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Torchlight 3 Halloween — Gears 'N' Goblins Update


The Torchlight 3 Halloween update brings the pets along for the ride. Players can rescue three new Halloween-themed pets from bosses and dungeons: the Midnight Cat, Spooky Retriever, and Dragonling Spirt. Each with a special skill that summons skeletons in battle, but the pets are only available until December.


Aside from battle-pups, the update introduces the Ancient Ember gear set and two new skills along with it, plus new fort decorations and two new weapons: Sword of the Lost and Lightning Baller mace.


And that's it for now! Feel free to bookmark this page for more Halloween event updates throughout October! If you found this list frightfully delightful, please consider sharing it! 


Hardspace: Shipbreaker Halloween: Haunted Frontier


Hardspace: Shipbreaker's Halloween event is Haunted Frontier, full of spooky haunted ships that put your bravery — and desire for salvage — to the test.


The update, which is live now on Steam, turns any ship into a potential ghost ship. Things start deteriorating as you gather materials and fend off rogue AI nodes. Lights flicker on and off. Air gets sucked out of the room. And somewhere deep in the ship, unsettling sounds can be heard...


Should you make it out alive, you can show off your hard-earned rewards with new stickers and badges.


Hunt: Showdown Halloween Event


Hunt: Showdown has its first-ever Halloween event on now until November 4, with a gourd-full of ghoulish events and treats to earn.


Players earn Event Points for special equipment and other items by doing the following:

  • Destroying pumpkins scattered through the world 
  • \n
  • Destroying the Butcher's pumpkin head 
  • \n
  • Investigating a Halloween-themed Clue or Rift 
  • \n
  • Destroying pumpkins mounted on scarecrows 
  • \n

There's only so many Event Points you can earn each day, but using the special Halloween item Wormseed Shot increases the points earned by 25%.


1,000 Event Points are needed for all the event's special gear. Any points earned over that will be converted into Blood Bonds once the event ends.


Minecraft Halloween in the Minecraft Marketplace


Minecraft Halloween celebrations run through November 2, with frights aplenty in the Minecraft Marketplace. Mojang's got Halloween-themed maps and items in store there, plus Halloween Collections to choose from in the Character Creator and Marketplace.


Until November 2, you can grab a free Halloween skin pack and Halloween character creation item for free. These will still be available to get after November 2, but they won't be free then.


[Source: Mojang]


Fire Emblem Heroes Halloween  Special Heroes (Dragons Harvest)


Fire Emblem Heroes' Halloween event runs through November 7 at 7:59 p.m. EST and offers a chance to summon four new Halloween-themed units:

  • Fall Vessel Robin (Awakening)
  • \n
  • Autumn Trickster Xane (Mystery of the Emblem)
  • \n
  • Harvest Goldoan Dheginsea (Radiant Dawn)
  • \n
  • Harmonic Hope Ninian and Tiki duo unit (Binding Blade and Shadow Dragon)
  • \n

As always, the seasonal Fire Emblem Heroes' units come with a new Paralogue event, Dragons Harvest.


No Man's Sky Halloween Update


Head back to the outer reaches of the galaxy to find some new loot in the No Man's Sky Halloween update. Brave explorers can scour Desolation's wrecked vessels again to find a new item, Tainted Metal, and have a chance to snag some Quicksilver. But it comes at a cost. The freighters are full of new treats and a security system gone haywire.


Trade Tainted Metal with the Scrap Dealer to get new base decorations and additional customization options, or you can stockpile it to exchange for the Horrific Flesh-Helmet.


Scrap Dealers also have Orange Pustules and Detoxified Slimes for infesting and purifying bases.


[Source: Hello Games]


PixARK Halloween


PixARK Halloween brings a spooky makeover to the survival game from now until November 2, with costumes and treats galore.


Things kick off at the main menu, which is getting a Halloween re-skin. The main attraction is the Pumpkin Soul Reaper though.


When you defeat the Pumpkin Soul Reaper, it might drop:

  • Pumpkin Seed
  • \n
  • Magic Broom
  • \n
  • Flying Firework
  • \n
  • Clown Costume
  • \n

The Firework and Broomstick only last seven days, but you have a slight chance of getting a permanent one from defeating Ancient Wyvern King, Beach Bully, and Aurora Butterfly King enemies.


Then there's candy grenades, Halloween decorations, a creepy scarecrow costume, and plenty of events to make the most out of the season.


[Source: Steam Community]


Apex Legends Halloween: Fight or Fright 2020


Apex Legends' Halloween Fight or Fright event is back with Shadow Royale and more from now until November 3.


Shadow Royale sees night fall on Kings Canyon and its trio matches. When a Legend falls, they're reborn in Shadow form with a thirst for vengeance.


This year's event sees several all-new skins plus re-imagined versions of last year's, including Sweet Dreams Caustic and Wicked Harvest Bloodhound. Skins from last year are available on rotation in the in-game store as part of bundle offers or special offers.


There's a set of exclusive rewards in the event's Prize Track too with skins, charms, and more.


[Source: EA]


War of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Halloween Special


War of the Visions is celebrating Halloween with two featured UR summons and a bucketful of rewards. Players can summon UR Little Leela and UR Rairyuu from now until November 10, both in Halloween attire with appropriate skills to match.


The Halloween Special also includes a Rewards From the Producer reward period from now until November 10. It features:

  • 2,000 Visiore
  • \n
  • 20,000,000 Gil
  • \n
  • 1 Rainbow Fragment of Thought
  • \n
  • 3 Rainbow Vision Sphere
  • \n
  • 50 Adamantite (Large)
  • \n
  • 50 Burst Pot
  • \n
  • 50 Armor Pot
  • \n

In a separate update, new players who start the game get a 7-day free summon period where a UR summon is guaranteed.


From October 28 through Halloween, players can take advantage of 6-UR Guaranteed Step Up 10x Summon, which guarantees:

  • one UR unit or vision card on step 1
  • \n
  • two UR units/vision cards on step 2
  • \n
  • three UR units/vision cards on step 3
  • \n

There's also a  5-step 10x Summon which guarantees a MR+ unit or vision card on steps 1-4 and UR “Exorcists” on step 5.


And there's even more, from daily login bonuses and Halloween Challenge Missions to a spoopy new Halloween-themed game icon.


GTA Online Halloween Bunker Series


GTA Online has a bunker full of frightful delights this Halloween. Halloween Bunker Series features triple RP and GTA$ plus three Slasher maps: the depths of the bunker, the silo, and The Diamond.


Taking part in the Halloween Adversary modes such as Beast Vs. Slasher and Come Out To Play doubles your RP and GTA$.


The peyote plants are back, in keeping with the spooky season, though Rockstar isn't saying what they'll transform you into yet. Nightclub income rates are going up as part of the event, and there'll be an influx of Freemode Events with triple payouts through October 28.


[Source: Rockstar Games]


Mortal Shell Halloween: Rotten Autumn


Mortal Shell's first content update just so happens to be a Halloween update called Rotten Autumn.


After downloading the update, speak with Gorf to unlock a new mini-quest. Completing it earns you new shades to deck out your Shell with. And you can show the world just how you spruced up your Shell with Mortal Shell's brand-new photo mode.


There's also a separate download alongside Rotten Autumn that adds a new soundtrack for boss fights, courtesy of Rotting Christ.


Those who haven't jumped into Mortal Shell yet can do so with a limited-time 20% discount for the digital version on PS4 and PC. That same discount isn't live for Xbox players yet, but it will be come October 27. 


Mortal Shell's physical version releases November 3 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the U.S., then on October 23 for PlayStation 4 and PC (case containing a key) in Europe and October 30 for Xbox One in Europe.


Fortnite Halloween — Fortnitemares 2020


King Midas is back from the great beyond in Fortnite's Fortnitemares 2020 event from now until November 3, and he's giving you the chance to wreak havoc on friend and foe alike.


When you're eliminated in a Solo, Duos or Squads match, you get the chance to return as a Shadow in Nitemare Royal. Attack surviving players from the shadows and even possess vehicles to bring their game to an end.


That's the trick side of things, but the island has plenty of treats in store too. You can get your hands on the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher, Fiend Hunter Crossbow, a special Midas invention, and of course, candy.


There's a suite of Fortnitemares challenges where you can unlock costumes and weapon skins such as the Smash-O'-Lantern Pickaxe and Midas' Shadow Wrap.


Finally, on Halloween night (October 31) at 9 p.m. EST, award-winning reggae singer J Balvin kicks off the Afterlife Party at the Party Royale Main Stage.


[Source: Epic Games]


PUBG Mobile Infection Mode


PUBG Mobile's Infection Mode is back from the dead from now until November 9, with new content, themes, costumes, and plenty of zombies.


Infection Mode's classic combat returns, pitting a team of Defenders against a team of Zombies in an all-or-nothing fight. Zombies — sporting Halloween masks, if you so choose —  can only use melee attacks, but fallen Defenders transform into Zombies with chances for form shifts and stat buffs.


If it all gets too much for the Defenders, they transform into Vanquishers when their team is down to three members. Foes they vanquish can't be resurrected.


These hellish fights unfold across maps decked out with pumpkins, gravestones, and other seasonal paraphernalia. More costumes and decorations are planned before the end of the event.


World of Tanks Halloween — Burning Games


Free-to-play war game World of Tanks is hosting the Burning Games Halloween event until October in partnership with Korn and their new video for "Finally Free." It's a chance for Tier V and higher vehicles to complete challenges and earn special items and take part in the new Wasteland map.


In World of Tanks Wasteland, tanks start with 1 HP and have to attack others to replenish it. Players can attack allies to restore teammates' health, and respawning increases the tank's overall power.


From October 16 through October 31, players can join The Way of the Raider 60-stage event to earn XP, camo, and the two new tanks featured in Korn's music video.


Finally, from October 24 through October 31, World of Tanks brings back Mad Games, a limited-time chance to outfit your tanks with the wildest abilities possible.


Red Dead Online: The Halloween Pass


It's spooky time at the Red Dead Online corral, with the game's first-ever Halloween Pass. Now through November 16, players can get their hands on wagon-loads of Red Dead Online Halloween rewards, ranging from weapons and costumes to decorations for the tavern. Everything acquired during the event lasts after it ends.


The Halloween Pass is available in the progress menu or the Wheeler, Rawson & Co selection.


Pokemon GO Halloween 2020


Pokemon GO Halloween 2020 runs from October 23 at 9 p.m. EST through November 3 at the same time and offers the first chance to get your hands on Galarian Yamask among other things.


Completing the Halloween Special Research "A Spooky Message Unmasked" gets you one step closer to finding both Galarian Yamask and Spiritomb. Other Field Research tasks will also center around Halloween themes during the event.


Ghost-type Pokemon will be more common in the wild, in Raids, and in Eggs. You might even find a costumed Gengar in Raids or hatch a Sableye in costume if you're lucky.


Talking of Raids, Darkrai takes center stage for five-star Raids, but there's more Halloween Raid goodness in store.


On October 31 from 11 a.m. local time through 5 p.m. local time, there's a higher chance Alolan Marowak will show up in Raids.


There's a special Halloween Cup from October 26 at 4 p.m. EST through the end of the event where only Poison, Dark, Bug, Ghost, and Fairy Pokemon can compete, and they have to have less than 1,500 CP.


It just wouldn't be Halloween without costumes. Pokemon GO Halloween 2020 amps up the costume game with a Gengar onesie, Sableye goggles, Pikachu mask, and more, along with bundles in the in-game shop.


Finally, there's an all-new event on October 26, the Catch Mastery event, which we cover in more detail elsewhere.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Darkness Rising 2020


Harry Potter Wizards Unite is back for 2020 and, like its Pokemon counterpart, you can play it safely from home.


This year, Darkness Rising revolves around weekly events where completing tasks — brewing potions, collecting notes, and the like — earns you rewards such as extra XP, Portkeys, and books.


The ultimate goal is finding the Dark Witch, masquerading as a Brilliant Oddity. Other oddities abound, too, including Brilliant Witch, Brilliant Dark Wizard, and Brilliant Giant Stone Hand.


Dreams Halloween


If you're looking for a more atmospheric experience, Dreams' Halloween event, All Hallows' Dreams, may be for you. The whole thing is user-generated, like the rest of Dreams, and All Hallows' Dreams pops up at the top of the world list when you boot the game up.


Choosing it takes you to a dream world with different scary mansions to explore.


Some are reportedly very scary indeed, though they have their biggest frights confined to the upper floors. Others are just fun, creepy haunted houses to explore, complete with pumpkins carved by other Dreams players and a costume zone.


Call of Duty Halloween 2020 — Haunting of Verdansk


Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare share a Halloween event in 2020: Haunting of Verdansk. The event runs from October 20 through November 3. It's a multi-pronged event featuring crossovers with SAW and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but some of it does come at a cost.


If you want the film crossover treats, you'll have to shell out for the SAW and Chainsaw Massacre bundles, both of which include skins, items, and weapons inspired by their respective franchises.


Activision promised more Halloween-themed bundles for the in-game store, including the new Dr. Karlov bundle focused on regional Verdansk folklore and a Grim Reaper bundle.


In addition to Trick or Treat crates with Halloween items galore, Haunting of Verdansk adds night modes to event maps, zombie battle royale, scavenger hunts, and much, much more.


[Source: Call of Duty]


Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall Halloween Event


Spooky Fall is coming to Minecraft Dungeons from October 26 until November 3 with challenges and rewards galore.


Seasonal Trials are summoning up ghoulish mobs for players to take on. If that weren't spoopy enough, the event turns down the lights with Night Mode — but only until the event ends.


Completing the Season Trials earns exclusive seasonal weapons and gear, whether Night Mode is enabled or not.


Elder Scrolls Online Halloween — Witches Festival 2021


Elder Scrolls Online's annual Halloween Witches Festival is back once more with double XP and plenty of treats to go around. ESO's 2020 Witches Festival runs from October 22 at 10 a.m. EST through November 3 at the same time.


If this is your first time taking part, you'll need to complete "The Witchmother's Bargain" quest from the Crown Store and earn the Witchmother's Whistle item. If you already have it, just select it from your collections to get started.


Using the Whistle kicks off a two-hour period of bonus XP, but there's a lot more.


Players can earn new mementos, furnishings, and Dremora and Hollowjack-themed items through Plunder Skulls earned in battle.


Bosses drop Dremora Plunder Skulls with extra goods, including treasure maps and pages for the Grave Digger weapon style.


There's the final evolution of the Indrik, a costume gala, grab bags, deals, and more. Check out the full details on the ESO event site.


Overwatch Junkenstein 2020


Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2020 event, aka Junkenstein 2020, is live now through November 3, bringing the Junkenstein's Revenge Brawl back alongside new skins and more.


Baptiste and Ashe are added to the brawl mix as playable characters this year, and there are weekly challenges to take on to earn new skins.


These are the new Legendary skins for the Halloween Terror 2020 event:

  • Karasu-Tengu (Genji)
  • \n
  • Dai-Tengu (Hanzo)
  • \n
  • Werewolf (Winsto)
  • \n
  • Flying Dutchman (Sigma)
  • \n
  • Shin-Ryeong (D.Va)
  • \n

That's in addition to three new Epic skins:

  • Fantasma (Sombra)
  • \n
  • Stone (Brigitte)
  • \n
  • Ragdoll (Echo)
  • \n

Here' the schedule of events.


October 13-20

  • Vengeful Ghost — get chased by ghosts
  • \n
  • Frenzied Stampede — chase down fast-moving zomnics
  • \n

October 20-27

  • Volatile Zomnics — zomnics explode when you get close
  • \n
  • Three They Were — take on missions with just three characters
  • \n

October 27-November 3

  • Mystery Swap — heroes get randomly changed
  • \n
  • Shocking Surprise — shock tires spawn from defeated enemies
  • \n

Overcooked! 2  Moon Harvest Festival


Overcooked! 2's Halloween celebration isn't technically Halloween-themed. It's in honor of harvest and autumn celebrations throughout eastern Asia, but it's fall-ish, so it works.


Better yet, it's a free update with no end time, and the content will appear in Overcooked! All You Can Eat for next-gen consoles.


Overcooked! 2's Moon Harvest Festival introduces new kitchens themed around water and lily pad obstacles. There are five new levels total, plus three succulent-looking mooncakes to add to the menu.


Doom Eternal Halloween 2020


Doom Eternal's Halloween 2020 event is pretty straightforward. Until October 29, log in every day, complete campaign missions to earn XP, play Battlemode, and complete weekly challenges to unlock skins. Challenges refresh every Thursday.


These Doom Eternal skins include:

  • Halloween Slayer
  • \n
  • Black Widow Mancubus
  • \n
  • Webenant Revenant
  • \n
  • Cultist Marauder
  • \n

[Source: Bethesda]


Dragalia Lost — Postmortem Panic


Dragalia Lost's Halloween event for 2020 is Postmortem Panic, a series of increasingly difficult challenges with a slew of rewards. It's live from October 12 at 2 a.m. through October 19 at the same time, but the event rewards can be claimed until October 26 at 1:59 a.m.


Postmortem Panic divides its missions by difficulty. Completing all the challenges at one tier earns battle charts and stratagems for unlocking the next level of quest.


Some of these are special dragon battle challenges, pitting adventurers against the toughest of foes like Astral High Mercury.


Victory earns wind and water tomes to unlock new skills for certain characters, while completing quests earns primal crystals used for treasure trading.


[Source: Nintendo of America]


Splatoon 2 Halloween Splatfest — Splatoween


Splatoon 2 is hosting a Halloween Splatfest called Splatoween, where the Tricks face off against the Treats. The special Splatfest kicks off on October 30 at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST and runs through November 1 at 5 p.m. EST/2 p.m. PST.


During the event, players can get their tentacles on some Halloween Splatoon 2 gear, including:

  • Kyonshi Hat
  • \n
  • Li'l Devil Horns
  • \n
  • Hockey Mask
  • \n
  • Anglerfish Mask
  • \n

These will be available via a Switch News article, so make sure you're signed up to get Splatoon 2 news on your Switch system. 


Star Citizen: Alpha 3.11 High Impact and Halloween


Star Citizen's Alpha 3.11 update includes a bounty of additions, and among them is Star Citizen's first-ever Halloween event. It kicked off earlier this month and runs through Halloween on October 31.


During the event, players can earn Halloween helmets and a special Day of the Vara Cutlass skin. There's a cosplay competition and even a pumpkin carving contest with plenty of "sweet prizes" in store for those who take part.


Borderlands 3 Halloween — Bloody Harvest Returns


Borderlands 3's Bloody Harvest Halloween event is back for October 2020. The ghoulish festivities run through November 5, and it's easier than ever to get your hands on some sweet, ghastly gear.


To kick things off, head to Sanctuary III, and speak with Maurice. Maurice tasks you with collecting Hecktoplasm from haunted enemies, easily spotted by their ghostly green glow.


Defeating haunted enemies spawns specters you'll need to defeat as well, and that's when you finally get ahold of Hecktoplasm.


After collecting enough of Hecktoplasm, Maurice opens the gate to Heck, where you can chat with Captain Haunt to access a number of quests, through which you'll earn Bloody Harvest items and cosmetics.


This year, the Bloody Harvest quests are less demanding than before, making it easier to get loot.

  • 4 challenges completed  “A Shrinking Feeling" weapon trinket
  • \n
  • 8 challenges completed  "Message from Beyond" ECHO Device skin
  • \n
  • 12 challenges completed  "Haunted Look" shared Vault Hunter skin
  • \n
  • 15 challenges completed  "Porphyrophobia" weapon skin
  • \n

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2020


Destiny 2 brings back the Festival of the Lost and the Haunted Forest for 2020, with new weapons, triumphs, armor sets, and cosmetics for Exotics to celebrate the spookiest season of the year. Festival of the Lost 2020 is free for all Destiny 2 players and runs from October 6 through November 3. 


Festival of the Lost 2020 adds new perk rolls for the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story, plus new sets for a few classes:

  • Hunter — Lycanthrope Set
  • \n
  • Warlock — Daywalker (vampire) Set
  • \n
  • Titan — Promethean Set
  • \n

On the official Festival of the Lost blog post, Bungie provided more information on the Halloween event. The Spider is a new NPC that gives players Cipher Decoders that unlock special chests at the end of The Haunted Forest. The chests are worth pursuing because they contain Legendary items specific to the Festival of the Lost. 


Rounding things out, there are new Sparrow skins available, as well as festival masks and vanity items for various armor sets, including broomsticks and witch hats. 


Resident Evil Resistance October Update


Resident Evil Resistance has a big October update in store, which is basically a Halloween update without actually being called a Halloween update.


Jill Valentine joins the ranks of the Survivors, with powerful weapons and her characteristic dodge mechanic from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake. And as is only fitting, Nemesis itself is a playable Mastermind for the first time. Players control Nemesis through playing as Nicholai, another new Mastermind.


The Prison is a new map added in RE Resistance's October update, and the Uptown Raccoon City and Bemusement Park maps get a remix with new layouts.


Finally is a slew of new costumes and weapon skins, Survivors' perks and customizable abilities, and Mastermind traps.


[Source: Capcom]


Grounded October Update


Grounded’s October update adds ziplines and more to the survival game, including some Halloween-themed items. The initial announcement is relatively light on details, but players can expect decorations, recreational items, and doodads to use with friends. These include harvestable Candy Corn and a new landmark in the Frankenline, which is described as "a creepy discarded Etch-a-Sketch you can actually draw on."


Aside from washing The Backyard in a spooky glow, the October update for Grounded does a lot on the backend as well, including fixing a handful of bugs, fine-tuning combat, and unlocking new perks. You can see the full patch notes here


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath  All Hallows' Eve


Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath is getting some Halloween goodness with the All Hallows’ Eve character skin pack. It’s available now and is free for Aftermath owners. Those who haven’t upgraded to Aftermath yet would need to purchase the expansion, which also unlocks the Summer Heat and Femme Fatale packs from earlier in 2020. 


Mortal Kombat 11’s All Hallows’ Eve skin pack trailer highlighted three of the included skins. One is the “Blizzard King” outfit for Sub-Zero, and then there’s the part-werewolf part-school spirit “Beast Within” skin for Johnny Cage. Then there’ “Bad Medicine” for D’Vorah, turning the Kytinn fighter into a spidery nurse from hell. 


It’s not certain if Warner Bros. is adding anything else to Mortal Kombat 11’s Halloween event, but we’ll update if something new turns up.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Halloween


The Halloween fun isn’t limited to New Horizons, as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp celebrates spooky season in its own way. The 2020 Pocket Camp Halloween event features a number of special activities with ghoulish treats on offer for those who complete certain goals.


Jack comes around and demands sweet treats. Hand over bat-themed lollipops to get bat furniture as a reward, and plant pumpkins during the month’s Garden Event to nab hatbats. Jack offers exclusive items such as mystical pumpkins in return.


Taking part in the October Fishing Tourney nets some goodies as well, with potion-themed furniture on offer every time players reach a size goal with the fish they catch.


Then there’s a fright night gyroidite scavenger hunt, new Happy Home classes and challenges, wall and carpet sets, special cookie items and more. The Pocket Camp Halloween and October events are live now.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Halloween update is available to download for free now, and it’s bringing more than just the Czar of Halloween to the island. 


Animal Crossing patch 1.5 paves the way for Halloween by adding Candy as an item players can purchase from the Nooklings’ store and pumpkins as growable DIY fodder.


The patch 1.5 trailer shows players planting, watering, and harvesting at least four different pumpkin varieties and then using them in various Halloween-themed DIY recipes.


On Halloween night (October 31), Jack himself visits the island. It’s not clear yet what he requires of the player, but all the residents will be lurking about, asking for Candy and showing off their costumes.


The patch adds new skin tone options for players to look their creepy best as well. We’ll update with more information about what New Horizons Halloween brings to the table as it becomes available.


Monster Hunter: World Iceborne — Fun Fright Fest


Capcom’s brewing up a special Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Halloween event called the Fun Fright Fest, part of the hefty Title Update 5. It runs from October 15 at 8 p.m. EST through November 5 at the same time and is exclusive to the expansion.


The Autumn Harvest Fest is returning to the base Monster Hunter: World game, but Capcom hasn’t said much about it yet.


Fun Fright Fest (starting at 7:06 in the above trailer) sees the Seliana Gathering Hub decked out with spooky furnishings, and the handler dons a Cute Demoness outfit to celebrate the occasion. There are two special ticket types to collect during the event and trade in for loot: the Fun Fright Ticket and the VIP Fun Fright Ticket. 


The former get doled out as daily login bonuses for the MHW Halloween event and can be used to craft armor with Decoration slots. Players can exchange the latter for in-game decorations and Layered Armor, but these are only available as random item drops. Both ticket types can be exchanged for Melding Tickets too.


There’s at least one new set of armor coming to the Fun Fright Fest, Demon Lord Alpha+. Wearing pieces of this armor set increases the chance of getting VIP Fun Fright Tickets.


Capcom may reveal more about Monster Hunter: World Iceborne’s Fun Fright Fest as the start date approaches, and we’ll update if that happens.


Killing Floor 2: Infernal Insurrection


It wouldn’t be Halloween without Killing Floor 2’s annual Halloween celebrations, and 2020 is no different. This year’s Halloween event is Killing Floor 2: Infernal Insurrection, and it brings treats galore, including new weapons, maps, and cosmetics.


Infernal Insurrection’s new map is Hallmark Station, a twisted take on London’s famous King’s Cross Station. Hallmark Station has been overrun by zeds, of course, and players must team up with fellow mercenaries to take down the demonic threat. Hellmark Station includes Survival, Endless, and Weekly modes.


Two new HRG weapons make their debut in Killing Floor 2’s Halloween event.

  • HRG Scorcher (Firebug class bonus) — a flare gun that marks targets by setting them on fire
  • \n
  • HRG Arc Generator (Survivalist class bonus) — fires EMP blasts in short bursts or powerful charges
  • \n

From now until November 10, Killing Floor 2 is also introducing a number of Halloween events, objectives, bonuses, and cosmetics.


October 2020 is upon us, which means it's time for scary movies, The Simpsons Tree House of Horror, and Halloween events in all our favorite video games! While we're still on announcements from Overwatch and Apex Legends, games like Killing Floor 2Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and MHW already have their in-game-event plans laid out for the spooky season.


From new weapons and outfits to new DIY recipes and Palico Halloween costumes, there are plenty of tricks, and even more treats, in store for the witching month. 


Games that haven't announced Halloween plans yet likely will in the coming weeks, and we'll update this list of Halloween events when that happens. Be sure to bookmark this and check back throughout October!

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According to Snail Games, the DLC brings: 

  • Floating Island Map: A map spanning 10 distinctive island biomes, each featuring new creatures and cube types.

  • New Ruins: Players can take on special bosses, from Cobaltianian offers, Behemoth and the Ghost Dragon King to obtain special equipment and armor, or drop into Wyvern nests to hatch their own Wyvern. [There are also] fresh biomes and creatures, with new types of loot waiting to be obtained.

  • Summon Bone Creatures: Skeletal bone creatures and Fossil Cubes can be found throughout the new map. Players must defeat bone creatures or harvest Fossil Cubes to obtain Fossils. With enough fossils, explorers can venture to the Summoning Altar to summon their own tamable Bone Creatures. 

  • TEK Technology Engrams: Players can now infuse engrams with TEK technology to create advanced mechanized items, including new swords, guns, grenades, shields, armour, saddles and other useful materials.

When We’ll Announce the Winner:

There will be 5 PixARK Steam keys given away and the winners will be announced August 28, 2019 before 5 p.m. EDT. The contest closes on Tuesday, August 27 at 11:59 p.m EDT. That's less than a week away: Good luck, everyone!

GameSkinny Weekend Download: Diablo DLC, Call of Duty, PS5 Details, Dauntless, More https://www.gameskinny.com/5f5is/gameskinny-weekend-download-diablo-dlc-call-of-duty-ps5-details-dauntless-more https://www.gameskinny.com/5f5is/gameskinny-weekend-download-diablo-dlc-call-of-duty-ps5-details-dauntless-more Sat, 08 Jun 2019 09:00:01 -0400 GS_Staff

This week, GoG released some old, but new Diablo DLC, Sony unveiled some new details on the PlayStation 5, we learned that the new Call of Duty would have crossplay, and the hammer is bad-ass in Dauntless

We also took a look at Stadia, including its release date, price, and games. Netflix is making a show based on Magic: The Gathering. Shenmue 3 got delayed again, and there's a lot more. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. It's the weekend. What else are you gonna' do? Play video games? 


  • GOG Adds Hellfire Expansion To Original Diablo
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  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Crossplay Clarified, Will Be Similar to Fortnite
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  • PlayStation CEO Talks Cross-Generational Play, More PS5 Details
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  • June's Pokemon Direct Introduces Gen VIII Pokemon, Wild Area, Dynamaxing
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  • Set Sail On Your Table With Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game
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  • ARK: Survival Evolved Mod Contest Roars to Life With $35,000 Prize Pool
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How to Tame Gargoyle in PixARK https://www.gameskinny.com/rtllv/how-to-tame-gargoyle-in-pixark https://www.gameskinny.com/rtllv/how-to-tame-gargoyle-in-pixark Fri, 07 Jun 2019 09:30:00 -0400 Sergey_3847

PixARK offers a tremendous number of creatures and dinosaur species to tame. One of the best early creatures that can be tamed is the Gargoyle. But in order to tame such a strong beast, you need to follow a certain strategy.

If you just started playing PixARK and are looking for a way to tame a Gargoyle, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Tame Pteranodon

Before going out for the Gargoyle, it would be a good idea to tame a Pteranodon. This flying dinosaur will allow you to not only get to the Magic Forest, a biome which Gargoyles inhabit, but also escape the angry Gargoyle the first time it sees you.

When you reach Level 15, you will get the chance to craft a bow and basic arrows, which is really the only type of weapon that can knock out an extremely cautious Pteranodon.

As soon as a Pteranodon drops to the ground, you can tame it by feeding it either cooked or raw meat.

Step 2: Tame Gargoyle

Now you can use the Pteranodon to go to the Magic Forest. But before that, be sure to craft sleepy arrows for your bow.

Fly over the hills and search for stone Gargoyle statues looking over the magic valleys.

You can use your bow and arrows to shoot a statue, which will force it to wake up and start chasing you.

Gargoyles are pretty slow on their own, so you can easily run away from it on your Pteranodon. When you reach a safe distance, you can shoot a Gargoyle with your sleepy arrows until it drops to the ground.

Lastly, use raw or cooked meat to tame it, and you will have one of the fastest and strongest creatures in PixARK at your service.

For other PixARK guides, check out the links below:

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Weekend Download is back, and this week we have a ton of reviews, some brand-new guides, and a lot of news. 

From the next Call of Duty to PSVR, Dauntless and Pokemon, Death Stranding, Super Smash, PixARK, and more, we've rounded up everything we've published in the past week. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. It's the weekend. What else are you gonna' do? Play video games? 


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PixARK Review: What if Minecraft and ARK Had a Baby https://www.gameskinny.com/jcbvr/pixark-review-what-if-minecraft-and-ark-had-a-baby https://www.gameskinny.com/jcbvr/pixark-review-what-if-minecraft-and-ark-had-a-baby Thu, 30 May 2019 10:01:58 -0400 Sergey_3847

The first time you try PixARK you can't really comprehend if this game is trying to be more like Minecraft or actually more like ARK: Survival Evolved.

On one hand, there are a lot of pure RPG elements, such as character stats, leveling, and quests. But on the other hand, you have to do all the stuff you need to do in Minecraft, such as collecting resources, building houses, and harvesting crops on your farms.

Visually, PixARK leans more towards Minecraft, but the blocks are smoother and more colorful. And this is not the first time we see someone adopt Voxel graphics in a game, the world of which consists of breakable blocks.

However, the best part about PixARK is that it has much lower system requirements than ARK: Survival Evolved. So in this regard, it allows players to play the game even on a casual laptop.

In any case, if you're wondering what this game is all about, then keep on reading our review below.

World Full of Dinos

The first question mentioned above, whether PixARK is more like Minecraft or ARK has a simple answer: It's both! Together these two sources of inspiration created a world with over a hundred dinosaur species roaming several different biomes, and your job as a player is to survive in this kind of environment.

At times it can be hard, but as soon as you adapt to most of the mechanics PixARK can really start growing on you. Of course, you will find already familiar gameplay elements of both Minecraft and ARK here, so you need to be familiar with at least one of them, or you may find the Voxel world of PixARK too confusing.

But even small kids can play the game and enjoy it pretty much on the same level as more mature players, since everything looks like a cartoon, and even the most dangerous kinds of dinos aren't that scary.

Most of the animals look really cute, despite being able to hurt your character. But if you manage to tame them, then these funny creatures will serve you well and let you explore the giant open world around you.

PixARK can be played either in a casual way or you could take on quests that involve hunting and taming creatures, crafting and building, etc. Again, if you've played either Minecraft or ARK, then you will find all this way too familiar, albeit some of the mechanics may differ slightly.

Gameplay Mechanics

It is important to understand that PixARK requires a lot of free time, just like Minecraft and ARK. Just imagine that each type of building requires different types of materials. You will have to craft floors, walls, and ceilings, that each consist of various blocks. The construction process also requires a lot of precision, or you'll end up with a very fragile building.

Soon after building your first house you gain access to better resources that allow you to build much stronger structures. Fortunately, you don’t have to destroy an old house and build a new one, because individual blocks can be replaced.

Leveling is just as important since it affects your crafting and taming abilities. Taming creatures is probably one of the most important mechanics in PixARK. All the different species live in various biomes, but you can only tame certain creatures when you achieve a specific level. In addition to different types of dinosaurs and unusual creatures, there are also more familiar animals like pandas and crocodiles. But dinosaurs are the best for taming, since they are more powerful.

PixARK can be played either in single player or multiplayer modes. The maximum number of players is 100, but experience shows that servers run much better with around 50 people at most. Otherwise, you risk running into network lags and glitches. Administrators can set their own servers and focus either on PvP or PvE.

Lastly, if you like playing in Minecraft's creative mode, then you will find PixARK's similar mode enticing. It includes all the necessary tools for creation, but many parameters need to be programmed manually, which can take some time.


  • Shiny, smooth Voxel graphics
  • Huge open world
  • Cute dinosaur models
  • Low system requirements


  • Offers nothing new
  • Requires some optimization

The developers really tried to add a proper sense of character development to PixARK. But this game feels more like an ordinary sandbox rather than an RPG, so this kind of approach seems out of place.

And even if you look at PixARK as an RPG game, then it simply lacks depth. Even the quest system is optional, and frankly, there is no real need for quests to begin with.

Virtually every action, whether crafting or hunting creatures, will grant you XP. Then, you can distribute them across your stats, and there are no limits to what you can do.

In this regard, PixARK solves the problem of arbitrary RPG elements, but otherwise, just enjoy it for what it is a cute survival sandbox game full of dinosaurs.

[Note: A copy of PixARK was provided by Snail Games USA for the purpose of this review.]

PixARK Farming Guide: Growing, Irrigating, and Harvesting https://www.gameskinny.com/x5p8d/pixark-farming-guide-growing-irrigating-and-harvesting https://www.gameskinny.com/x5p8d/pixark-farming-guide-growing-irrigating-and-harvesting Wed, 29 May 2019 09:37:27 -0400 Sergey_3847

Farming crops and other plants in PixARK can get rather problematic if one doesn't have a clear idea of what they need to do. It is especially important to get this task right from the very beginning, or you may spend many hours figuring out the processes of growing, irrigating, and harvesting your seeds.

All you need to do to avoid this, though, is follow our quick step-by-step guide below for fast and efficient farming in PixARK.

Step 1: Gather Seeds

The first, and most obvious, step is to gather the seeds of the crop or plant that you want to farm.

The most effective way to gather seeds is to tame one of the following two dinosaurs:

  • Parasaur
  • Triceratops

Simply run through bushes and plants with your dino and the seeds will be automatically added to your stash.

Step 2: Set Up a Farming Plot

In order to plant and grow your seeds, you need to set aside a plot of land for your farm. The best location for your plot is near a source of water.

This is needed for a water irrigation system, which requires a Water Intake Pipe, which can irrigate up to a three-block radius.

This means that you need to remove the foundation of 6x6 blocks and replace it with soil or dirt blocks.

Step 3: Set Up an Irrigation System

Your seeds won't grow without an irrigation system, so here's what you need to do :

  1. Craft a Water Intake Pipe and a Water Tap
  2. Put the Water Intake near the source of water
  3. Put the Water Tap in the center of your plot
  4. Connect the Water Intake and the Water Tap with pipes

This simple installation will keep your seeds watered at all times.

Step 4: Harvest Your Crops

Finally, you can put your seeds into one of your free active slots, and then put the seeds into blocks of soil.

You will notice that your crops will start growing immediately. This method can be applied to all types of plants and trees in PixARK, except those seeds that require ice blocks instead of soil blocks for growing.

When your crops are ready to be harvested, you can use Parasaur to harvest the crops or use Triceratops to harvest seeds.

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Pixark Guide: Leveling Tips and Tricks https://www.gameskinny.com/3kypo/pixark-guide-leveling-tips-and-tricks https://www.gameskinny.com/3kypo/pixark-guide-leveling-tips-and-tricks Tue, 28 May 2019 10:09:47 -0400 Sergey_3847

PixARK has just left the Early Access stage, and it is now available on PC and consoles. This joint project of Snail Games and Wildcard Studios has proven to be immensely successful, as it allows players to explore the world dominated by dinosaurs in a fresh new way.

If you have just started playing PixARK, then you have probably noticed that it is really easy to level up in the early stages of the game, but it gets more difficult as the time goes by.

However, there is a neat strategy that can help you level up really fast from Level 1 to 80, if you follow the tips and tricks provided below.

Levels 1-5

In the very beginning, the best strategy would be to simply pick up Thatch and berries that grow almost everywhere.

This simple action will let you level up really quickly to Level 6, which is when you get your first engram.

Levels 5-15

Use your first engram to craft a Spear. As you first weapon it will allow you to hunt animals that will get you enough XP to reach Level 15.

The easiest animal to kill is Phiomia. It can be found almost anywhere since the only thing it does is eat all day long. It can't protect itself, so you will get a  ton of XP by simply poking it with your spear.

Levels 15-25

At this stage, you can finally craft a bow, one of the most valuable weapons in PixARK. Also, craft some good arrows, such as Stone and Poison arrows to make your hunting even more effective.

The one creature that will give you the biggest amount of XP at this stage is Pteranodon. It's a very careful animal, so killing it with your bow is the only chance to get it. Try to aim at its head for the maximum damage.

Levels 25-40

At this point, you can start crafting Magic Sleepy arrows for your bow and tame a Pteranodon. You will need one to get to the Magic Forest area.

There look out for a Stone Gargoyle, which usually rests on the top of the hills. Put one to sleep using the magic arrows and tame it using pieces of meat.

A tamed Gargoyle is not only super efficient when it comes to quickly traversing the map, but it also has an incredibly strong punch, which will allow you to kill almost any other creature inhabiting the biomes.

Levels 40-60

You can use Gargoyle for a rather long time and even stick with it up to Level 60, but if you get bored of it, then you can travel to Desert and tame Argentavis.

The taming method is similar to Gargoyle, using your Magic Sleepy arrows and meat. You will notice immediately that Argentavis is not as fast as Gargoyle, but it is more powerful.

Levels 60-70

As soon as you reach Level 60 you need to return to the Magic Forest and attempt to tame a Gryphon.

Once again, the method of taming is similar to that of Gargoyle and Argentavis.

Once you have a Gryphon tamed, take it to the Golden Realm area and use it to hunt and tame a T-Rex. The Gryphon has enough punch to knockout T-Rex, which is the only way to tame such a beast.

Levels 70-80

Finally, you can take your own personal T-Rex and travel to the most dangerous biome in PixARK: the Doom Lands.

You can literally kill any creature with T-Rex that is capable of dealing over 2,000 points of damage in one punch. So keep doing this as long as you need and your leveling plan will reach the maximum in almost no time.

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Snail Games' PixARK To Release This May https://www.gameskinny.com/z1oj2/snail-games-pixark-to-release-this-may https://www.gameskinny.com/z1oj2/snail-games-pixark-to-release-this-may Wed, 24 Apr 2019 13:49:49 -0400 QuintLyn

On May 31, Snail Games will release its voxel-based sandbox survival game PixARK upon the world, bringing it to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game, which is a voxel take on the ARK survival games takes players to a world filled with great variety, from the landscape to the creatures that inhabit it. 

In order to survive in PixARK, players must tame the creatures and the land, craft everything they need, and build a nice safe base in which to reside. The game offers players an infinite amount of maps and procedurally generated quests. The game provides even more variety by allowing players to team up and form a tribe, unless they'd rather go it alone.

As with most voxel-based games, players can build almost anything they want. They'll gather materials and craft everything from tools -- both technological and magical -- to giant fortresses. In their spare time, players can explore, delving into undiscovered areas.

A big focus of PixARK will be taming animals. Players won't be just killing them in standard online quest fashion, but actually capturing and making them your allies. They'll even be able to ride some of these creatures, including dragons and dinosaurs.

Currently, PixARK is available on PC as an Early Access game. This means that while the game hasn't officially launched, those willing to risk playing a game that's still being developed have been able to get a bit of a head start. Thanks to that, those looking to pick up PixARK at launch will have a good bit of information on the game -- including a large selection of guides right here on GameSkinny.

For those who haven't yet grabbed the game and don't want to wait to grab it on PC, PixARK can still be purchased as an Early Access offering for $24.99. This price may change a bit once the game officially releases.

PixARK Console Commands Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/cq97y/pixark-console-commands-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/cq97y/pixark-console-commands-guide Wed, 04 Apr 2018 13:24:42 -0400 Sergey_3847

If you play Minecraft and/or ARK: Survival Evolved, then you ought to try out the latest title from Snail Games -- PixARK. It's a sandbox game with elements of building, crafting, harvesting, and other survival activities -- all combined with dinosaur hunting.

The game is now available on Steam, and you can make the gameplay easier for yourself by using some of the available console commands. Follow our quick guide below for the single-player cheat commands in PixARK.

All Single-Player Console Commands in PixARK

soaring above the pixelated terrain in PixARK

In order to activate console commands in PixARK, you need to press the TAB button, and then type in the following commands:

  • r.shadowquality 0 -- Turn off shadows
  • r.bloomquality 0 -- Turn off bloom
  • r.lightshafts 0 -- Turn off lightshafts
  • sg.EffectsQuality 0 -- Turn off effects
  • stat Unit -- Show overall frame time, game thread, rendering thread, and GPU times
  • stat FPS 1 -- Enable the fps overlay
  • stat FPS 0 -- Disable the fps overlay
  • setres -- Set the desired resolution (e.g., setres 1920x1080)

In order to activate cheat commands in PixARK, press the "~" button and enter the "enablecheats [your password]" command (e.g., enablecheats 123). Come up with any password you want, and then you can start using the following commands:

  • cheat god -- Enable god mode
  • cheat fly -- Enable flying
  • cheat walk -- Deactivate flying
  • cheat giveitemnum [item #] [quanity] 1 0 -- Add an item to your game from 000 to 1336 (e.g., cheat giveitemnum 052 3 1 0)
  • cheat addexperience [value] 0 0 -- Add a certain amount of XP to your game (e.g., cheat addexperience 500 0 0)
  • cheat teleport [X Y Z] -- Teleport to coordinates X Y Z (e.g., cheat teleport 100 50 100)
  • cheat setplayerpos [X Y Z] -- Alternative teleportation to coordinates
  • cheat slomo 5 -- Increase the speed of movement
  • cheat slomo 1 -- Revert to normal speed
  • cheat playersonly -- Freeze all processes except players
  • cheat ghost -- Walk through walls and other objects
  • cheat infinitestats -- Add infinite stats
  • cheat destroyallenemies -- Destroy all enemies
  • cheat enemyinvisible true -- Enable invisible mode
  • cheat enemyinvisible false -- Disable invisible mode
  • cheat destroymytarget -- Destroy target
  • cheat forcetame -- Tame a dinosaur
  • cheat forceplayertojointargettribe [player ID] -- Force any player to join the target tribe by using their player ID (e.g., cheat forceplayertojointargettribe 012345678)
  • cheat settimeofday [timestring] -- Change the time of day (e.g., cheat settimeofday 12:00)
  • cheat saveworld -- Save the current world state


That is all for the console commands guide, and for other PixARK guides at GameSkinny, check out the the links below:

PixARK Guide - How to Tame a Pegasus and a Fairy Dragon https://www.gameskinny.com/64y72/pixark-guide-how-to-tame-a-pegasus-and-a-fairy-dragon https://www.gameskinny.com/64y72/pixark-guide-how-to-tame-a-pegasus-and-a-fairy-dragon Wed, 04 Apr 2018 13:15:16 -0400 Autumn Fish

PixARK has some truly incredible tamable creatures. Among them are the elusive Pegasus and Fairy Dragon, both of which have their own quirks that really help with surviving in this dangerous land.

The Pegasus is a special Magic Creature that can be tamed early and doesn't require a saddle to be ridden. The Fairy Dragon, on the other hand, comes with a neat shield ability and has decent mobility, making it a great flying scout mount to have once you're at a high enough level to craft a saddle.

Neither of these are especially easy to tame, however. Not only do they require unconventional taming methods as Magic Creatures, but since they both fly and have a Passive temperament, they're rather difficult to actually corner for the Knockout. That's why we've put together this guide to help you tame a Pegasus and a Fairy Dragon of your own.

Without further ado, let's jump in!

How to Tame a Pegasus and a Fairy Dragon in PixARK

Both the Fairy Dragon and the Pegasus spawn in and around the Golden Realm biome (the location pictured in the header). It's a pretty dangerous place, so tread with caution. The creatures you're looking to tame are Passive, so they won't attack you, but you need to defend yourself from the creatures that will.

They're both Knockout Tames, so be sure to bring a Bow or Crossbow with plenty of Magic Sleepy Arrows. It won't take too many Magic Sleepy Arrows to knock either of them out, but they will fly away when hit, making it hard to keep up with them on foot. It's recommended that you either have a flying mount that you can fire your bow on or some way to trap it.

PixARK Guide How to Tame a Pegasus and a Fairy Dragon

It's near-impossible to lead these creatures where you want them, so the best trap you can hope for is a cave or a good crevice in a mountain or something like that. Once you shoot your target, you should have a few extra seconds to get off another shot or two, as it'll take awhile to take off running. Since Magic Sleepy Arrows build up Torpor instantly, you're not wasting ammo by rapid-firing them at the creature, unlike with normal Sleepy Arrows.

Once the Pegasus or Fairy Dragon is Unconscious, plop some Magic Berries from the Magic Forest in their inventory and wait for the Taming bar to fill. If the Unconscious meter gets too low, make sure to use Narcoberries or Sleepy Potions on the creature to keep them knocked out until they're fully tamed. For more tips, be sure to check out our full Taming Guide.


Have you found any easier ways of cornering a Pegasus or a Fairy Dragon? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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PixARK Guide - Getting Started with Magic https://www.gameskinny.com/w3db6/pixark-guide-getting-started-with-magic https://www.gameskinny.com/w3db6/pixark-guide-getting-started-with-magic Thu, 05 Apr 2018 13:31:53 -0400 Autumn Fish

One thing that makes PixARK stand apart from its predecessor, ARK: Survival Evolved, is the Magic Skill system. As fantastical as ARK is, it has always kept a sense of realism about it. However, this game throws that out the window in the hopes of having its own sense of identity.

Thankfully, the Magic system isn't just shoehorned into the game to make it more interesting, but actually plays a rather integral role in the gameplay, especially as you begin to get into the mid-to-later levels. If you want to get the most out of your time in PixARK, you have to dip into the Magic Skill system at some point.

There's a lot to understand about Magic in this game, so we'll go over the basics first before diving into all the different things that you can do with it. Let's get started!

The Basics of Magic in PixARK

There are two major components to Magic in this game: Magic Creatures and the Magic Skill Tree.

Magic Creatures specifically set themselves apart from Normal Creatures for a couple of reasons. For starters, they cannot be Knockout Tamed in the same way that other creatures can since they need Magic Sleepy Arrows before their Torpor will be affected. (For more on that, be sure to check out our Taming Guide.)

Additionally, Magic Creatures drop special items that you can't get anywhere else. In particular, they drop Primary Magic Cores. If you're lucky, they may even drop a variety of Magic Stones. When you face off against stronger Magic Creatures, you'll even find that they won't take damage from regular weapons or tools, and can only be hurt by magic. So as you can see, it's important to make the distinction between Magical Creatures and regular ones when dealing with wildlife in PixARK.

The Magic Skill, on the other hand, is actually less of a skill and more of a crafting tree. There are several magical feats you can perform, but you're going to need to craft the tools for them first. And for that, you'll need the proper crafting stations and materials.

a tower emanates red light in the distance as seen from the Magic Forest in PixARK

Of course you can't just craft magical tools with any regular old materials. You need to venture out to magical lands such as the Magic Forest to gather things like Mageweave Bark or Magic Fiber, in addition to slaying Magic Creatures for their drops. Then you can use those materials in conjunction with a variety of magical crafting stations, such as the Magic Workbench, Alchemy Stove, Inscription Book, and Crucible, in order to craft all manner of magical items.

Making Magic with the Magic Workbench

The Magic Workbench is the main crafting station for the Magic Skill. With it, you can craft everything from saddles for Magic Creatures to magic building blocks and furniture to wands, magic combat gear, and magical base defense. While some of this stuff is self-explanatory, the wands, combat gear, and base defense are really unique and deserve a highlight.

Wands and the Alchemy Stove

Wands are interesting tools that can be used to accomplish a couple of different tasks. There are two different types of wands in this game: gathering wands and offensive wands.

Gathering wands like the Wood Wand, Shining Wand, and Bone Wand are capable of gathering resources like Elemental Magic Stones, while also housing the capability of basic ranged attacks. The Shining Wand and Bone Wand are even capable of collecting two Magic Stones per block, so they're well worth having around even after you have a pick that can mine them.

a character rides on a red creature with blonde hair while another engages in battle in PixARK

Offensive wands like the Apprentice Wand and Master Wand, on the other hand, have the ability to cast Elemental Magic and unleash devastating attacks on unsuspecting enemies. However, in order to cast spells, they require ammunition in the form of Magic Stone Essence, which is created from Magic Stones using the Alchemy Stove.

Magic Combat Gear

The combat gear that you can craft from the Magic Skill is pretty unique and will prove useful throughout the rest of the game. Aside from the nice magic garbs you can craft, there's a neat Ice Spear, a solid Ice Shield, and a plethora of Elemental Ammo types you can craft.

The Ice Spear is essentially just a spear that's really powerful. The Ice Shield, on the other hand, has the ability to not only block normal attacks but also to protect against magic attacks, making it extremely useful whenever going up against creatures that cast spells.

There's also all sorts of Elemental Ammo you can craft for your bows and rifles that grant all manner of elemental effects when fired. For example, Ice Ammo will slow targets down, and Fire Ammo will create miniature explosions for decent area of effect damage. They're really useful and actually act as a decent alternative to wands.

Magical Base Defense

There are two kinds of base defense that come from the Magic Skill tree: the Elemental Magic Shield and the Thunder Totem.

a well-decorated room full of vibrant colors and a comfy bed in PixARK

The Elemental Magic Shield is a special barrier that, when active, prevents any and all destruction of blocks within the protected area -- even from yourself. However, it requires rare Dark Magic Stones to keep active, so it's a good idea to save the barrier for times of War.

The Thunder Totem, on the other hand, is a sort of magical turret. It hits enemies that enter its range with bolts of lightning, dealing moderate damage. They can be picked up and replaced without demolishing them, and several can even be put down around your base -- given you have the materials to build them -- but you need to be at least level 60 before the Engram even unlocks.

Summoning with the Inscription Book

The Inscription Book allows you to create pages that summon Magical Creatures like Skeletons and Zombies to defend you. They aren't incredibly powerful, but you can summon as many creatures as you have pages. They mostly do their own thing and don't respond to your command, but they're unique and definitely worth having around for clutch situations.

Brewing Potions with the Crucible

A Magic Skill system simply wouldn't be complete without potions, and the Crucible will help you with just that. There are a slew of different kinds of potions you can brew, from recovery potions to potions that grant insane player buffs.

aiming down the sights at a two-headed creature standing by some lava in PixARK

There are Health and Vigor Potions that recover your Health and Stamina respectively. There are potions that temporarily buff the player's stats, like Melee Damage, Max Carry Load, Item Crafting Speed and Efficiency, Swimming Ability and Oxygen Consumption, and even Movement Speed. There's even a potion that will temporarily turn the player into a Werewolf, if that's your style. Whether or not you're actually into Magic, you can't honestly deny how useful these potions are.


And that about covers all of the unique things Magic in PixARK can accomplish. Keep in mind that everything listed here is based entirely on an early build of the game from around the time Early Access started, so this is all subject to change as the developers at Snail Games fine-tune the experience.

For more help with finding elusive resources, taming creatures, and using console commands, be sure to check out the rest of our PixARK guides.

PixARK Easy Copper Mining https://www.gameskinny.com/u29bv/pixark-easy-copper-mining https://www.gameskinny.com/u29bv/pixark-easy-copper-mining Mon, 02 Apr 2018 16:00:49 -0400 Ty Arthur

After the absolute eternity that the original ARK: Survival Evolved spent in Early Access prior to full release, now you can enjoy paying for the privilege of alpha testing the pixel version as well!

Exactly what it sounds like, PixARK is the Minecraft version of ARK, and it will see your blocky avatar harvesting resources like copper to craft new types of tools and equipment. Because of the random nature of resource spawns in different biomes, just finding large amounts of copper can be a whole adventure on its own if you want that copper pickaxe.

Below, we cover everything you need to know to mine copper quickly in PixARK and get started building new tools. Wondering how to tame different kinds of creatures instead? Check out our full guide to taming any PixARK dino over here.

A copper cube being mined from a minecraft-like terrain in PixARK Mining some copper cubes in PixARK (thanks to Mexsus for the screenshot)

Where to Find Copper in PixARK

Copper is frequently found by digging down beneath the surface in absolutely any biome, but it spawns randomly in various sizes and at different block depths.

You may get lucky and find a bunch of copper segments immediately, while digging down just five or six blocks, and at other times, you may have to dig extremely deep tunnels in several locations before finding a copper vein.

Your best bet is to mine in different directions instead of just going straight down, as you are more likely to come across various types of ore if you mine out in cascading branches. The deeper you go, the more likely it is that ore types will start to spawn, so keep heading further down. If you don't find anything after digging in a few different directions, leave and head to a different area to try again. Hills and mountains in particular seem to be good spots for digging copper.

Digging isn't always the best option, though. In some cases you can actually find copper blocks above ground, especially in the bamboo biome with the pandas.

If you search from the air on a flying dino, you will eventually see large clearings filled with stone blocks instead of bamboo, and these often have big deposits of copper right on the top layer, with no need to actually dig down anywhere. If you carve out the pieces of stone around the copper, you will typically find even more copper deposits just a block beneath the surface.

Finally, copper ingots can also be found by raiding hidden ruins, especially in the standard green grass biomes that tend to have lots of coyotes.

a blue, blocky dinosaur flying above exposed copper in PixARK Finding copper veins on the ground

PixARK Copper Cheat

Of course, like with regular ARK, you can always pull up the command console and cheat your way to tamed beasts and large stockpiles of resources just by spawning them in directly.

Just hit the Tab key to bring up the console command screen, and then enter the appropriate item code. The command to spawn copper is cheat giveitemnum 44 1 0 0

Just replace the "1" in the line with however many units of copper you want to automatically spawn, from 2 to 99. Be sure to leave the number 44 in there, as that is the specific item ID number for copper ore.

With the command typed correctly, hit Enter to spawn all the copper ore you could possibly need! You can do this over and over to get large quantities very quickly.

a pickaxe on the right side of the screen, some copper ore in the middle, and a health pack on the top left in PixARK Enjoy all your shiny new copper ore!

Have you found any other reliable copper ore mining locations? Let us know in the comments and we'll get them added to the article.

If you need more help with resource gathering, dino taming, or console commands cheats, check out our full list of PixARK guides here.

PixARK Guide -- How to Tame Any Creature https://www.gameskinny.com/090l5/pixark-guide-how-to-tame-any-creature https://www.gameskinny.com/090l5/pixark-guide-how-to-tame-any-creature Sat, 31 Mar 2018 19:10:45 -0400 Autumn Fish

Much like its predecessor, ARK: Survival Evolved, PixARK is a survival sandbox game about building up from nothing and taming dinosaurs and other mystical creatures to help you along the way. Taming works a little bit differently in this game, however, considering that there are a slew of new kinds of creatures (did someone say Pegasus?) and several new tools at your disposal.

For starters, anything you tame only stays tame for three days in real-time. So you can expect to find yourself taming a lot. Because of this, figuring out the best ways to tame different types of creatures is integral, especially if you hope to hold your own when PvP turns on during Wartime.

To that end, we've put together this comprehensive guide to help you learn how to tame any creature in PixARK. Not only will we go over both Passive Taming and Knockout Taming, but we'll also touch on what you need to tame each creature in the most effective way possible.

Let's dive in!

How to Tame Any Creature in PixARK

The first step in any taming venture is to make sure you're prepared to tame whatever it is you're going for. This means that you need to gather the necessary food and materials required to tame it as well as determine whether the creature is a Passive Tame or Knockout Tame.

Herbivores will eat berries that you pick up from bushes in the wilds. Anything that's not a Narcoberry or Stimberry will work, but Mejoberries are their favorite and they will tame quicker if you use those.

A panda walks through a bamboo forest in Pixark

Carnivores, on the other hand, need meat. Both raw and cooked meat will work, though raw meat will expedite the process a bit. If you want to get really picky, Raw Thigh Meat is the best food you can feed a carnivore, but those only come from creatures that are about the size of a Stegosaurus or larger. It rots incredibly quickly, so don't expect to be stockpiling a whole bunch at the beginning of the game. Just get what you can.

Next, in order to determine whether a creature is a Passive Tame or Knockout Tame, you simply use your Dino Scanner to examine them and quickly find out -- no wiki required! Once you discover whether you're doing a Passive or Knockout Tame, you can finally wrap up preparations and move onto actually taming the beast.

Passive Taming

If you're passive taming, you already have everything you need as soon as you gather the food. Simply put the meat or berries in the last slot of the hotbar, walk up to the creature you're taming, and press the interact key in order to feed them. You'll see a little taming bar go up to indicate that its working. After a short wait, you can feed them again. Repeat this process until the bar is full and you receive the prompt to name your new friend.

a player in black clothes rides a raptor as another player passively tames a large animal in the background

Keep in mind, however, that you can't Passive Tame anything from the get-go. Many of PixARK's passive creatures actually have a level requirement that you have to reach before you can tame them. If you are not the required level or above, then you're not going to be able to tame them. Remember that while you're searching for potential creatures to tame.

Knockout Taming

A bit more preparation is required to complete a knockout tame in PixARK. On top of food, you need two extra things: something to knockout the creature with, and something to keep them knocked out.

There are a few ways you can knockout creatures. You can use a Wooden Stick, a Slingshot, a Bow or Crossbow with Sleepy Arrows, or a Longneck Rifle with Sleepy Darts.

If you're going for a Magical Creature, you must use Magic Sleepy Arrows. Normal Sleepy Arrows won't work on Magical Creatures, nor will Magic Sleepy Arrows work on other creatures.

Magic Sleepy Arrows require some unconventional materials that you may not be familiar with. Particularly, Magic Berries and MageWeave Bark. Coincidentally, these are both found in the Magic Forest from berry bushes and trees respectively. Be prepared if you plan to venture into the Magic Forest because creatures found there are pretty dangerous, especially to new players.

Player holds a blue and orange rifle while aiming at two animals they want to knockout tame near lava in PixArk

Once you have something to knock out creatures with, you need to make sure you're able to keep them unconscious or the tame will fail and you'll have to start over from scratch. You can use either Narcoberries or Sleepy Potions to accomplish this.

Narcoberries are found from regular berry bushes, while Sleepy Potions are crafted at either a Mortar and Pestle or a Crucible.

In order to make Sleepy Potions, you need Narcoberries and Carrion. You can get Carrion by simply allowing your meat to rot. Since Sleepy Potions are so easy to make and far more effective than Narcoberries, it's highly recommended that you use them in order to keep the creatures you're taming unconscious for longer.

Once you have everything, you're finally prepared for a proper Knockout Tame. However, there is an extra bit of setup that you can do in order to make certain that the process goes a bit smoother.

Most creatures will flee when their Torpor gets high -- in other words, when you're close to knocking them out. Because of that, it's important to build a trap for them so that they can't get away. You can accomplish this by either digging a hole about 4 blocks deep or by building a sort of makeshift coral.

An animal purple from narcotics stands in a forest waiting to be tamed in PixArk

Since most creatures can't get through one-block-wide spaces, a good way to build a corral is to build a bunch of 4-to-5-block-high dirt pillars in a circle with one space in between each one. Add a few staircases to the outside of the coral in order to help guide creatures into the trap after you've drawn their ire.

Once the creature is trapped, start hitting it with Torpor-inducing weapons and ammunition until it's knocked out. Once unconscious walk up to the creature and open their inventory, putting in their favorite food alongside some Narcoberries or Sleepy Potions. It will eat the food you give it automatically, slowly filling the Taming meter.

At the same time, however, the Unconscious meter will slowly deplete and the creature will wake up if it gets too low. In order to prevent that, you have to go into the creature's inventory, select the Narcoberries or Sleepy Potions, and hit Remote Use Item in order to recover some of the Unconscious bar.

You must stay nearby the creature and continue to do this until they are fully tamed, least you risk letting them wake up and losing all of your progress. You'll also need to defend it from any potential threats, so make sure you knock down the stairs to your corral and be certain nothing kills your tame-in-progress.

A large brachiosaurus with a large saddle on its back walks through farmland in Pixark

Once the taming bar is filled, you'll be prompted to name your new friend. If it's ridable, you can then work on crafting a saddle for it to round out your new tame.


And with that, you know how to tame any kind of creature in this pixely dinosaur adventure. If you need more help in this magical new ARK world, be sure to check out the rest of our PixARK guides.