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Warface: Breakout is a new PvP shooter on PS4 and Xbox One that was surprise launched on May 26. Since similar games feature crossplay with friends, you might be wondering if Warface: Breakout is cross platform. 

The short answer is no: Warface: Breakout is not cross platform. But that's not the whole story. 

Warface: Breakout Cross Platform Play: Will It Ever be Added?

As it stands, Warface: Breakout is strictly limited to the console you purchased it on, meaning that you won't be able to play with Xbox One players if you're on PlayStation 4 or vice versa. 

However, while there's been no word on when or if it will be available, the developers said in 2019 that they plan to bring cross platform play to the original Warface in "Q2 2020." That means upcoming patches and updates could bring the functionality to Breakout.

Warface Franchise Producer Ivan Pabiarzhyn told Nintendo Life earlier this year that the team still wasn't ready to implement cross platform play in the original game, so while it's possible it will come to Warface: Breakout, the functionality might still be far away. 


Warface was released as a free-to-play multiplayer shooter in 2013 and is developed by Crytek Kiev, though this latest spin-off is developed by Allods Team and retails for $19.99.

Warface: Breakout is described as a return to the classic competitive shooters of yore, with its developers citing the immensely popular Counter-Strike as inspiration. Unlike the game it's inspired by, Warface: Breakout is crafted with console play in mind.

Sporting five maps and over 30 weapons, Warface: Breakout is expected to evolve over time with free seasonal content and has no plans to incorporate a battle pass for players to purchase.

So, there you have it. The skinny on Warface: Breakout cross platform play. Be sure to check back as we'll update this article if the ability to crossplay with friends is added to the game. 

Warface Gets New Battle Royale Mode https://www.gameskinny.com/uk7lz/warface-gets-new-battle-royale-mode https://www.gameskinny.com/uk7lz/warface-gets-new-battle-royale-mode Fri, 08 Dec 2017 11:00:50 -0500 Caio Sampaio

Fifteen armed participants and only one winner. The prize? Staying alive. To claim it, there is only one choice: scavenge your surroundings, find a weapon, and fight for your life. But do it fast. The battleground constantly shrinks, converging every contestant in one location for a final shootout. The last man or woman standing wins. This is the premise behind the Battle Royale game mode, which is now part of Crytek`s free-to-play FPS title, thanks to its latest update. The publisher My.com made the announcement through a video (above) uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Warface

To fit the gameplay style of Battle Royale, developers built the largest PvP map in the game`s history and placed over 70 different weapons on the battlefield for you to discover and upgrade your equipment. However, the location of each gun is random, meaning that you need to handle a different arsenal in every match. Apart from the firearms you find in the map, there also are supply drops, which provide better gear, but they grab the attention of other players. Should you expose yourself and go after the supply drops? It is up to you to decide whether the risk is worth the reward. 

The location chosen for Battle Royale in Warface is the Mojave Desert, USA. This choice makes sense, considering the goal of the developers. According to a press release issued by My.com, "Crytek has painstakingly crafted the Battle Royale mode to combine the special atmosphere of its survival warfare with Warface’s original gameplay." Moreover, this location has the benefit of featuring large open areas, while also containing small buildings, thus giving you a vast number of tactical possibilities. These facts bode well for the future of Battle Royale in Warface, but the number of titles featuring this mode continues to increase, which leaves a question begging for an answer. 

Why Has Battle Royale Become Popular?

This game mode exploded in popularity after PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) became available, as evidenced by its record of most concurrent players on Steam, set on September 16th, after reaching 1,349,584 users. Other games, including Fortnite and now Warface, have implemented this game mode, but why are players so attracted to it? On November 1st, the YouTube channel Extra Credits uploaded a video that answers this question. Read the conclusions in the paragraphs below. 

First, it is important to understand the type of experience that Battle Royale creates. Some players may reckon that it focuses on action because its core gameplay mechanic consists of shooting. This logic, however, is incorrect, according to Extra Credits. As the YouTube channel says, the Battle Royale mode is a "multiplayer thriller," and the secret for its success lies in a single word -- suspense.

To understand this conclusion, it is crucial to comprehend what a "thriller experience" means. "It aims to put the audience in a heightened state of adrenaline," states Extra Credits. However, contrary to most online shooting game modes, Battle Royale builds adrenaline through suspense and hooks players with an almost overwhelming amount of apprehension. To accomplish this objective, it employs thriller storytelling techniques, which consist of the following four items:  

1- Clear stakes

2- A continuous sense of threat

3- Time pressure

4- Escalating danger

If you have played any game featuring the Battle Royale mode, you can probably recognize these four traits. It contains clear stakes, as you know that your life is on the line. On top of that, you feel a continuous sense of threat, because, thanks to the size of the map, it is impossible to be 100% aware of your surroundings. Therefore, there is always the chance of you being on the crosshair of another player, who is just waiting for the right opportunity to take you down. You also have time pressure, as the map constantly shrinks.

Finally comes the escalating danger. As the area gets smaller, so does the distance between players, meaning that every second you spend alive increases the chance of encountering an enemy. With these four elements, Battle Royale became a success, using thriller storytelling techniques to build suspense and create an experience that leaves you sweating with tension. But there are other factors that play a significant role in the popularity of this multiplayer game mode.

A Big Payoff:

If you survive through most of a Battle Royale match, the moment to face the remaining soldiers will inevitably arrive. If you triumph over the enemies and become the lone survivor, you will experience "fiero." The author and game designer Jane McGonigal describes this term in her New York Times best-selling book Reality is Broken: Why Games Makes Us Better and How They Can Change the World

"Fiero is what we feel after we triumph over adversity. You know it when you feel it -- and when you see it. That’s because we almost all express fiero in exactly the same way: we throw our arms over our head and yell."

What Jane McGonigal calls "fiero" is described by science as your reaction to dopamine. This is the neurotransmitter responsible for you feeling pleasure upon achieving a desired outcome. It is important to observe that you receive more dopamine for getting what you want when you anticipate the reward or event. Therefore, activities that provide you with anticipation tend to be more engaging. This is the conclusion of the psychologist Jamie Madigan in his book Getting Gamers: The Psychology of Video Games and Their Impact on the People Who Play Them:

"It turns out that what really excites us is not so much the loot as it is the loot drop. And, if you want to get really specific about it, it's the anticipation of the loot drop."

Jamie Madigan comments on the use of anticipation to increase your satisfaction when obtaining new loot, but the principle applies to Battle Royale as well, because expectancy is a crucial part of the experience. When the end of the match starts to draw near, you see the player count drop. Once you realize that you have a real chance of winning, you start to build anticipation, as every enemy neutralized gets you a step closer to your goal -- one by one.

When you finally win, you reach your desired outcome, which gives you dopamine, making you feel happy. Anticipation boosts this effect and causes an abundance of this neurotransmitter. In other words, it causes "fiero.” Of course, it is possible to have this effect with other online game modes, but Battle Royale is a unique experience. It combines anticipation with thriller storytelling techniques, thus becoming a multiplayer thriller, as explained by Extra Credits. It is all a mind game. 

A Changing Game:

The last factor that contributed to the rise of Battle Royale is the fact that you can only expect the unexpected, thanks to the randomized nature of the weapons that spawn on the map. In one round you may find an assault rifle, while you may discover a shotgun in another. This fact prevents you from using a dominant strategy. Matthew O. Jackson describes this term in his Stanford research paper A Brief Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory:

"A dominant strategy for a player is one that produces the highest payoff of any strategy available for every possible action by the other players."

The random weapon spawn ensures the lack of a dominant strategy, thus keeping players from exploiting a single modus operandi. This ensures that the experience continues fresh, because you constantly need to change your style and adapt to the different firearms that you pick up from the battlefield. With a vast map containing a plethora of areas to explore, you will be able to play the Battle Royale mode for a long time before it becomes tiresome.


The popularity of the Battle Royale game mode is undeniable. To ensure that new and innovative ideas make their way into the video game industry, we must understand what makes the current ones compelling. Using the analysis from Extra Credits and the authors mentioned herein, it is possible to shed some light on why Battle Royale became a success.

Using thriller storytelling techniques, it deploys the four factors necessary to craft an experience that leaves the audience on the edge of the seat. On top of that, Battle Royale also provides great satisfaction once you conquer the battlefield, giving you dopamine after several minutes of anticipation in heart-stopping tension.

These two factors, combined with gameplay that changes every match due to the different weapons you find, ensure that a game of Battle Royale will have you hooked, whether you are playing PUBG, Fortnite, Warface or any other game that includes this feature. If you wish to experience Battle Royale with graphics powered by the same engine that brought Crysis to life, make sure to sign up today on Warface's website. 


Warface Celebrates 4th Anniversary With a Glimpse of its Future https://www.gameskinny.com/2tuu1/warface-celebrates-4th-anniversary-with-a-glimpse-of-its-future https://www.gameskinny.com/2tuu1/warface-celebrates-4th-anniversary-with-a-glimpse-of-its-future Tue, 24 Oct 2017 15:50:39 -0400 Caio Sampaio

48 million players, 179 countries and more than 70 updates. These are some of the numbers that display the growth of Crytek`s free to play competitive FPS game. Released on October 21st 2013, the title has just gone through its fourth anniversary.

To celebrate the occasion, the publisher My.com uploaded a video (above) on the official Warface channel on YouTube, displaying what players can expect from the game's next expansion, which will become available in December.

The Pripyat Update:

The developers expect it to bring a unique experience to the Warface community. In an exclusive interview with GameSkinny, Michael Khaimzon, the creative director of the game, spoke about the new content and shared some insights: 

“It has been in production for almost a year, so there are lots of new things coming. New environment, new enemies, new boss fights, and a new chapter in the Warface- Blackwood duel. Let’s not forget, though, that, in addition to this mission, the update will also include new weapons, achievements, and many other things."

Apart from the items listed by Michael, the package will also feature a new narrative-driven cooperative mission (above) held in Pripyat, Ukraine, at the heart of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. After decades of isolation, players will explore the ruins left by the worst nuclear disaster in history.

The mission will mark the next chapter in the conflict that drives the universe of the game, wherein the world is facing its most severe financial crisis. While most people on the planet dive into poverty, a group of capitalists holds most of Earth's wealth. They hired the paramilitary group Blackwood to protect their facilities worldwide. Players join the Warface squad to take down the monopoly.

With this premise, the expectations from developers to deliver a unique experience are high. While they give the final touches to the Pripyat mission, the material My.com has shared online allows us to start having some thoughts about the arrival of the Warface arsenal in Chernobyl.

First Impressions: 

The trailer shown previously in this article is not the first media My.com has shared about the Pripyat mission. In the past month, the publisher uploaded three other videos: Soon in Warface: Special Operation in Chernobyl, Next in Warface: Welcome to Chernobyl and Pripyat: Behind the Scenes.

Through the footage available, we can have a glimpse of what type of experience the developers of Crytek have created. 

Chernobyl may seem as a familiar environment to some players, thanks to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (2007)but the developers of Warface made sure to add new elements to the old formula. 

As the image above displays, players of the Pripyat mission will travel through environments that combine the desolation of a post-apocalyptic setting with the high-end technology of Blackwood. The result is an interesting contrast of old versus new, which can create unique and memorable locations, as Horizon: Zero Dawn (2017) and the Fallout franchise have proved.

It is also worth mentioning the effort Crytek put into bringing Pripyat to life. The company sent 30 developers to the real-life location to study how to best reproduce it in Warface. As consequence, the team added to the mission 230 furniture models, 6 kilometers (approximately 4 miles) of terrain, 800 objects and 400 textures, along with 30 buildings and constructions from real life.

These numbers show that Crytek emphasized the ambiance and the immersion of the new mission, staying true to the source material, while adding new elements to the world, such as the Blackwood buildings. Whether Crytek will hit the right balance between old and new, we will only discover in December.

However, we can claim that, by creating a version of Chernobyl we have never seen, the Pripyat mission has the potential to become one of the grandest experiences a player can have in a Free to Play shooter, thanks to its unique setting.

Apart from releasing new footage on the upcoming mission, My.com and Crytek also found other means to thank the fans of Warface for their continued support throughout these four years.

Player Rewards:

On October 19th, My.com announced (above) that players would receive many bonuses during the four days in which Warface celebrated its anniversary. According to a press release, the giveaway included: 

  • Four gift cards, one for each day Warface celebrates its anniversary, with the chance to get various prizes, including the Black Hawk axe;
  • From October 19th through the 22nd, players can obtain a golden random box every day for accumulating 100 kills in any game mode. The boxes may yield various items and even permanent weapons. Only one box can be obtained per day;
  • Special anniversary skins for the Fazil UE3, AP-84 Custom, Anatolia RK-102, S60B3 and Abada 266 mm for players in every day that they play;
  • From October 19th through the 22nd, every player will receive a 400% bonus to all their gains, including Warface dollars, Crown Points, XP, and VP.
  • Increased VIP booster on October 22nd to wrap up the celebration.

As Crytek and My.com celebrated the fourth anniversary of Warface, it is normal to look back at accomplishments from the past, but we must also wonder about what lies ahead.

What the Future Holds:

In this regard, Michael Khaimzon claimed that his team is studying methods to bolster the storytelling of the game. Therefore, it would be no surprise to see future missions of Warface featuring deeper plots.

However, the Creative Director pointed out that this is not an easy task. Due to the fast pace of the game, it is difficult to find a mean to convey a narrative without interrupting the action.

Storytelling, however, is only one of the aspects that Michael and his team aim at perfecting. Crytek's free to play title will continue to expand, with new missions, features and weapons. To stay updated on the progress of Warface, as it marches forward, make sure to join today on the game's website.

Creative Director of Warface Talks About the Game's New Mission; the Future of Shooters and More https://www.gameskinny.com/0c8vl/creative-director-of-warface-talks-about-the-games-new-mission-the-future-of-shooters-and-more https://www.gameskinny.com/0c8vl/creative-director-of-warface-talks-about-the-games-new-mission-the-future-of-shooters-and-more Fri, 22 Sep 2017 18:15:01 -0400 Caio Sampaio

No soldier can win a war alone. This is the premise behind Warface, a free-to-play FPS game developed by Crytek, which combines intense combat with gameplay mechanics that foster cooperation between you and your allies. Released worldwide on October 21, 2013, the game will soon live through another birthday and players will receive a special gift from the developers two months later.

During this year’s Gamescom, held on August 22 through 26, Crytek and the
publisher My.com announced additional content for the game, which is set to release in December. The upcoming expansion will mark a new chapter in the conflict that drives the universe of Warface

According to the developers, the update will feature a new narrative-driven co-op mission held in Pripyat, Ukraine. Located right next to the epicenter of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. It once was a vibrant location, but now it is nothing but ruins. Watch the trailer below:

Crytek’s free-to-play shooter takes place in a world devastated by the greatest
recession in history. Amidst the turmoil, a group of capitalists controls most of the global wealth, and to preserve their interests, they fortified their ivory tower with the might of a paramilitary force known as Blackwood. Players join Warface, an elite squad that fights back against the worldwide dominance of Earth’s resources.

During the story, you will face new enemies, bosses, and enjoy newly refined gameplay mechanics. With new additional content on the horizon, this is an opportunity to reflect on how the game became what it is today and where it will go next.

The Future of Warface:

GameSkinny had the opportunity to hold an exclusive interview with Michael
Khaimzon (above), the creative director of Warface, to have a better understanding of what the upcoming content will bring. Apart from the future, he also discussed the past and the present of the game, ending our conversation with some predictions for what innovations might be in the making for the FPS genre. As for the new mission of Warface, he said:

“This will definitely be one of the biggest updates in our history. The Chernobyl mission is going to be epic. It has been in production for almost a year, so there are lots of new things coming. New environment, new enemies, new boss fight, and a new chapter in the Warface- Blackwood duel. Let’s not forget, though, that, in addition to this mission, the update will also include new weapons, achievements, and many other things.

December, traditionally, is the most important month for us, as many players prepare for holidays; they have a lot of free time. So, we like to release especially enticing content in this time period. This year is not an exception. Having said that, there is also a new experimental mode coming to Warface, more like an event thing, in which we will test something that we actually started over 7 years ago. We really wanted to do this mode, but never got the chance, so now is the time.”

From the answer provided by Michael, we can assume that the new update will significantly change how you experience the game. On August 28, the official Warface account on YouTube uploaded a video showing behind the scenes footage of the new mission, allowing you to take a better look on what the expansion will bring to the table. You can watch it below:

The video gives you a glimpse of what the expansion will deliver and
displays the effort Crytek put into developing the content, even sending developers to study the location personally. While we will only be sure once we can actually play the new mission, it is possible to speculate that ambiance and immersion will be two of its strongest attributes, as a consequence of their extensive research.

We can claim this due to the fidelity of the levels, which are almost identical to the real locations they are based on, albeit with some minor changes. But that covers the future of Warface, for now. During our interview, Michael continued to discuss Crytek’s free-to-play shooter.

Warface Today: 

One of the main challenges for any game is staying relevant through the years. Some titles pass the test of time with excellence, such as World of Warcraft, while other productions are not as fortunate and their player base shrinks over time, as seen with Evolve. Michael commented on how Crytek works to retain its community in the long run:

“I think the key is listening to the community, understanding them, and releasing regular updates. We did 70+ updates so far - that is literally an update every single month. Thus, our players see that the game is truly live. It is changing, evolving, and they can influence that evolution. All of us, the developers, have to play the game, really play it every day, face the issues, and deal with them first hand.”

Apart from creating ways to keep an audience, the free-to-play model brings
another challenge. The game is always under development, meaning that the stream of new ideas must be constant.

Designers must always craft new features, maps and fine-tune the ones that already exist. Having new ideas is an appealing process for a developer and, once they are approved, the team must bring them to life. This brings us to our next topic.

Designing a Game That is Constantly Growing: 

Throughout the life of a competitive FPS title, developers often continue to expand the game by releasing new maps. To give an optimal experience to players, these levels are usually asymmetrical, meaning that both sides of the battlefield are different. The objective is to provide the player with a sense of novelty when crossing from one side to another, but this also raises a concern.

It is necessary to ensure both parts of the map have the same tactical opportunities; otherwise, a team will have an advantage, thus breaking the balance of the game. Creating two different sides, while making sure they are fair to both teams is an enormous challenge, and Michael provides us with some information on how this process works:

“It’s definitely a know-how that took us years to develop. We have a very detailed level design “bible,” that teaches certain rules relevant to all levels. There are tons of things to consider – timing, positions, slides, coop climbs, and best places for each class. This is really a topic that deserves its own article.”

Level design; however, is only one of the parts that create the experience of the player. A developer must pay close attention to the dynamics of the game modes the title offers.

In a game such as Warface, which contains a plethora of modes for PvE and PvP, a question begs for an answer: How do the creators split their attention across distinct types of gameplay while ensuring they are all fun? Michael discussed the matter:

“Well, some are more fun than others, but it’s a natural process – you have to try different things, some will work, some will not and it depends on the player’s own preferences. It’s OK, no one can predict with 100% certainty what will happen. We make assumptions based on what our players like and then go ahead and try these ideas. One thing we are definitely proud of is our Blitz mode.

We tried to take the typical Plant the Bomb mode to a different level - make it more casual and fast paced, while still quite tactical. It worked out really well. We can definitely say that Warface players prefer very dynamic type of game-play where you engage an enemy just a few seconds after the spawn or when the round doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes - and that’s what we always strive to achieve.”

As Warface changes with each new update, by delivering new maps, modes, and missions, the game continues to make its path towards the future. With the largest mission in its history set to release in December, it is time to look back and recall how it all started. On this subject, Michael offered some insights on the initial moments in the development of Warface.

Where Everything Started:

The video above shows the first trailer of Warface and it displays how much the game has changed over the years. Prior to its release, Crytek had already developed other successful titles, such as Crysis and Far Cry, which scored 91 and 89 on Metacritic respectively. After the success of these productions, then came the moment for the studio to plan their next move.

The next step for them involved beginning development on a free to play competitive FPS game. For a company that had thrived developing paid AAA experiences, the shift in the payment model may seem like an audacious move. But, according to Michael, the decision came naturally. On this matter he stated:

“We already had a team in Frankfurt dedicated to AAA titles such as Ryse and the Crysis series, so we wanted to try a different approach – take a smaller team, and launch a title as fast as possible in a completely different way. It was also obvious to us that we were in a unique position. There was, and still is, not much competition on the F2P market for a high quality PvE COOP shooter. We knew that we had unique experience and a tool-set to get this out before others.”

Once the decision to develop a free to play FPS game became official, it was time to start planning the title. According to Jason Schreier in his book Blood, Sweat and Pixels, during the pre-production phase of a project, the developers must make decisions that will determine the future of their game; and that's just what Crytek did.

Through these preliminary stages, it is paramount to set priorities. Considering that Crytek had created successful FPS games in the past, the developers needed to decide whether they would transfer gameplay elements from Crysis (above) and Far Cry to Warface. According to Michael, the right choice was clear:

“Not much was carried over. When working on a typical box title, your main objective is to sell the game to the players. You do not have to worry about the churn rate or the playtime. In F2P there is no second chance. If you do something wrong – you lose the player forever, as he can simply delete the game. At the same time, it is easier to get people in, because there is no pay wall. In a nutshell, there is little to carry over, unless you are releasing a sequel with a different payment model.

As far as the other areas go, there is also a big difference. For example, in Crysis our objective was to make the most beautiful game, no matter the time and effort. In Warface, the focus is on performance, comfortable navigation, and map balance, as it’s - first and foremost - a multiplayer title, as opposed to FarCry and Crysis, which were about cinematic single player experience first.”

Considering Crytek’s approach of creating a brand-new design for Warface, the development team worked under the pressure of crafting innovative ideas that would resonate with the audience. The first step to developing a new game is delineating the goals of the project, and Michael spoke briefly on the subject of Warface's objectives at the start:

“Our priority was to deliver the first AAA F2P COOP title with a balanced,
cybersports ready PvP mode, and over time we managed to deliver pretty much exactly what we wanted.”

According to Michael, Crytek is happy with the product Warface has become.
Reaching the milestone of 48 million users -- according to the publisher My.com -- proves that the game has developed a strong audience.

However, the FPS genre is a competitive market and studios must fight to stay at the top. This scenario entices competition between companies, as developers constantly innovate to get an edge over their rivals, and players benefit from this as more new and interesting games pop up.

The Future of FPS Games: 

Gamers enjoy spending time with innovative technologies, and one of the biggest developments of the video game industry in recent years is the push to create experiences in Virtual Reality (VR). While this hardware still needs to be refined, many players worldwide are already enjoying it, as evidenced by the 915,000 users who purchased the Sony PlayStation VR as of February 19. However, if you think this is the future of gaming, think again, because Michael believes that another innovation may be in store:

“One thing that will probably happen sometime soon is eye control. We will no longer need the mouse to move the cursor around and it will definitely affect the speed and precision of gameplay. As for VR, it is a very specific platform; it’s great for certain games, but not as much for fast-paced shooters. It is definitely cool, and Crytek has released some amazing games for VR, but in order for it to become mainstream, there needs to be significant hardware improvements.

No one wants to move around with heavy goggles on the head, trying to not be stuck in cables. May be once the glasses are wireless and as light as regular sunglasses, the VR will take off. But again, chances are it’s not going to replace PC for fast paced shooters.”

According to Michael, VR is still a long way from being the future of FPS video games. This is okay because while players do wish to see developers experimenting with new tech, studios can still create innovative and enjoyable experiences with today’s hardware.

But game makers are constantly conceiving new concepts to deliver unique productions and this drive towards innovation goes beyond creating new technology. One of the departments in which developers are investing heavily is narrative design.

Story in a Free to Play Competitive FPS Games?

On October 31, 2013, the YouTube channel Extra Credits released a video (above) discussing whether it is possible to implement a narrative in a competitive multiplayer game. Storytelling in gaming continues to become more mature and complex, and as this process unfolds, developers continue to bolster their skills to create more compelling narratives.

An example of this trend is Ken Levine’s presentation during 2014’s Game Developers Conference, when he pitched a concept for a story that can only be told through video games. With this scenario, some questions emerge: can game makers successfully implement a story in every genre? Can a free to play FPS game provide players with a meaningful narrative? Michael shared his thoughts on the subject:

“In F2P, the main issue is, probably, the resources – cut scenes and realistic acting is very hard to do, and it’s always a matter of priority. You ask yourself: what is the best way to utilize our time and effort? In F2P games, players want primarily action, so this has always been our focus.

Another thing to remember is that Warface is a coop game, there are five players who are not at the same place, looking in different directions, and doing different things, so it’s much harder to play a cut-scene that everyone will see. We definitely want to improve storytelling in Warface and are looking for the most efficient ways to do it without interrupting the gameplay.”

This statement from Michael may shed some light on the future of Warface, as
developers at Crytek try to discover new storytelling techniques that suit their game. Considering that their goal is to have a narrative that does not interrupt gameplay, it is possible that they decide to invest more in environmental storytelling. Whether this prediction will be accurate remains to be seen. 


Our conversation with Michael provided us with a glimpse into the future of Warface. The narrative-driven mission coming in December will significantly change how players experience the game, according to the developer. Based on the behind the scenes footage, it seems that ambiance and immersion will be two strong attributes of the expansion.

Another noteworthy point of our talk was Michael’s perspective over the future of FPS games. Unlike what some people may think, the Creative Director of Warface does not believe VR will be the future of the genre. He reckons this role will fall on the shoulders of eye-tracking technology.

Concerning the future of Warface, he claimed that his team is studying how to create stronger narratives in the game. However, due to the characteristics of a free to play title, the team would prefer to avoid relying on cutscenes to convey their story. This may lead them towards the use of environmental storytelling to strengthen the narrative of Warface.

To stay updated on how the game will continue to evolve and to play the upcoming Pripyat mission in December, grab your rifle and enlist today on Warface.


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PC (Windows/Linux/Mac)

You may excel in the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty, but how would you perform on a real combat? You have probably asked yourself this question in the past -- and now you can know the answer.

Released by New World Interactive in 2014, this game focuses on realism, as players fight through Middle Eastern locations in Counter Strike fashion. Every element of this game was designed to replicate real life, and its developers used the smallest details to craft a more realistic and tense play experience.

The best example is the bullet counter -- or the lack thereof, to be more precise. Gamers may have a hard time conceiving this, but real soldiers do not have a floating interface telling them exactly how many bullets they have left. They must count each shot they fire, in order to keep track of how many projectiles are still available.

This is the case in Insurgency, as players do not have a HUD displaying their bullets. They must count each shot in order to know when to reload. If a player forgets to count one bullet, it can mean difference between reloading at the right time or running out of projectiles at the wrong moment.

This leads to nerve-wracking moments, as players must survive in battle and keep track of their inventory at the same time.

Another element of this game that adds to the realism is its ambience. In contrast to frenetic games like Call of Duty, Insurgency can have calm moments where being aware of your surroundings will be key for your survival. Players must use their senses to get a drop on the enemy. For example, it's possible to hear footsteps from a distance as an enemy player draws near.

Because players need to manage their inventory, pay close attention to their surroundings when the action ceases, and think strategically, this game offers the hardcore experience Call of Duty lacks. And if you think you are up to the task, you must enlist today and join the fight.

Dirty Bomb

PC (Windows)

What happens when you mix Call of Duty and Overwatch? This game is the closest you will get. Unlike the strategic and slow pace of Insurgency, Dirty Bomb is all about how fast you can react.

Choose your side as you either fight to protect London, or join the opposition in order to destroy it. As you rush through the streets, enemies will pop in front of you and your reflexes will dictate who must live and who must die.

Despite its chaotic premise, knowing how to cooperate with other players will be fundamental for your survival -- and most importantly, picking the right character will be essential for your success.

You have 19 different mercenaries to choose from, each with their own specs so you may choose one that fits your play style. In addition, this variety allows to try out different characters and skills -- prolonging the novelty of the game and adding a replayability factor.

Considering that this game has a vast roster of mercenaries to choose from and features frantic action, it gives to players the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment that offers an element Call of Duty does not -- a sense of novelty which persists even after dedicating several hours to the game.   

Time Clickers

Android, PC (Windows)

When people think of first-person shooters, the thought of blood and gore likely crosses their minds. But not every shooting game needs to feature intense violence. Time Clickers is one of these exceptions.

With gameplay that consists of shooting down enemies built from blocks, players will test their sharp reflexes as they aim to reach maximum efficiency and get a higher score -- which they can use to unlock and purchase new skills or upgrade their weapon.

Are you tired of the visceral violence depicted in games as Call of Duty, but do not want to let go of the tension or skillshot action they provide? If you answered “yes”, then Time Clickers is the perfect game for you to test your skills.


Super Hot

Xbox One, PC (Windows/Linux/Mac)

When playing action-packed first person shooters, it is normal to wish you could slow time down in order to get an upper hand on your enemies. But what if you actually could?

Super Hot allows players to dive into a red and white universe where they will die instantly if hit by a single bullet. Thriving under this circumstance may seem nearly impossible; however, there is something to help players: time will only move if the player does. You can stop time to plan actions, then watch that plan unfold in real time. 

As the developers described:

"See the bullets crawling towards you as you carefully plan your steps and aim your gun. Enjoy the mayhem that is unleashed as you put that plan into motion."

You start alone, unarmed, and must use your ability to stop time to use your fists and get your first gun. From there on out, it's heart-stopping (and time-stopping) action.

With an audacious art style and innovative gameplay mechanics, Super Hot invites players to join an adventure they have never encountered before.


Xbox 360 and PC (Windows)

Responsible for the Crysis franchise, Crytek earned its spot as one of the top developers in the world. But apart from this renowned series, the studio has also developed another first-person shooter that doesn't get nearly enough credit.

Warface is Crytek’s weapon in the free-to-play gaming market. Featuring the graphics of CryEngine 3, it provides to players a visually dazzling experience -- and its gameplay mechanics are not far behind.

Despite not presenting players with a shooting mechanic that we can regard as “innovative”, the cooperation this game allows makes it shine. Developers added certain actions to the maps that can only be performed when two players join forces, and these have a meaningful impact on how the game flows.

Players can ask a peer to boost them up in order to reach a ledge and go to higher ground. Or they may cooperate to push a car out of the road and clear a path. This element adds depth to the experience, as it increases the number of variables in the game, which includes versus and co-op modes.

Looking to other players for actual help is a far cry from a game like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which encourages independence and provides resources (like jetpacks) that will simply let the user do whatever they need on their own. On that front, Warface is the better experience -- there's certainly more depth, given that you can decide whether you want to cooperate with your team or leave them high and dry. 


If you are a Call of Duty fan, but the direction the franchise took did not please you, and you aren't looking to enlist in Battlefield 1, there are many other games for you to explore.

From the realism of Insurgency to the innovation of Super Hot, there are other productions outside the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises that will keep any first-person shooter fan entertained. Let us know in the comments if you've played any of these games or plan to try them out.

Happy shooting!

Crytek Releases New Warface Special Operation -- "Anubis" https://www.gameskinny.com/sbo8y/crytek-releases-new-warface-special-operation-anubis https://www.gameskinny.com/sbo8y/crytek-releases-new-warface-special-operation-anubis Tue, 07 Jun 2016 07:15:34 -0400 ericafeldfeber

Crytek company released their newest update for their popular Crysis series, Warface. Warface is Crytek's free-to-play, online first-person shooter. The update, Special Operation "Anubis", comes with a brand new set of achievements, bug fixes, improvements for matchmaking, better auto team balancing, and an extra detailed kill log. For a detailed overview of all of the new changes, be sure to check out the Warface Forums

Blow up a sub, neutralize a missile base and destroy a secret cyborg factory in the latest Special Operation to launch on Crytek’s free online shooter.

Anubis – named after the god of death – is a three-stage co-op mission set in Eastern Africa, where players must defeat enemies together. A futuristic threat is buried deep within an ancient pyramid in Anubis. Players must work together through a network of bases, culminating in an assault on a pyramid, in order to disrupt Blackwood’s villainous operations.

The action begins immediately, from the moment the team is inserted into the landing zone. Enemies await the players' arrival at the gate of the missile facility.

The new Special Operation’s three diverse stages require players to combine the strengths of the game’s four different classes in order to take on and eliminate a wide range of enemies.

Players must adapt their tactics for each stage, from clearing out buildings at close-quarters to holding a defensive line in the face of marauding cyborgs, if they are to complete this action-packed new mission.

Sign up today and play Warface for free at www.warface.com. 

New Warface Xbox 360 Trailer Released https://www.gameskinny.com/5aeyg/new-warface-xbox-360-trailer-released https://www.gameskinny.com/5aeyg/new-warface-xbox-360-trailer-released Wed, 28 Aug 2013 16:24:51 -0400 MyNameIsProjekt

Warface is a free-to-play first-person shooter being developed by Crytek for PC and the Xbox 360.  Crytek is the same company that developed the Crysis series of first-person shooters so Warface could become a great free-to-play title.  In a market that has several established shooter titles (i.e. Call of Duty and Battlefield), Crytek will need work hard to draw an audience to their new title and to keep players coming back for more.

To Crytek's benefit, Warface being a free-to-play title is likely to draw the attention of players who are looking for something fresh to play without having to spend $60 on a new game.  Crytek will also likely release some form of "premium" content to those that wish to pay for it, but that is basically an accepted fact for other free-to-play titles.  The biggest hurdle for Crytek will be to draw an initial audience to Warface and hopefully being able to keep players engaged with the title.

From watching the video, the game does look like a hybrid of Call of Duty and Battlefield and that could be a good thing.  The different classes will help players to find a role that fits their playing style much like with Battlefield, and could also keep players interested as they try out new classes.  The trailer also shows off some fast-paced gameplay which many fans of the first-person shooter genre will be happy to see.  Overall, there are some good highlights of what Warface will look like when it is released and should earn a place on your list of "Games to Look Out For."

However, there are a couple of areas of concern with the game and they are a little worrisome.  While the class system is a good idea, it has been done and Warface's classes look awfully similar to Battlefield.  Crytek needs Warface to stand out from the crowd and be different, and that is a little hard to do when your game looks like a game you are competing against.

The big concern, besides the name of the game being Warface, is the game's release date.  2014 is a long way away in the world of gaming especially with the next-gen consoles releasing sometime in November.  There will surely be players still playing their Xbox 360 but Crytek is advertising to a passing era.  It feels a little risky to develop a brand-new shooter for the Xbox 360 at this point in time, but it could still work out well for Crytek if the audience is there.

Warface is set to release on the PC sometime before the end of 2013 so PC players will get their hands on the game before the Xbox 360 crowd will.  Hopefully, the PC version will give a better idea of what to expect when 2014 rolls around.

North American Release of Warface Gone From Trion Worlds Website https://www.gameskinny.com/62xgb/north-american-release-of-warface-gone-from-trion-worlds-website https://www.gameskinny.com/62xgb/north-american-release-of-warface-gone-from-trion-worlds-website Wed, 26 Jun 2013 23:52:19 -0400 Stephanie Tang

“What, did they go and fire more people?”

More news from Trion Worlds, but this time it does not involve stripping their studio dev teams down even further. Rather, the publishing giant looks like it is taking its restructuring efforts to new places, because Crytek’s free to play first-person shooter Warface, due to be published for a North American audience by Trion Worlds, disappeared sometime last night from the Trion Worlds website without notice or explanation.

Trion Worlds refused to comment on the situation, whereas Crytek refused to comment on their relationship with Trion.

For those of you out of the loop, Warface is a multiplayer-centric shooter, built on Crytek’s proprietary CryEngine development kit. A class-based shooter, it combines co-op player versus AI with competitive player versus players, allowing players to specialize in a number of classes.

Readers who have been following Warface’s success story in China will remember that it was announced last year that Trion Worlds would be publishing the game in the United States, New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, and Europe. The North American Warface closed beta began in mid-January with little fanfare and went offline in early April, and hasn't been online since.

Despite thousands of players asking questions on the official Warface website, no answer or update was made by Crytek until today.

Not that they said much.

Executive Producer Joshua Howard finally updated the News section of the website with a short letter to Warface fans, thanking them for both feedback and patience and vague promises for the future, including another closed beta phase, and additional game optimization through player feedback.

He goes on to say that “Everyone is working very hard to make this happens and we are very optimistic about Warface’s future.”

If you ask me, between this and their refusal to comment about Trion Worlds, it looks like Crytek’s on the hunt for a new publisher.

Countdown to Kickstarter?

Warface Beta https://www.gameskinny.com/ajysj/warface-beta https://www.gameskinny.com/ajysj/warface-beta Fri, 29 Mar 2013 01:40:41 -0400 Lord Aader

The other day, I was fortunate enough to get invited to the Warface Beta. Let me tell you--the game is great. However, I had 3 problems:

Problem One: Class swapping. The game wants you to pause to swap.

Problem Two: Shot Gun; this, I sort of understand. But dang it, I want ammo-type changing ability.

Problem Three: Loading times. Nuff said.

Other than that the game is freaking awesome. I will be posting more about it as the game progresses.

Warface: The Future of Free-to-Play Games? https://www.gameskinny.com/i0wt2/warface-the-future-of-free-to-play-games https://www.gameskinny.com/i0wt2/warface-the-future-of-free-to-play-games Sat, 23 Mar 2013 16:07:29 -0400 Turtle_McTavish

At PAX East, I hopped on over to the Logitech booth. There, they were showing off their new headsets, keyboards and mice. The game on display was Warface, a still-in-beta free to play FPS. At first glance, Warface looks like a copy of Blacklight, another F2P FPS game. But, in action, it's a thrilling, well-made, twitch shooter. The main thing that drew me in to the dive of Warface, was its focus on teamwork.

A lot of the time in online shooters, you find those "I banged your mom" lone wolfs on teams. In Warface, you can still go solo, but its more beneficial to play with a partner. There are climbable terrains in Warface's maps that any player can just climb up, but some can only be climbed if you have a teammate. A daunting ten foot tall wall can be traversed over if you have a partner. These walls are marked by a symbol that glows on the wall. When you have your teammate, you can run over to the wall and knell down, your partner will then do a jump off your shoulder to climb over the wall then pull you up. Such interactivity draws a new line for teamwork and interaction in a game.

The only game mode shown so far is a basic team deathmatch style. Between any respawns, you can switch between the games four classes: the assault, engineer, support, and sniper classes. 

Outside of games, there is a vendor system. In game you earn exp and in-game currency that can be used on new weapons, attachments, weapon camos, and character models/accessories. There is also a game of luck vendor metagame that you can spend credits in to win anything from ammo boxes to new weapons.

Of course like any free-to-play game there are micro-transactions to quicken the unlock pace, but how else is a F2P game supposed to make money? Usually these real money credits are supposed to be better because in game credits take too long, but surprisingly, there is an even consistency of earn-credit spend-credit in Warface.

In short, Warface has groundbreaking interactivity that the free -to-play market has yet to see. The ingame money is consistent and even.


Also, its freaking beautiful.

Check out Warface! It's in its beta stages now, but will be hitting the market soon.