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With a non-linear and fairly open world full of ruins to discover, your archaeologist / ninja heroine in the old school platformer La-Mulana 2 can trek to just about any part of the game from the get-go.

While that's great for exploration, it also means you'll be pulling your hair out constantly as there are plenty of areas that can't be completed without first getting the correct items or meeting specific hidden characters. 

The La-Mulana 2 gloves are one of the most important items to pick up as soon as you can (along with the ice cloak and grappling claw) as it is used to progress through difficult puzzles that are otherwise normally impossible to complete. 

With the gloves equipped, Lumisa can finally move those pesky stone blocks out of the way to re-arrange areas and complete several major riddle sections. If you find yourself bottle necked somewhere in Annwfn, the Immortal Battlefield, and so on, then most likely you need the gloves to progress.

Finding The La-Mulana 2 Gloves

Unlike many other items and special characters found in the game, the gloves are fairly easy to acquire without having to go through any particular sequence. Other than the first sigil required to unlock the Annwfn area, you don't need the grappling hook or any other special items to actually get to the gloves.

On the Annwfn area of the ruins map, look for the square room directly underneath the teleportation altar. After killing Nidhogg, go through his gate and travel right one room and down one room to reach the correct location with the gloves chest.

In this room, scan the tablet that tells you to "turn away from your desires" and "not gaze upon what you seek," which is pretty cryptic... unless you think in a hyper literal fashion.

This is one of those lateral thought puzzles where you think you need to hit a button or perform a jump, but the answer is more basic than that. Literally just don't look at the object of your desires. You don't need to do any weird backwards jumping or come up with any crazy puzzle solutions here, as this one will become amazingly obvious once you figure it out.

Climb up the ladder while facing left instead of right, and stay facing that direction for a few seconds (towards the rock instead of the chest) until the chest magically unlocks and the gloves become available. Turns out all you need to do is convince the ruins you don't want the gloves for a bit and they will decide they want to get to you!

Did you feel dumb after that chest finally unlocked? I know I sure did! After grabbing the gloves, make sure to enter the inventory screen (F2 on the PC version) and equip them in the items section.

The gloves aren't strictly necessary to progress at this stage of the game, as there are several other areas you can reach without them, but they sure do help you expand out the specific ruin locations you can get to without exploiting the game's broken controls.

There are a few puzzles you can cheese your way through but in general though, its just an all around better idea to grab the gloves to avoid more frustration in this already-difficult game.

 Make sure to equip your gloves after the chest unlocks!

Need more help with this ultra-difficult old school platformer that pays homage to the Metroidvania and MSX style? Check out our full list of La-Mulana 2 walkthroughs and guides here, including how to find all those special Lumisa costumes!

La-Mulana 2 Costume Locations Guide Tue, 31 Jul 2018 17:35:12 -0400 Ty Arthur

Deadly spikes, moving platforms, and skeletons who just wont stay down until they been whipped into submission await in La-Mulana 2 for all you classic Metroidvania fans.

If the American-flag wearing Lumisa Kosugi doesn't quite fit your ideal look for a dungeon-delving archaeologist, thankfully you don't have to stick with the standard Diana Jones style outfit for the entire game.

With a story centered around ancient pre-human civilizations and a wide range of cultures, it shouldn't be much of a surprise there's quite a few hidden outfits to find -- from a kimono to a bad ass Valkyrie costume. Ready to change up Lumisa's look? Let's dive into where to find those secret outfits!

 American cowboy / ninja / archaeologist Lumisa can really rock any look she pleases!

La-Mulana 2 Costume Locations

Secondary costumes were an extra brought into the game thanks to the crowd funding backers and were a late addition to the development process. At the moment it appears they are solely cosmetic in nature and don't give any particular bonuses or offer help with any puzzles, but there may be secrets involved with them that haven't been discovered yet.

Note that the ice cloak actually counts as special equippable item, not as a costume, and it does have an in-game effect that reduces damage from hitting lava. Likewise, the gloves are an item that let you push blocks but aren't tied any particular outfit.

Once you find a new costume, head into the item screen (F2 on the PC version) and scroll down to the "Garb" section at the lower-right to switch between outfits (in this alpha this was previously called the "Fashion" section).

Each costume is found in a locked chest, but instead of completing a puzzle like with normal chests you need to use the special keys found throughout the game.

Kickstarter backers at various funding levels start the game with several keys immediately, while the rest of us have to find them before chests can be opened. There aren't any backer-exclusive costumes, so you don't miss out on anything if you didn't pre-order the game through Kickstarter.

Special thanks go out to the community of Steam and Reddit users who managed to track down these costume chests immediately after release!

Valkyrie Costume Chest

This chest is found in a room in the Immortal Battlefield area. On the map in the pause screen, head to the room that is one square below the Immortal Battlefield hot spring (the area that recovers health). 

In this room, leap across to the ledge on the right with the spikes, then walk right and up until you find the mural with the skulls. From there, head right again to find the locked chest, but move slowly as going all the way to the right will kill you at the cliff's edge.

 La-Mulana 2 Valkyrie Costume

Eastern European Outfit Chest

For this outfit chest, head to the Ancient Chaos area and go to the section right after the corridor of blood. In the immediate next room following the corridor, break the crumbling stone found on the lower left side to reveal the locked chest.

Pink Kimono

This chest is right out in the open and doesn't require breaking any walls or performing any fancy jumping maneuvers. Look for the chest in the same room as the character who explains how to reach the Underworld area.

More La-Mulana 2 Costumes

There are still plenty other outfits we haven't discovered yet -- let us know if you've come across any other La-Mulana 2 costumes and we'll get them added to the list! 

Be sure to also drop a comment if you've found any special uses for the costumes. It seems like one of them would be perfect for lowering water poison damage or even changing NPC dialog.

La-Mulana 2 Review: Digging Up Buried Platforming Treasure Tue, 31 Jul 2018 13:45:07 -0400 Ty Arthur

The gaming community owes a huge debt to Kickstarter, with lovers of niche games in old school graphical styles getting their fill of new content thanks to the crowd funding revolution.

La-Mulana 2 is one of the latest classic gaming entries to arrive thanks to a successful crowd funding campaign, offering up that classic Metroidvania nostalgia in a unique setting.

You've got to already be fully in love with the style to get the most out of this platforming sequel, but for those still engaged in that torrid love affair with the Castlevania entries from decades past, La-Mulana 2 is about as good as it gets.

 If you got a little excited seeing the spikes and breakable walls, then this game is for you

Old School, New Setting

This time around you get to play an intrepid archaeologist with a whip who just happens to also be a master ninja and monster fighter. Girl's gotta have a wide skill set to survive these days, ya know?

With a little luck she might even make it through a few screens before dying horribly, but don't count on it, as the difficultly level here is wonderfully diabolic. Make no mistake about it, La-Mulana 2 is as old school as it gets, complete with wonky jumping controls and difficult combat.

 Can't say I've ever been murdered repeatedly by a giant squirrel god before

The game is entirely keyboard-driven on the PC version, but clearly setup to mimic the SNES controls of using the L and R buttons to navigate through menus with four main buttons for using items and jumping. Anyone who has used an emulator with a keyboard extensively will probably have an edge here on getting used to the controls.

It's not just the keyboard / controller layout that works hard to evoke the feel of the '80s and early '90s either, as there's a clear 8 bit presentation on the visual side, but with frequent nods to later game eras sprinkled in. You'll notice sounds and visual effects that will bring to mind Symphony Of The Night, for instance.

Getting Addicted To Pain

One of La-Mulana 2's greatest strengths is that game is mostly non-linear after the starter dungeon. Just go wherever you want and figure out what puzzles you can. If you get stumped, go somewhere else until you can come back and try again.

While puzzling out those solutions to various death traps you will quickly come to the realization that this game is devastatingly hard, and on purpose. If you threw your controller over Battletoads or similar games back in the day, you may just want to check out the Let's Plays for the nostalgia.

Instant death traps are frequent and save spots are found only sparsely across the ruins, so trial and error plays a big role, but eventually a player will develop a sixth sense to know which buttons not to press and which floor tiles to avoid.

The puzzles here are all generally possible to figure out if you pay attention to the surroundings and take the time to master the controls.

The skeleton on the floor tells me I probably shouldn't hit that switch 

Over time, you may find yourself getting addicted to the thrill of completing a puzzle or beating a giant monster boss and wanting to see if you can make it just a little bit further into the ruins.

Much like how many players gave up after that first demon boss in Dark Souls and decided the franchise wasn't worth the time, if you stick with it you find there's plenty of rewarding gameplay as you progress.

Ludicrously, there's actually a La-Mulana 2 hard mode available if you ignore three separate sets of warnings not to turn it on. I don't even want to contemplate what that experience must be like, since I'd prefer not to smash my keyboard into a million bits, but for the true masochists out there, the option is at least available.

The Bottom Line

Growing up on the NES and then cutting my teeth on the likes of Symphony Of The Night, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the platformer style, especially with the more offbeat or distinctive games like Demon's Crest.

La-Mulana 2 definitely falls into that category, and despite the simplicity, the game actually has an interesting story revolving around eight races of beings that have inhabited the earth over time, with humans only being the latest. 

Metroidvana fans will love the wide range of zones featuring different art styles and strategies, from icy pillars you have to move across quickly before sliding off to rapidly ascending platforms and some crazy jumping puzzles.

For an indie offering that tries to ignore any gameplay innovations past 1994, La-Mulana 2 is an incredibly good time if you don't mind an exceptionally high difficulty level.