• Top 4 Cigar/Cigarette-Wielding Badasses

    [{“image”:”http://images.gameskinny.com/gameskinny/f4fb33b959f8f8ae0d0a45290f7525ef.jpg”,”thumb”:”http://images.gameskinny.com/gameskinny/tiny_f4fb33b959f8f8ae0d0a45290f7525ef.jpg”,”type”:”slide”,”id”:”61952″,”description”:” Game Series:  Halo n Character: Sgt. Avery Johnson n Sgt. Johnson is the toughest sumbitch you will ever meet. n He has survived multiple Covenant glassings — including the first one, where he saved a whole bunch of farmers on Harvest. (Which coincidently is where PFC. Jenkins is from.) The whole team that Johnson speaks to at […]