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The first episode of the "Official" GameSkinny podcast.

Welcome to the first episode of The Gameskinny Round Table Podcast. This weeks podcast features ReillyStephanieRobJohnMike, Andrew (EGMandula), LuiJay, Anuedys 'NuNu'.

On this weeks episode we talk about:

  • Xbox One vs PS4
  • The Sony and Microsoft conferences in general
  • Game we are most excited about at E3
  • The worst of E3

I must admit that we need a bit to work on when it comes to doing the podcast but it was a lot of fun to do and we hope to bring you more in the coming weeks.

Next weeks episode will posted on the official GameSkinny podcast profile (which is yet to be made). I'll have a link to that posted soon.

You can find us on Intunes: