The Five Best Retro WWE Games

5. WWE Crush Hour

A unique game that involved WWE Superstars taking part in vehicular warfare, WWE Crush Hour was quite the departure from anything the WWE Universe had seen before.

Ironically, the game was a sort of foreshadowing of the WWE Network, which would come to fruition some eleven years later. The game’s plotline was that chairman, Mr. McMahon had gained control of all television networks and was creating a demolition derby-type show starring superstars.

The Rock, Undertaker, Kane and others had their own custom cars, each of which boasted powerful weapons to take out opponents. In true WWE spirit, cars also had special moves, allowing the competitors to finish one another off just as they would in the ring.

The game had a cool novelty to it, and it was a lot of fun to be able to use well-known characters in a very different context.

Image Source: IGN

Published Jun. 26th 2016

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