Taking cues from freemium RPGs, Tyranny now includes daily rewards just for logging in. Here's how to make the most of em'.

Tyranny breaks PC RPG Trends with Daily Rewards System

Taking cues from freemium RPGs, Tyranny now includes daily rewards just for logging in. Here's how to make the most of em'.
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The partnership between hallowed roleplaying developer Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive for the release of new real-time-with-pause RPG Tyranny has led to some unexpected surprises, and not just with the game letting you play the bad guy for once

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The latest addition no one saw coming was gaining a random consumable item or equipment accessory each consecutive day you open the game while connected to a Paradox account. That’s right: daily rewards, a staple of freemium mobile games, have arrived in Terratus.

Daily Tyranny Rewards

This feature was added on the down-low and was mentioned by a small icon you could hover over near the bottom of the screen, which can be seen in the screenshot below. 

A new menu item seems to have appeared…

For those logged in with a Paradox account, you’ll get a reward for each consecutive day you login and play.

Here are some of the rewards: 

  • Healing Potion (Fine) – 50% HP
  • Healing Potion (Superior) – 100% HP
  • Potion of Revival – brings a fallen party member back from unconscious
  • Cairn’s Leaf – +4 Armor, +20% Endurance defense
  • Oldwater – +10 Arcane Armor, +20% Magic Defense
  • Potion of Elemental Barrier – +10 Shock/Fire/Frost Armor, +50 Defense vs. Paralyzed/Burning/Frozen
  • Dire Remedy – 120-pt Stasis Shield, +4% Max Health
  • Potion of Heroes – +2 to all Attributes
  • Scarlet Poison – Poisons enemies on Crit
  • Fatiguing Toxin – Weakens enemies on Crit
  • Potion of Invisibility – invisible for 120s
  • Skycap – +10 Lore, +10 Magic Skills, +4 Wits
  • Sanguine Scroll – offers Blood Of The Fallen ability
  • Wrought In Ruin – 1 handed sword with Eradicating ability

Signing Up In-Game

For those who want to try out the new daily incentives, just click the Paradox Account button in the main menu before loading a game, then choose “create an account.”

Tyranny oddly freezes when you create an account in-game rather than at the Paradox website, but otherwise, the option appears to work fine. Just alt-tab away to your email, and you’ll have the subscription confirmation. 

From there you don’t have to re-login each day: You remain logged in each time you open Tyranny.

 Creating Paradox Account

What’s It Mean For Future Obsidian Games?

While neither Obsidian nor Paradox have stated anything to this effect, there are rumblings that the move heralds microtransactions coming soon. 

Reservations are already starting to be expressed by gamers across the web, with concerns of unbalancing the game with too many healing/poison consumables, as well as complaints that we are sliding towards an experience too much like casual mobile gaming.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the daily rewards or will you be skipping them entirely?

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