Monster Hunter Rise Title Updates, New Demo Quest Detailed by Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise's first title update will add several new monsters in April, and players get a chance to battle Magnamalo in a new Rise demo.

Capcom gave a brief look at Monster Hunter Rise's promised post-launch updates during the March Monster Hunter digital event. The event also revealed the Monster Hunter Rise Demo Version 2 that adds a new quest against a deadly foe ahead of Rise's March 26 release date.

Capcom will release Monster Hunter Rise's first title update in April. Expect several new monsters headlined by the brand-new monster Chameleos. Future title updates will also add new monsters to Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Version 2 will be available March 12. It includes the same quests from the original demo and an advanced quest where players can battle Magnamalo, Rise's flagship monster.

One new feature Capcom showed off is Switch Skills. Switch Skills are unique to Rise and unlock as players progress through the game. They're designed for use with regular attacks and Silkbind moves to expand the available combos hunters can pull off. 

Rise will feature advanced matchmaking options for multiplayer. Players can add what they want out of a party and what their playstyle is to help ensure they get paired with the right people. Liking a party member after the match ends increases the chance of finding them again in future matchmaking.

And of course, all these features and updates will apply to Monster Hunter Rise on PC when that version releases in 2022.


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Published Mar. 10th 2021

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