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Green Man Gaming has had some solid sales over the past several months. Going toe to toe with Steam, Green Man often has more themed sales more often. This time around, the Scandimania sale offers savings on some of the great north's best games. 

From stealth shooters to turn-based strategy games and city builders, the Scandimania sale might not have a wide selection of games on offer, but all of them are well worth your time and attention. 

Here's are the games that are on sale, some up to 77% off. It's worth noting that there are tons of DLC packs on sale as well, many at steep discounts.

We've included the sales price and the original price of each game in the table below. We've opted to not include DLC packs because there are so many available.

Game/DLC Sales Price Original Price
Age of Wonders 3  $7.87  $34.99
Battletech   $12.24  $39.99
Battletech Urban Warfare  $14.39  $19.99
Cities in Motion 2  $4.50  $19.99
Cities Skylines  $6.75  $29.99
Conan Exiles  $17.00  $39.99
Conan Unconquered  $11.89  $19.99
Europa Universalis 4  $9.00  $39.99
Generation Zero  $20.99  $34.99
Hearts of Iron 4 Colonel Ed.  $18.00  $49.99
Hitman 2  $21.12  $59.99
Inside  $6.30  $19.99
Just Cause 2  $2.25  $14.99
Just Cause 3  $5.00  $19.99
Just Cause 4  $19.80  $59.99
Knights of Pen and Paper 2  $3.37  $14.99
Limbo  $1.80  $9.99
Mutant Year Zero  $17.84  $34.99
Pillars of Eternity Hero Ed.  $16.19  $29.99
Steel Division: Normandy 44  $12.24  $39.99
Stellaris  $9.00 $39.99 
Surviving Mars  $9.18  $29.99
Tyranny  $22.50  $49.99
Warhammer: Vermintide 2  $7.50  $29.99


Here's a link to the entire sale so you can check out the games and DLC packs for yourself. Mind that the map on the page is interactive, and you must click the country name on the map to be taken to the individual sale pages. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more deals as they come available. 

Love in RPGs: How We Went from Epic Romance to One-Night Stands https://www.gameskinny.com/5r1kj/love-in-rpgs-how-we-went-from-epic-romance-to-one-night-stands https://www.gameskinny.com/5r1kj/love-in-rpgs-how-we-went-from-epic-romance-to-one-night-stands Sat, 04 Feb 2017 11:41:45 -0500 Ty Arthur

Spring is almost here, restaurant reservations are getting snatched up like crazy, and the Witcher sex scenes all strung together on YouTube are racking up the hits. So, it must be nearly Valentine's Day!

Although it wasn't always so, romancing your party members has become a staple of the RPG genre, particularly due to Bioware. As western RPGs become more prevalent, the ability to take your relationships with party members in romantic directions has essentially become standard -- although that practice may be coming to an end.

While in many ways these modern RPG romances are more advanced than they were in the past (particularly on the graphical front), in others, they've actually devolved. All too frequently nuanced portrayals of interactions between budding lovers that take time to develop naturally are replaced by guessing which dialog option will get to the bumping and grinding the fastest.

Where We Were

If I had to name one classic RPG that most exemplifies the idea of inter-party romance, Baldur's Gate II would easily be the first title that comes to mind. The idea was still fairly new to North American audiences at the time -- and the options available for the Bhaalspawn were limited -- but the romances created in that context were both incredibly memorable and incredibly time consuming.

Unlike with the instant gratification of newer games where you click the dialog option that lets you see if you've progressed far enough for a new relationship segment, Baldur's Gate II made you wait for anything to happen. It could literally take weeks -- even months -- to get anywhere with Jaheira while waiting for her to approach you again during a camping scene.

What most stands out about the relationships in this game are the radically different personalities and situations that we don't see as much of today. Jaheira, for instance, is a widow, and you were friends with her deceased husband, taking relationship conversations a much different direction than in current Bioware-type fare.

In a reverse of the typical options noawadays, you could actually "lose" the romance with Aerie by agreeing to have sex with her the first time she brings it up, with the relationship crashing and burning from that point on. But if you held off and said no, eventually you would be bound together and even have children.

The romance dialog also tended to make you think about real-world events within a fantasy context: Is it OK to bring a pregnant woman along for a combat mission? Am I crossing a line with a woman whose husband was one of my mentors and close friends?

Of course, while long-time RPG fans can get all nostalgic about the romance options from those earlier days, they definitely weren't perfect. Artificial limitations were present on who could be romanced in ways that didn't always make sense or weren't inclusive.

The race and gender lineup in Baldur's Gate II was entirely focused towards straight male gamers, with three female and one male companion options available. Most notably, all three romance options for a male player character are beatiful elvish women. I guess gnomes and half-orcs just don't have feelings or something?

   The dating pool in Amn

Looking back now, there were also some odd connotations in how the D&D morality system intertwined with sexuality. Viconia -- a neutral evil drow -- wanted to have lots of sex. Aerie -- a lawful good cleric -- wanted very little.

That's one way in which more modern games have definitely progressed to a realistic (and less offensive) stance, coming to the conclusion that sexuality is a characteristic shared by essentially all people, regardless of how they behave or what background they come from.

Where We Are

The one-night stand is a hallowed tradition in the Witcher series, where brothels and fiery haired sorceresses are abundant. But even in that setting there's some genuinely touching moments between Geralt and his various lady loves.

On the other side of that spectrum is the typical Bioware romance, where "dating" consists of saying something a person agrees with, giving them some gifts, doing the nasty, and then not talking about the relationship ever again because you finished the sub-plot.

This whole notion of romance and marriage in the RPG genre was (perhaps rightfully) mocked in the Fable series, since you could have as many children as you wanted with as many spouses as possible. Then you could orphan them or put them up for adoption. Dating was thoroughly lampooned in the second and third Fable games, where you could literally fart at someone, offer them a ring, and then get hitched that day.

         A story as old as time: I charmed her with the belch expression!

With romance of course comes the possibility of children, an idea that's been spreading across the RPG universe and is a concept that should be covered in gaming more than just in joke titles like Who's Your Daddy. Sadly, when it is covered, parenthood does frequently get dumbed down. 

Much like the rest of the hyper-casual Skyrim for instance, adopting a child had all the effort taken out of it and took hand-holding to the next level. Upon entering Whiterun, a kid literally walks up and immediately asks you to adopt them if you're nice enough to spare a gold piece. I distinctly remember laughing out loud and staring dumbfounded at the screen the first time that happened.

Bethesda might have mastered creating huge worlds in the latest Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, but they sure need to work on having players care about anything going on within them.

That lazy approach has seeped into interactions between party members in the RPG realm, with this on-point meme practically explaining all dialog conversations between party members who have the possibility of being attracted to one another:

Even if the romances themselves aren't as compelling, the options available have easily increased and improved since the olden days of yore, with many developers taking a socially conscious and inclusive approach.

In most cases that's a good thing, but in a few we arrived at unintentional absurdity. I'm looking at you Zevran. While I'm sure someone out there could write a compelling story of love between a male dwarf and a male elf - there's got to be somebody with some smutty Gimli / Legolas fan fiction worth reading - but sadly in Dragon Age it became a punch line.

Whether its the over-the-top stereotypical romance music or the odd shirtless animations while Zevran lovingly holds an exiled dwarf noble, this is a sex scene that is going to illicit more giggles than gasps.

When Romance Isn't Needed

There's been some good and some bad as RPG romances evolve and continue to be utilized in newer games, but there's one option many developers are now considering: maybe it isn't needed at all.

Featuring some truly legendary developers and writers who were involved with classic Infinity Engine games, Obsidian broke with tradition and brought no romances at all in either the archetypical Pillars Of Eternity or the good-to-be-bad Tyranny

That's a move that didn't sit well with the fan base, and even today - months after Tyranny's release and years after Pillars - you can still find dozens of Steam discussion topics lamenting the lack of romances with characters like Verse or Sirin.

Here I'm going to have to break with those mounting voices: I think Obsidian made the right call in the case of Tyranny, as romances aren't right for that setting, and I don't just mean because you are playing on the side of evil.

 Now there's a diverse dating pool...

In Tyranny, you take on the role of a character directly in charge of your subordinate companions during a military conquest. Whether a soldier under your command, a prisoner of war forced to work for you, or a sage who doesn't enjoy violence but needs to chronicle history, your party members are frequently forced to do things they don't want to do.

Since you have the power of an evil goddess backing you up, those companions have no choice but to acquiesce - or you'll kill them. Party members fearing you is even directly built into the game mechanics, with new powers unlocked when you hit certain tiers after doing horrible things to terrify your lackeys.

Call me an SJW all you'd like, but any attempt at "romance" in such a scenario would be more than a little rapey

Now that you're terrified of me... wanna have sex?

Where Romance Needs To Go

It seems entirely possible that the age of RPG romances might be ending, with developers like Obsidian avoiding them entirely lately and their tropes becoming overplayed and predictable in the latest Bioware or Bethesda entries.

If they are around to stay however, some serious overhauls to the concept of an RPG romance are clearly in order. Although this will take more effort on the part of the developers and writers, it would be a blessed to change to see less guessing what a party member wants to hear, and more attracting partners by being yourself (which I suppose is an odd concept, since by definition in an RPG you are being someone else).

Outside the dialog option system where you get someone to like you, romances are in drastic need of expansion to their ultimate conclusions. For instance, what happens when you have a nasty break up, but then still have to adventure together to save the world?

Most romantic relationships eventually end rather than continuing indefinitely, yet that isn't born out the typical RPG. How would dialog options and perhaps even story arcs change if it turns out the party's healer actually can't stand Conan anymore after a few months of sharing his bedroll?

A greater depth of ways to behave within a relationship is also sorely lacking. Imagine a more realistic and expanded system - what if the main character of an RPG decides to romance multiple people at once and has to make a decision between them? Where's the option to cheat? There's tons of story material ripe for the picking there with storyline repercussions and party schisms based on whether the infidelity is ever discovered.

Unexpected ends to romances are also usually missing, with dying spouses or your romanced companion leaving you for another character both entirely missing from the RPG romance paradigm.

Oh, this dress isn't for you, it's for Nick. Turns out I'm into synths.

What do you think of the state of RPG romances these days? Do you feel they are an integral part of the experience that would be missed, or is it time for a serious overhaul as they've gotten stale?

The State of RPGs in 2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/ouolu/the-state-of-rpgs-in-2016 https://www.gameskinny.com/ouolu/the-state-of-rpgs-in-2016 Sun, 20 Nov 2016 09:34:36 -0500 Sergey_3847

Last year was huge for the RPG scene with such releases as The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. The year of 2016, on the other hand, has really only one AAA title worth talking about -- but there are plenty of smaller games that kept the fans of the genre glued to their computers.

There also have also been some solid expansions for some of 2015's titles coming out this year and just as many remastered versions of even older cult classics. What's more, the future of RPG gaming looks super exciting, as there are some huge releases coming up at the end of the year and the first half of 2017.

So it looks like there is much territory that needs to be covered here, and without any further ado, let’s begin the analysis.

The Biggest RPG Releases of 2016

RPGs of 2016

Dark Souls 3

Undoubtedly, the best and the biggest RPG game of the year is Dark Souls 3 -- the last installment in a series of games that enriched the genre with precise mechanics, multifaceted progression system and hardcore bosses. And all this was encapsulated in a world of ever-growing gloom and doom.

Undoubtedly, the best and the biggest RPG game of the year is Dark Souls 3.

From Software is not scared to pull out a series of games that has no clear story and that makes new players run away from their PCs or consoles after a few miserable deaths. You can't do anything but respect such a developer in the current state of the gaming industry. Hopefully, Hidetaka Miyazaki and co. will deliver some more goodness in the future, albeit perhaps not in the Souls series.

Deus Ex: Mankind Evolved

Another game worth mentioning here is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The game has delivered exactly what it promised and there is really nothing to complain about. It builds upon every aspect of its predecessor, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and adds greater scale, more freedom, infinitely interesting quests, weapons, stealth mechanics, and of course, better graphics.

The Technomancer

But before we move on, there is one more AAA title that cannot be ignored -- The Technomancer. It wasn’t received too well by the community, and understandably so. It was presented as a grandiose AAA project -- with the corresponding price tag too! -- but the final result was mediocre at best. Spiders Studios tried really hard this time, but the game just didn’t do it  for many gamers, either in terms of story and gameplay or graphics and animation.

The Remastered RPG Releases of 2016

RPGs of 2016

Skyrim: Special Edition

Talking about graphics -- here are some of the finest remasters of the year. This section must be launched with a discussion on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Special Edition, which has been both praised and cursed by fans, with many critics saying the game doesn’t need a remastered version on PC and that it already has tons of cosmetic mods available for free.

However, console players have been more than happy to lay their hands on this gem. And to be honest, Bethesda planned this version mostly as a present for owners of current-gen consoles, anyway. 

JRPGs to the Remastered Rescue

A few classic JRPGs, such as Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Disgaea, have also been remastered and ported to PC for the rest of the world this year, with the latter having significantly improved textures and UI.

On top of that, all Final Fantasy fans could once again experience Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on their computers. The FF port was released on May 12, and finally implemented an auto-save feature, five game boosters, three parameter changes and the option to skip FMVs and Cinematics.

The Biggest RPG Sequels of 2016

RPGs of 2016

Final Fantasy XV

It took ten years for Square Enix to deliver one of the most anticipated sequels in the history of gaming -- Final Fantasy XV. Finally, on Nov. 29, Final Fantasy XV will be available worldwide. (However, some gamers have reported that it is already possible to find a copy in a few countries of the world, such as Peru. So beware of spoilers!)

Up to this point, Final Fantasy XV has had many different reactions, some of which have mentioned that it will ruin the franchise once and for all, while others have actually put some faith into it

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Although technically not a sequel, the “Blood and Wine” DLC for The Witcher 3 can easily be called a sequel because of its scope, secrets, quests and new NPCs, some of which are arguably the most diverse and interesting in the series. More than that, the developers have updated the game's UI and skill tree system. 

The Banner Saga 2

If you haven’t played the original Banner Saga from 2014 -- a small indie project started by the three former BioWare developers -- then you should halt before playing its sequel, Banner Saga 2, as they are tightly interconnected. The first game has already become a classic and the only thing that needs to be done is to finish the third one in the series – which will close the grand trilogy of the Vikings’ adventures.

Baldur's Gate -- Siege of Dragonspear

Last but not least, we have to mention the brand new expansion for Baldur's Gate -- Siege of Dragonspear. It unveils the mysteries behind the fight with Sarevok and the escape from the Irenicus Dungeon from the very first Baldur's Gate, released in 1998.

Siege of Dragonspear is a sort of bridge between the first two games, which is a really cool way of serving the old fans of the series, but completely confusing the new ones, thus evoking lots of unnecessary negative comments from the community -- that could’ve been easily avoided. Hopefully, the developers from BeamDog will try to redeem themselves next time with a completely new story that will satisfy both new and old players.

The Best Indie RPGs of 2016

RPGs of 2016


Many people have treated Tyranny from Obsidian Entertainment as an intermediate game that would fill the gap between Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity 2. However, little did they know that it turned out to be a truly great game. As a result, we now have an original title that allows you to turn to evil means in order to finish the campaign successfully It's refreshing to not have to save the world for the millionth time! 

Grim Dawn -- A Kickstarter Success Story

Early this year we could experience the results of another Kickstarter project success story -- Grim Dawn,  a game that clearly nods to the times of Diablo 2 and pays all respects to it. The classical RPG gameplay is supported by large locations full of secrets and dangerous traps. Give it a go and you will thank us later.

Darkest Dungeon

2016 has been a fantastic year for the RPG scene, and the future seems to be just as bright as ever.

No mention of Darkest Dungeon yet? Yes, of course, we couldn’t forget about this little masterpiece – a game with a perfectly dark atmosphere and visual style. The game is full of unexpected events and the gameplay is at times so hardcore that you can't but gasp in frustration. Darkest Dungeon is a unique product on the market, so if you never had the chance to play it -- now is the time.

Stardew Valley

But enough with the dark and broody games -- let’s talk about Stardew Valley instead. Imagine that this little farming simulator with RPG elements competed against such giants like The Division and XCOM 2. But two months later, the game had over a million sales on Steam, which is mind-boggling for an indie project that had been developed by one person -- Eric Barone. Stardew Valley definitely has the bright future with all the upcoming updates and fan-made modifications.

Looking Ahead: The Future of the RPG Genre

RPGs of 2016

Mass Effect: Adromeda & Horizon: Zero Dawn

Two big games are currently nominated for the most anticipated RPGs of the year at The Game Awards 2016 -- Mass Effect: Andromeda and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Let's look at Mass Effect first, undoubtedly the most recognizable brand here, since the other title is a brand new IP from the developers of the Killzone series.

Those who had the chance to play Mass Effect: Andromeda say that it is the best game in the series. That’s a pretty bold statement, but it probably would be wise not to jump aboard the hype train too soon, and instead just wait for another 4-5 months before the game is officially out.

But what about Horizon: Zero Dawn? This game is totally new territory for Guerilla Games. The developers have stated that they always wanted to make a game in an open world, but they never considered it as an RPG title. However, after a long period of testing, it turned out that all their ideas worked best exactly within the action RPG genre, and that’s what we all should expect from this new title… oh, and giant dinosaur robots, too.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

What other RPG games can’t do, Divinity: Original Sin 2 can. It’s the game that is proclaimed to be “the last hope of the RPG genre,” which may be a bit of an overstatement, but nevertheless, Larian Studios showed that they can do no wrong after the release of the first Original Sin. The newest installment of the franchise introduces a brand new co-op system, which sounds awesome, but the developers also promise a lot will return from the original, so there’s a lot to be expected here.

RPGs of 2016

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

South Park: The Fractured but Whole keeps getting delayed over and over again, and now the game that was originally planned for 2016, will only be released Spring 2017. Trey Parker and Matt Stone said that the new combat system developed for the sequel was inspired mostly by classic table-top role-playing games. Also, they said it will let you play as a girl character from now on, which is a really neat addition that, to be honest, should have been available in the first game, too.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Another highly anticipated RPG that keeps suffering from the constant delays is Kingdom Come: Deliverance -- it will be available Summer 2017. The developers promise 30 hours of gameplay for the main campaign, and an extra 100 hours for the rest of the side quests.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

Lastly, the long-awaited Kickstarter project Torment: Tides of Numenera should be delivered early next year. The first mission of the game has been available at Steam Early Access since January 2016, and currently, the developers are adding a few final touches to it and some more quests, as well.


2016 has been a fantastic year for the RPG scene, and the future seems to be just as bright as ever, showing that indie games can be just as good AAA titles. And apart from single-player RPGs, next year will be full of excellent massively-multiplayer releases, too, so don’t miss on those.

The only thing left is to find out what other projects we can expect from Hidetaka Miyazaki -- the definitive king of the RPG gaming. If one of them is going to be at least half as good as the Dark Souls series, then it will prove that he is a true master of his craft.

Other than that, let us know what RPG releases should have been mentioned in this article, and what games do you expect to see in 2017? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Top 5 Variety Streamers You Can Find on Twitch https://www.gameskinny.com/1gpiw/top-5-variety-streamers-you-can-find-on-twitch https://www.gameskinny.com/1gpiw/top-5-variety-streamers-you-can-find-on-twitch Sun, 20 Nov 2016 08:37:14 -0500 Lampstradamus

Day 9

Day 9 is a streamer known for two things: his career as a StarCraft player, and  his casting in both StarCraft and StarCraft2. Needless to say, he has transitioned into the streaming life well.


With 311,000 subscribers on Twitch, Day 9 is known throughout several communities for his optimistic personality and enthusiastic attitude. He often streams Hearthstone, but he also delves into other games, such as Tyranny, Stardew Valley, and Warcraft 3. 


If you're looking for someone who is always having fun, even in the salt inducing game that is Hearthstone, Day 9 is definitely a personality that will make you smile.

So, there you go! Whether you're looking for a healthy mix of salty and comedy, or a streamer that plays a variety of games on the regular, we hope this list helps you get the streaming fix you need! 

Jesse Cox

Only streaming for about a year, Jesse already has 148,000 subscribers on Twitch. But even then, most people may recognize him from his Youtube channel or from his collaborations with other Youtubers or streamers.


A content creator with a great personality, Jesse can range from hysterical mess to salty pile of rage. Many of the games he plays are Blizzard games, such as World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, but sometimes, every once in a while, he'll play something else, like Rusty Lake Roots and Dragon Quest Builders.


If you're looking for someone funny to watch or if you're just looking for a place to put your Twitch Prime subscription, Jesse might just be the streamer for you.


Cryaotic, a.k.a. Cry, is one of those streamers that doesn't show his face, but it doesn't mean people don't recognize him. With 624,000 subscribers on Twitch and his Youtube channel being the fourth link on page one of Google when searching the word 'cry', Cryaotic is definitely a popular streamer and online personality.


Known for his great, radio-friendly voice, optimistic attitude and all-around comedic approach to games, Cryaotic is a top-notch entertainer.


And his channel is great because he'll play anything from Gwent to World of Warcraft to Tyranny to Tabletop Simulator.


With 533,000 subscribers on Twitch, Dansgaming could be called a top streamer. Streaming game for a long time, Dansgaming can usually be found playing both AAA and indie titles.


If you take a look at his streams, you'll rarely find him sticking to just one game over several weeks. He can be seen playing anything from Watch Dogs 2 to Dishonored 2 to Planet Coaster.


Not many people understand why he's so popular, not even Dansgaming himself. But nonetheless, Dansgaming is a mainstay of Twitch, and if you're looking for someone playing both old and new games, you can probably find something to enjoy on his channel.


Criken is known for his Youtube channel, but when it comes to his streams, rather than going for the professional vibe, Criken instead goes the comedic route. Many of his runs turn out to be gigantic, hilarious messes. He plays a variety of games, from recently released titles to cult classics and niche titles.


One of the interesting things that Criken has done recently is play Left4Dead2 with mods and viewer interaction. He puts his friends in the game, and viewers can purchase mobs and other obstacles to hinder the players.


With 82,000 subscribers, Criken is a streamer to check out if you're looking for something weird or funny.


There are many great streamers out there, each with their own personalities and niches. And more and more, it's becoming a pastime in the gaming community to watch other gamers play the old and new games alike, games that many gamers love. But sometimes those streamers only play titles in certain niches, leaving audiences begging for more.


Luckily for those of us out there looking for some variety for our game-viewing pleasure, there are streamers on Twitch who like to explore games outside of the popular mainstays. Here are the Top 5 variety streamers that do just that. 

Tyranny Console Commands Cheat Sheet https://www.gameskinny.com/yowcb/tyranny-console-commands-cheat-sheet https://www.gameskinny.com/yowcb/tyranny-console-commands-cheat-sheet Mon, 14 Nov 2016 19:00:15 -0500 Ty Arthur

Remember the glory days of looking up item codes or experience cheats to enter into the command console on Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights? Obsidian Entertainment may have drastically changed the formula with Tyranny, but that tried and true method of cheating returns in this RPG where it's good to be bad!

Below we cover all the console commands we've discovered so far for earning money, increasing experience points and turning on various cheat modes. Looking for more Tyranny guides? Be sure to also check out:

Tyranny Console Command List

Update: IMPORTANT! Activating any of these cheats will turn off achievements for that playthrough - you won't be able to unlock ANY Steam achievements unless you start a new game on a separate save file.

Sadly, there are a lot of lists out there with console commands that don't appear to work at all, so we're only including the ones below we've personally tested and found to be functional.

Before any of these commands will work, you first have to enable cheats by pressing the ~ key (next to the 1 on most keyboards) and tapping Enter to open the command console. With the console open, type iRoll20s to enable cheats. Typing it again will disable them.

Activating Cheats

Now you need to return to the console by pressing ~ and Enter again and then typing in any of the commands below. For commands with an X, just replace X with the desired number, such as 100 for 100 iron coins, or 800 to earn 800 experience points.

  • additem money_01_ir X - adds X iron rings
  • additem money_01_cr X - adds X copper rings
  • additem money_01_br X - adds X bronze rings
  • addexperience X - gives all party members X additional experience points
  • god - party becomes unkillable, enter a second time to turn off
  • healparty - restore stamina, wounds, and health to all party members
  • unlockall - open all containers on the map (including hidden ones)
  • rest - restore all encounter abilities without using camping supplies
  • nofog - turn off fog of war

You can also increase skills and attributes using the Skill and AttributeScore cheats, but these first require knowing the proper codes for each companion. The proper companion command names are as follows:

  • Comp_MobileDamage - Verse
  • Comp_Defender - Barik
  • Comp_Historian - Lantry
  • Comp_RangedMagic - Eb
  • CompSirin - Sirin
  • CompBeastwoman - Kills-in-Shadow
  • player_newcharacter(clone)_0 - Fatebinder

Now you can upgrade any skill or attribute using this example:

  • Skill Comp_Historian Dodge 50
  • AttributeScore Comp_RangedMagic Quickness 15

The above examples increase Lantry's Dodge skill to 50 and Eb's Quickness attribute to 15. Simply pop in the appropriate companion name, skill or attribute and enter the number you want to increase. While most skills are their exact name as shown on the character sheet, Subterfuge must be written as Stealth instead in the console command.

And that's it! Are you planning on cheating your way through a particularly tough area? Let us know if you discover any other useful Tyranny console commands!

Complete Loyalty Guide to Tyranny's Healer Companion: Lantry https://www.gameskinny.com/002qk/complete-loyalty-guide-to-tyrannys-healer-companion-lantry https://www.gameskinny.com/002qk/complete-loyalty-guide-to-tyrannys-healer-companion-lantry Mon, 14 Nov 2016 15:09:11 -0500 Ty Arthur

Once again turning many of the standard RPG tropes on their head, your party's primary healer in Tyranny isn't a lady in a white robe, but rather an old man who chronicles history (good or bad).

Beyond just being the guy who keeps people on their feet in battle, Lantry offers both story and combat options that make him well worth including in your party.

Looking for more Tyranny guides? Be sure to also check out:

Lantry Combat Strategies

Regardless of his loyalty/fear level, talking with Lantry and asking him to teach you about healing unlocks the Sigil of Life rune to use in spell creation, so that should be your absolute first order of business.

Remember that in Tyranny, absolutely ANY party member can use spells: they just need a high enough Lore skill to cast upgraded versions. Once you have this rune, you should immediately put Restoring Touch or Healing Wisps in everyone's spell slots.

If you have the companion AI on, they will automatically cast healing spells as party members need them during combat, effectively turning everyone into a healer of varying degrees, depending on their Control Life skill levels.

   Is the pen truly mightier than the sword?

Unlike most of the other companions, Lantry has three talent trees instead of two: Quill for ranged attacks, Sage for status effects and increased Lore skill, and Preservation for healing magic.

Focusing on Preservation is an obvious and useful route to go, freeing up your other party members to focus on melee attacks and magic. Just because you put all his points into the Preservation tree doesn't mean he can't be a combatant though – keep in mind that his Lore skill will go up each level if you put your points in the Wits attribute, meaning he can learn many of the strongest and most modified attack spells.

If Preservation doesn't appeal or your main character focused on a healer build, its also possible to go with a Paladin-style Lantry by focusing on quill attacks and putting him in heavy armor, as he starts with decent One-Handed Weapon and Thrown Weapon skills.

If you choose to go down the Sage tree, don't discount the Mage Slayer Stance ability. Even without delivering any killing blows Lantry can effectively take enemy spellcasters out of the fight by silencing them.

Even if you don't care for the Sage tree, it's worth investing at least two points in int to get Voice Of Ages, which offers the ability to decipher ancient languages and opens up opportunities in the Oldwalls area.

Lantry Combo Attacks

All companions unlock powerful combo attacks with the Fatebinder depending on whether they love or hate you. Just for having Lantry join the party you get Quicken, which heals the Fatebinder instantly and offers a bonus to healing for a brief period of time.

Reaching loyalty level 3 unlocks the incredibly useful Wheel Of Ages combo, which is all about crowd control. It can be cast on any party member and enemies within range of that member will be slowed, attack less frequently and take a penalty to Dodge and Parry. Hostile effects on that party member are also briefly suppressed.

Reaching fear level 3 offers up the versatile Theft Of Memory combo, which prevents one enemy from accessing their powerful abilities, lowers their stats and gives the Fatebinder a stat boost.

 Earning Lantry's loyalty offers serious battlefield control options

Gaining Loyalty / Fear With Lantry

While Barik is focused on order and Verse on chaos, Lantry values intellectualism and intelligence above all else. Although he realizes the reality of the war going on around, he gains fear if you directly involve him in grisly or violent events.

In particular, asking Lantry to dictate your orders before kicking the Vendrien Guard leader off the spire will greatly increase his fear. He will also lose loyalty and gain fear when you are rude or blustery in dialog. Be careful when discussing his past, especially if you proclaimed the Edict Of Fire that burned down the library where Lantry previously resided.

Being part of major events or telling Lantry about those events in general will gain his loyalty, however. For instance, you can gain a big loyalty boost if you chose to use Sirin's magical song during the Conquest section of the game, and then mention you and Sirin "go way back" when you meet her in the Scarlet Chorus camp.

That's all you need to know to get the most out of this versatile healer / ranged combatant in TyrannyLet us know what tactics you employ with Lantry and if you've managed to unlock any hidden dialog with other conversation options we've yet to find.

Tyranny breaks PC RPG Trends with Daily Rewards System https://www.gameskinny.com/6s27f/tyranny-breaks-pc-rpg-trends-with-daily-rewards-system https://www.gameskinny.com/6s27f/tyranny-breaks-pc-rpg-trends-with-daily-rewards-system Mon, 14 Nov 2016 16:00:01 -0500 Ty Arthur

The partnership between hallowed roleplaying developer Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive for the release of new real-time-with-pause RPG Tyranny has led to some unexpected surprises, and not just with the game letting you play the bad guy for once

The latest addition no one saw coming was gaining a random consumable item or equipment accessory each consecutive day you open the game while connected to a Paradox account. That's right: daily rewards, a staple of freemium mobile games, have arrived in Terratus.

Daily Tyranny Rewards

This feature was added on the down-low and was mentioned by a small icon you could hover over near the bottom of the screen, which can be seen in the screenshot below. 

A new menu item seems to have appeared...

For those logged in with a Paradox account, you'll get a reward for each consecutive day you login and play.

Here are some of the rewards: 

  • Healing Potion (Fine) - 50% HP
  • Healing Potion (Superior) - 100% HP
  • Potion of Revival - brings a fallen party member back from unconscious
  • Cairn's Leaf - +4 Armor, +20% Endurance defense
  • Oldwater - +10 Arcane Armor, +20% Magic Defense
  • Potion of Elemental Barrier - +10 Shock/Fire/Frost Armor, +50 Defense vs. Paralyzed/Burning/Frozen
  • Dire Remedy - 120-pt Stasis Shield, +4% Max Health
  • Potion of Heroes - +2 to all Attributes
  • Scarlet Poison - Poisons enemies on Crit
  • Fatiguing Toxin - Weakens enemies on Crit
  • Potion of Invisibility - invisible for 120s
  • Skycap - +10 Lore, +10 Magic Skills, +4 Wits
  • Sanguine Scroll - offers Blood Of The Fallen ability
  • Wrought In Ruin - 1 handed sword with Eradicating ability

Signing Up In-Game

For those who want to try out the new daily incentives, just click the Paradox Account button in the main menu before loading a game, then choose "create an account."

Tyranny oddly freezes when you create an account in-game rather than at the Paradox website, but otherwise, the option appears to work fine. Just alt-tab away to your email, and you'll have the subscription confirmation. 

From there you don't have to re-login each day: You remain logged in each time you open Tyranny.

 Creating Paradox Account

What's It Mean For Future Obsidian Games?

While neither Obsidian nor Paradox have stated anything to this effect, there are rumblings that the move heralds microtransactions coming soon. 

Reservations are already starting to be expressed by gamers across the web, with concerns of unbalancing the game with too many healing/poison consumables, as well as complaints that we are sliding towards an experience too much like casual mobile gaming.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the daily rewards or will you be skipping them entirely?

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Complete Loyalty Guide to Tyranny's Strongest Companion: Barik https://www.gameskinny.com/yb2cs/complete-loyalty-guide-to-tyrannys-strongest-companion-barik https://www.gameskinny.com/yb2cs/complete-loyalty-guide-to-tyrannys-strongest-companion-barik Sun, 13 Nov 2016 17:58:12 -0500 Ty Arthur

Want to enforce the will of an evil demi-god on a rebellious country in need of discipline? Tyranny throws the typical RPG storyline on its head and doesn't have you freeing a nation, but rather subjugating it (if you are on the fence and haven't picked it up yet, check out our review here).

On your quest to bend the world to Kyros' will, your Fatebinder character will come across many interesting and varied companions. One such companion is the incredibly strong Barik, who was fused directly with his armor by the power of Kyros's magical Edict of Storms during the destruction of Stalwart.

Barik has obvious nods to Vhailor, the living suit of armor powered by the force of his devotion to law from Planescape: Torment, and serves as the most military-minded and frontline melee-focused character in Tyranny. He can be found and recruited in the Disvaored camp near Iron Marshal Erenyos.

Looking for more Tyranny guides? Check out:

Barik Combat Strategies

There are two different talent trees you can choose between (or mix and match) whenever Barik gains a level: Punisher, which focuses on dealing large amounts of damage with one or two-handed weapons, and Sentinel, which focuses on battlefield control.

The Sentinel taunting abilities force enemies to focus fire on Barik so your squishier companions (or your Fatebinder if you went with a straight mage build) can stay alive while attacking at range from the back.

Even if you want to get primarily Punisher abilities, be sure to invest in Clash Of Iron at a minimum so Barik can draw enemies away from your ranged spellcaster. The Sentinel skill Pursuit is also useful, as it lets Barik close range with archers in the back quickly at the start of combat.

If you need to beef up your Fatebinder's combat prowess, when you reach either loyalty or fear level 2 with Barik he can permanently raise your Two Handed Weapons skill when you ask him to show you how northerner's fight.

Barik is literally a wall of iron to send at your foes!

Barik's Combo Attacks

You automatically get the Iron Tolling combo when Barik joins the group, which lures enemies to disengage their current activity and fight Barik while simultaneously taking a penalty to Parry and Dodge skills. Keep this one in mind if another party member is being ganged up on or you need archers to focus their fire away from a companion close to death.

If you reach loyalty level 3 with Barik, he gains the Iron Storm combo, which deals piercing damage in an area affect at a range of up to 10m. Although not a devastating combo, it's unique as an area effect that deals physical damage versus the Dodge defense instead of being a magic spell.

At fear rank 3, Barik learns the Blade Grave's Grasp combo, which not only deals heavy damage to an opponent but also has a chance to petrify all enemies near Barik. As a means of crowd control, in this case, its a good idea to have your companion hate you!

There are advantages to earning Barik's hatred...

Gaining Loyalty / Fear With Barik

The mirror opposite of chaotic Scarlet Chorus companion Verse, the soldier Barik is the epitome of order over discord and admires those who know their place, follow the chain of command and employ sound tactics over wild assaults.

Most of your opportunities to inspire loyalty or fear will occur during the game while talking to NPCs or directly conversing with Barik, but you can start off with a big boost on either end depending on your choices in the Conquest section of character creation.

If you punish the Scarlet Chorus when they break the rules and go out of your way to save Disfavored lives, Barik will act more positively towards you when he joins the party.

Barik will also start with a large amount of fear automatically if you chose to go to Stalwart during the third year of the Conquest section and read the Edict of Storms without giving anyone warning.

Barik gets feisty when you fear you, but he'll still follow orders

In all other conversations and choices, keep in mind that Barik is entirely lawful, utterly loyal to the Disfavored, and completely rigid in his thinking.

Behaving chaotically, showing mercy to captives and traitors, accepting the battle plans of the Scarlet Chorus, or speaking negatively towards Archon Ashe will all drop his loyalty and raise his fear level.

Barik prefers to discuss matters of duty and the task at hand rather than personal interest. If you ask him how he takes pleasure in life while trapped in his armor, he will gain additional fear points.

There are a few instances of dialog options that seem as though they would make Barik mad but will actually increase his loyalty, particularly when you pull rank and force him to discuss issues about war or his past.  Keep in mind that Barik obsesses about order more than personal feelings, so reminding him of his place beneath you can actually increase his loyalty rather than fear.

That's all you need to know to get this walking tank out on the front lines and destroying your enemies! Let us know what tactics you employ with Barik and if you've managed to unlock any hidden dialog with other conversation options.

Complete Loyalty Guide to Tyranny's Best Companion: Verse https://www.gameskinny.com/t79to/complete-loyalty-guide-to-tyrannys-best-companion-verse https://www.gameskinny.com/t79to/complete-loyalty-guide-to-tyrannys-best-companion-verse Sun, 13 Nov 2016 17:39:30 -0500 Ty Arthur

As with any Obsidian RPG, the evil-focused Tyranny (check out our full review) has its fair share of memorable companions. While some players love the steel monstrosity Barik or prefer the feral Kills-In-Shadows, the best dialog and combat versatility come from the foul-mouthed and insult-flinging Verse.

All members of the Scarlet Chorus faction earn their names, discarding who they were before joining the horde, and Verse's title came from the beautiful songs of death she weaves on the battlefield.

Verse is discovered near the very start of the game in the Edgering Ruins after your first battles against the Guardsmen. Just simply ask her to join when dialog starts and don't go out of your way to alienate her in the first conversation.

Love her crazy mohawk hair style? Don't forget you can turn off any character's helmet so it doesn't appear in-game while still retaining any armor bonuses.

Basic Verse Combat Strategies

Verse acts as both a ranged (bows) and close combat melee (dual wielding) fighter, and can switch between the two options during combat.

Corresponding to those styles, Verse has two different talent trees to choose from at each level: Duelist for attacking with two short swords and exploiting vulnerabilities like a typical fantasy RPG rogue, and Skirmisher for focusing on ranged attacks that frequently have a fire component.

Typically it's a good idea to start off any combat with an ability like Burining Iron as the enemies are closing in, then switch to melee attacks and work in coordination with the Fatebinder for combo attacks.

Verse can also permanently raise your dual wielding or ranged attack skills when you gain enough favor with her (see below) that she will agree to duel with you when you initiate a conversation.

 You want this whirlwind of death on your side!

Verse's Combo Attacks

Verse automatically starts with the Fatebinder melee combo attack Blood Soaks Stone regardless of her loyalty or fear level. This useful melee combo requires the Fatebinder and Verse to be next to the same opponent and knocks the enemy prone while causing bleeding damage. This combo is incredibly useful in engagements where you are outnumbered and need some breathing room.

At loyalty level 3, Verse gains the ranged combo Death From Above, which launches several arrow strikes in a row that all have a high armor penetration.

If you go the opposite direction and inspire fear in Verse, fear level 3 unlocks the Fury's Rage combo that deals damage in an arc to anyone around Verse and deals further fire damage over time.

Gaining loyalty with Verse has its advantages

Gaining Loyalty / Fear With Verse

While the bulk of your loyalty and fear meter changes with companions will occur as you interact with them during the story, keep in mind that anything you do in the game's starting Conquest area will also play a role.

Anytime you do things to help the Scarlet Chorus and anger the Disfavored, you are likely to get a loyalty boost with Verse before even meeting her. Likewise, if you clearly help out the Disfavored at the expense of Scarlet Chorus lives in the opening segment, Verse will start with a higher fear ranking.

In particular, choosing to go to Apex in the second year of the Conquest and killing the queen gives a big boost to Verse's loyalty. For more details, see our full guide to the Conquest section here

Typically anything you do to gain favor with the Scarlet Chorus during the campaign will also give a positive impact on your standing with Verse, and vice versa. Making the Scarlet Chorus happy and flipping the bird to the Disfavored at every point will rapidly build your loyalty with Verse (while killing your loyalty and raising the fear of Barik, if he's in your party).

 Verse becomes more loyal and deadly as you earn her trust

There are several areas where the response you assume will make Verse angry will actually inspire loyalty. If she shows any sentimentality or weakness, call her out on it, especially when she's discussing her dead former sisters. Mentioning that they couldn't hold their own in a fight and deserved to die actually gains loyalty as she agrees with you, when normally such a conversation with any other character would drop loyalty.

Verse also likes to be caught and called out when she is engaging in subterfuge - if you catch her being evasive and figure out why, she'll see you as a strong leader worthy of following.

Conversely, rigidly following the letter of law, praising the Disfavored or accepting their battle plans over those of the Scarlet Chorus, or showing admiration for Archon Ashe will drop her loyalty or raise her fear level.

There's one dialog section that will cause tension with Verse, but which you have to go through no matter what if you want to reach the end of her conversation segments. Insinuating she is like The Voices Of Nerat in her ability to take thoughts and fighting styles from other people will drop her loyalty, but is necessary. Another paradox in Verse's strange mind, she doesn't want to be like the leader of the Scarlet Chorus, despite idolizing the Scarlet Chorus to an all-consuming degree.

That's all you need to know to make Verse a useful member of the party and rapidly increase either her loyalty or fear to unlock the best combo abilities! Let us know what tactics you employ with Verse and if you've managed to unlock any hidden dialog with other conversation options.

Rule with an Iron Fist: Tyranny Conquest Choice Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/el0x4/rule-with-an-iron-fist-tyranny-conquest-choice-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/el0x4/rule-with-an-iron-fist-tyranny-conquest-choice-guide Sat, 12 Nov 2016 09:41:53 -0500 Ty Arthur

Tyranny, the surprise follow-up to Pillars Of Eternity that puts you in the role of enforcer for an evil overlord godling (read our full review here), offers a very different opening segment than many RPG fans will be expecting.

After picking the usual fantasy class and weapon skill options, Tyranny's character creation system puts you into the overview of a years-long conquest, deciding where you focused your army's attention and how you convinced the people of the Tiers to eventually surrender.

Each option taken doesn't just shift your reputation with various factions (although that can have huge implications in-game later on), but can even drastically change whether cities are still standing or if NPCs are even alive and able to interact with you at all during the game.

By following the Tyranny Conquest choice guide below, you can strategically decide which battle plans to take to begin the game with the highest favor (or wrath), which faction you want to align with and which faction you want to alienate.

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Conquest - 428 TR

The war begins with how you assault the Bastard City, offering two paths: the Gates Of Judgment or Infiltrate the Tiers. AAfterward you must decide how to take the city by siding with a faction. This first year's choices have little effect on overall favor, with the choices of the later two years having much bigger impacts.

Gates Of Judgment

1. Join Battle Alongside The Disfavored - mildly changes dialog from Ashen Grave and gain title from Verse when she joins the party

2. Join Battle Alongside The Scarlet Chorus - mildly changes dialog from The Voices Of Nerat and gain title from Barik when he joins the party

        A. To Judge The Enemy (decide what to do with captive soldiers)

                  a. Enslave The Enemy To Disfavored - minor favor boost

                  b. Conscript Enemy To Scarlet Host - minor favor boost

        B. Feeding The Host (decide how to get needed supplies)

                  a. Confiscate Merchant Caravans  - offers dialog options later when seeing Disfavored bothering a merchant along the road.

                  b. Pillage Farmlands With Scarlet Chorus - makes the Disfavored repeatedly mention how captured soldiers rejoin the rebellion.

Infiltrate the Tiers

1. Aid Disfavored Scouts - mildly changes dialog from Ashen Grave

2. Conscript Enemy Fighters For The Scarlet Chorus - mildly changes dialog from The Voices Of Nerat

        A. Inside Agent (find an ally within the city)

                  a. Well-informed guard captain - offers dialog options with some soldiers

                  b. Fast-talking smuggler - offers dialog options with thieves and merchants and unlocks minions when you gain 1st spire

        B. Feeding The Fire (battle the city's fire mages)

                  a. Lure to Disfavored ambush - minor favor boost

                  b. Lure to meeting with Voices Of Nerat - minor favor boost

 The time has come to pick a side

Taking The Bastard City

1. Assault The Main Gates - side with Disfavored and earn the Warriors Respite ability, which heals you over time but drastically drops your damage output while being healed.

2. Burn The City - side with the Scarlet Chorus and gain the Searing Palm spell, which deals fire damage over time.

3. Sabatoge The City's Defenses - work with both factions and gain the Concealing Shadows ability, which causes enemy physical attacks to miss for a short period of time.

Conquest - 429 TR

First choose whether to assault Apex or take Lethian's Crossing. Choosing Apex gives you positive or negative options with the rebels, while taking Lethian's Crossing can give you positive or negative options with either the Disfavored or the Scarlet Chorus.


- Battle Of Edgering Pass

  1. Side With Disfavored - changes dialog options to positive when dealing with Disfavored soldiers

  2. Side With Scarlet Chorus - give Disfavored recruits to the opposing faction, increasing anger between the two and gaining negative dialog from Disfavored soldiers.

       A. Marriage Bed Armistice (attack during peace festival or wait)

            a. Choose Disfavored Plan - no major change

            b. Choose Scarlet Chorus Plan - some Scarlet Chorus operatives will be killed in the battle, resulting in negative dialog from their soldiers.

       B. Sword Of The Fallen (defend or punish soldiers stealing Disfavored armor)

            a. Punish Scarlet Chorus Soldiers - gain wrath with Scarlet Chorus

            b. Refute All Charges - gain wrath with Disfavored

- Denial Of Strength

 1. Slaughter Mages - side with Disfavored over Scarlet Chrous

 2. Capture Mages - major favor boost with Scarlet Chorus and changes dialog with Voices Of Nerat.

       A. Poisoning The Well (arbitrate dispute after Disfavored scouts are accidentally killed by Scarlet Chorus poison scheme). Taking this option will cause the companion Barik to be angry with you when he joins the party.

          a. Punish The Saboteurs - cause further strife between the factions

          b. Deny The Charges - gain major wrath from Disfavored faction and Archon Ashen Grave

       B. A Captive Captain (decide how to deal with a captive leader of the enemy forces)

          a. Free Captain To Send Message - gain bonus starting rings and have better positive dialog options with rebels

          b. Use Captain's Body As Grim Warning - kill captain and gain no favor with the rebels

- Fall Of Apex

       A. Negotiate Surrender - better options for peace with rebels

       B. Challenge The Queen - gain the Queenslayer title, which causes rebels to attack on sight and both factions to revere you as a strategist

Lethian's Crossing

- Cult Of Sirin

 1. Destroy Sirin's Cult - cause problems later when Sirin joins your party

 2. Send Sirin's Cult To The Vanguard - gain wrath from Disfavored

       A. Ancient Threats (select who will defend the forge)

          a. Choose Disfavored - Gain favor with Scarlet Chorus

          b. Choose Scarlet Chorus - Gain favor with Disfavored

       B. A Red Anvil (a forge mage swears fealty to the Scarlet Chorus, putting Disfavored secrets at risk)

          a. Enslave Renegade Mage - gain mild favor with Disfavored

          b. Erase Mage's mind - gain wrath with Scarlet Chorus

- The Iron Must Flow

 1. Draw From Scarlet Chorus Recruits - gain wrath with Scarlet Chorus

 2. Conscript Tribe Of Beastmen - gain wrath with Disfavored and change dialog options with Kills-In-Shadow

       A. Pick Of The Armory (decide who will receive better armaments)

          a. Choose Disfavored - gain wrath with Scarlet Chorus

          b. Choose Scarlet Chorus - gain wrath with Disfavored

       B. A Guardian's Due (decide how to handle tensions with mercenaries and the two factions)

          a. Segregate Mercenaries - cause problems with mercenaries

          b. Challenge Their Worth - gain wrath with Disfavored

Conquest - 430 TR

The final year of the war in the Tiers determines which Edict you will read - the Edict of Fire to destroy Vellum Citadel, the Edict of Stone to destroy the traitor Cairn or the Edict Of Storms to destroy Stalwart.

The options between the three cities become more labyrinthe and crazily interconnected in nature, so we won't cover each and every one for year three, but rather explain which option will offer the most chances for favor or wrath with each faction.


The options leading up the Edict of Storms are fairly straightforward - if you punish members of a faction, you will gain high wrath with them, while if you force one faction to give up members to the other, you will likewise gain negative dialog options during the game.

During the Edict Of Storms you must decide whether to warn the locals, allowing some to escape, or not warn and ensure they all die, but also killing some of the Disfavored legions.

Proclaiming this Edict will change your dialog options with potential companion Barik, who is injured in the storm.


As with Stalwart, the paths here are clear: siding with one faction over another in any of these segments will result in larger favor / wrath bonuses.

The biggest lack of favor occurs when deciding which army to send to distract Cairn before you can read the Edict Of Stone - both armies will feel you are throwing their lives away needlessly.

A major change is available here depending on your final option. If you send either the Disfavored or the Scarlet Chorus alone to fight Cairn, the city will be destroyed. If you send both armies at once, the city will remain standing.

Vellum City

This option is very similar to Stalwart, in that you will obviously pick one faction over another and then decide whether to read the Edict Of Fire without warning or wait longer to let the Scarlet Chorus spies escape before the city is destroyed.

You have the opportunity to gain large amounts of favor with the Scarlet Chorus by consistently siding with them throughout this segment. Proclaiming this Edict will change your dialog options with potential companion Lantry, who was a sage working at Vellum.

Gain enough favor or wrath and you will unlock special abilities

What choice combinations did you pick, and what titles or future unlockable dialog options have you found that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

With Obsidian's Latest RPG Tyranny, Evil Truly Does Win https://www.gameskinny.com/v3hfx/with-obsidians-latest-rpg-tyranny-evil-truly-does-win https://www.gameskinny.com/v3hfx/with-obsidians-latest-rpg-tyranny-evil-truly-does-win Fri, 11 Nov 2016 07:45:18 -0500 Ty Arthur

Considering this week's events in the U.S. elections, it seemed like the right time to play a game based on the premise that an evil overlord already won. Likewise, I discovered the intense annoyance of Google searching the word “Tyranny” and finding a whole lot of Tea Party "don't tread on me" material rather than anything to do with Obsidian Entertainment's latest take on the classic RPG formula.

 This is definitely not what I was looking for...

An Unexpected Return

As soon as we heard Obsidian had teamed up with Paradox, everyone was dreaming of a new World Of Darkness RPG. Personally I was hoping for Wraith -- a corner of the World Of Darkness that never gets any digital gaming love -- but of course everyone gets themselves into a frenzy over Vampire.

In a twist nobody saw coming, instead we got Tyranny -- a game Obsidian had pitched to a publisher years back but was turned down. This is one of those interesting turning points in gaming history and its impossible to know -- would this have been a completely different experience if the original idea was executed then, versus arriving now after Obsidian nailed the retro style with Pillars Of Eternity?

 Look familiar?

Before getting into the game itself, I have to give props to the folks from Obsidian for not crowd funding every game, like several other purveyors of classic style RPGs have done (which has really put a sour taste in the mouths of fans). They made their money on Pillars, and now are doing things the old fashioned way.

Honestly I didn't believe this game was actually arriving this year as originally announced, and was rather shocked when the November release date was revealed. I was expecting the end of the year to arrive and then see a sheepish delay announcement quietly released, so hats off for keeping your word, Obsidian.

Tyranny Raises The Stakes

Not many games have you play the conquest of a nation as your character creation screen, and that's just the beginning of Tyranny's shift in focus. The choices you make during the initial conquest of the Tiers area radically change each location and how people interact with you throughout the rest of the game.

Many of the NPCs I came across referred to me as the “Queenslayer” due to options chosen during the character creation section -- with some very pleased to meet me over that particular exploit, and others attacking me on sight over the name.

 The conquest of a nation serves as your character creation

Tyranny turns a lot of the standard RPG tropes on their head. In an early section you'd think you should stop and help a wounded soldier. That option just earns you derision, not only because you are supposed to be iron-willed and without mercy, but because this particular faction is under a magical compulsion that heals non-lethal wounds very quickly.

There's also a major shift in how the world reacts to you and what kind of character you are playing. Rather than that defenseless peasant having to take up the sword and learn to become a hero, nearly everyone you meet is already terrified of bringing out your wrath because you have the lawful means to execute anyone you come across.

Rather than that defenseless peasant having to take up the sword and learn to become a hero, nearly everyone you meet is already terrified of bringing out your wrath...

That doesn't mean people immediately agree with or capitulate to you though, as there are many different factions present -- and not all of them agree with how you are going about your job of enforcing the Overlord's will.

There's a compelling reason to get people to work together and not just slaughter anyone you disobeys you, as the game starts with a magical Edict compelling you to complete a task within 8 days or everyone in the area – friend and foe – will die.

 The Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus have very different conquest styles

A Reactive Dark Fantasy World

In a manner similar to the ARPG Grim Dawn, your Fatebinder character gains new Reputation abilities both for currying favor and for invoking wrath with any given faction, but you don't just get wrath for killing enemies – quite a few options present themselves as you decide how to enforce the Overlord's will.

While conventional wisdom would be to ingratiate yourself with party members and keep them happy to make them loyal, sometimes in the world of Tyranny its better that they hate and fear you instead.

You can actually start with a sizable favor or wrath score with certain factions just based off character creation options. Likewise, there's loyalty and fear with companions.

Neither is necessarily better than the other, and both offer up different dialog options.

While conventional wisdom would be to ingratiate yourself with party members and keep them happy to make them loyal, sometimes in the world of Tyranny its better that they hate and fear you instead.

                        Gaining Verse's loyalty unlocks new combat options

As expected from Obsidian, the companions are a serious high point, and perhaps even more interesting than those from Pillars. Adding another tactical layer, you can learn combo attacks with your companions that unlock as they grow to love or fear you.

More Of The Same, With Some Twists

Style and layout-wise, Tyranny plays like a combination of Pillars Of Eternity and the similarly amoral Blackguards 2, which is a good thing. One of the reasons the game likely arrived so quickly is because its clearly the same engine, and in some cases even the same assets, that were used in Pillars Of Eternity.

The camping equipment and wounds system, for instance, are lifted wholesale. But other elements of the combat and class system have been tweaked and changed to feel separate and unique.

One interesting change is that experience is gained for simply using skills and making attacks, and there's also the ability to pay trainers to upgrade skills (with a cap on how often that can occur per level).

Graphically Tyranny is very similar to Pillars, but the background locations are a little more washed of color and less vibrant, while the character models (especially the powerful Archons) are much more eye-popping and colorful.

 War is a dreary hell... and ever present in Tyranny

As with Pillars, your character build will change dialog options radically. It's not just conversation though --  whole areas of a map that may be unreachable depending on where you put your points. There's a section of the opening area I simply couldn't get to due to my low Athletics. You better believe points will be going there on the next playthrough when I'm not focused on lore and spell casting.

What's surprising is how interconnected everything ends up being. Dialog options, for instance, become available with different party members even depending on what you look at. Simply choosing to examine a certain banner gets your first companion Verse talking about what she doesn't like about the army that flies that banner, and offers opportunities to earn loyalty or fear.

The biggest combat change is in learning Sigils and Accents to craft your own spells, changing the form, size, duration, effect, damage, etc. for a wider range of spell options.

You can create a huge (nay, massive) range of spells, but only have a limited number of slots to put them in. And the more Accents you add, the higher the lore cost, until eventually the spells will be too powerful to cast. There's no magic points or Vancian daily magic spells, and instead each spell has a cooldown period controlled by your stats. 

 Building a better fireball

A Few Problems

Unlike with Pillars, I'm not crazy about the UI layouts in Tyranny -- both on the main screen and in the inventory/character panels, which are pretty cluttered.

The inventory screen when buying and selling from merchants in particular feels a little basic and unpolished, and reminds me of Wasteland 2's UI before being fixed in various patches and the Director's Cut edition. 

 This is about as basic as it gets 

All of the various menu and character screens feel overly plain and utilitarian, and fail to evoke the flavor of a dark fantasy world where an evil god-like overlord has conquered nearly everything.

They really do feel like a sheet of paper covered in RPG stats, but there's an upside there. Your various offense and defense stats clearly state where everything is coming from: a bonus from your equipped Scarlet Fury Helm, a bonus from high Finesse stat, and so on. You aren't ever in the dark about why your stats are the way they are.

Other than the UI, the only other issue present is that the many interesting moral choices becomes less prevalent the further you progress in the game, and it does feel like there should be more content overall. Most noticeably, each of the map locations are much smaller than they were in Pillars, which may also have something to do with the short amount of time between games.

The companions in particular could have used more side quest material, and I would have gladly waited a few more months for a more complete experience rather than getting another game just a year after Pillars

The Bottom Line

Obviously you have to already be in love with the Baldur's Gate / Planescape: Torment / Pillars Of Eternity formula, but if you are, this is going to be in your top games of the year. There are some flaws, but I suspect some of them will be rectified with patches and others will hopefully be remedied with DLC.

After playing through as a law-breaking mage who sides with the chaotic Scarlet Chorus, I honestly can't wait to start over and come through again as a noble-born soldier who supports the regimented order of the Disfavored.

With Tyranny arriving so unexpectedly quickly after Pillars, now we have to ask: what's next from Obsidian? Sadly, it's not a likely scenario at this point that Obsidian will be taking the next Fallout to put Bethesda's efforts to shame, as in years past.

Personally I hope the next one is a sci-fi horror mashup done in a similar visual style to Tyranny. What do you think of Tyranny's shift towards evil, and what are you hoping the developer will get up to next?

In Obsidian's latest game, Tyranny, you get to play the bad guy https://www.gameskinny.com/ecj45/in-obsidians-latest-game-tyranny-you-get-to-play-the-bad-guy https://www.gameskinny.com/ecj45/in-obsidians-latest-game-tyranny-you-get-to-play-the-bad-guy Wed, 16 Mar 2016 10:23:05 -0400 Chrisator

Obsidian Entertainment has just announced their newest game, Tyranny, in which you get to play the bad guy! The game will be published by Paradox Interactive, and available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Obsidian is generally better known for their work on sequels such as Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas and Dungeon Siege III, as well as original games like South Park: The Stick of Truth and Pillars of Eternity. 

Tyranny has been a well-kept secret, but the principle idea seems to be an interesting one. While there are a few games out there where you play as the bad guy, and even more where you can make 'evil' decisions, there aren't many where you play exclusively as the antagonist. And if Tyranny is to take that path, the results will certainly be interesting.

Here's what the website had to say:

A Fatebinder’s word is law, and you decide the fate of the Tiers. Even the smallest of choices shape the land and its people. Tasked with making decisions that truly matter to the Tiers and to the factions of Kyros’ army, you will develop a reputation based upon your deeds -- and you will find the world a drastically changed place each time you play Tyranny.

Information is still scarce on the exact plot of the RPG and its release date, although it should be arriving this year. The game does however, seem to have certain similarities to Pillars of Eternity, another somewhat successful Obsidian game that was also published by Paradox Interactive. For more information, check out the game's website.