The Five Best Retro WWE Games

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WWE 2K17 is set for an October release with a Goldberg pre-order and a cover star to be announced Monday. While we do not know a whole lot about the game just yet, we know that it will be the successor to the excellent WWE 2K16 and will hopefully build further upon that game’s improvements.

Of course, there is a long line of WWE games to come before 2K16. Certain games in both the main series and side series have become timeless, despite huge changes in the WWE since then. This has usually occurred when they have had tremendous features and Superstars that the WWE Universe never gets tired of playing with. Perhaps something unique has separated a game or two from the pack as well.

So, here it is: The five best old school games about beating somebody up and pinning him to the mat. (Or about vehicular chaos ... )

Published Jun. 26th 2016

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