Free to Play Genre RSS Feed | Free to Play on GameSkinny en Launch Media Network How to Get Excalibur Umbra in Warframe Fri, 22 Jun 2018 11:09:50 -0400 Sergey_3847

With the introduction of update 23.0 all Warframe players can obtain the Excalibur Umbra frame through the new Sacrifice quest. The new frame has higher levels of armor and energy, but the best part is that it is a sentient frame capable of fighting on its own without being piloted by an operator.

You don't need to complete the full Sacrifice quest in order to get Excalibur Umbra. However, you will not be able to use the frame until you complete the full quest. So follow our guide below on how to most efficiently get to the end of the Sacrifice quest.

How to Complete The Sacrifice Quest in Warframe

Mission 1: Investigate Sentient Energy

After the introductory custcene you will be given the task to search for traces of sentience on Lith, Earth. The mission will start off with killing a horde of ghouls and moving towards the courtyard.

When you enter the courtyard you will need to equip your Codex Scanner and search for three warframe traces and one sword:

  • The piece of cloth is hanging from the stone in the west
  • The helmet can be seen in the eastern part
  • The remains are lying near the tombstone in the central-eastern area
  • The sword can be seen embedded near the tree

Then, head towards the extraction zone and survive another wave of ghouls. Once you're there, the mission will be over and you will have the Excalibur Umbra blueprint.

Mission 2: Explore Lua

In order to build the actual frame you will be sent to Pavlov, Lua. Upon landing you will need to explore the ruins and solve the Orokin cipher. In order to do this you need to blow up lids on the walls of the room holding the cipher with three symbols. This will reveal one of the symbol parts.

Then, follow the marker on your mini-map and you will find the second symbol part. Finally, go back to the cipher and choose the three required symbols, which will solve the puzzle.

Keep exploring the ruins and you will find another Orokin cipher, this time with five symbols. Search the area as before by following the marker on your map and reveal four symbol parts on the walls. Again go back to the cipher and select the necessary symbols.

Enter the lab and search for the device near the pillar. Examine it and choose the enemy symbol indicated by blue color. Finish the mission by extracting.

You can now head to Foundry and build the Excalibur Umbra using:

  • 1x Orokin Cell
  • 60x Kuva
  • 1200x Nano Spore
  • 1600x Alloy Plate
  • 10000x Credits

As stated before, if you try to pilot the Umbra at this point, it will attack you and escape. So there's more to do before you can actually use it.

Mission 3: Search for Umbra

You will find Umbra on Nuovo, Ceres. First, you need to stun it and then try to use transference on it. As a result, you will start a mini-game of Komi, which requires you to surround enemy stones with your own.

After a few rounds regardless of the result, you will need to move to the extraction zone and keep pursuing Umbra.

Mission 4: Pursue Umbra

Fly to the Triton, Neptune and kill five mimics upon landing. After that you will fight Umbra again, and you will need to deplete it off its shields. When you're done with the shields, you need to stun and use transference on it once again.

Another mini-game of Komi will begin during which a few important story elements will be revealed.

Mission 5: Confront Umbra

This mission takes place on Tycho, Lua and follows the same scenario as before. You will fight Umbra once again and use transference to enter its memories.

After the cutscene you will finally be piloting the Excalibur Umbra in all its glory. But before venturing into the extraction zone you will need to eliminate all sentients, which shouldn't be a problem.

Mission 6: Return to Earth

In the final mission you will be going back to Earth and confront Ballas on the courtyard from the very first mission. Umbra will act on its own, without you piloting it, so just let it do its thing. When it finally defeats Ballas, the quest will be completed.


Hopefully, this guide helped you finish all the missions in the Sacrifice quest and get the Excalibur Umbra, and for other Warframe guides here at GameSkinny, check out the links below:

How to Get Limbo Prime in Warframe Fri, 22 Jun 2018 11:05:49 -0400 Sergey_3847

The new Limbo Prime frame has arrived in Warframe. It is an enhanced version of the Lmbo frame with better shield, armor and energy capacities. It also has two additional polarities: Naramon and Vazarin, for increased defenses, health and armor.

In order to get the Limbo Prime frame you need to farm for several relics and have Mastery Rank 4. If you want to know how to obtain all the necessary relics for Limbo Prime, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Get Limbo Prime Relics in Warframe

Lith B3 Relic

You can farm this relic by staying for ten waves during Orokin Derelict Defense mission at Orokin Derelict tileset. If you manage to withstand all ten waves you can start extracting for the Lith B3 relic.

The best frame to use during the Orokin Derelict Defense mission is the Banshee. Its sophisticated acoustic powers will help you to pinpoint enemy positions and their weak spots.

This relic will provide you with Limbo Prime Systems blueprint.

Axi L2 Relic

This relic can be farmed during the Berehynia Interception mission at Grineer Shipyard tileset on the planet of Sedna. You need to be able to stay in control for four rounds, which will reward you with the Axi relics.

This interception mission is rather easy and the whole set of four rounds will take you less than 15 minutes in solo mode.

This relic will provide you with Limbo Prime Neuroptics blueprint.

Neo L1 Relic

The Neo relics can be farmed in the same way as Axi relics during the Berehynia missions. So follow the same tips as given above.

This relic will provide you with Limbo Prime Chassis blueprint.

Meso Z1 Relic

You will be able to farm for Meso relic during the Io Defense mission at Corpus Gas City tileset on Jupiter. The strategy is the same as with the Orokin Derelict Defense mission, where you need to stay for ten waves and extract.

This relic will provide you with Limbo Prime blueprint.


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Is Nintendo Finally Embracing The Competitive Smash Scene? Fri, 22 Jun 2018 12:39:04 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

Now that the dust has finally settled from Nintendo's E3 presentation and the curtain has been raised on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we're finally getting a sense of what we can expect from Nintendo's flagship fighting game series when it launches this December.

And oddly enough, the new features, changes, and additions seem strange this time around. For a company (and a creator in Masahiro Sakurai) that are infamous for refusing to listen to input from fans, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sure seems like it has been inspired by the competitive community.

Nintendo's History (or Lack Thereof) with the Competitive Smash Community

Ask any competitive Super Smash Bros. player about Nintendo's support of the community, no matter what their game of choice is, and you'll likely get the same answer: They don't care.

And that has held true ever since the original game came out. Nintendo has positioned the Super Smash Bros. series as a casual fighter meant for parties, and has historically been very resistant to the concept that it can be played in any kind of codified professional way. 

Nintendo never hosts official Smash tournaments outside the occasional invitational event. They rarely sponsor major fighting game tournaments either. Nintendo's relationship with people who play Smash competitively has been tumultuous at best, and at worst, outright hostile.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl probably represents the worst of this. After years of refusing to provide financial support to tournaments that featured Melee, Brawl released and was incredibly well-received, but the addition of random tripping and lack of patching meant that Brawl would never be as accepted by the competitive community as Melee was. This was by design. To Nintendo, playing these games competitively was playing the game the wrong way. 

This even continued through the last generation of games. Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS featured online play, sure, but the For Glory mode of play seemed like an afterthought, seeing as team battles were restricted to time mode, and the only legal stages were Final Destination clones.

Adding to this is the fact that Nintendo seemed hell-bent on denying that the Melee competitive scene even existed until the Smash Invitational last week, save for a few grudging (and awkward) appearances from select pro players. It was jarring to see so many Melee players featured in Nintendo's intro video to the Smash Invitational last week because they've avoided the scene until that point.

Fan Complaints

The competitive scene for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS remains strong to this day, but as a competitive game, pro players have a lot of gripes with it. The game rewards defensive play, staying in shield, and waiting for your opponent to move first. If this sounds boring, that's because it can be.

There are plenty of other complaints too. There are very few stages that are suitable for competitive play, and as more characters got added to the game, that list got whittled down even further by tournament organizers. DLC characters caused controversy as well, even before Bayonetta witch-twisted her way into the top 8 of every tournament. Nobody liked playing against Cloud because of Finishing Touch (which was nerfed, but still). There were tons of arguments about "toxic" characters, and certain regions banned Bayonetta from play altogether, much like Meta Knight was banned in Brawl.

At first, Omega Stages seemed like a concession to the competitive community, but turning a stage into Final Destination didn't really prove to be all that much of a boon unless the normal Final Destination stage gave you eye strain.

In a lot of ways, the Wii U entry in the series seemed like a half-hearted concession to the competitive community. They look like they're going to go the whole nine yards for the Switch entry.

Times Are A-Changin'

All this is to say that Nintendo finds itself in a precarious situation leading up to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They don't want the skill barrier to be as high as it was in Melee, but they want to reward the competitive community that has spent years learning these games. 

What they've come up with so far seems to be toeing that line beautifully. The return of directional air dodges is a great concession to the Melee community, who will be waiting with bated breath over whether or not wavedashing will be a viable mechanic in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They've made short hop aerials, a popular approach advanced technique, a whole lot easier to perform. They've not only added Omega Stages back, but they've also added Battlefield variants for each stage, and included the ability to turn off stage hazards. (This is already a sticking point for many tournament organizers -- what happens if there are too many legal stages?)

The change that has Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS fans salivating is that they have added a significant penalty for rolling and dodging. They want to foster a more aggressive style of play which will, ideally, lead to more stunning and exciting moments (which will now be highlighted with a short slowdown cutscene). 

Now, of course, time will tell whether or not this represents a change in strategy for the company. There's no guarantee that Nintendo will suddenly start sponsoring local tournaments or hosting their own. Hell, there's no guarantee they'll fix Bayonetta. 

But for now, competitive Smash fans are feeling like Nintendo has given them everything that they've asked for. 

Well, everything except for Geno.

Westworld Mobile: Guide to Understanding Hosts Fri, 22 Jun 2018 16:36:47 -0400 TMSingle

Moving from HBO to mobile, iPhone and Andriod users are now able to experience the excitement of Westworld Mobile.  

When dropped into the game, players are given the chance to virtually “play God” and build up Westworld. As a newly hired Delos employee, you’ve been granted access to the Delos Park Training Simulation, and this is how you’ll help Westworld evolve.

One of the jobs that fall in your lap is creating and tweaking Hosts. If you’re a fan of the show, you know that Hosts are the ones who will interact with the Guests. In the game, when the Host successfully fulfills his or her duty and is compatible with the Guest, the Guest is happy, and rewards are given.

As it’s one of the main functions of the game, you’ll be led through the process of making Host once. You’ll go to the Manufacturing room. In the corner of the screen, you’ll see the  icon. Click on the icon. You’ll be led to a screen that gives you options of Hosts to make.

Through the use of Host Codes, which will come from leveling up and progressing in the game, you will make your Host. Each Host Code costs a different amount of coins or gems. There is also the Legendary Host Code and the Social Host Code, but they are not available at the beginning of the game. You also can collect code fragments to manufacture a new Host.

Now, when you first begin, you’re given a Basic Host Code. The first Host you will make will be a Gambler Host, as the only place open in the beginning is the Saloon. More Hosts become available as locations become available, and you even have Prototype Hosts—new Hosts that are useful for leveling and ranking up target Hosts when it comes to the option of Rebuild—to look forward to.

Rebuilding Hosts

When the Rebuilds room becomes available, you have the chance to strengthen a pre-existing Host. Now, to do so, you may have to sacrifice other preexisting Hosts. Or, as mentioned, you can use a Prototype Hosts and not have to sacrifice any of your Hosts. Rebuild is an important part of the game, so make sure to take it seriously.

You also get Hosts that are not manufactured in the Manufacturing room, and those Hosts typically are at a higher level and have more roles and desired traits. One of the first to make an appearance after you level up is Teddy. He’ll come in handy at the Saloon, providing Guests with much satisfaction.

Once you have your first Host ready to go, you’ll head to the Saloon where you can interact with a Guest. All you have to do is click on Start Interaction, and the rest is up to the game.

Each interaction has a time limit—you can speed up the interactions with currency, if you want, but there’s really no need to rush. When you’re finished interacting, you’ll get your reward. Though, be warned, if the Guest is unhappy, meaning they have 0% satisfaction, you get no reward.

Here’s a helpful tip on how to get extra bonus rewards: Each Guest has a specific color hat that represents his or her affinities. When interacting, if you choose a Host that has the same color of hat, you may trigger the Host’s cornerstone. Cornerstones provide the hosts with depth, making them feel real to the guests. If you’re lucky and a cornerstone is triggered, you get bonus rewards.

Handling glitches

Now, be careful when using your Hosts, because they can glitch. If you click on a Host while they are idle, you can check their Glitch Risk. To resolve a glitch in your Host, take them to Diagnostics room and do a diagnostic run. When it’s complete, your Host is free to go back to work.

Better to have a glitch than to die. If your Host dies, you’ll need several things to get your Host back up and running. You’ll need Biomaterials room to be up and running, because there will be specific materials you’ll need for your Host to be repaired.

The actual repairing process happens at the Body Shop room. It’ll take a little longer to repair a Host than to fix a glitch, but once repaired, the Host is as good as new.

Using the Critical Analysis room

Another important room that benefits the Hosts is the Critical Analysis room. Employees can perform up to three Critical Analysis interviews each day, and they can even use gems to receive the option for additional interviews.

The Critical Analysis room is to help get out any bad behavior that may be lurking in a Host. So, with the questions given, you have to try and fill as many Behavior Setting bars as you can.

You’ll notice the icons are green and red. When they are green, they fill the bar. When they are red, the diminish what is already there. Sometimes, you’ll have questions that only fill the bar, subtract from the bar, or do both. It just depends on the question.  

Once the interview is complete, you’ll receive data and rewards. And, the Host will then return to service as if nothing happened.


The options to go on Journeys require Hosts as well. Journeys, once unlocked, allow for the opportunity to get rewards. Each Journey has a different Host requirement. Make sure to fulfill all of the roles required for the selected Journey. If you do not have a Host that fits the requirement, you can click on the option for New Build to see if you can manufacture a suitable Host.

Once you use a Host for a Journey, that Host will not be able to be available for another Journey for the 24 hours. So, make sure you choose your Hosts carefully.

As you level up your Hosts, you will see the benefits grow. Each Host serves a specific purpose. So, know your Host to better control Westworld.


As your Hosts are wandering around town, drop a comment below to talk about which Hosts you have found to be most useful in Westworld Mobile.

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Review: Hyperfresh Fri, 22 Jun 2018 11:03:02 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

We get it. It's weird to give a $19.99 bit of single-player DLC for a multiplayer-focused game like Splatoon 2 a perfect review. Though the release of something like Octo Expansion seemed inevitable given the runaway success of Splatoon 2 (not to mention the Nintendo Switch as a whole), the game's single-player campaign wasn't ever its focus.

Framing an expansion around another campaign seems nonsensical. Why not focus on the multiplayer aspect and release a package with cosmetic items, maps, weapons, or more game modes? Who is this expansion even for?

Spoiler alert: if you liked Splatoon 2 even a little bit, it's for you.

Splatoon 2 Review

Flexing Your Mussels

The first thing you'll need to know when you enter the Deepsea Metro for the first time in Octo Expansion is that this game doesn't pull its punches. Splatoon 2 has been out for almost a year now, and this expansion is designed with that in mind. Whereas the single-player content in the base game helped you get to grips with the game's systems and weapons, Octo Expansion expects mastery from the start.

There isn't really a difficulty curve here past the first few levels. Clearing levels and unlocking more of the map allows you to challenge stages in any order you choose. One moment you might be breezing through a level that has you bouncing happily off of jump pads, and another moment you'll be smashing your head against the wall, unable to complete a particularly nefarious speedrun challenge.

Though all of Octo Expansion's stages offer a high and satisfying degree of challenge, most stages also allow the player to make things even harder for themselves by selecting a weapon that is particularly ill-suited for the level. Of course, overcoming this challenge gets the player a higher reward, even if it often seems like this reward should be higher than it actually is.

Pay to Play

One of the most nefarious wrinkles in Octo Expansion is that the player must use in-game currency to attempt a level. If you get stuck and have to restart too many times, you'll be forced to grind easier levels for more points.

While this seems like it could be insanely frustrating on the surface, in effect it adds some much-needed risk to challenging these stages. Will you risk your last 2000 points attempting a boss stage where the payout is almost double that amount, or will you proceed a different way through the map and try to find a safer route? Each decision carries more weight this way, and it makes things especially tense when a particular level only gives you one chance to make it through before you're forced to pay again to retry.

Even if you are forced to grind, there are plenty of stages that aren't as challenging, so there's little risk of actually hitting a progression wall. It's a new approach to difficulty in a game like this, and it's highly appreciated.


All this said, the real draw of Octo Expansion is in the way that it expands upon the original game's mechanics. Nintendo has always shown a flair for joyfully inverting and riffing on gameplay elements (see: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, countless others) and that skill is in full effect here.

You'll travel from stages where you play billiards with a sniper rifle to stages that operate like tower defense games to speedrun stages to stages that can only be described as sculpting challenges.

All of this culminates in a finale that is equal parts Metal Gear Solid and Portal as your character makes their way up to Inkopolis Square. I won't spoil anything, but the final 45 minutes of this expansion were chock-full of jaw-dropping moments that came one after the other.

A Story 20,000 Leagues Deep

Fans of the original single-player campaign won't be surprised to hear that the writing and story in Octo Expansion are top-notch. Cap'n Cuttlefish returns from the original Splatoon, as does Agent 3, the player character in that game. Pearl and Marina both heavily figure into the story as well -- the player can learn about how they met, became close, and totally definitely ABSOLUTELY fell deeply in love with each other through chat logs that are unlocked as you progress through the levels.

The lore of Splatoon has always been a wonderful, winking blend of dark apocalyptic fiction with a bubblegum veneer, and Octo Expansion leans into this hard. 

Through the chat logs, Cap'n Cuttlefish will tell you about the horrors of the war he fought in, and in the next moment, tell you how totally-not-racist-against-octopi he is. Oh, and in case arguably racist war vets aren't real enough for you, the extinction of humanity plays a very large role in the game's story as well. It's wonderful, and it's tailored to folks who want to learn more about this crazy post-apocalyptic world that Nintendo has created.

100% Fresh

One of the nicest things about Octo Expansion is that it rewards completion in a way that the main game doesn't. Clearing the campaign unlocks the Octoling for play in multiplayer matches, sure, but there are also very attractive awards for 100% completion as well.

Clearing groups of stages unlocks customization items that can be used in multiplayer matches as well, and there's a very special bonus for 100% completion too. It's much less tedious than going back and replaying every single mission in the main campaign with every single weapon type, especially given how unique and inventive the Octo Expansion stages are.

The Verdict

By any metric, the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion is a massive success. The stages are fun and inventive, the story is engaging and full of fan service, the visual aesthetic is fresh, and there's so darn much of it.

Usually, at least when it comes to triple-A developers like Nintendo, a $20 add-on to an already-released game can feel sparse, or at the very least feel like an unnecessary add-on as was the case with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's expansions. 

Octo Expansion is neither, and in fact, I'd argue it's even better than the original game's single-player campaign. Through the 15-or-so hours it'll take you to complete the expansion 100%, you'll be led through a jungle gym full of rails to ride, targets to shoot, hazards to stunt over, and enemies to face down. And when you finally catch your breath after having reached the end, you won't be able to resist diving back in to see if you can finally complete that speedrun challenge with the carbon roller, damn it all.

Nintendo promised during E3 that they would continue updating Splatoon 2 at least until December, adding new stages and weapons. If Octo Expansion is any indication, it'd be a massive disappointment if Nintendo didn't have any plans to release another large paid expansion -- simply because this one was just so freaking great.

Have you checked out our review of Splatoon 2 yet? If you haven't, click here to see what we thought of the base game!

ELEAGUE's SFV Invitational Prepares for the Group of Death Thu, 21 Jun 2018 15:45:38 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Prepare yourself, fighting game fans. The time has come for ELEAGUE's Street Fighter V Invitational Group D round -- otherwise known as the Group of Death. 

The Invitational's previous three rounds featured some truly scintillating play from household FGC names such as Tokido, Problem X, and Punk -- but what we've seen so far might very well pale in comparison to what will go down in the ELEAGUE studios in less than 48 hours. 

And the action will start right out of the gate. 

Two living Street Fighter legends in Daigo Umehara and Haitani are set to face each other in Match 2 of round-robin play(!), while Fujimura, Infiltration, FChamp, and iDom will round out the star-studded field while vying for the group's number one seed. 

Stakes are high, the competition is fiercer than ever before, and anyone could win -- or go home.  

"Group D stands for the Group of Death. It was clearly constructed with entertainment top of mind, with it bringing such heavyweights as EVO Champions Daigo, Infiltration and Filipino Champ. Get your popcorn ready."

-- Zhi "Zhieeep" Liang Chew, ELEAGUE Analyst


Starting tomorrow, Friday, June 22 at 3 p.m. EDT on ELEAGUE's Twitch channel and B/R Live, Group D round-robin play will get underway, with competitors facing each other for a chance at two spots in the Invitational's playoffs -- and a prize pool worth more than $250,000.

Fans can see the entire round-robin schedule by visiting ELEAGUE's website

Following the livestream, be sure to tune in to TBS at 11 p.m. EDT/PDT to see the group's strongest world warriors square off in the upper- and lower-bracket Group D finals. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on ELEAGUE and Street Fighter V as it develops. Make sure to check out our ongoing coverage of the tournament here

Darkest Dungeon: Color Of Madness DLC Refracted Affliction Guide Thu, 21 Jun 2018 16:07:53 -0400 Ty Arthur

Surviving the perils of Darkest Dungeon requires making the best of a very bad situation, which means dealing with afflicted heroes who have gone mad or suffered debilitating physical maladies.

With the Lovecraftian "Color Of Madness" DLC, your soon-to-be-dead adventurers will get lost in time and space, gaining terrible new afflictions like the insidious Refracted effect!

This affliction isn't explained very well with in-game text, however, so we've got a full breakdown of how you get it, how it works, and how it can be removed.

Looking for info on how to take out the trio of deadly bosses brought down from the stars instead? Check out the full breakdown on how to beat all three new Color Of Madness bosses here.

What is Refracted Affliction?

Refracted is a new affliction in Darkest Dungeon that can land randomly when a hero hits 100 or 200 stress. It can affect any character who has traveled to the Farmstead or played in the Endless mode. It will also sometimes land when dying in Endless mode, leaving the character Refracted rather than actually dead.

This new affliction seems to occur more often when fighting the extra "Color Of Madness" bosses like the Miller, Thing From The Stars, or the Sleeper. You will unlock The Blinders Are Lifted achievement for gaining the Refracted affliction the first time, so it's not all bad!

Refracted has an effect on the hero both in the current dungeon and when you return to the Hamlet. During the current quest, a Refracted character is phased out of space, so they can attack enemies in stealth, although it won't actually break the stealth buff. 

This effect can be modified with some of the DLC's new trinkets by spending shards instead of money. At first, this makes it seem like Refracted is more of a positive quirk than a negative affliction since it can actually be helpful in some situations.

As with any other malady, a Refracted character will randomly say insane things during battle, potentially leading to larger stress gains for the rest of the heroes, so be ready with stress healing skills and camping abilities.

When you leave your current area, any affected character will remain in your hero roster but be unavailable to perform any actions in the Hamlet or go on any quests for a for a week. Don't forget that the Endless mode twists time, so the calendar doesn't progress!

If you finish your current quest or retreat to a safe room (not during battle) with a Refracted character, you get the option to return all their trinkets to your inventory so they will be available for other characters while the affected character is out. Otherwise, their trinkets go with them and will be locked out for the duration of the character's missing time.


Now that you're done being refracted through the angles of time, are you still looking for more help with this devilishly difficulty dungeon crawler? Check out our other Darkest Dungeon guides here:

Fortnite 4.4 Update Guide: Stink Bombs, Rocket Launcher Nerf, and New Limited Time Mode Thu, 21 Jun 2018 12:12:14 -0400 Ty Arthur

We are rapidly approaching the end of Fortnite's Season 4, and as Week 8 proceeds, we've got hungry gnomes to find, new hidden battle star locations to track down, and more!

However, a rocket launcher nerf has landed in battle royale mode, and the addition of a new stink bomb grenade means new you've got new ways to devastate your enemies. On top of that, a new mode, Teams of 20, makes its debut -- and brings with it new ways to play. 

Fortnite Week 8 Weapon Changes

First up, the rocket launcher got nerfed in the lastest update, with reload times increasing, so if you are using this weapon a lot, be aware its DPS just went down! Here are the exact reload times for every type of rarity:

  • Rare from 2.3 seconds to 2.8 seconds
  • Epic from 2.185 seconds to 2.66 seconds
  • Legendary from 2.07 to 2.52 seconds

The numbers are small, but when someone else is shooting at you, that half of a second is all it takes to get killed. It may now be better to just switch to another weapon if you miss with your first rocket, or at the least throw up a wall while you deal with the increased reload time.

You can now hold a max of 12 ammo for the rocket launcher.

Fortnite Stink Bombs!

Next up is the new 4.4 patch weapon addition -- the stink bomb. It should have been obvious we'd get something like this eventually, especially in a game that decided to throw in shopping carts as its first vehicle.

These grenades are epic rarity drops, so you won't find them often, but they can potentially spawn just about anywhere as floor loot, in gold chests, or at randomized vending machines.

When thrown, they create an obscuring cloud that deals damage over time for 9 seconds. While you aren't likely to outright kill someone with a stink bomb (unless they are very low on health), their real value is in directing traffic.

If you can get people out from behind their defenses for a few moments, or direct them toward other explosives you've already lobbed/planted, then it becomes much easier to get a kill. When people are playing squads or duos, this can be a particularly helpful tactic in breaking up groups so they can't all fire at you at once.

For those who luck out and find both a thermal scoped assault rifle and a stink bomb at the same time, you've basically got free reign to annihilate anyone hiding behind walls or inside buildings. Since the thermal scoped rifle lets you read heat signatures, it becomes incredibly easy to lure people into the open as they flee the damage-over-time effect of the stink bomb.

New Limited Time Mode

There's now a new way to put those stink bombs and nerfed rocket launchers to use! The Limited Time Teams Of 20 Mode also just arrived in 4.4., which is a bit different than the typical huge mobs in the large group modes.

Instead of getting down to just one player for a victory royale, the storm will stop after the third circle decrease and a final countdown timer will appear. When this timer hits zero, the team with the most players left standing is declared the winner.

In this mode, staying alive is actually more important than racking up kills, so be sure to play a bit more conservatively and practice your wall building to stay out of the line of fire.


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Fortnite Location Guide: Search Hungry Gnomes Challenge Thu, 21 Jun 2018 08:34:31 -0400 Sergey_3847

One of the most unusual challenges for Fortnite's Season 4, Week 8 is to find seven Hungry Gnomes. These creatures are scattered all over the map, and they usually hide inside buildings with food.

If you want to find all seven required gnomes for this week's challenge, then check out the map below for all the possible locations. Also, be sure to check our quick guide for all the essential tips on how to identify the gnomes.

Where to Find Hungry Gnomes in Fortnite

Fortnite map showing hungry gnome locations

Go to one of the locations indicated above and be sure to wear your headphones and listen closely to the audio cues. Yes, the gnomes will speak to you saying something like "Yummy, yummy" or "I'm hungry" in tiny, squeeky voices.

When you hear that cue, be sure to check out the corners of the buildings, as that's where the gnomes are usually hiding. But if you just want to quickly get all seven gnomes, then here are a few suggestions:

  1. Pleasant Park: Search for a gnome inside a gas station in the corner facing the wall.
  2. Stadium: Go to the south of Pleasant Park and find a Taco Shop at the Stadium. The gnome is in the corner behind the metal chair
  3. Tilted Towers: The third gnome is located right in the middle area near the dumpster right between the market and the towers
  4. Greasy Grove: The gnome is standing in the corner of the Burger Shop
  5. Salty Springs: Another one can be found in the Gas Station
  6. Tomato Town: This one is obviously hiding inside the one and only Pizzeria
  7. Retail Row: The last gnome can be located inside the Grocery Store


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Fortnite Battle Star Guide: Search Between a Bear, Crater, and a Refrigerator Shipment Thu, 21 Jun 2018 06:51:54 -0400 Sergey_3847

Every week, Epic Games challenges Fortnite players to locate a Battle Star. Sometimes they give players a hint by revealing a special map, but this time around, they just let us know where we should be searching.

This week, the Battle Star can be found somewhere between a Bear, a Crater, and a Refrigerator Shipment. If you want to quickly find this spot and claim your weekly Battle Star, then follow our quick guide below.

Map showing the location of Fortnite's Season 4, Week 8 Battle Star

In order to locate this week's Battle Star, you need to go to the eastern part of the map, where the racing track is located. The Crater to which the developers have been hinting is the exact same crater situated right near the race track.

Then, if you move to the west from the crater and down the hill, you will see a giant statue of a Bear with a backpack greeting all those visitors driving through this area.

The final part of the puzzle, which is a Refrigerator Shipment, can be seen to the south of the crater. There is a house with a truck that keeps tons of refrigerators inside. So that's definitely the shipment you're looking for.

So where is the Battle Star? It's right in between the trees indicated by a red marker on the screenshot above. As usual, you will see a spot of land with no grass, and that's where the Battle Star will be waiting for you.


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Fortnite Challenge Guide: Search Chests in Salty Springs Thu, 21 Jun 2018 06:49:26 -0400 Sergey_3847

Fortnite's Season 4 is inevitably nearing its end. But there are still a few challenges to be completed before we all can venture into the next season. This week, you need to locate seven chests in Salty Springs, which is a slightly easier task than last week.

Besides the few well-known locations for treasure chests in Salty Springs, there are a few secret spots as well, which you can find by following the map and quick guide below.

All Chest Locations in Salty Springs

One of the easiest chests to get in Salty Springs is located on the top level of the watchtower to the east. Most players think this chest doesn't count, but it actually does, so go ahead and grab it.

The rest of the chests are scattered all around the houses in the area. Most of these chests are easy to spot, since they're all residing in the attics of the houses. This makes it really easy to loot them when you land on top of the houses. Just break the roof and get all the chests you can find.

However, there are a couple of houses that have several chests hidden inside secret basements. For example, a house with a blue roof has such a basement. So go to the ground floor and break it down. You will land inside an underground room with more chests to loot.

Another such hidden basement can be found inside the house with a broken roof in the northern part of Salty Springs. Just do the same as before: go to the ground floor, break it down and claim your chests.


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ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier Takes Aim at High-Profile Matches Wed, 20 Jun 2018 14:28:39 -0400 Jonathan Moore

CS:GO is one of the most intense competitive shooters to ever hit the eSports scene -- and that intensity is sure to be on full display during the CS:GO ELEAGUE Premier starting July 21. 

That's where the world's Top-8 CS: GO teams will face off in what's sure to be a war of the worlds. All eight teams competed in last year's tournament, with FaZe clan looking to repeat -- and be crowned Premier champion two years in a row.

Here are the teams competing in this year's tournament in order of their HLTV ranking as of May 21 this year: 

  • Astralis 
  • FaZe Clan
  • Natus Vincere
  • mousesports
  • Liquid
  • Cloud9
  • SK Gaming

Each team will compete for a piece of the $1 million prize pool that's up for grabs. The Group Stage of the competition will be held from July 21 to July 25. In this phase of the competition, teams will be split into two groups and vie for supremacy in best-of-three matches.

The double-elimination bracket will then seed two teams from each group to compete in the Premier Playoffs, which will be held July 28-29. 

What's more, some familiar faces will round out the Premier's analysis and commentary team. Returning from last year will be Anders Blume, Daniel Kapadia, James Bardolph, Jason O'Toole, Janko Paunović, and Sue Lee. Seasoned commentator Alex Richardson will be this year's host, bringing his expertise from ECS, ESL, and more. 

Fans can tune in to ELEAGUE's Twitch channel, B/R Live, and ELEAGUE's multi-angle Game Command at 2 p.m. starting July 21 to see the action as it unfolds. 

Make sure to stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and info on CS:GO and ELEAGUE as it develops. 

Realm Royale Best Landing Locations Guide Wed, 20 Jun 2018 13:44:57 -0400 Ty Arthur

The genre may be getting a bit crowded, but Realm Royale offers a vastly different experience than your typical battle royale entry with five classes, abilities found randomly in chests, and an equipment forging mechanic.

As with any BR style game, you need to strategically pick your landing zone to maximize your loot and minimize danger when you land. If you're just getting started, we've got you covered with some of the best loot locations to land at in Realm Royale!

 Landing near a chest immediately is crucial to surviving the match!

Best Realm Royale Landing Spots

The map is separated out into the Badlands, Everfrost, Greenscape, Sanctuary and Tropics sections, and each have some killer spots if you know where to look.

The outer edges of the map will get covered in fog quickly, but there's a twist here -- the fog rolls in a random direction in each match instead of just going towards the center every time, so you need multiple landing spots picked out ahead of time.

Here are all the best Realm Royale loot locations and landing spots at the moment:

Southwest Of Lost Forge

Area: Tropics

Between Lost Forge and Autumn Fields at the bottom of map grid C6 is a small collection of buildings that aren't usually heavily traveled. You can grab a ton of great gear here and then either hoof it east to Autumn Fields or west to Lost Forge for the forges to start crafting legendary gear. If the zeppelin and fog allow it, this is my personal favorite spot to land.


Area: Greenscape

One of the best spots overall to land is the southeast edge of Lumberfall, near the middle of the map at the top of grid D5. The middle of the wood walkway here almost always has a chest for grabbing a weapon as soon as you land, and the buildings at either end of the walkway typically have chests as well, so you can be well equipped immediately.

This area tends to be heavily populated though, so if you don't get the chest first, prepare to run for your life. Since its so centrally located, you don't usually have to worry about outrunning the fog right away.

Gun Town Outskirts

Area: Badlands

You are near the border of the map here, so you usually can't stay in this location too long unless you luck out with the fog direction. If you land on the outskirts of Gun Town it isn't hard to find chests in all the buildings and then wait for other people to pop into view.

Jade Gardens

Area: Greenscape

This is a high traffic, high reward type area. Typically plenty of other people will land here, but there's lots of buildings for cover. If you land just off to the side of the forge, you can typically grab a chest in one of the buildings very quickly and then dodge inside to stay out of the line of fire and wait for everyone else to kill each other. When someone else goes for the forge, head in and take them out!


Area: Everfrost

Landing at the southern edge of the frozen lake near the forge virtually guarantees an easy chest, and once the smoke clears from killing any other players you can immediately forge your legendary item -- just be prepared to run quickly if the fog is moving southwest!

Underpass / West Of Underpass

Area: Everfrost/Greenscape Border

If you land on the right hand side of the mountain, a chest is found directly inside the tunnel, so you can be armed quickly and then run inside the cave to find cover and use a forge.

If you exit out the left side of the mountain, a bunch of buildings can also be found on the border to Greenscape. This can actually be a better landing spot than Underpass itself, since people tend to make a beeline for the chest in the tunnel. By hitting these buildings first you can let other players take each other out and then head into Underpass to mop up.

 All the best Realm Royale landing spots circled in red!

What's your favorite Realm Royale landing location? Let us know your strategy in the comments below!

Still getting up to speed on this version of the Battle Royale genre? Check out our other  a Realm Royale guides here:

LEGO The Incredibles Review Wed, 20 Jun 2018 10:48:00 -0400 Littoface

Note: As I have limited experience with both LEGO games and The Incredibles, this review is largely based on the game's overall appeal for adults and kids, based on play sessions with my five-year-old.

The town is under attack by a crazy mining drill machine and only one family can save it: The Parr family, aka, The Incredibles! That's right, the newest installment of the LEGO universe is here, and this time it's stretching its long arms right into the Incredibles franchise. Brought to you by TT Games and Disney-Pixar, LEGO The Incredibles is a fun, family-friendly romp through cheesy puns and superhero trope bending galore.

An Old Story with a New Face

If you've watched The Incredibles 2, the opening line to this review may sound familiar. That's because the game starts the same way as the movie. In fact, the LEGO game closely follows the events of the second movie and then the first, covering the major events in both.

As soon as you defeat the dastardly villain The Underminer, you discover that Supers like the Parr family (that is, people with superpowers) are illegal. Rather than face prison for, well, saving the city, the Parr family is given another choice: to change the public perception of the Supers.

Thus begins an epic crime-stopping, back-bending superpower adventure. The game pokes fun at superhero tropes like ridiculous super villains while remaining true to the Incredibles universe with its characters and designs.

The game adapts the movies for a younger audience, though, (for instance, by removing mentions of death and some of the darker overtones of the movies) so you can safely hand the controller to the budding little gamers in your family for couch co-op and fight crime and corruption as a family.

Same Formula, Same Fun

The idea is familiar if you've played any other LEGO games: Players control members of the Incredibles franchise (including, of course, the titular family) as they work together to build LEGO creations, solve blocky puzzles, and destroy literally everything around them for that sweet, sweet gold.

Each character has their own special skill, with plenty of variety for any play style. Violet, for instance, is able to surround herself with a protective psionic orb, Elastigirl can stretch her way into tight spots or turn into a human pogo-stick, Dash can, well, dash, and so on. Various characters are called upon as you progress to get the team past a sticky situation using their special power.

One particularly fun aspect of this game, though, is how well it incorporates cooperation. For instance, Violet can take another character for a safe hamster-ball ride in her force orb, while Mr. Incredible can throw others to hard-to-reach places. Although this game can definitely be played alone, its strengths are absolutely amplified when playing with a partner (especially a young, easily-excitable partner).

The action is quick and epic and carries on the movies' silliness and good humor with less of the underlying darkness. Passerby comments are particularly amusing — "I have to go feed my chinchilla!" — with a sprinkling of higher-level humor that kids might not get (though nothing inappropriate, as far as we could tell) — like the girl who thought she had developed door-opening superpowers… until she realized she was just standing in front of an automatic door.

And the puns! Oh, the puns. They are so ridiculously cheesy that the little ones will find them giggle-worthy while the adults will groan. But they are definitely fun!

Fight, Explore, Collect

LEGO The Incredibles has a few special, story-related levels that mostly follow the LEGO format but sometimes throw in a bike chase sequence or another unique twist on things. These story levels can be a bit of a drag as it's not always clear what the game wants you to do. 

The real fun of the game, though, comes from the free exploration allowed most of the time. During these segments, you can either follow the markers to the next story mission, or you can ignore the next mission completely and instead explore new areas.

Every area has some crime that the Parr family has to put an end to, (like the ice-cream thief supervillain who tries to freeze the docks because… well, actually, I'm not entirely sure. Just go with it.). Once you clear the section of the crime that's afflicting it, the minimap reveals the locations of various collectibles and action points around it. 

And there are a lot of collectibles and points to explore/actions to complete. You can go around fixing things or breaking things, helping people, finding special blocks, and so much more. You can even go all Grand Theft Auto and steal a car for faster travel (just pluck the driver out and make yourself at home).

This free exploration is an incredibly freeing and fun experience, and often it's more fun to just lose yourself in the side stuff rather than move on to the next story point. 

During these exploration segments, you can also use any character you've unlocked — a feat you accomplish by finding or buying blind-bags. This means you can play the character whose skills you prefer, rather than just use the ones who came along to the mission (and your partner in crime-fighting can be "that girl with the brown hair and the stretchy arms").

As an added bonus, you're not limited to the Incredibles universe: some other Pixar names may make an appearance, providing fun Easter eggs for those of us who grew up on their movies. You also have the option to create your very own superheroes from parts you find or acquire through mystery bags. Between the creation and the 100+ characters available, there are plenty of choices to appeal to everyone!

Once you're ready to move on to the next point, just set a marker on the minimap and off you go!

Good, Silly Fun

The downside to the simplification of the story and action is that while this game is enormously fun to play with a kid or if you're a younger player, it's a bit too simple for an adult audience. Since it's clearly intended for a younger audience, this is not necessarily a flaw, but it's definitely something to consider if you like your games with more depth.

That said, it's so much fun to run around destroying things, and the humor is so slapstick and fun, that LEGO The Incredibles will charm whoever plays it — whether you're familiar with either franchise or not. 


I received a copy of this game for free in return for an honest review. All the opinions contained in this review are my own!

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Review -- The Biggest Zelda Mashup Yet Wed, 20 Jun 2018 16:31:45 -0400 Autumn Fish

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch is the most complete Zelda Musou game on the market. It combines the features of the Wii U version and the 3DS version to make a game that's packed to the absolute brim with content.

Whether you're looking for a new game to fill out your Switch library or are simply a fan of the Wii U or 3DS version of the game and are looking for an upgrade, we hope to answer one question for you: Is it worth the $60 price tag?

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Hits the Right Notes

First and foremost, we need to acknowledge that this is a Musou game set in the Zelda universe. For the uninitiated, this means you'll be waging large-scale tactical battles with hack-and-slash-style gameplay while utilizing a huge cast of characters from The Legend of Zelda series.

Since Musou games don't require a whole lot of explanation, we'll be splitting this review into two major sections: gameplay and content. If you're familiar with previous versions of Hyrule Warriors or even other Musou games, feel free to skip straight to the content section to see if this title is really worth dipping into.

Musou Gameplay With a Zelda Twist

Musou game is essentially a hack-and-slash game where you mow down literally thousands of enemies that stand between you and your objective. Generally, the goal is to run around the battlefield and capture enemy Keeps in order to gain the upper hand while you complete missions. And the mission for each stage differs greatly, though it usually involves defeating an enemy commander to win.

The controls are rather basic as is expected with a Musou game. Every warrior has a light attack string that mows throw enemies. Tossing a heavy attack in between light attacks allows your warrior to perform a variety of different powerful moves, providing tons of utility to each character.

In addition to this, every warrior has a special attack gauge that fills when you attack enemies and can be used to unleash a devastating attack that covers a wide area and deals a ton of damage.

Hyrule Warriors Marin Fighting with a Bell

Each warrior also has access to a Magic Gauge, which fills when you collect magic jars that drop from pots, grass, and enemy captains. The Magic Gauge can be utilized in one of two different ways. You can choose to use the full gauge to enter Focus Spirit mode, which increases your strength, speed, and defense. It even doles out rewards such as EXP or items until the Magic Gauge is fully consumed. If you don't want to enter Focus Spirit mode, however, you could just use up a fraction of your Magic Gauge to unleash your companion Fairy's special attack.

In addition to all that, you'll even earn an array of iconic Zelda items such as Bombs and a Bow when you play through the main story mode. These items can be used at any time to reveal the weak points of select enemy captains and are all but required to take down the big bosses that wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Most stages even allow you to select not one but two to four warriors to bring with you on your missions. On those stages, you can switch between your playable warriors at any point, allowing you the map coverage you need in order to deal with frantic situations on the fly.

Hyrule Warriors does a stunning job of making the player feel powerful, showering you with the tools needed to unleash mass destruction on hoards of unsuspecting enemies. It won't often give you the satisfaction of a good fight -- in fact, if you find enemies on a stage too challenging, its level is likely too high for you. The challenge comes in the form of battlefield management and making sure your troops don't get overwhelmed by the enemy's clever countermeasures.

There's not a whole lot more to the gameplay, here, so let's explore the wealth of content found within the Definitive Edition.

Hyrule Warriors Legend Mode Tetra

All Hyrule Warriors Content Crammed in One Package

Let me start by saying that this game has a metric ton of content jammed into it. A glance at Legend Mode -- the story mode -- may make the game seem relatively short, but the bulk of the content is actually found in the game's other modes.

Adventure Mode is the star of the show, here. In this mode, you explore one of 10 different 8-bit style maps with new missions on every single tile. There are all sorts of different types of rewards found scattered about the tiles such as new characters, new weapons, upgraded weapons, heart containers, heart pieces, gold skulltulas, costumes, fairies, fairy clothes, fairy food, and so on.

Then there's Challenge Mode, where you can complete challenging missions and get high scores with different characters. It's also here where you can play as the two giant characters in the game: Beast Ganon and the Giant Cucco. These modes aren't particularly fun or memorable, but they do offer up a ton of great giant boss materials.

On top of that, there are a total of 28 playable Zelda characters in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, with 42 total weapons (read: playstyles) to choose from (44 if you count Beast Ganon and the Giant Cucco, which you can't play outside of Challenge Mode). Some of the playstyles are kinda' boring and feel unnatural to control, but the vast majority of them are extremely unique and incredibly satisfying.

Best of all, there are absolutely no clones. Each character and weapon is its own entity; the Master Sword is the only "clone" in sight, and even that plays slightly differently from Link's Hylian Sword.

Hyrule Warriors Character Select Screen

To add even more to the game, every weapon has five unlockable upgrade levels. Each character can be leveled up individually, up to a maximum level of 255. Each character must also collect their own heart pieces and heart containers to reach maximum health. You can even collect several different costumes for every character to really complete their look.

There are also Gold Skulltula's to collect that will eventually upgrade the Apothecary and open up map tiles on a Rewards Map.

Needless to say, this game just has a ton of things to collect, and you'll need to sink in at least a couple hundred hours in order to get everything.

But seriously, that's not all ... 

New from the 3DS version of the game is a system called My Fairy. In this system, there are special fairies scattered about each Adventure Mode map that can join your warriors on their missions and assist them with special Fairy Skills and Fairy Magic Attacks. You can outfit them with clothes to augment their stats and feed them food in order to carefully increase up their Skills until you get the Fairy you want. It's a deep system and adds a lot to the game if you care to dive into it -- but it can just as easily be overlooked, especially since it comes across as quite daunting.

All in all, there's a ton of content to be had here. Players of the Wii U version are finally able to play all of the content and DLC that they missed from Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS while those who only played the 3DS version finally get to experience the Wii U's Challenge Mode, couch co-op, and the HD graphics of a home console experience.

Hyrule Warriors Giant Cucco Fighting King Dodongo

Verdict -- Repetitive but Satisfying, Especially for Zelda Fans

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch is a really solid experience. It's the second Musou game to make it's way to the system -- the first being Fire Emblem Warriors -- and I dare say it's the best one available. The sheer amount of content and amazing variety in characters really sets this game on another level.

If you're a fan of Zelda and you think you'd like a tactical hack-and-slash game, don't even hesitate on picking this up. If you played the Wii U version, loved it, and want to experience what you missed on 3DS, this is the best way to experience it.

However, if you owned the 3DS version and all of the DLC, this is a bit of a tougher sell. It's essentially the same game, except it has a Challenge Mode, better graphics, a steady frame rate, and two player couch co-op.

If you're not into Zelda or think you'd find Mosou-style gameplay boring, just skip it. The game is highly repetitive and you simply won't be satisfied with your purchase if you're not into this style of action combat. If you're still curious, I suggest looking up a gameplay video or two and making an informed decision.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is available now for $60 on the Nintendo Switch.

[Note: Nintendo provided the copy of the game used in this review.]

Victory Royale! The Very Best Fortnite Cosplays Thu, 21 Jun 2018 11:23:21 -0400 Stephanie Tang


That's all for now!


Think we missed someone crazy important that we'd be stupid not to know about? Gotten yourself dolled up in Fortnite threads and dying to share? Comment below and let us know!


All right, so the reason I love this particular cosplay of the Raptor skin is probably completely unintended, but here it is: those gloves. Seriously, the rest of it is understated, even down to the bright pop of the yellow ski mask, it looks like what you'd wear if you'd dropped into a game of PUBG


And then you see those gloves. They look like the ones currently lying on the rim of my sink, waiting for me to finish up with the rest of the breakfast dishes. It's just that last little cartoony pop, and I love it. 


(Image courtesy of Reddit.)


This would not be the first time that I've oohed over War Panda Cosplay's Constructor Penny before, and it won't be the last. If you think you've seen her before, it could be because she was the jump image for the last Fortnite cosplay listicle that appeared on GameSkinny, or because this Irish cosplayer has been making the rounds through various conventions in the UK as a guest. 


The costume itself doesn't lend to the kind of bright-colored dazzle of some of her other more famous ones including League of Legend's Jinx (see here) and her Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn (see here) but it's simple, it's well done, I love her wig (see some progress pics here) and her pickaxe is the bomb diggity. 


This face again! You're right, she's here because I couldn't resist giving everyone a better look at the rest of this costume that Little Jem packed up to E3 2018 with her. Filled with a million different details that make me smile (her Rainbow Smash pickaxe and the wearing on her kneepads in particular), this chick has brought Brite Bomber to life.


I love it enough to be biased. Hey, it's worth the praise. See more shot here on her Twitter. 


(Photo courtesy of Little Gem Twitter.)


Sometimes it's all down to the details. Oracle Cosplay brings a lot to the table with her modified jacket and props for days, but I'll be honest, it's the makeup that really catches my eye in this cosplay for Outlander Jess (you can see a better picture of it here - isn't it fab?). 


Almost, almost it makes me wish it were something I could pull off in during a regular day at work. Watching someone else work it while at Gamescon is a respectable second best. 


(Image courtesy of Oracle Cosplay Facebook.)


This one and done shot for Fortnite's Soldier is Russian cosplayer Anastasya Zelenova's apparently only ode to the battle royale genre, but it's definitely already made the rounds throughout the internet as the fanboys rave about her sizeable.. assets. 


And why not? She looks fantastic, and it fits the Fortnite aesthetic with no small amount of effort put into the styling. If you want to check out even more work-intensive costumes of hers, Anastasya's take on Brigitte Lindholm (in and out of armor) is downright fantastic as well!


(Image courtesy of Cosplay Anastasya Zelenova Facebook.)


This particular cosplay has been making the rounds on Facebook, and it's no wonder.. it looks pretty fantastic!


Laura Lux is DJ down under by day, but she too has caught the Fortnite bug and has made zero bones about showing that off. That jug of slurp juice is my particular favorite detail. 


(Image courtesy of Laura Lux Facebook.)


Tabitha Lyons (also known as ArtyFakes) is one of those people who is constantly doing so much, you really have no idea how she manages to keep up with her life. Somehow in between 60 other cosplays, traveling the world, and hosting MCM Live Stage at London Comic-Con, she popped up in the array of familiar faces that surrounded the Fortnite booth at E3 just last week. 


Her turn as Soldier class Ramirez includes a fairly simple class costume, it's true, but she ups the ante with props for daysssss... 


(Check out some of her other fantastic work like Wonder Woman and League of Legend's Tabby Cat Katarina)


(Image courtesy of Tabitha Lyons Facebook.)


Any excuse is a cosplay excuse - but the Fortnite Pro-Am was definitely a case where the streamers weren't the only ones getting dressed up for the fun of it! General attendees were coming in dressed to the nines like this guy's take on the Funk Ops skin and his friends just chilling out in the background. 


(Image courtesy of Community Voices.)


"Best" is relative, and context is everything.


Epic Games ran an enormous Fortnite Pro-Am tournament last weekend at E3 and this was just one of the crazy sights gamer fans could take in during the event - Fortnite streamer CDNTheThird in a majestic Fortnite unicorn onesie (you should check out his slippers) on the shoulders of his Fortnite partner Xavier Woods.. ready to throw both t-shirts and pancakes at the crowd upon their entrance.


Our world just gets weirder and weirder. I kinda love it. 


(Image courtesy of Polygon.)


Russian cosplayer, streamer, and general geek out girl Amiko-chan may possibly be more well-known for her turn in the baby D.Va jumpsuit from Overwatch (see here), but her turn as the Ninja from Fortnite is seriously impressive, and I have not been able to stop checking out her hair since I saw it.


If you're looking for mad skills, this girl's got 'em in spades. 


(Image courtesy of Amiko-chan Cosplay Facebook.)


First up is Fiona Nova, a vote by the guys behind Fortnite - if you were lucky enough to make it to E3 2018 last week, you might've been able to catch sight of this cutie pie hanging out at the Fortnite booth. 


It's not always easy to get the right amount of anti-gravity matter injected into your pigtails for picture day, especially when there's a wig involved. But this lady's got Zoey's hair done up right! With apparent effortlessness, Fiona elevates this from "straight out of the closet" into something comfy-looking and true-to-character all at once with candy jewels and her peppermint hat. Worth buying a Battle Pass for. 


(Image courtesy of Fortnite Twitter.)


If you haven't already noticed: Fortnite is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. (Did I really just use a line out of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to describe the vastness of Fortnite's reach? Well, if you've followed the phenomenon even the slightest, you'd recognize the appropriateness of doing so.)


Fortnite is huge. Epic Games' smash 'em up/battle royale cartoon funfest has really hit its stride and everyone's playing it, on one platform or another (it's currently available on everything under the sun... PC, console, mobile - eventually you'll probably play Fortnite Mobile on your toaster oven).


Sony itself just took a 2% hit to its share price after players found out their third-party accounts could not be used on the Nintendo Switch and sync with progress made on PS4 - essentially forcing them to start from scratch under a new account registration.


But of course, being the number 1 Twitch streamed game on the planet and also public enemy number one in the most recent backlash against video game addiction and violence still isn't enough. There's still the convention floor to completely take over... and with both closet cosplays and talent crafters like Little Jem (above) on the task, Fortnite is well on its way to making that happen.


(Photo by @littlejem4 on Twitter.)

The Division 2 Guide: All Changes for Weapons and Gear Tue, 19 Jun 2018 12:00:49 -0400 Sergey_3847

This time the events of The Division 2 unfold in Washington seven months after the story that took place in Manhattan. The cause of the new local apocalypse is the ecological cataclysm. Washington turned into a swamp due to drought and poor infrastructure.

As a result, the organized crime groups flocked, and decided to seize power inside the capital city. Players become a part of a special squad that is mobilized to deal with this seemingly hopeless situation. Ubisoft promises that this sequel opens much more prospects than it was in the first The Division.

Currently, we know that the character build mechanics have been overhauled quite significantly, and if you want to know all the confirmed changes for the weapons and gear in The Division 2, then follow our early guide below.

All Gear Changes in The Division 2

Before going into what's been added to The Division 2 gear mechanics, let's first mention that there have been no confirmed gear sets added to the game yet. Actually, there is a great probability that there will be no gear sets in the game at all, unlike in the first The Division.

However, there is something similar, which is called Brand Set. You can wear different parts of gear from various brands, but if you manage to complete the full brand set, then it will give you extra stats. So this basically does work like gear sets with a different name.

Some brand sets focus on offensive stats while others provide with greater defenses. So it's up to you which brands you want to wear that will ultimately define your playstyle in The Division 2. Each piece of gear, whether branded or unbranded, will have different rarity types, which also means that there will be a lot of different build variations and possibilities for you to explore.

Below you will find the complete list of all confirmed brand sets in The Division 2:

  • Overlord Armaments
    • +7.5% Armor Percent Bonus
    • +5.0% Weapon Damage
    • +10.0% DTE
  • China Light Industries Corporation
    • +8.0% Shotgun Damage
    • +10.0% All Resistance
    • +10.0% Skill Haste
  • Richter &Kaiser GmbH
    • +20.0% Pistol Damage
    • +15.0% Shield Skill Power
    • +10.0% All Resistance
  • Airaldi Holdings
    • +5.0% MMR Damage
    • +10.0% Headshot Damage
    • +10.0% Accuracy
  • Wyvern Wear
    • +7.0% Critical Hit Damage
    • +5.0% Headshot
    • +10.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • Sokolov Concern
    • +10.0% SMG Damage
    • +8.0% CHD
    • +10.0% CHC
  • Petrov Defense Group
    • +8.0% LMG Damage
    • +10.0% Turret Skill Power
    • +10% Skill Haste
  • Providence Defense
    • +4.0% Weapon Damage
    • +10% Skill Power
    • Providence Talent: Well Rounded: CHC Bonus for 6 seconds when completing a cover to cover move.

Besides that some of the former gear stats from the first game have been completely removed, such as Stamina, Firearms, and Electronics. Instead the sequel will offer gear talents that will come with or without certain requirements to your build.

Here's the complete list of all confirmed gear talents so far:

  • Devastating: +5% Weapon Damage
  • Insulated: +25% Hazard Protection
  • Rapid: 10% skill cooldown reduction
  • Surgical: +8% Critical Hit Chance
  • Vital: +20% HealthHardened: +10% Armor
  • Critical: +8% CHD
  • Empowered: +10% Skill Power
  • Striking: +15% DTE
  • Steady Nerves: Destroying Armor or Weak Points grants 50% Weapon Stability for 4 seconds. (Requires: No full auto weapons equipped)
  • Precise: +15% Headshot Damage
  • Hit & Run: Melee kills grant a speed boost for 2 seconds. (Requires: Under 70000 Armor)

All Weapon Changes in The Division 2

The biggest weapon change that comes in The Division 2 is the complete overhaul of the weapons modding system. This means that you will no longer need to grind for some specific weapon mod in a given loot pool or buy from specialized vendors.

In The Division 2 all you have to do is complete the main missions and as a reward you will be given weapon mods that will stay in your inventory forever, and at the same time they won't take up any slots just like skins.

On one hand, this simplifies a lot of things, so that you don't have to think much about getting this or that mod, but on the other hand, it takes away a huge chunk of gameplay that was actually quite exciting.

Nevertheless, this time new mods will not only boost the stats of your weapons, but also decrease them. For example, you could have a bonus added to the critical hit chance, but at the same time your accuracy will suffer. So in this regard, weapon mods become much more challenging than before.

Lastly, the pool of weapon talents has been reduced to only one talent per weapon, unlike in the first game, where weapons could have several talents at once.

Below you will find the complete list of all confirmed weapon talents in The Division 2 so far:

  • Pyromaniac: Damage done to targets on fire is increased by 15% (Requires: Over +10% Weapon Damage)
  • Lock and Load: Reloading from empty increases weapon damage by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Close and Personal: Kills while close double next shot damage.
  • Hemorrhage: Killing a bleeding target increases critical hit chance by 25% for all group members for 10 seconds.
  • Unrelenting: Hitting enemies increase hit chance by 5%. This bonus stacks up to 10 times. Missing a target remove all stacks.
  • Kill Confirmed: Headshot kills grant +10% damage, stacks up to 10 times. All non headshots reset the bonus. (Requires: Over +140% HSD)
  • Sadist: Damage done to Bleeding targets is increased by 15%. (Requires: 15% CHC)
  • Cauterize: Damage done to targets on Fire for 5% of damage done.


That is all we know about The Division 2 for now, but be sure to come back soon for more updates on the game here at GameSkinny!

Dragon Nest M Best Class Guide for PvP and PvE Thu, 21 Jun 2018 14:07:55 -0400 Littoface

Dragon Nest M has made its leap overseas. It's time to take up arms and enter the battle in this mobile action RPG!

This mobile action RPG has an authentic MMORPG feel, complete with quests, dungeons, PvP and PvE, as well as plenty of exciting monster and boss fights. If you're yearning to play an MMO but don't have the time to dedicate to a PC one, Dragon Nest M may be just the game you've been waiting for.

The game has six classes to choose from, each boasting a unique gameplay style as well as fun and flashy skills. Which begs the question:

Which class should you use for your adventures?

That depends entirely on your playstyle. Do you want to dominate the arena, or run through everything solo? Do you like to hit hard from a distance, or dish out melee attacks in rapid succession?

In this guide, we examine all six available classes and share which classes are the best - you'll surely find one that fits!

Meet the Classes: Basic Class Overview

Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, different specialization options, and vastly different playstyles.

You can have one character for each class, and the data gets saved (so you can even switch back and forth if you so desire), so it's worth checking each class out until you find the best one for you.

Here are some basics about the classes before you begin:


Difficulty level: 2/5

Class type: Close to mid-range tank/DPS

The warrior is a balanced sword fighter with good defense and offense (with both single and multi-enemy attacks). This is the best class for beginners for its ease of use as well as high defense and attack.

Tinkerer (aka Academic)

Difficulty level: 2/5

Class type: Mid-range DPS/support

This cutie packs a punch. Her regular attack takes the form of swift magic orbs that shoot out of her oversized cannon. She is best used from afar, and has the power to push enemies away if they get too close for comfort.

The Tinkerer's most unique asset is her ability to summon Alfredo, a steampunk robotic servant who draws enemy aggro and allows the Tinkerer to keep a safe distance. 


Difficulty level: 2/5

Class type: Close-range support

The cleric is the paladin of this game, acting as a good shield and healer. Clerics have weak attacks but they can withstand a good amount of damage and excel as a support class.


Difficulty level: 3/5

Class type: Mid to long-range DPS/support

As the name suggests, the archer uses a bow and arrow to unleash pain on enemies from a distance. This class is a good middle ground between the tank and the glass cannon, excelling at super-quick movement and attacks and skillful evades.

To play this one well, you'll need to find the optimal distance to hit from (while not being hit in return).


Difficulty level: 3/5

Class type: Close-range DPS

Go up close and personal with this class, which has strong offensive powers and great DPS but needs to be quick on his feet to evade incoming attacks.

The assassin is a versatile class, allowing users to either save up power for a strong burst attack, or attack with weaker, but much quicker, blows.

As a side-note, the assassin also has the most intriguing description: "A gentle and kind teenager accidentally gets possessed by his future self."


Difficulty level: 4/5

Class type: Mid to long-range

Finally, we come to the one true glass cannon among the classes, which also makes her the most difficult class to master.

The sorceress is a powerhouse of magic, dealing huge damage to enemies with AOEs.

Her attacks are great against a group but require a bit more maneuvering than the other classes, since many of her skills target areas, not enemies. This means you can't run-and-gun here, but rather will need to keep an eye on the enemy's movements and plan ahead. 

Dragon Nest M Class Specializations 

Once you reach level 15 in the game, you get to choose a specialization. (Further specialization paths are available at level 45, but for the purpose of this post, we'll focus on this first branch in your journey.) Which specialization you choose will affect the types of skills you get access to and the play style. 

Before making a selection, you'll have a chance to try both out with all its skills unlocked so you'll know exactly what to expect.

Here are the specializations and their finer points:


Sword Master: This specialization is the all-out sword-swinging offensive path. It unleashes a ton of power with strong physical attacks as well as the ability to block and hit back hard. 

Mercenary: A bit more varied than the Sword Master, the Mercenary is equipped with buffs and debuffs while retaining a strong (though slower) attack and some crowd-control skills which make him a great addition to any party. 


Alchemist: With the alchemist, you will unlock powerful magic attacks that rival that of the sorceress, though with an easier control (less precise aiming required).

Engineer: Perfect for a more tactical fighting style, the Engineer puts up towers and throws mechanical ducks (yes, really) into battle. This class requires you to corner your enemies right where you want them for maximum damage output!


Paladin: By far the best tank in the game, the Paladin is an aggro-hogging wall of defense, ideal for cooperative playing.

Priest: This class leads the cleric down the support route, giving him the power to heal and buff allies (and himself).


Bow Master: As the class with the longest range, the Bow Master is great in group fights and as a rear support. However, this comes at a cost: Up close, the class is pretty squishy. 

Acrobat: This specialization brings the archer closer to the action by switching out her bow for a shortbow and giving her more flexible mid- to close-range skills. Her defense is still relatively low but she makes up for it with quick escapes.


Chaser: A skilled ninja-like assassin, the Chaser has two types of skills you can choose to specialize in: the long-ranged physical damage-dealer and the close-ranged, quick and devastating offensive path. 

Bringer: The Bringer uses light and dark powers to either buff and heal or debuff and damage, respectively. Being such a well-rounded class means it can do many things decently, but excel at nothing specific. It may take some more skill to bring out the best in this one.


Elemental Lord: As the name implies, this specialization focuses on offensive fire and ice elemental attacks, much of which can stack for massive DOTs. However, the longer casting times make the Elemental Lord an easy target during casts.

Force User: This class gives up some of its power in favor of providing support to others. Using dark and light magic, the Force User can debuff and immobilize foes, as well as teleport away in a pinch.

Best Dragon Nest M Class for PvE

Now that you know a little about each class, we can move on to the good part: which class should be your main?

While your choice should depend largely on your playstyle, some classes are definitely better than others for certain tasks.

If you play MMOs for the story (believe it or not, you're not alone!), prefer to keep to yourself and not interact with others, and generally want to focus on the PvE aspect of the game, your best bet is the warrior.

It might be a cliched answer, but it's true: it's hard to beat the tried and true attack and defensive prowess of this skilled fighter. The warrior and both of his later paths have crowd-control skills, with the Mercenary being especially good for solo and party fights due to its decent de/buff abilities.

The warrior also has a high defense so he can do well without backup, and some powerful single-enemy skills that are great against bosses. You just can't go wrong with this class for solo play.

Best Dragon Nest M Class for PvP

If, on the other hand, the idea of making your way up the PvP ladder is exciting, you'll do well with a quick character with good defense who can withstand the ranged powerhouses.

Judging our recommendation on the top-ranked arena leaders, the two best classes for PvP in Dragon Nest M are the warrior (Sword Master specialization) and the cleric (Paladin specialization). The warrior can dish out strong mid-ranged attacks, while the cleric can take a lot of beating, making them both ideal for the arena.

However, based on further research, we also recommend the sorceress (Elemental Lord specialization) as a strong third contender. This class is harder to master, but once you do, you can be (theoretically) unstoppable!

Best Dragon Nest M Support Class

Want to help your party and guild-members get through raids and special dungeons? You're looking for a good support class.

Honestly, all the classes are well-balanced and do well on their own or together. Every class has its own party buffs, and most have a good variety of single- and multi-enemy attacks.

However, the one class undeniably created specifically to be a good support is the cleric (Priest specialization). Use this class if you like to hold the team together and lead them to victory!

Of course, we're not saying the other classes aren't awesome: In fact, they're balanced well enough that any class, in the right hands, can be played right to the top. Try them out for yourself and choose the one that's best for you!

And stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Dragon Nest M guides!

Ark: Survival Evolved Mobile Differences From PC & Console Tue, 19 Jun 2018 13:33:42 -0400 Ty Arthur

I never thought Ark: Survival Evolved would legitimately see a full, feature-complete launch on PC as Early Access dragged on for a seeming eternity, yet here we are and Ark isn't just on consoles.. it's now on phones!

If you've got a high end iOS or Android device, you can engage in dino taming, tribe building, and settlement crafting between phone calls and text messages.

As might be expected, the game has changed somewhat in the switch between platforms, however, and there are some key differences you need to know about ahead of time.

Free to Play-exclusive Resource

The iOS and Android versions of Ark are free to play, meaning you don't buy it upfront but there are in-app purchases to make it worthwhile for the developer to put the game on mobile.

You don't strictly have to buy anything at all (and I haven't so far), but watching ads gives you an XP boost or a new resource called Ancient Amber to spend in the store.

This rare resource (which can also be bought with cash) lets you buy XP boosts, food and water bumps, bonuses against heat fluctuations, extra weight capacity, and a buff to taming speed. At later levels you can also use it to automatically get caches of resources for building specific engrams.

If you don't want to buy items piecemeal or hope for Ancient Amber to drop randomly, a monthly subscription is also available for $3.99. You can see what you get from that in the image below.

Pursuits as Quest Tutorials

To lower the learning curve and prevent people from throwing their phones, there are now Pursuits in the inventory screen, which are basically quests and tutorials wrapped up into one.

These will walk new players through the basics of how to harvest different types of material, how to craft your first campfire and building, how to tame a dino, and so on, while offering a bit of XP at the end.

Major UI Overhaul In Ark Mobile

The UI and menus have been redesigned, obviously, to work on a phone, so elements you may be familiar with have been re-arranged. Most notably are the swipe left and right hotbars to access different game elements.

Swipe right with your left thumb to bring up the UI hotbar to switch to third person, access your inventory without having to press the backpack at the top-left corner, access the whistles for your creatures, or pick up small tamed animals.

Swipe left with your right thumb to bring up the equipment hotbar to switch between harvesting tools, weapons, and anything else you've assigned to the hotbar (like food or the water skin).

The hotbar scroll wheel is kind of clumsy, since its so easy to accidentally open while trying to turn left or look right. You need to practice your movement motions or move your finger lower or higher on the screen (the scroll bars pop up most often when your fingers are on the center in their normal resting positions).

The game remembers your last two weapons / items used, so just tap between them with the icon at the lower-right for easier harvesting. For instance, with the pick axe equipped through the hot bar, switch over to your fists on the hotbar next.

Now you can just tap the icon in the lower-right corner to switch between them without having to bring up the hotbar scroll wheel menu at all. This is very helpful if switching between berry and thatch harvesting.

Building and Dino Taming

An undo button has been implemented, as setting wall and floor pieces exactly how you want them can be a little dicey on a tiny phone screen. If you don't like how the object was placed, just tap the circular arrow icon next to the backpack at the top-right corner to place the piece back in your inventory.

Taming, breeding, and egg hatching are all quite similar to what you know from the base game, but have been somewhat simplified to work on phones so people don't have to reference online lists of data as often.

Heat fluctuations don't seem to matter as much for egg incubation, and the timers have been renamed. They now show you the exact time based on what food you've placed in their inventory, and highlighting an animal will occasionally show you what food they need to be tamed with.

For specifics on how this works on the Ark iOS / Android versions, check out our guide to taming dinos and guide to hatching eggs in Ark mobile.

Critically, tamed creatures now have an implant in their inventory. If your creature dies, you can use it to resurrect them at an Obelisk or the new Revival Platform structure by using the Ancient Amber resource.

 Taming a lowly Dodo for fun and profit!

Are you making the switch to the mobile version of this survival smash hit, or sticking with PC / console edition? Let us know your thoughts on Ark: Survival Evolved hitting phones in the comments below!

Darkest Dungeon: Color Of Madness DLC Boss Fight Guide Tue, 19 Jun 2018 16:22:40 -0400 Ty Arthur

Move over mosquito vampires -- its time for abominations from beyond the stars to invade Darkest Dungeon with The Color Of Madness DLC! Taking heavy cues from the Lovecraft classic The Colour Out Of Space, a new area near the Hamlet has been overrun by evil shards of cosmic evil flung down from the heavens.

Of course new DLC means new bosses, and as with any of the big bads in Darkest Dungeon, you need a strategy ahead of time if you want any chance of coming out alive.

When building your boss-killing party, keep in mind that several major gameplay tweaks have arrived along with the DLC. Notably, stuns have been nerfed so they can't be abused as heavily. The enemy recovery buff is now much more effective, so you can't stun an enemy repeatedly. Abominations can also now join a group with religious characters, so there's no more need for mods to do this for you and your party lineup options have expanded.

With those major changes in mind, lets jump into how to defeat the new Color Of Madness bosses!

The Color Of Madness Boss: The Miller

Your party automatically camps at the curio in the room before the fight with the Miller, so make sure to check what camping skills you have assigned before taking this quest! The Millers' stats are as follows:

  • HP: 143
  • Stun Resist: 95%
  • Blight Resist: 60%
  • Bleed Resist: 220%
  • Debuff Resist: 60%
  • Move Resist: 70%

The Miller gets two actions per turn, so your typical debuffs won't be as helpful since they will tick down faster. Bleed would be a great way to go, but at 220% resist you aren't likely to ever get a bleed effect to take hold. Unless you've got a really high chance to hit with a blight effect, straight damage is probably the best way to go.

His primary attack is The Reaping, which hits the whole party, so a group heal effect is useful in your lineup. The Harvest does a small amount of damage to a single character, but heals the Miller, so be on the lookout for a sudden health surge.

He summons 17 HP Farmhands who go in the front positions, along with 8 HP Sleeper's Heralds, moving the Miller to the back, so make sure you can hit the back positions.

While they have less health, the Sleeper's Heralds have higher protection and much higher resistances to all effects. Their Reality Bend skill can increase your stress and cause debuffs very quickly.

If you kill the Farmhands, the boss will use The Master Beckons to turn their corpses into undead Scarecrows (if you don't destroy the corpse in the same turn). Scarecrows that are destroyed can likewise be turned into new Sleeper's Heralds, so if you are taking out the underlings first, make sure to destroy the corpses.

You might be thinking that just leaving the Farmhands alive is the best course of action... except that he will use Winter's Breath to turn them into 25 HP Frozen Farmhands with better stats.

To beat this boss fight, you have to juggle destroying the minions against getting in enough attacks on The Miller that he doesn't heal himself back up to full with The Harvest.

If you don't have a ton of healing abilities, focusing on the Miller over his minions is the way to go. When he goes down, so do his minions, so you don't need to worry about dying after taking out the boss. Having a character to focus solely on the Miller who is crit-heavy with critical chance attacks and crit-boosting trinkets can make this an easier battle.

 Fighting The Miller (thanks to BaerTaffy for the screenshot)

The Color Of Madness Boss: The Thing From The Stars

This boss wanders the Farmlands and can be encountered randomly. The Thing From The Stars' stats are as follows:

  • HP: 128
  • Stun Resist: 85%
  • Blight Resist: 40%
  • Bleed Resist: 33%
  • Debuff Resist: 40%
  • Move Resist: 25%

During the battle the Thing will summon 6 HP Crystalline Aberrations, which have huge resistance against stun, bleed, and debuff and will move the boss back a position. You want to take these out quickly. Their suicidal Unstable Resonance attack destroys themselves, but deal high damage and stress.

The Thing can also cause blight, so have some antivenom on hand. His Paralyzing Shard attack does a small amount of damage, but increases stress and can stun, so be prepared to have one character unable to act frequently throughout the fight.

There's less strategy to this fight than in many other bosses, and nearly any party combo can work out here. With two actions per turn and low resistances, Bleed and Blight can be your best friends in this battle. A debuff like Weakening Curse from the Occultist or Bellow from the Man-At-Arms can also make this battle more manageable.

A combination of all three abilities consistently being used take this from an incredibly difficult battle to something akin to the Darkest Dungeon version of a cakewalk - still difficult, but at least possible.

 Fighting The Thing From The Stars (thanks to Game-Wisdom for the screenshot)

The Color Of Madness Boss: The Fracture / The Sleeper

This is a very strange fight, as the boss doesn't deal direct damage to you, but instead spawns other creatures that grow over time and then eventually damage you in a suicide move. The Fracture's stats are as follows:

  • HP: 115
  • Stun Resist: 140%
  • Blight Resist: 120%
  • Bleed Resist: 240%
  • Debuff Resist: 90%
  • Move Resist: 140%

First up, the Fracture will drop Seeds Of Fury to create three Focus Points of 25 HP each in front, shifting him to the far back position.

The boss will then use Befouling Tint to upgrade them to red or green versions with even more health. They can be upgraded multiple times, and each upgrade heals them completely. Oddly, the third form has less health than the second, so if you like risk/reward, you can take them out a bit easier at the third upgrade with a lucky crit.

When they hit the third upgrade, their next action will be to break and deal damage to the whole party in addition to a stun or blight effect, so taking out the Focus Points before they become overwhelming is critical. Balance fighting the shards with dealing damage to the Fracture when possible to eventually finish the battle.

When the Fracture goes down, it morphs into the Sleeper (the comet that landed), which has 225 HP. It only gets one action per turn, but the attack deals large amounts of damage to whole the party. The best way to take this out is to go for multiple crits in a row. Small amounts of damage over time will just lead to disaster, as the Sleeper needs to go down in a handful of turns or you are guaranteed to die.

 Fighting The Fracture

Do you have any other boss fight strategies for The Color Of Madness? Let us know your best Darkest Dungeon boss tactics in the comments below! And check out our other Darkest Dungeon guides here on GameSkinny.