Complete Loyalty Guide to Tyranny's Healer Companion: Lantry

What use to your party could an old man with a quill pen possibly be? A whole lot, as it turns out...

Once again turning many of the standard RPG tropes on their head, your party's primary healer in Tyranny isn't a lady in a white robe, but rather an old man who chronicles history (good or bad).

Beyond just being the guy who keeps people on their feet in battle, Lantry offers both story and combat options that make him well worth including in your party.

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Lantry Combat Strategies

Regardless of his loyalty/fear level, talking with Lantry and asking him to teach you about healing unlocks the Sigil of Life rune to use in spell creation, so that should be your absolute first order of business.

Remember that in Tyranny, absolutely ANY party member can use spells: they just need a high enough Lore skill to cast upgraded versions. Once you have this rune, you should immediately put Restoring Touch or Healing Wisps in everyone's spell slots.

If you have the companion AI on, they will automatically cast healing spells as party members need them during combat, effectively turning everyone into a healer of varying degrees, depending on their Control Life skill levels.

   Is the pen truly mightier than the sword?

Unlike most of the other companions, Lantry has three talent trees instead of two: Quill for ranged attacks, Sage for status effects and increased Lore skill, and Preservation for healing magic.

Focusing on Preservation is an obvious and useful route to go, freeing up your other party members to focus on melee attacks and magic. Just because you put all his points into the Preservation tree doesn't mean he can't be a combatant though – keep in mind that his Lore skill will go up each level if you put your points in the Wits attribute, meaning he can learn many of the strongest and most modified attack spells.

If Preservation doesn't appeal or your main character focused on a healer build, its also possible to go with a Paladin-style Lantry by focusing on quill attacks and putting him in heavy armor, as he starts with decent One-Handed Weapon and Thrown Weapon skills.

If you choose to go down the Sage tree, don't discount the Mage Slayer Stance ability. Even without delivering any killing blows Lantry can effectively take enemy spellcasters out of the fight by silencing them.

Even if you don't care for the Sage tree, it's worth investing at least two points in int to get Voice Of Ages, which offers the ability to decipher ancient languages and opens up opportunities in the Oldwalls area.

Lantry Combo Attacks

All companions unlock powerful combo attacks with the Fatebinder depending on whether they love or hate you. Just for having Lantry join the party you get Quicken, which heals the Fatebinder instantly and offers a bonus to healing for a brief period of time.

Reaching loyalty level 3 unlocks the incredibly useful Wheel Of Ages combo, which is all about crowd control. It can be cast on any party member and enemies within range of that member will be slowed, attack less frequently and take a penalty to Dodge and Parry. Hostile effects on that party member are also briefly suppressed.

Reaching fear level 3 offers up the versatile Theft Of Memory combo, which prevents one enemy from accessing their powerful abilities, lowers their stats and gives the Fatebinder a stat boost.

 Earning Lantry's loyalty offers serious battlefield control options

Gaining Loyalty / Fear With Lantry

While Barik is focused on order and Verse on chaos, Lantry values intellectualism and intelligence above all else. Although he realizes the reality of the war going on around, he gains fear if you directly involve him in grisly or violent events.

In particular, asking Lantry to dictate your orders before kicking the Vendrien Guard leader off the spire will greatly increase his fear. He will also lose loyalty and gain fear when you are rude or blustery in dialog. Be careful when discussing his past, especially if you proclaimed the Edict Of Fire that burned down the library where Lantry previously resided.

Being part of major events or telling Lantry about those events in general will gain his loyalty, however. For instance, you can gain a big loyalty boost if you chose to use Sirin's magical song during the Conquest section of the game, and then mention you and Sirin "go way back" when you meet her in the Scarlet Chorus camp.

That's all you need to know to get the most out of this versatile healer / ranged combatant in TyrannyLet us know what tactics you employ with Lantry and if you've managed to unlock any hidden dialog with other conversation options we've yet to find.

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Published Nov. 14th 2016

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