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Atlanta-based publisher Tripwire Interactive and developer Antimatter Games have released the latest update for their tactical first-person shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Titled Rearmed and Remastered, the update makes a variety of changes designed to improve players' quality-of-life and address certain things they've requested, such as audio occlusion improvements.

The update also introduces new weapons and adds remastered versions of fan-favorite maps from Red Orchestra 2: "Mekong" and "Dong Ha".

The new weapons include everything from pistols to rocket launchers and number in excess of 50. Some of the more notable additions are the MP40 for the NLF, a 200-round belt-fed RPD, and a Fougasse mine trap for the North Vietnamese.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the sequel to 2013's Rising Storm. In addition to being set in the Vietnam war, the game offers 64-player battles between military and guerrilla forces using authentic vehicles and weapons.

The game is currently available on Steam at a hefty 67% discount. You can also play the game for free until Wednesday, November 21 at 1 p.m. EDT. 

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Bug Fixes And Error Workarounds https://www.gameskinny.com/7d1lg/rising-storm-2-vietnam-bug-fixes-and-error-workarounds https://www.gameskinny.com/7d1lg/rising-storm-2-vietnam-bug-fixes-and-error-workarounds Wed, 31 May 2017 16:21:21 -0400 Ty Arthur

After several large scale closed betas with thousands of 64-player war zones, Tripwire Interactive still didn't quite manage to squash all the launch bugs with Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

That's just life for PC gamers -- especially with major launches of multiplayer games with huge numbers of players. If you've been experiencing various Rising Storm 2 bugs and errors, we've found workarounds for many of the most common problems.

Having an issue we don't cover below? Let us know in the comments and we'll look for a resolution!

How to Fix Camera Zoom In

If you start sprinting right after spawning at any time during the match, oftentimes the camera will automatically zoom in without any keyboard or mouse input.

The workaround until a patch is released is quite simple. Just stop moving for a second, then drop your currently held weapon and then pick it back up. This seems to completely fix the zoom problem and let you run as normal. It's not entirely clear why this fixes the problem, but it does.

Sprinting actually slows you down with automatic zoom in

How to Unlock the Soundtrack or Extras

If you picked up the Rising Storm 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, you are supposed to get the soundtrack and various extras to download. However, these have not actually unlocked for anyone yet. There's no workaround at this point -- the issue is being worked on between Tripwire and Steam, and should be resolved with an upcoming patch.

How to Fix Being Stuck On Launch Screen

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam may be trying to compile shaders -- causing hangs and apparent lock ups or crashes when it launches on some systems with certain graphics cards that don't play well with the game.

To check if this is causing the issue, pull up your computer's Task Manager and see if there's an entry labeled "shadercompiler.exe" that's running. If it is, simply waiting a minute or two usually resolves the issue -- if it doesn't, close the process, restart your computer, and launch the game again.

How to Fix Crashes And Stutters on Windows 7

There is a known issue with Windows 7 users experiencing various crashes and performance problems. This is resolved by manually updating the device driver for your graphics card, and then installing this update directly from Windows.

How to Fix VNGame.exe Error and Other Random Crashes

Some crashes will have to be fixed with a forthcoming patch, but for now any crash that displays the VNGame.exe crash error can typically be fixed by deleting and reinstalling specific files. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Navigate to the path C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\My Games
  2. Look for a folder either titled "Rising Storm 2" (if you pre-ordered or bought the game after launch) or "Rising Storm 2 Beta" (if you played the closed betas and then the full game)
  3. Delete that folder entirely. 
  4. Head back to Steam and verify the integrity of the game install, which will re-download the correct versions of all the files in that folder.
    1. To start this process, right-click the Rising Storm 2 link in your Steam library and select "Properties," then navigate to the "Local Files" tab and click "Verify Integrity Of Game Files."

In most cases this should resolve the problem -- if it doesn't, or you have connection issues immediately after the verification process, it means you have to entirely uninstall and then re-install the game.

 Verifying Rising Storm 2: Vietnam File Integrity

When you've finally managed to get the game running properly, you may be in for an exceedingly difficult time if you aren't used to realistic, squad-based war shooters.

Don't want to get cut to shreds immediately on spawn? Check out our Rising Storm 2: Vietnam guides to staying alive:

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Tips and Tricks for Running a Successful Squad https://www.gameskinny.com/qas5x/rising-storm-2-vietnam-tips-and-tricks-for-running-a-successful-squad https://www.gameskinny.com/qas5x/rising-storm-2-vietnam-tips-and-tricks-for-running-a-successful-squad Tue, 30 May 2017 17:19:12 -0400 Ty Arthur

After several rounds of closed betas, release day is finally upon us for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam -- and we can assault and defend zones in Vietnam with massive 64 player maps!

As a realistic shooter with two very different sides to play, there are a lot of ins and outs to this game to learn that will have the average FPS fan scratching their head -- or more likely screaming "cheater" and ALT-F4ing away to request their Steam refund.

Don't be that guy! This is one of those squad-based shooters you've got to git gud at before you'll manage to rack up a kill count. If you are just getting started, be sure to check out our basic guides below -- otherwise read on for tips on running and being part of a successful squad.

Playing Viet Cong in Rising Storm 2

The the Viet Cong/North Vietnamese Army is a fairly different from the standard "run and gun" experience of playing the invading U.S. soldiers, so this throws players off a bit when first getting into Rising Storm 2.

If you are on the VC/NVA side, always set your traps as you explore a zone. There's no point in hoarding them, and friendly players on your squad don't set them off, so place 'em wherever you want. These can net you kills even after you die and ensure your side keeps a zone in its win column without active defenders.

 Gaps like this are perfect for placing traps

Also be on the lookout for climbable objects like vines and drain pipes on the side of buildings that give you an advantage over the more heavily armed U.S. soldiers.

The VC's advantage is its mobility and knowledge of the terrain -- use it! To simulate this in-game, you can also crouch in leaves and lie in wait in tunnels to screw with the enemy recon abilities.

When the U.S. has the high ground in city streets or raised buildings, don't be afraid to pull out those old school stick grenades. There's no need to endanger yourself by going into combat with a gun and hope you shoot first when a grenade takes care of everything for you.

Leading A Squad in Rising Storm 2

On the U.S. side, don't forget that your squad spawns at your location, unless they specifically choose a different spot. This means you need to stay out of kill zones and shouldn't be running directly into the fight. If you are getting torn to pieces, it means your group is going to continue getting torn to pieces as they respawn on your position.

On the North Vietnamese side, your soldiers do not spawn on you, they instead spawn in a tunnel that you place on the map. The key here is to set it near a zone you are trying to take, but not directly on or next to that zone, so your team doesn't get cut to pieces as soon as they spawn. Try placing it somewhere just out of sight of the heaviest fighting so you don't encourage spawn camping.

  • Note: Don't forget -- after the tunnel is placed, you can behave like any other soldiers and run into the fray, since your soldiers will keep spawning at the tunnel even after you die.

While playing the U.S. side, be on the lookout for tunnels! The enemy knows where your group is going to spawn ahead of time, so there's no reason not to return the favor and keep tunnels suppressed.

 VC Spawn Tunnel

Calling In Artillery in Rising Storm 2

As team leader in Rising Storm 2, your responsibility is to call in strikes to aid in capturing zones. First and foremost -- know where your squad is! Calling in either napalm or sustained strike artillery without team coordination is worse than not calling in any artillery at all.

After coordinating with your team, either verbally through chat or by having someone re-conning in a helicopter, there are several ways to call in artillery strikes:

  • Call in a strike from the Loach light recon helicopter.
  • Click the fire button while looking through the binoculars at a strike position.
  • Throw a smoke signal grenade. (This is particularly helpful if you aren't in a good position for popping out of cover without getting sniped.)

Artillery strikes may seem like a solution to every problem, but they frequently aren't. The key here is knowing when and how to use them.

The continued barrage of sustained strike artillery prevents your guys from advancing, so it's not as useful to call in on a specific point you are trying to capture but can't get through. In that instance, use the single strike napalm instead to clear a path to quickly run through.

Calling in artillery behind your current location is often a better idea to prevent the enemy from approaching and killing your guys while trying to take a zone. You can also cancel artillery support if you are hitting your own team.


Now you know how to keep your squad together and alive long enough to capture a few zones. See you in the jungle, soldier!

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Helicopter Control Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/fhmjx/rising-storm-2-vietnam-helicopter-control-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/fhmjx/rising-storm-2-vietnam-helicopter-control-guide Mon, 15 May 2017 18:54:35 -0400 Ty Arthur

My very first moments of Tripwire Interactive's Rising Storm 2: Vietnam involved crashing out of the sky because our squad's pilot had absolutely now clue how to fly a helicopter.

Don't let that same thing happen to you! Unfortunately the tutorials for air combat aren't quite cooked up and ready for serving just yet. So that's where we come in, sharing our knowledge through a whole lot of trial and error (and crashing explosions).

Looking for tips on how to stay alive on the ground instead? We've got you covered with our beginner's guide to surviving in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

How to Fly a Helicopter in Rising Storm 2

Helicopter Movement Basics

Many new pilots in Vietnam don't even survive the stressful take-off process! When you have no idea what button does what, it's a common problem. If all you want is a cheat sheet, the table below breaks down all the controls and what they do. But keep reading for more in-depth advice that will keep you off the ground unless you really want to be there.

Control Function
Space (Hold) Gain and rise off the ground.
W, A, S, D Move according to cardinal directions.
G Stabilize to hover in place.
T Toggles passenger/crew list and shows the state of all objectives.
Shift Zoom in on gunner or pilot positions while firing missiles.
Middle Mouse Switch from missiles to machine guns. 

To get flying, press and hold Space until the white Gain meter reaches the top of the gauge, then tap W to move forward. Make sure you have enough lift to clear anything nearby, as there's a slight dip when you first start moving forward. It's easy to crash into the tops of tents or other obstacles immediately after take off.

While you are in the air, the standard ground movement keys tilt you in different cardinal directions. There's one important exception: the G key is to stabilize the helicopter to hover in place. This is critical to turning around and landing!

There are a few different types of helicopters for attacking, transport, and scouting, and they all handle a little differently. Playing them is the best way to figure out the differences. But most importantly for any helicopter, go gently on the W, A, S, D keys when first piloting, as it's incredibly easy to tilt over too far and too quickly, then end up crashing.

Yes, you should be afraid -- and yes, she does bite!

Being Useful In The Air

Although air strikes and strafing machine gun fire are critical to winning a map, keep in mind that air vehicles aren't just for attacking. You can use them to spot enemy tunnels and movement locations.

Before attacking, always pay attention to the state of each A, B, C, D, E, and F objective -- because it's easy to take out your own side. Tapping the T key toggles the passenger/crew list on the right side of the screen and the state of all objectives at the top of the screen.

This is a handy way to see what's up across the whole map and where you should be attacking without having to pull up the separate map screen, which takes up a huge portion of the monitor and may result you in unexpectedly crashing while perusing the layout of the land.

 Toggling Map Objective Positions

Use the Shift key to zoom in on either the gunner position or the pilot position while firing missiles. The middle mouse key switches from missiles to the machine gun.

On missile runs, try to line yourself up straight with where you are aiming. This definitely takes practice -- but even if you horribly miss the enemy, you will more than likely still inflict the Suppressed attribute on them.

No matter what kind of air assault you are undertaking, communication is absolutely key. Talk to your teammates before you begin a strafing run. They know where they need assistance and where they need you to stay away.

Staying Alive

Ground-based missile installations (not the hand-held RPGs) are radar guided, and at this point there's no countermeasures like flares. It's not clear if that will change at the full release, but for now it means dodging missiles is a no go. In most cases when you hear the missile alert indicator, you are going to die.

You can avoid them if you're lucky by quickly going extremely low to the ground (under 75 meters or so) and trying to maneuver around an obstacle for the missile to strike. But it's a gamble, as you'll probably end up crashing anyway.

 Yeah, I didn't make it out of range in time.

Those are the basic Rising Storm 2: Vietnam controls you need to know to stay alive and get your troops around the map. Let us know if you have any other helicopter tips or tricks to share! And be sure to check out our beta impressions of Rising Storm 2 to get a better idea of what you can expect from the whole game.

Beginners Survival Guide To Rising Storm 2: Vietnam https://www.gameskinny.com/6pbgl/beginners-survival-guide-to-rising-storm-2-vietnam https://www.gameskinny.com/6pbgl/beginners-survival-guide-to-rising-storm-2-vietnam Sat, 13 May 2017 21:33:14 -0400 Ty Arthur

It's been a long wait for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, with the game originally listed in our most anticipated shooters of 2016!

Obviously we didn't get a feature complete version last year, but now the game is in its final closed beta ahead of official release, and the servers are filling up with gamers eager to shoot, burn, and blow each other up in the jungle (check out our full impressions of the closed beta here).

If you're just getting in on the beta and are totally lost, you aren't alone - its definitely a trial and error scenario at the moment! If you aren't keen on dying a couple of hundred times while figuring the game out, we've got you covered with a basic survival guide on how to not get horribly blown to bits as a soldier on the ground.

The Basics

This game is very much in the super-difficult, ultra-realistic vein, but there's still some concessions to the more casual shooter crowd. In short, if you see green or blue near a running figure, don't shoot. If no indicator pops up, it's weapons free and time to let the bullets fly.

Melee can be tough to get right in Rising Storm 2. It's not quite the same as your typical run 'n gun shooter where somebody zig zags to stab you as you fill them with lead and they still manage to get the kill. Unless you are unseen coming up from behind, or you are out of stamina because you've been running, it's not usually your best bet. 

In This Case, Green Means "Don't Go"

When not in direct combat, always pay attention to the location indicators on the screen - they aren't prominent, but they flash red or blue to let you know who is in control of a location or if your squad is attacking or defending a site. This is a life saver if you spawn away from your Team Leader, and prevents you from having to be vulnerable while pulling up the map screen overlay.

If you are playing the U.S. side, you can choose to spawn on your Team Leader, or instead pick a location your side owns that may be farther away from the action.

Sometimes the latter is the smarter choice, even if it means hoofing it for a bit across the map. If your squad is busy getting torn to pieces and you were the first to die, re-spawning right back in the kill zone is the equivalent of actively asking to be spawn camped.

 Close Quarters Death 


We'll be covering each class in greater detail in a future article, but when first starting out be sure to try different classes until you find your niche.

Your first thought might be to go Grenadier or Machine Gunner, but these require more finesse than you might think, and it's very easy to take yourself or your own team out. Of course nobody wants to be the basic Grunt, but it's a solid all around class.

On the U.S. side, if you aren't sure where to go, try out Point Man. You get a solid short to mid range main weapon, a sidearm for using in tunnels, binoculars, and a smoke grenade, which can be a lot more useful than you first realize. Preventing the enemy from seeing, or marking where they are positioned are so the squad can fire into the smoke or launch an artillery strike on that location, can quickly turn the tide.

When playing the Vietnamese side, always take the time to lay your traps at entrances to locations or any choke points you've discovered - you need to overcome your lack of superior fire power with superior strategy. 

 Laying A Trap In Front Of A Building Entrance


With these huge maps and 64 players online at a time trying to take and hold five or six different locations, teamwork is actually important in Rising Storm 2. Stay in contact, and expect to take orders from your team leader.

At the same time, if your Team Leader is slacking or somebody keeps accidentally killing other team members, don't be afraid to start a vote to boot 'em off the server.

Staying together as a squad at your basic spawn point until you reach a location can be a workable strategy, but from there it's better to fan out and take up ambush positions.

Keep in mind when defending a location with your squad that as soon as you hear high speed whirring... high tail it to some serious cover. Enemies on the machine gun in the helicopter can tear a whole squad to shreds in seconds.

 Stay Near Cover And Keep An Eye On Future Cover Locations

Know The Layout

In general, running anywhere is a bad idea unless you are actively being fired upon. Stealth is a better solution, because if something moves, it's a good bet its about to get shot. When your stamina is low from running, your accuracy with a firearm also drops significantly.

It's usually a better practice to spend some time out of the action getting into an ambush position than it is to rush toward where you think the enemy is positioned.

Knowing the layout is key for getting around and staying alive, so be sure to fly around the map in ghost camera mode between spawning. You always want to know where cover is, and make sure to get to cover before bandaging with the F key.

Don't forget that taking a hit in the leg slows you down, so try to stay near cover at all times in case you have to quickly get out of the line of fire. For those with quick fingers and a lucky streak, there's an achievement called Survive! that pops for bandaging yourself twice before dying.

On the opposite side, even in the most hidden and remote locations, enemies always leave signs of their activity. Dust will fly up when shots are fired - and as grisly as it seems - keep an eye on your team mates. You can usually tell where the fire is coming from based on the blood spurt and where they fall.

 Bad Hiding Spot  

Those are the basics you need to know to stay alive - good luck soldier! We'll be covering the class load outs in greater detail, as well as the specifics on how to dominate with the helicopter, in upcoming guides, so stay tuned!

Prepare to Die in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's Utterly Nuts Beta https://www.gameskinny.com/fstoe/prepare-to-die-in-rising-storm-2-vietnams-utterly-nuts-beta https://www.gameskinny.com/fstoe/prepare-to-die-in-rising-storm-2-vietnams-utterly-nuts-beta Fri, 12 May 2017 18:02:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

I'm in a helicopter on a machine gun. The pilot is screaming incoherently because he has no idea how to fly. I see buildings and figures below, and assume I should be shooting at them. Hopefully they're the bad guys, because I just went to town on that village at a rate of about a hundred bullets a second.

In the event those were our guys or even just innocent civilians, the day is officially saved when we crash land in the jungle. Miraculously, I survive... for about 5 seconds, when I'm cut down by a Vietnamese soldier who was waiting for me to jump out of the wreckage.

That was my official introduction to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The tutorial videos aren't active yet, so I figured I'd just jump on an ongoing game and see what happened. The next two hours were some of the wildest of my life outside of a GTA Online server.

My Very First Moment Of Rising Storm 2

After the helicopter debacle, next I spawn next to our team leader...and get cut down in about 3 seconds because he's run into a kill zone. Hmm, maybe I'll pick a different spawn location next time.

U.S. soldiers have the option to spawn at the team leader or instead at advance bases farther back, while the Viet Cong place tunnels to spawn on. There's a lot to learn here, and a whole lot of dying to do along the way.

Realistic Historical Warfare

Normally I'm not a huge fan of the "realistic" war shooters like Arma, Squad, or Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. I get the appeal in theory, but in practice they seem more like exercises in frustration than anything legitimate fun. I always end up dying before I even see or hear an enemy soldier, and after a couple of dozen times of that happening the appeal diminishes (surprise, surprise, I don't dig Dark Souls either).

However, this iteration does a better job of appealing to both player bases. It took a lot of work, but eventually I got to a point where I could hold my own and not immediately die.

For about the first hour, I mostly just stayed a bit behind the rest of the players and waited for them to get cut down so I knew where the enemy was. Brutal? Yep. Treasonous? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

Running with wild abandon through the jungle, it dawns on me that I'm spraying gunfire all over the place while the guys calmly standing still seem to take me down in a single trigger pull. Suddenly I realize running drains stamina and low stamina means low accuracy.

When my kill counter on the scoreboard finally went from "0" to "1" I nearly stood up and cheered.

Smoke-Filled Trench? What The Heck, I'll Run In At Full Speed!

Mass Combat Hysteria

In what used to be very rare, but is now becoming typical of the style, you can have a huge number of players (up to 64) all engaged in active warfare against each other at once. There's a ton going on in any given map, and the objectives of taking and holding different locations keeps me plenty busy while trying to figure out how my current loadout works.

While waiting to re-spawn after getting torched by a flamethrower, I notice for the first time that our squad is apparently  named “We Touch Kiddies.” Can't say I'm thrilled about that -- but other than the kiddie diddling thing, these dudes seem like a bunch of decent guys. That is, except for our squad leader who (like most of us in the beta) apparently has no idea how to play the game.

It wouldn't be that big a deal for the average grunt, but he's got our ability to call down artillery strikes -- and he keeps failing to use it, so we're getting torn to pieces. Everyone on the squad is bugging him on chat to either get with the program out drop out of the team leader role. We're in for a fun surprise next -- he doesn't speak English and has no idea what we're all yelling at him. This isn't going well.

 Napalm's A Hell Of A Drug

Rising Storm 2 Gameplay

Trying out different loadouts as we switch maps, there's actually some key differences between the classes, and some big differences between the classes on the U.S. and Vietnamese side. But at this point in the game's development, you've got to figure out how to work them through trial and error.

Since much of the defensive Viet Cong side is based on tight tunnels and holding locations rather than taking them, some of their classes have abilities like setting traps. This is pretty much useless in the jungle or wide open hillsides (unless you can funnel enemies a certain direction), but in trenched areas, these are your best friend.

Extra elements like suppression -- which cause negative effects until you crouch and get to safety -- offer a little something outside the norm, and there's an astonishing 80+ achievements to earn.

The maps themselves are spacious, and you'll never run out of interesting locations to discover (and brutalize). Each map has an A, B, C, D, E, and F location that will keep you frantically running from one area to another, then digging in to hold the line and praying to the war gods that you don't hear the whir of a helicopter machine gun.

Setting it apart from a lot of the competition, the map layouts and lush graphics are more pleasing than the typically dull maps of other realistic war simulators.

 Vietnam Sure Is Pretty This Time Of  Year

The Bottom Line

It's a familiar style that focuses on cooperation aspects, but I'm actually digging Rising Storm 2's take on the genre more than competitors like Squad. The varied maps are a ton of fun, the different classes offer lots of different ways to play, and switching back and forth from ground to air combat adds a lot to the overall experience.

In just one map, I managed to die by grenade in a labyrinth of trenches, get torn to pieces in the jungle because I was running rather than crouching, be burned alive in an underground cave complex, die by artillery strike on a blasted hill covered in dead trees, and take a bullet to the head courtesy of an enemy sniper when I popped out of cover inside a thatch house. But somehow, I also managed to have an incredibly entertaining time doing it.

The 11 most anticipated FPS games of 2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/kaips/the-11-most-anticipated-fps-games-of-2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/kaips/the-11-most-anticipated-fps-games-of-2016 Wed, 11 Nov 2015 19:07:03 -0500 Ty Arthur


Of course more shooters will likely land next year (and some of these may get pushed back), with Titanfall 2 possibly the biggest question mark. While news is supposed to land early next year about the title, it seems likely 2017 is a better bet for the actual release date on that franchise.

If you're also wondering just where Deus Ex: Human Revolution was, it's sitting solidly over on our list of most anticipated RPGs for next year instead.


What did you think of our upcoming shooter picks, and what FPS game are you ready for in 2016?




Another team-based arena shooter, this PC-only title is set to drop sometime in 2016 and is notable for being free to play. 5 vs 5 combat is the name of the game here, with each type of character changing up the play style from melee to advanced maneuverability to slow moving tank, and from the trailer it looks like some extra elements will get thrown into the mix.


We've been burned by promises of interesting skills in FPS skirmish matches before (remember the ill-fated Shadowrun shooter for the Xbox 360?) but hopefully Lawbreakers manages to keep up with the bigger names found earlier on this list.



Sniper Ghost Warrior 3


Moving to an open world model, this title in the Ghost Warrior series puts you in the role of a special forces operative behind enemy lines where he shouldn't be.


The environment looks like it will play a huge role in this game, as you have to deal with adverse weather affecting your equipment, use ropes to scale up and down cliff faces, and activate drones to survey the area before heading out and getting killed by hidden obstacles.


There's no specific release date or trailer for this one, but 24 minutes of gameplay footage have come online and can be seen below.



Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


Since there's no Arma title confirmed for 2016, Rising Storm 2 is the one to look out for if you prefer a more challenging, realistic shooter environment. Forgot about jetpacking around the battlefield or using sci-fi powers that are all the rage in most shooters these days, because Rising Storm 2 is taking us back to the jungles of Vietnam for a gritty historical experience.



Far Cry Primal


The Far Cry series has gone all over the map in terms of story and locations, from the island theme of the original title that bizarrely went sci-fi halfway through to the groundbreaking third entry that introduced the stronghold assault elements and serious interactivity with local wildlife.


Far Cry: Primal is going way, way back in time to a prehistoric era where you can chase down mammoths and rival tribesmen with a spear. If you've ever wanted to play an FPS in 10,000 B.C. then this will be the game for you in 2016.





The first game on this list to actually have a confirmed release date, Battleborn is due to drop on May 3rd, 2016. This Gearbox-developed title has some very clear similarities to Blizzard's Overwatch both in terms of style, gameplay and the huge number of characters available. It remains to be seen which will come out on top, but Gearbox may have a leg up here if the dark humor and outrageous characters of the Borderlands series manage to shine through.



Shadow Warrior 2


Oh yeah, this one's going to be a good time. A wise-cracking samurai named Wang will slice and dice his way through a world populated by demonic beasts, and when necessary, pull out the SMGs, rocket launchers and of course wild magic powers. There's reportedly more than 70 different weapons to choose from to dismantle a wide array of enemies in this very tongue-in-cheek first person entry.



Battlefield 2016


Following the typically modern war-themed Battlefield 4 and follow-up “war on crime” entry Battlefield: Hardline, EA revealed another Battlefield entry will in fact arrive in 2016... but not precisely what form that would take.


While it's expected to return to a warzone rather than a crime-ridden city, not much more than that is currently confirmed at this point. Let us know where you think the story will take place and what you'd like to see changed in Battlefield 5 when it lands next year!




After moving in on the MOBA craze and dominating with Heroes Of The Storm, Blizzard is also jumping on the teamed-based, arena shooter train with Overwatch. Meshing a cartoon style with frantic combat and a ton of different play styles that clearly echo the large cast of character from Heroes Of The Storm, it's a good bet this one is going to steal a whole lot of hours from shooter fans.



Homefront: The Revolution


The original Homefront put a spin on the shooter franchise, keeping all the basic elements there, but putting us just slightly into an alternate future where America is occupied by a more technologically advanced unified Korea. Engaging in Guerrilla warfare to take back the homeland led to some interesting story elements and gameplay.


For the sequel we're headed to Philadelphia, a place that has a whole lot of history when it comes to America and rebellion. Some definite stylistic changes are in place, and it should be a load of fun to drive dirt bikes across a blasted cityscape while strapping explosives to drones and remote controlled cars to cause all sorts of mayhem.



Infinity Ward's Call Of Duty 2016 Title


Debate is fierce as to just what this game will actually be – in fact we've got a whole article dedicated to laying out the arguments for each option! While it seems most likely we'll be getting a sequel to Call Of Duty: Ghosts, it's always possible there's more Modern Warfare action in store, or even something entirely different in a new series kick off.


Either way, the end result is likely to be high quality, as before all the jet-pack mayhem of Advanced Warfare and many other shooters thinking in multiple dimensions, Infinity Ward was always at the top of the pack producing the best Call Of Duty material.

The Modern Warfare series is responsible for bringing up a whole generation of shooter enthusiasts, and no matter which direction Infinity Ward goes, this one is likely to make a big splash when it's finally confirmed.




Franchise reboot? Check. Long-awaited sequel? Check. Contender for goriest shooter of all time? That's a major check right there. The single player elements will satisfy those who want to chainsaw apart demons rampaging through futuristic Martian structures, while the alpha footage revealed so far on the multiplayer front makes it look like a serious attempt is being made to overtake the frantic fun of the classic Unreal Tournament shoot outs.


It remains to be seen whether the changes in the formula will be heralded as much-needed or maligned by a rabid fan base ready to tear this apart if it doesn't deliver, but either way it's a good bet there will be a strong reaction one way or another when Doom drops in 2016.



If one thing is certain in the gaming industry, it's that there will be a slew of first person shooters available year after year. A staple of gaming that props up several major publishers and developers, the FPS genre is frequently criticized for releasing an endless stream of titles with little innovation.

While the core mechanics may remain the same, 2016 will see its share of interesting and unique titles in the FPS genre that offer up something different. Of course, the flagship titles will be there as well if you prefer something more tried and true. From smaller free-to-play titles to the biggest AAA blockbuster, these are the 11 first person shooters we're most looking forward to next year.