If you need to find dried meat for The Missing Man sidequest in ELEX, check out this guide!

ELEX Guide: How to Get Dried Meat

If you need to find dried meat for The Missing Man sidequest in ELEX, check out this guide!
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ELEX is full of delicious food that you can acquire by killing mutated beasts out in the wild or by rustling up a little something at a fire pit — assuming you have the recipe and the ingredients of course. Some foods, however, cannot be found by hunting or crafting. Dried Meat falls into this category.

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This means that in order to obtain dried meat, you’ll have to either find the ones that are scattered throughout Magalan, or find a vendor who sells some. If you don’t know where to look, it can be pretty frustrating early on in the game when you need six dried meats to complete The Missing Man sidequest. So without further ado, here’s a guide on where you can find dried meat in ELEX.

ELEX: Scavenging for Dried Meat

A favorite pastime of all apocalypse survivors, scavenging is one of the only methods of obtaining dried meat. As a general rule, you should be looting every abandoned house or campsite you come across. The infinite inventory space means you can fill your boots without any encumbrance penalty, so go nuts!

Make sure to check areas that you think you’d find food, such as in kitchens or around a campfire. If you look in the right places you can find enough dried meat that you might not even need to buy some later on.

If you want to make your life a whole lot easier, head to the top of the windmill north of the Domed City. Here you’ll find a pair of sunglasses that highlight any items you can pick up within a certain radius of your character. You’ll never walk past any dried meat, or anything else that’s useful, again.

ELEX: Vendors That Sell Dried Meat

Far and away, the most efficient method of obtaining dried meat is to find a vendor who sells it. You won’t find anyone who sells dried meat in the starting city of Goliet, so you’ll need to be ready to further explore the world in order to find a vendor.

Dried Meat in Origin

East of the Domed City in Central Abessa, you’ll find a small settlement called Origin that you can make your home base. By speaking with Annie you can upgrade Origin in various ways. One of which is to add a trader to the settlement. Fortunately, this trader sells Dried Meat!

Dried Meat in Tavar

East of Edan is the Tavar region, home of the Outlaws. The general goods trader in the Outlaw Fort in Tavar carries dried meat. To find this trader, head to your right after entering the Fort through the main gate by either paying off the guard, telling him you’ll pay double later, or by dueling him. You can also find a weapon trader in this area.

These are currently the only know locations of vendors who sell dried meat. But after scavenging and visiting one of the traders mentioned above, you should have more than enough to complete The Missing Man sidequest.

That’s it for this guide on how to get dried meat in ELEX! For more guides like this, check out some more of our ELEX Guides!

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