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Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers launches next week for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Ahead of that, Atlus Japan released the game's final trailer, an action-packed three minutes showing off some of the Scramble's wilder fights, environments, and plot moments.

First up, we see a massive robot and a smaller android-looking robot that looks like it stepped straight out of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. It seems the government is going all out trying to stop the Phantom Thieves, as the larger robot puts every one of the team's skills to the test in a huge boss fight where no space is safe.

The action is fast and frenzied in a good portion of the rest of the trailer. The game's opening segments, playable in demo form, are just a bit slow and easy, so if the latest trailer is any indication, it ramps up just fine later on.

We also get to see a mix of the social, laid-back side of Persona and the more dramatic elements. The tradition of re-visiting sites from previous games continues, as the Persona 3 sauna scene in Kyoto makes a return. That makes sense given P5 S is a giant road trip, and we suspect Makoto is presumably taking on the role of Mitsuru the Punisher.

There's also a festival scene, complete with traditional garb and fireworks — and Sophia looking on from the phone. The trailer shows the mysterious being acting as her Persona gets some kind of transformation, but apparently it's not enough for Sophie to hang out with her friends in the real world.

Finally, we see Zenkichi Hasegawa's Awakening scene amid a crescendo of action shots leading up to a massive explosion affecting all of Shibuya and originating with Sophia. No Shadow-Joker this time around, though.

Unfortunately, we still don't know when Persona 5 Scramble will make it to Western shores, though it will at some point. For now, we'll just have to be content with Persona 5 Royal next month and the hope that Atlus brings its older titles to the Switch as well.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers news as it sneaks our way.

Persona 5 Scramble Demo Gameplay Impressions: My Heart is Yours Fri, 07 Feb 2020 12:27:20 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

You might have heard, but there's a Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers demo out now on the Japanese eShop and PSN, ahead of the game's February 20 release in Japan. If you've got a user account set to the JP region, you can download it and get a taste of the game's (unfortunately) very brief opening segments.

We've followed P5S's progress pretty closely since it was first announced, and the mix of musou-style Warriors combat with Persona's deeper strategic combat intrigued me. I was curious with questions and was a bit concerned about how the two contrasting styles would mix.

Fortunately, the answers I got allayed (most) of those concerns.

School's Out for Summer 

Like any Persona game, there's a hefty setup in P5 Scramble. Obviously, it's all in Japanese, so your understanding of it will vary, but even someone with little-to-no Japanese knowledge can get the gist of what's going on with the characters and story.

It's the July following the events of Persona 5 (not Royal, which was developed concurrently with P5 S). Ren Amamiya returns to Yongen Jaya and Cafe Leblanc, reuniting with the Phantom Thieves. There's a new app for everyone's phones called Emma, distributed by the IT Company Maddice, which surely isn't significant in any way at all.

Even without a full understanding of what's going on during this initial reunion, it's immediately clear Persona 5 Scramble adopts a different tone from its predecessor, something more akin to Persona 4. Sure, Persona 5 has its slice-of-life scenes, but the overall atmosphere is much darker and tenser.

Everyone's already encountered and overcome their darkness, and it's time to hang out as a group of normal almost-college-kids who just so happen to have amazing superpowers. The cozier, warmer take on The Phantom Thieves is a refreshing change of pace as well, since Persona 5 came close to subjugating the protagonists' relationships to the overall story many times.

Silly anatomists. This is what a heart really looks like

That doesn't mean the overall plot takes a backseat like it often does in Persona 4, though, and it still offers poignant commentary on social issues. This time, it's related to the problems arising idolizing public figures, or more literally, when public figures take people's hearts.

And that's got me wanting to see how things unfold in the final product, because the tension between pursuing justice and pursuing public adoration was a constant theme in Persona 5.

Stories in Warriors crossover games tend to be fairly throwaway, variations of “Dark Power brought many heroes together because thing,” so this emphasis on story situates Persona 5 Scramble in a unique position. It’s not entirely surprising, given P5S is a direct sequel, but it is nice to finally see the musou genre’s potential used for something other than fluff.

Show Time

The uniqueness extends to combat as well. We’ve reported many times that Persona 5 Scramble combat is a hybrid of warriors hack-n’-slash and Persona’s ability and One More systems. It comes together in a pretty solid package, with just a hint of the usual malaise associated with Warriors button-mashing.

There’s a basic attack you can use alone or link with another move for some extra damage and variation. Ranged weapons make a return from Persona 5, and joy of joys, ammo replenishes as you go along.

On top of that, there’s a number of objects in the environment you can use to deal more damage or damage a wider area. It’s fast, loud, frenetic, and I love it.

The star of the show, and what makes P5 Scramble’s combat really stand out, is your Persona. As you’d expect, enemies are weak to different elements and attack types. Exploiting those weaknesses or scoring a Critical or Technical hit earns you a One More, but instead of another turn, you get a chance to deal extra damage in a move that affects all the enemies around that particular one.

Joker still retains the ability to wield multiple Personas, so switching between them and choosing the best attack is just as strategic as it was in Persona 5.

Same Ol' Musou?

But does it really require that much strategy? Well… sort of. The police grunts are basically trash mobs. Out of 20, one might try and hit you with a stick, but it’ll probably miss. The challenge ramps up when multiple Shadows are on the field, along with new machine foes boasting devastating AoE attacks.

However, with three other party members on the field, you typically don’t have much to worry about, at least in the opening stage. Here’s hoping it gets tougher as the game progresses.

Boss fights are where combat really shines. This is where you’ll really have to balance attack, evasion, item use, and SP conservation to pull through. Bosses also have a shield meter that, once breached, leads to a powerful All-Out Attack that are just as flashy and excellent as they were in Persona 5.

The kicker, though, is when your SP runs out or when you aren’t using special skills. Basic attacks just aren’t varied enough to be consistently fun. Even though you’ll be kept busy trying to stay out of harm’s way, the genre’s combat shortcomings end up poking holes in Persona 5 Scramble’s stylish and skillful balancing act.


It’s way too early to say whether this will be a game-breaker, though. I suspect the story segments will go far in keeping things from feeling too stale, even if combat ends up too easy throughout. Plus, if you’re already a Persona fan, then the joy of exploring Tokyo and beyond with the Phantom Thieves will probably be enough to help overlook minor issues.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers launches February 20 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan, though it currently has no Western release date. Stay tuned for more on the game in the future. 

Meet the Phans — and Phoes? — in Latest Persona 5 Scramble Trailer Tue, 28 Jan 2020 15:13:41 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers launches next month for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. We've already seen a lot of what the game has to offer, but the latest round of footage from Morgana's travel diaries still has plenty of new material — and characters — to show us. Translation is courtesy of Persona Central.

This time, the focus is on Kyoto and Osaka. The Phantom Thieves meet up with government agent Zenkichi Hasegawa in Kyoto and meet his daugther Akane, who happens to be a devoted fan of the Phantom Thieves.

Naturally, there's trouble brewing in Kyoto, and the group discovers the city has its own Jail materializing for some reason because of course, it does. It's a direct sequel to Persona 5 after all.

There's no dominatrix Alice in Wonderland here, though. The Kyoto Jail takes the form of a shrine, and every time our heroes pass through a gate, they're transported to a completely different area.

At some point in the Jail, Zenkichi undergoes his own awakening, and his sword-and-pistol wielding Persona Valjean manifests. Yes, that's Valjean as in Jean Valjean for all you Victor Hugo fans out there.

Next up on the best summer road trip ever is Osaka. Despite the city being known for its massive selection of food, it's IT getting the attention here. Madicce is a global IT company headed by Akira Konoe, who himself has apparently captured quite a few hearts thanks to his charisma.

Finally, the Osaka Jail is a futuristic city. Akira Konoe heads an IT company and has charisma — a telltale sign of villainy in many JRPGs. Chances are, all is not what it seems with the suave company president, but we'll just have to wait to find out.

When will we find out? There's no telling yet, but as some consolation, Persona 5 Royal launches at the end of March. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 5 Scramble news as it breaks.

Go All Out with Persona 5 Scramble's Opening Video, 2-Hour Livestream Mon, 13 Jan 2020 15:33:24 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Atlus capped off a week of new Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers reveals with a 2-hour livestream of the game's opening segments. The developer also unveiled P5S' opening video, which you can see above.

The opening video shows off the Phantom Thieves in their new attire, since the game takes place six months after Persona 5. It also heavily emphasizes the game's theme of traveling to different places and shows how central a role the group's phones will play — which makes since as that's where the newest protagonist Sophia lives. Yeah, it's a thing.

Equally as important, the P5S opening video gives us a glimpse at a second new Phantom Thief, a pistol-wielding person who's more than likely the government agent Zenkichi Hasegawa we also saw in the new trailer last week.

Finally, it features a brand-new opening song, with lyrics by Lotus Juice — responsible for much of Persona 3's and Persona Q's soundtrack, among other things — and vocals by Persona 5's Lyn.

Then we have the livestream. Non-Japanese speakers won't get quite so much out of this, since like any Persona game, the opening hours are heavily text-based. However, it shows off a lot of new and old.

The old includes Cafe Leblanc, where Joker reunites with the Phantom Thieves once more, and the nearby areas of Shibuya. There's a lot of talking and exploration like in Persona 5, but no Confidant events — yet.

New things include Shibuya's Jail, run by a dominatrix-themed adult Alice in Wonderland because why not... we guess. Anyhow, it seems that, like with Palaces, the Phantom Thieves can go back and forth between Jails and the regular world at will, and it's also looking like some kind of Persona 4-like investigation is involved in uncovering the secrets of each Jail.

We'll likely know even more soon, as Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers launches February 20 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. We still don't know when it will launch in the West, though. We'll just have to content ourselves with Persona 5: Royal for the time being.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 5 Scramble news as it breaks.

Check Out the Latest Action-Packed Persona 5 Scramble Trailer Thu, 09 Jan 2020 11:39:20 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Atlus released yet more new Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers footage ahead of the game's February 20 launch in Japan. This time, it's an epic story trailer set against Persona 5's "Rivers in the Desert."

Anyone concerned this musou-style sequel would be too Dynasty Warriors should leave their fears at the door. From possessed classmates and the legions of darkness, to a new maybe-Shadow look for Joker (golden eyes, and all that), drama, Persona fusions, and, of course, a romantic Ferris Wheel scene, there's a huge variety of action in the trailer. And it's all very much Persona.

The trailer mostly focuses on areas we've seen already, but we do get a glimpse of some areas outside Shibuya and Sendai and lots of action. There's what looks like an underground factory of some kind, reminiscent of a similar area in Persona 3, plus an ice-themed region complete with a snow queen Shadow boss. Story specifics are still unknown, but it seems like the stakes are even higher this time around — but there's always time for a snowboarding break.

It seems at least one of the new NPCs outside the prominent NPCs we reported on previously, government agent Zenkichi Hasegawa, will play a fairly prominent role throughout P5 Scramble. Lavenza gets at least some additional screentime outside the five seconds the story allowed her in the original Persona 5.

If that Ferris wheel scene is anything to go by, we'll probably be getting the usual Confidant/Social Link options as well, which is particularly interesting to see given how the characters have all moved on from the first game.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers will launch in the West at some point on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. We just don't know when, though Persona 5: Royal releases in March. Keep it here on GameSkinny for more Persona 5 Scramble news as Atlus rolls back the darkness.

Check Out Shibuya, Sendai Jails in New Persona 5 Scramble Trailer Thu, 12 Dec 2019 12:04:55 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

In case you haven't had enough Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers gameplay and story details recently, Atlus has kindly provided even more info in another recent livestream.

Giving lengthy demonstrations of the battle system, the stream introduces us to the Shibuya and Sendai Jails (if you don't know what those are, head over here to check it out). The Shibuya Jail is the Alice in Wonderland-themed area, while the Sendai Jail is the posh-looking neighborhood.

You can see these new areas in the above video. The Shibuya Jail footage starts at around 1:16:00 and the Sendai footage begins around 1:40:00

Unlike Palaces, which are expansive but limited to one spot, it seems like Jails encompass a wide area, such as an entire city or neighborhood. 

Since jails unsurprisingly have guards, P5S seems to offer the same kind of exploration and stealth mechanics as the original Persona 5, though you do get the added benefit of using the Morgana bus to run down mobs.

When you aren't meow-ing down enemies with your cat bus, the combat system in P5S is as fast and frenetic as you'd expect from any Warriors-style game. However, it seems to blend well with traditional Persona mechanics as well.

Trash mobs are exactly that, but tackling bigger Shadows is different. It requires a balance between offense, defense, and the usual conserving of SP, while exploiting enemy weaknesses before they wear you down.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers launches on February 20, 2020, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. Though there's no word yet on when the West can expect a release, Persona 5: Royal is releasing at the end of March, so that's something at least.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 5 Scramble and Persona 5 Royal news as Atlus unmasks it.

New Persona 5: Scramble Character Trailers Showcase Yusuke, Ann Fri, 06 Dec 2019 11:25:05 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Atlus just keeps pumping out new Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers info. Over the past several days, the developer has released two new character trailers. 

The new character trailers showcase some of what we can expect out of eccentric starving artist Yusuke Kitagawa and the glamorous model Ann Takamaki.

P5 Scramble: Yusuke Kitagawa Character Trailer

The Yusuke character trailer shows off familiar areas in different forms and provides some background for Yusuke's part in Scramble's plot. We see a familiar street lined with stately-looking homes, but in a red-washed, eerie looking palette. There's a glimpse of the Alice in Wonderland themed area  as well.

More importantly, now know that P5S will feature animated cutscenes throughout, just like its predecessor.

Yusuke uses the ice Persona Goemon, and his attack style is similar to his attack in Persona 5: slow and powerful while using a katana.

You can see the Yusuke character trailer at the top of this article. 

P5 Scramble: Ann Takamaki Character Trailer

Ann Takamaki was the focus of another trailer just a week ago, and you can see the English dubbed version above courtesy of YouTuber Lettuce Sauce.

Ann's trailer shows her welcoming phone-child Sophia to the Phantom Thieves, but the trailer's main emphasis is combat. In keeping with Ann's role in the first game and occupation as a model, Ann's fighting style is flashy and dramatic.

She switches between her whip attacks and machine gun, before calling her fire Persona Carmen for a devastating special attack.

We don't see much more of what the world has to offer, though Ann's trailer does show some of the exploration elements promised during the lengthy Scramble livestream last month.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 20, 2020 — but only in Japan. Fret not Western Persona fans. Just a month later, Persona 5: The Royal, an expanded edition of Persona 5, will launch in the West on PlayStation 4.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on the Persona series as it breaks. 

New Persona 5 Scramble Trailer: The Phantom Thieves Go to "Jail" Wed, 27 Nov 2019 12:52:58 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers just got another new information drop. It comes after a recent in-depth livestream and character trailers.

The new info is in the form of another Morgana video journal, like Atlus did for Persona 5: The Royal. This time around, the diary is split into two parts. The first is above and covers the new location, and the second focuses on the character system.

This time around, we're introduced to another new location the Phantom Thieves will visit. Sendai is located on Honshu Island northeast of Tokyo.

The crew follows clues related to the reappearance of Palaces in Shibuya, and while in Sendai, they will meet up with at least two new faces.

The first is author Ango Natsume, known for his light novels. The second is the mysterious beef-tongue enthusiast Kuon Ichinose. It's unclear how these two relate to Sendai's Palace, located in a parallel world called "Jail." However, the Jail takes on the form of a medieval castle, complete with mythical figures guarding key locations.

P5 Scramble is also introducing the BAND system, where you earn BAND points for defeating enemies. You can use these to level up your characters and develop their attributes. Each character has a variety of abilities, including specific ones called Master Arts, that develop as you use a character.

Finally, Sophia — the enigmatic phone girl — acts as shopkeeper for the group and offers different items in each location.

Persona 5 Scramble is Persona 5's direct sequel and will launch on February 20, 2020, for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan.

Persona 5 Scramble is set for a Western release at some point as well, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more P5: S news as it develops.

Meet Sophia, the Girl Who Lives in Your Phone in Persona 5 Scramble Mon, 11 Nov 2019 11:33:21 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Atlus provided yet another character trailer for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, this time showcasing Sophia, the girl with the red pig-tails — only, she's not your average girl.

Sophia, code-named Sophie, is the AI program that lives in the protagonist's phone. It's not completely clear who she is or how she came to be, or if she's the one in charge of the Metaverse Nav app from Persona 5

Although she lost her memories and can be a little difficult to understand, she is very reliable in battle, acting as a healer and a skilled fighter using Bless skills. What she doesn't use, though, is a Persona. Sophie uses things called Pythos to activate skills that are identical to what Personas can use.

Despite getting a lengthy demonstration video and knowing Persona 5 Scramble is meant to be Persona 5's direct sequel, we still don't know all that much about the game's story and why Palaces are reappearing all across Japan.

Japanese PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch players will figure out the mystery on February 20, 2020. Those of us in the West will have to wait until sometime later to get our hands on the game.

New Persona 5 Scramble Footage Shows The Phantom Thieves Back in Action Mon, 04 Nov 2019 17:02:57 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

A recent Atlus livestream focused on Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers and showed off a ton of information about the game, its setting, and how it works.

The entire stream is well over an hour and can be seen in the video above, but we've filtered out some of the major details for your convenience.

Fair warning: There are some small, minor spoilers for Persona 5 and Persona 5: Royal below. If you've not played those and want to go in completely in the dark, turn away now. 

Persona 5 Scramble's Story

Persona 5 Scramble's story, as we recently reported, is meant to be a direct sequel to the events of Persona 5 and its expansion Persona 5: Royal. It takes place six months after the events of Persona 5.

After getting together once more at Cafe Leblanc, the Phantom Thieves — including college-bound Haru and Makoto — are planning a summer vacation. What they get is dragged into a strange world ruled by the King, where shadows are stealing people's desires.

Instead of the planned-for vacation, the Phantom Thieves set off across Japan to deal with new Palaces, reform society, and uncover the truth behind what's going on.

There are a couple of new faces along for the ride as well. The red-haired girl first shown in the initial reveal trailer is an amnesiac named Sophia who controls an entity similar to a Persona. A public safety officer named Zenkichi Hasegawa will be making an appearance at some point, though it's not clear if he's an ally as well.

Another newcomer, Alice Hiiragi, is an important pop star who plays a vital role in the Shibuya section of the game.

Nothing more was said about Persona 5S's Confidant system or if it's getting one or any kind of Persona-style simulation.

Persona 5 Scramble Gameplay

Persona 5S functions like a cross between an ARPG and a musou-style game. The Phantom Thieves will take on hordes of enemies and shadows, with huge set-piece boss battles, All-Out Attacks, and Show Time attacks. However, when you choose a Persona command, you'll be taken to a menu where time stops. You can choose your action from a menu — not entirely unlike Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Position and skill type determine how a skill will evolve, and Atlus says carefully managing SP so you can exploit enemy weaknesses will be key, just like in the mainline Persona games. Guns are coming back as an important part of the Phantom Thieves' attack strategy, along with the series' staple buff and debuff system. New mechanics built around interacting with the environment and using special Phantom Moves.


Though that's just the tip of the iceberg, you can see everything in the video at the top of this article. Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is 90% complete and will see a Japanese launch for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in February 2020. It's confirmed for a Western launch as well, though it doesn't have a timeframe yet.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information on the game as it develops.

Persona 5 Scramble is Persona 5's Direct Sequel Thu, 24 Oct 2019 17:27:44 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Remember earlier this year, when everyone thought Persona 5 was coming to the Switch? (We do). Persona 5S didn't turn out to be the Switch version of the massive RPG, but it's more closely connected to it than the original trailer first suggested.

In fact, Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is apparently a direct sequel to Persona 5, even more so than Persona 4: Dancing all Night was a direct sequel to Persona 4.

Persona 5 Scramble takes place six months after the events of Persona 5 and is said to be much more reliant on story than most musou-style games. It's summer vacation, but the Phantom Thieves of Hearts end up caught in another round of trouble. But this time, it takes them all across Japan. Apparently, Palaces are manifesting themselves again, and Shadows run rampant in the streets.

Here, players can control all the Phantom Thieves directly, unleashing the grand, destructive combos typical of Warriors-style games. It looks like Palace exploration will be making a return as well, which isn't really a surprise given the premise.

Based on the trailer, they'll run the gamut of locales, from an ice-themed land perfect for series mascot Jack Frost to an Alice in Wonderland area that looks suspiciously Persona Q inspired.

The Japanese version is offering early-purchase DLC that unlocks access to the main BGMs from all previous Persona games that players can swap out in Scramble. It's set for a February 20, 2020, release date in Japan, and while there's no word when the Western release date will be yet, there's little reason to think the West won't get the same BGM DLC when it does happen.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 5 Scramble news as it develops.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Announced for Switch and PS4 Thu, 25 Apr 2019 14:03:32 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

The second of this week's Persona Super Live Concert reveals was the mysterious Persona 5 S, which turns out to be a musou game titled Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.

P5S will launch on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, though no timeframe was given for when fans can expect to see the newest Persona spinoff.

Musou games, for those unfamiliar with the term, are games in the style of Dynasty Warriors, focusing on frenetic combat against waves of enemies. Like most modern games in that genre, P5S is being developed as a partnership between Atlus and Koei Tecmo, specifically, KT's Omega Force division.

The trailer (see above) doesn't reveal much information, though Twitter user MysticDistance once again translated the reveal as it happened.

The story takes place, unsurprisingly, in Tokyo when a mysterious occurrence takes place that's similar to several other bizarre events taking place around Japan.

The trailer depicts a few enemy groups, including series staple Persona Pyro Jack and some figures that look like a cross between police officers and mannequins. These enemies are the ones responsible for the strange happenings the Phantom Thieves must investigate.

There will also be a new character in Persona 5 Scramble, and though nothing is known about the newcomer yet, it's believed the girl pictured below might be said character.

Ever since P5's main character Joker was announced for, and made his way to, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Persona fans hoped the mysterious web domain registered as P5S was a sign Persona 5 was coming to the Switch.

After yesterday's announcement of Persona 5: The Royal (or Persona 5 Royal in the West), those hopes diminished somewhat, as it seemed unlikely Atlus would release an enhanced version of the game on one platform and a port of the base game on another.

However, the announcement does fit with both a survey Atlus released last year asking fans what they wanted from a new Persona title and the popularity of Koei Tecmo's other musou collaborations. Fire Emblem Warriors sold over one million copies worldwide, while Hyrule Warriors on Switch surpassed KT's expectations.