vendor who sells it. You won't find anyone who sells dried meat in the starting city of Goliet, so you'll need to be ready to further explore the world in order to find a vendor.

Dried Meat in Origin

East of the Domed City in Central Abessa, you'll find a small settlement called Origin that you can make your home base. By speaking with Annie you can upgrade Origin in various ways. One of which is to add a trader to the settlement. Fortunately, this trader sells Dried Meat!

Dried Meat in Tavar

East of Edan is the Tavar region, home of the Outlaws. The general goods trader in the Outlaw Fort in Tavar carries dried meat. To find this trader, head to your right after entering the Fort through the main gate by either paying off the guard, telling him you'll pay double later, or by dueling him. You can also find a weapon trader in this area.

These are currently the only know locations of vendors who sell dried meat. But after scavenging and visiting one of the traders mentioned above, you should have more than enough to complete The Missing Man sidequest.


That's it for this guide on how to get dried meat in ELEX! For more guides like this, check out some more of our ELEX Guides!

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ELEX Guide: Complete Converter Keycodes List https://www.gameskinny.com/trbn1/elex-guide-complete-converter-keycodes-list https://www.gameskinny.com/trbn1/elex-guide-complete-converter-keycodes-list Thu, 26 Oct 2017 13:54:11 -0400 Kengaskhan

ELEX is Piranha Bytes’ most recent open-world action RPG, as well as their very first science-fiction/science-fantasy game. ELEX's title refers to an exotic and precious substance in the game that’s used to power machines and grant magical powers to people.

The antagonists of the game, the Alb, use Converters to extract elex from the environment, and given the scarcity of the resource, it’s only natural that the player will want to access these Converters, too.

There are probably lots of things that come to mind when you think “action RPG” and “science fiction”, but one of the most common gameplay elements shared by those games is hacking and keycodes.

That's where ELEX converters come into play.

In practice, ELEX’s hacking mini-game can actually be a pretty tough nut to crack, even if you are a mastermind. And it’s pretty likely that you’ll need to hunt down the keycodes for some of the Converters to crack their codes.

Here are a few of the ELEX converter codes that have been discovered so far:

  • Edan Converter: 1438
  • Ignadon Converter: 4486
  • East Xacor Converter: 0666
  • Tavar Converter: 3729
  • North Abessa Converter: 3210
  • South Abessa Converter: 5768


Right, that's the list of converter codes that are out in the wild, but there are more of them in the world of ELEX, so we'll be updating this list accordingly. If you find any converters or keycodes that aren't listed here, let us know and we'll throw them in! 

Looking for more tips, tricks, and strategies? Make sure to check out our other ELEX guides

ELEX Guide: How to Get Infinite Money Using These Glitches https://www.gameskinny.com/zj0ib/elex-guide-how-to-get-infinite-money-using-these-glitches https://www.gameskinny.com/zj0ib/elex-guide-how-to-get-infinite-money-using-these-glitches Tue, 24 Oct 2017 15:49:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

Adventuring is hard work, and as it turns out, it's quite an expensive undertaking as well. Killing monsters and completing quests isn't quite as lucrative as it used to be...

Pirahna Bytes' new fantasy/sci-fi RPG excursion ELEX may have replaced the standard gold with "elexit," but whatever you want to call it, you still need a whole lot of it to to get ahead in the world.

If you can't seem to make enough money to keep yourself well-stocked, there are a couple of different ways to cheat vendors out of their elexit. Most notably, there are methods to make money appear out of thin air with some wonderful bugs that haven't yet been patched out by the developer!

Let's take a look. 

 Let's get to trading -- and to cheating vendors out of money!

ELEX Vendor Glitch #1 (Xbox One)

For this glitch (tested on Xbox One) head over to any vendor. Go to any tab on the screen, like weapons or armor. We're looking for a tab where there are three items or fewer for sale. If there are any item stacks that have more than three items, buy enough items to reach that threshold. You need to do this so the prompt doesn't ask how many items you want to buy because if it does, it will mess everything up.

Now, hit A repeatedly to buy each item while spamming the up and down buttons on the D-Pad. Do this a couple of dozen times on the weapons screen and then armor screen (making sure no stack is above three before you start) so that each tab only has 1 item left to buy when you're done.

Now press Y to reset the trade... and you will suddenly have an absurd amount of elexit -- somewhere in the six-figure range!

This is definitely an actual bug and not a way to take advantage of bartering skills, so get on this fast before it gets patched out!

 Yeah, that's a lot of elexit!
(Screenshot courtesy of Brett Thomas)

ELEX Vendor Glitch #2 (PS4)

This glitch was tested on the PS4 and it's unclear if it will work on the Xbox One or PC. To get started, look for a vendor that has the "Materials" or "Other" tab for buying items.

If the vendor doesn't have these tabs, you can actually sell these item types to a vendor first to make the tabs appear. While many items in those categories work for this glitch, it seems to function best with either cigarettes or electric scrap.

Unlike the previous glitch, we want to make sure the vendor has more than four of the item in question so the pop-up box appears asking how many of the item you want to buy. We want them to have quite a bit more than four, in fact, so there are enough items in the stack to make this worthwhile as you sell the items back.

Buy the full stack of the item, then switch to the shopping cart. With the stack of items in your shopping cart showing, hit the Revert and Accept Trade buttons at the exact same time (on the PS4 these are the X and Square buttons).

You will know the glitch worked if the vendor screen disappears but the "Select Quantity" pop up box remains on the screen.

 Spamming cigarettes for infinite elexit

Now hit the Cancel button twice (O on the PS4), which should make your character jump backward. Next, hit the Square button twice, followed immediately by the X button

After hitting the key combo, go talk to the vendor again. You should see that your amount of elexit has dropped, but the stack of items will be in your inventory. Now you can sell those items back normally. Just repeat the process over and over to keep selling the items back for free.


Have you found any other glitches or workarounds to get tons of money fast in ELEX? Let us know in the comments section! If you need any more help with this jetpack-fueled, science fantasy extravaganza, be sure to also check out the rest of our ELEX guides here.

ELEX Guide: How to Use the Lock Picking Skill https://www.gameskinny.com/byqg4/elex-guide-how-to-use-the-lock-picking-skill https://www.gameskinny.com/byqg4/elex-guide-how-to-use-the-lock-picking-skill Tue, 24 Oct 2017 08:00:40 -0400 Ty Arthur

The RPG stalwarts at Pirahna Bytes offer up the Gothic experience with guns and jet packs in ELEX, a sci-fi take on the developer's normal style.

While joining factions and exploring this huge fantasy-meets-futuristic world, there's plenty of typical open world RPG tropes to keep fans happy. However, a few of those elements are a bit rough around the edges or not quite as intuitive as they could be -- namely ELEX's lock picking screen.

Role playing fans probably haven't been this frustrated with a lock picking system since the godawful Dungeon Lords, which was barely even a finished game.

But don't dismay, there's a method to this seemingly fruitless madness, and once you get the system down, lock picking stops being an infuriating exercise in futility. Below we explain exactly how to work ELEX's lock picking skill in detail.

 Starting a locking picking mini-game

Using ELEX's Lock Picking Ability

Before picking a lock, you need to make sure you actually have the lockpick item in your inventory, and be careful -- repeatedly hitting the wrong patterns will break your picks!

The goal with any locked chest is to move the lock pick right and left to change all the red bolts to blue. Rather than aiming for a specific sweet spot like in Fallout, you just need to get the right order in a correct numbered pattern.

To get started, move the lock pick right until one of the red bolts turns into a  blue bolt. When that happens, either go back one spot left or go forward one spot right and see if the next one turns blue as well.

If it does change from red to blue, then you've started the correct order. If it doesn't change to blue, then all the bolts are reset and you need to start over again.

 Finding the correct bolt order

The lock bolts won't just be in correct order from left to right, of course. You'll have to eventually move both directions during the pattern to hit each bolt in the correct order. There will be some trial and error as you figure out the lock's correct numbering pattern.

In other words, you are just looking for adjacent bolts that stay blue together. You can keep moving right to see if the next adjacent pin is changes color, or you can move left to see if that's the direction instead. Go the wrong way and you have to start over (potentially breaking a pick), but at least you'll know two or three of the correct adjacent bolt orders at that point.

So for instance, say the order for a lock is 3, 2, 4, 1, 5, 6. If you hit any of them out of that specific order, the whole thing resets. If you hit them in the correct order of right to 3, left to 2, right to 4, left to 1, right to 5, right to 6, the chest unlocks.

 Working through blue springs to pick the lock

Of course, with a higher Lock Picking skill (located in the Crafting section of the character screen for some reason), you can try to crack harder locks. Be sure to also pick up the Adventurer's Amulet item found on top of a barrel early in the game which gives you a bonus to the Lock Picking skill.

If you have trouble properly picking locks in ELEX, don't forget you can actually manually change the difficulty on the mini-games only. Head into the settings and lower the mini-game difficulty to make hacking and lock picking less difficult.


That's all you need to know to pick locks in ELEX! Let us know what sweet loot you've found, and if you have any tips for finding the lock combinations, let us know in the comments section!

ELEX Review https://www.gameskinny.com/vijf5/elex-review https://www.gameskinny.com/vijf5/elex-review Wed, 18 Oct 2017 10:57:18 -0400 Kieran Desmond

Up until a week ago, I had never heard of ELEX, and I imagine the same goes for a lot of gamers out there. In a month where some truly huge titles have been dropping left and right, Piranha Bytes’ science-fantasy RPG will likely receive far less attention and appreciation than it deserves. Which is a shame considering how much fun I had during my time with it.

The World of Elex is Vast and Full of Wonder

ELEX is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Magalan. After being struck by a meteor, which devastated the planet, the rare element, Elex, was discovered. Having a diverse array of uses, Elex became highly sought after and divided the people of Magalan into different factions, who disagreed on how this precious new element should be used.

The main story is interesting if not somewhat predictable. You play as Jax, a former Alb Commander, betrayed by your people and left for dead. It’s a familiar tale of revenge, so nothing too special there. But because of your past identity, it makes exploring the rest of the world consistently suspenseful as you never know how people will react to your background. That’s if you choose to tell them, of course.

And as you go about your journey, ELEX's hand-crafted open-world is beautiful and fantastic. You get the sense that Piranha Bytes went over every inch of Magalan with a fine tooth-comb trying to jam pack locations with environmental stories akin to something that you'd see in a Fallout game. And with just a compass and no mini-map to rely on, the exploration feels real and intuitive.

The eponymous element is one of ELEX’s greatest strengths, as is the vast amount of quests that are practically dumped on you by every NPC you can bear to converse with. And as with any story centered around futuristic elements and sci-fi tropes, NPCs are unsurprisingly often pledged to specific factions, adding even more layers to the game. 

Of the four main factions, each represents completely different affiliations and ideals. The antagonistic faction, the Albs, consume Elex, making them stronger but emotionless and myopic. Addicted to the substance, Albs seek to conquer the world to claim all Elex for themselves.

The Beserkers seek to restore the world to its natural green, lush state and reject all technology. They live by a strict set of honor-based rules and represent the fantasy aspects of the game as they prefer to use swords, bows, and magic.

Then there’s the desert-dwelling Outlaws, who look like they've been ripped straight out of Mad Max, studded-leather outfits and all. With little respect for anyone (including each other) the Outlaws hold freedom to do whatever-the-hell-they-want above all else.

Finally, the Clerics are a faction that fully embraces technology, donning Mass Effect-esque suits of armor and wielding laser weapons. They silence all who speak against their god using the Power of Suggestion, which is basically a Jedi mind trick.

This mish-mash of genre tropes is what makes Elex such a compelling world to explore as there’s plenty of ideological conflicts to get involved with, drawing parallels with some hot-button issues in our real-world politics.

You’re only able to join one of the factions, however, which I felt was unnecessarily restrictive due to the handful of abilities locked to each faction. For example, my favorite faction was the Outlaws, but I was shooting myself in the foot by joining them as they have the weakest set of exclusive abilities by far -- no Power of Suggestion or big laser cannons like the Clerics, and no magic like the Beserkers. Sure, you can only modify weapons if you’re an Outlaw, but that pales in comparison to the other factions’ abilities.

It would have been infinitely more interesting if I could have joined one faction, learned some of their skills, and then defected to another. So you can imagine my frustration when I met a character in ELEX who had done just that -- she was raised a Beserker, defected to the Outlaws, and then finally decided to ally with the Clerics. If in the game’s lore it’s possible to switch between factions at least once, then the player should be given the same opportunity. This would give you a rounded set of skills and a chance to be involved with each faction, ultimately making for a more enjoyable experience.

ELEX Isn't an Easy Game, Combat is Difficult to Master, and ... Bugs

I think it’s important that you know how difficult this game is right from the get go. In classic Piranha Bytes fashion, the first few hours of ELEX are going to be rough. Even the weakest mutated rats will relentlessly destroy you (and your soul) if you give them the chance. And enemies with skull icons next to their health bars? Forget about it. Do yourself a favor and run.

The combat consists of heavy, light, and special attacks and is difficult to master due to its stamina based system similar to Dark Souls. Some hit detection issues, which see you taking damage even when it’s clear that the enemy made no contact with you, impact the flow of combat and cheapens some undeserved deaths.

The game also has several annoying bugs that, although will most likely be fixed via future patches, are worth mentioning. An unsheddable hobgoblin is the falling animation, which is very temperamental. Sometimes you'll be falling from a great height while Jax is just casually standing upright, which is frustrating if you don't know how far you're falling from. 

The companions that you can recruit to fight beside you, (who are incredibly useful most of the time) sometimes won’t defend you from attacking enemies. They just hang around like nothing’s happening until you attack an enemy, at which point they stop daydreaming and jump into action. Again, this is all small stuff compared to what ELEX does right, but it did affect my perception of the overall game. 


Overall, ELEX is a fun, engrossing experience. And like with almost any game, it has its issues -- some that keep it from being truly great. From voice acting that feels forced at times to the inability to change factions and a few wonky bugs, ELEX has a few blemishes. But those are blemishes that can be overlooked. 

The game world is engrossing and the combat is fun overall despite a few hiccups. And did I mention you get a jetpack? Adding verticality to the game, the jetpack makes exploring ELEX a blast -- and nailing awesome landings after jumping off tall mountain peaks never gets old. 

I was very impressed by ELEX and I'm glad I didn't take the game at face value. If you're willing to put in the few hours it takes to figure out why ELEX is so great, then you'll be rewarded with an awesome and memorable experience -- especially if you’re an RPG fan. You'd be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t at least give ELEX a chance -- purely because of the vast and hugely interesting world that the team behind Gothic and Risen have created.

You can purchase ELEX on Amazon

[Note: A copy of ELEX was provided by the developer for the purpose of this review.]

THQ Nordic Announces Three Major Releases for 2017 https://www.gameskinny.com/dpa6a/thq-nordic-announces-three-major-releases-for-2017 https://www.gameskinny.com/dpa6a/thq-nordic-announces-three-major-releases-for-2017 Fri, 02 Jun 2017 10:30:59 -0400 Manisha Hossain

Earlier today, THQ Nordic, the publishers behind the Darksiders franchise, announced three major titles set to be released in 2017.

The first announcement is Battle Chasers: Nightwar, an RPG inspired by "classic" RPGs. It has a battle system that harkens back to those found in early RPGs with an added twist: it has a two-tiered mana system and turn-based initiatives. Players will select from three heroes as they begin their journey of survival in the isolated town of Harms Way. Battle Chasers: Nightwar will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 3.

Next up from the studio Piranha Bytes comes a new open world action-RPG titled ELEX. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world laced with science-fantasy elements, Magalan is a planet where magic and mechs both thrive. After a meteor strikes Magalan, war erupts across the planet. Survivors are fighting for the mysterious element Elex, which can power up machines, magic, and more. ELEX will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 17.

Last on the list is a multiplayer game that blends elements from the RTS and top-down RPG genres in an epic fantasy world. In Spellforce 3, players will return to the world of Eo and experience the catastrophic events that have taken place before the Convocation. Spellforce 3 is a PC exclusive coming on December 7. 

All three titles are now available for pre-order for PC on Steam and GOG.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on these three titles as their release dates get closer. 

Nordic Games to Showcase Their "Big Four" RPGs at E3 2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/q4spf/nordic-games-to-showcase-their-big-four-rpgs-at-e3-2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/q4spf/nordic-games-to-showcase-their-big-four-rpgs-at-e3-2016 Sat, 04 Jun 2016 12:01:13 -0400 Captynplanet_8219

Nordic Games, the developers behind the popular Darkstalkers series, has released their "Big Four" lineup of RPGs that they will be showing off at this year's E3.

With a mix of medieval simulations, RTS/RPG mash-ups, Post-apocalyptic wastelands where Sci-Fi meets Fantasy, and a love letter to classic Japanese RPGs, Nordic's lineup is shaping up to have something for fans of all types of RPGs.

The Guild 3

The Guild 3 allows players to create their own economic dynasty in a medieval setting. Players must maneuver their way through the socio-political world while still keeping up with their business ventures in order to ensure that their family rises and stays in power. Random Global Events, AI variation, and the depth of customization that is available for the player's guild ensure that The Guild 3 has a good deal of Replay-Value.

Spellforce 3

Spellforce 3 is a blending of the RTS and RPG genres. It has the look of top down RPGs like Diablo mixed with the strategic and construction elements of Starcraft

Players must manage their hero group's statistics and amass an army in order to conquer the territories surrounding them. Spellforce 3's world of Eo offers a large amount of lore for the player to discover, and multiple modes of multiplayer, whether co-op or vs other players, let players harness the skills that they learned from the 30+ hour Single Player campaign.


Elex is set in a post-apocalyptic, open world which blends elements of science fiction and fantasy. After a meteor hits the planet Magalan, an element known as Elex is discovered. Elex is a limited resource that can cause machines to function, imbue magic, or warp existing life into new forms. The player has the choice between using magic or technology in order to save their world which is on the brink of destruction.  

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Battle Chasers: Nightwar's turn-based combat system is influenced by classic console RPGs like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Players must choose their party and outfit them correctly in order to survive the dungeons that litter the world of Battle Chasers.

The game has a slick art style and combines hand drawn elements with cartoonish visuals. Randomly generated dungeons that change in difficulty based on player actions means that each playthrough of Battle Chasers will be different than the last.

Check out the websites for The Guild 3, Spellforce 3, Elex, and Battle Chasers: Nightwar for more info on Nordic Game's E3 lineup. 

Gothic and Risen dev announce new post-apocalyptic RPG ELEX https://www.gameskinny.com/idn3g/gothic-and-risen-dev-announce-new-post-apocalyptic-rpg-elex https://www.gameskinny.com/idn3g/gothic-and-risen-dev-announce-new-post-apocalyptic-rpg-elex Thu, 02 Jul 2015 21:28:32 -0400 Anne-Marie Coyle

Immersive open-world action RPGs have been rather light on the ground in the current console generation, but developer Piranha Bytes is looking to bolster their number with new science fantasy game ELEX.

Not much is known about the game yet; the official website displays only a single image of solitary hooded figure overlooking a stark fantasy setting. The image is accompanied with a short overview describing it as “a huge, seamless game world full of original characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices and powerful action.”

The developer is, of course, is no stranger to the role-playing genre, having developed multiple titles in both the Gothic and Risen series'. ELEX is being developed in collaboration with Nordic Games, publishers of the Darksiders series.

“To say we are excited to see this new project unfold in the hands of Piranha Bytes is an understatement. ELEX is going to be edgy, dark, uncompromising, complex, and we love it already,“ said Reinhard Pollice Business & Product Development Director at Nordic Games.

If Piranha Bytes live up to their vision for the title it could be a serious contender for current fantasy RPG king The Witcher. Although the CD Project Red developed title needn’t worry about being dethroned just yet as ELEX won’t launch until late 2016 or early 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

ELEX which, according to the game’s press release, stands for eclectic, lavish, exhilarating and xenial, will be shown at Gamescom 2015.